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I arrive home from work one night to find you waiting for me at the door with an excited look on your face. You hug me and ask, “Guess who called me today?”

Before I can answer you exclaim, “Julie! She’s in town on business and wants to come over tonight! Dinner’s ready, after you eat you should grab a shower. It should be a very interesting night.”

“You think something will happen?” I ask with a raised eyebrow.

“Oh, something will happen, even if I have to rape her!” you say and we both laugh.

We eat our dinner quickly as you tell me about your day. You tell me that you got the call early this morning and have spent the day preparing for tonight. You say that you took a very long bath and shaved everything while you made your plans. You have decided that even though Julie was the dominate one in your early days you’ve decided tonight you are going to be in control of everything. I tell you I’m game for anything you have in mind.

You rush me to the bathroom and strip off all my clothing. You start the shower and tell me to get in. You close the door behind me and I wash my hair and start to lather up. When my back is turned, I hear the door open and you climb in with me. “Thought you might need me to wash your back for you.” you say.

I look back and smile to see your naked body just inches from me. I reach back and rub your hip but you push my hand away. “Uhn uh, not until later Baby. Let me just take care of you.” you whisper.

You soap up my back, washing and massaging me at the same time. After a few minutes, you work your way down to my ass, washing and massaging there also. I moan as you press a finger against my anus. You reach around, grabbing my chest and pull my back against you. I feel your breasts pushed hard against my back, your mound against my ass.

You reach around and start stroking my hardening cock. You push a soaped up finger into my ass as I grunt. You stroke me off as you finger my ass and kiss my back. Just as I start to feel my orgasm approaching you stop and get out of the shower.

Bewildered I ask, “What are you doing?”

You peek in the shower and say, “Just trying to get you worked up for tonight, Baby. During my bath I brought myself right to the brink ten times, when I cum tonight I am going to explode all over Julie’s face. I might even pass out!” you say, laughing. “Finish up in there, I’ll get your clothes.”

I rinse off as I catch my breath. I step out of the shower to find you waiting for me with a towel. You dry me off with the towel except for my chest, ass and cock. Those you dry off with your tongue, licking me dry. You help me into my clothes. You’ve picked out my black dress shirt and tight black jeans and no underwear.

You lead me into the bedroom and I help you into your clothes. You choose a matching black lace set of bra and panties. You put on a sexy black button down blouse and a white tight skirt with a slit down the side.

We wait in the living room for the next half hour for Julie to arrive. We are so excited we can’t keep our hands, lips or tongues off of each other. We are passionately making out when the door bell rings.

You rush to the door and open it. You and Julie both let out a little scream and hug each other tightly. I walk up behind you and put my hand on your shoulder. Surprised, you glance at me and then turn back to Julie and say, “Julie, this my husband!”

Julie and I exchange pleasantries as you two separate. We invite Julie in and she hands you a bottle of wine. I get some glasses and we sit down on the couch as Julie sits on the love seat across from us. We all drink as the two of you talk about the old days, reminiscing about school, old friends and your times hanging out together.

Julie makes a sly reference to your intimate times together and you laugh and squeeze my thigh. “I’ve told him all about those times,” you say.

Julie laughs and asks me, “Does the thought of the two of us together turn you on?”

“Oh God yes!” I say in almost a whisper and everyone laughs.

You finish off your glass of wine, get up and go sit next to Julie on the love seat. You move in close and kiss her deeply. She’s surprised but she kisses you back. You push her down on to her back and kiss her hard, forcing your tongue into her mouth. You seperate for a moment and Julie laughs and asks, “What’s gotten into you?”

“All those years, you always took the lead. This is my house, tonight I’m in charge. Understand?” you ask.

“Oh yeah,” Julie moans.

You start kissing and biting her neck as you unbutton her shirt. You kiss and lick every inch of her chest and stomach as you unclasp her bra. You slip her bra off and start licking her breasts slowly working your way to her nipples. You lick and suck hard on her nipples as she grabs your hair. You bite down on her nipple as casino siteleri she cries out pulling hard on your hair. You suck, lick and bite her nipples until she can’t take anymore. She pushes your head down her body. You kiss your way down to her navel and then you slide off the love seat and down on to your knees in front her.

Full of lust, you yank her pants down and off her. You push her legs apart and start licking and sucking on her inner thighs. I’m worried Julie is going to hyperventilate as she writhes on the love seat. You kiss her mound through her silk panties and lick her wet spot. You moan at the taste of her pussy and go crazy on her cunt. You lick and kiss her through her panties as she humps your face. You pull your head back and tear her panties off of her. You dive back in sucking and licking her hardened clit. She grabs you by the hair and I can see she’s going to cum any second now. You realize it too and you pull away from her.

Julie gasps, “What? No, please…”

You cut her off, “You don’t get to cum yet, Bitch! I told you I’m in charge tonight!”

You stand up in front her and order her to take your clothes off. Julie meekly kneels before you and starts unbuttoning your shirt. When your shirt is open she stands and runs her hands all over the bare skin of your chest, stomach and back. She replaces her hands with her lips and tongue, kissing and licking you as she pushes your shirt off your shoulders. She reaches back and unclasps your bra, pulling it off of you. She covers your breasts with licks and tiny bites until she gets to your nipples. She sucks hard on your nipples until your knees start to shake. You push her down and tell her to take off your skirt and panties.

Julie unzips your skirt and slips it off your hips. She kisses your thighs as she pulls off your panties. “Lay down on your back on the floor!” you demand.

Julie lays down and you kneel down over her face. You stare into her eyes as you lower your pussy down to her mouth. She passionately goes to work on you, working from her clit all the way down to your asshole and then back again. She stares up at you as she sucks hard on your clit. You grab a pillow from the love seat and put it up to your face. You scream into the pillow as your entire body shakes. True to your word from earlier, you explode all over Julie’s face. Julie keeps licking you as your juices run all down her cheeks and chin. You drop the pillow and fall over against the love seat. Julie rolls over to keep licking and kissing your sopping wet pussy.

When you’re so sensitive you can’t take anymore she kisses her way up your body until she reaches your lips. You kiss for a few minutes while the passion rises ending with you licking your juices off of her face. You hold each other’s naked bodies close as you look over into my eyes.

“I think we forgot about someone,” you whisper into Julie’s ear.

Julie turns and smiles at me. “Can he join us?” she asks.

“Of course,” you reply. You look at me and order me to strip.

I stand up and slowly unbutton and remove my shirt. You both watch me intently as you gently stroke each others’ bodies. I turn around, unzip and slowly slide my jeans down. I hear Julie gently moan, “Nice ass…”

I step out of my jeans and turn around. Julie’s eyes never leave my hard cock as she slowly licks her lips. You notice Julie’s obsessed look and ask her, “Didn’t I tell you he had a nice cock?”

Julie nods but never takes her eyes off of me. You ask, “Do you want to suck it?”

Julie nods again and you order me to come over. I step over closer and you order me to drop down to my knees. You tell Julie, “Suck his cock!”

She gives you a look to make sure it’s okay and then quickly bends over taking me into your mouth. She takes me all the way down to the base of my cock, I can feel the head pressing against the back of her throat. She eases her way back up until just the tip is in her mouth, then starts swirling har tongue all over my shaft. As she keeps working on my cock, you lean over and start sucking and licking my nipples.

After a few moments, you move behind me and start kissing my ass. You spread my cheeks and start licking my anus. Julie starts sucking me faster as you push your tongue into my ass. I groan and start breathing faster. My body tenses up and I explode into Julie’s mouth. I’m so turned on I just keep cumming in her mouth over and over again. I look down to see my cum leaking out of her mouth and down her chin. I start feeling weak and I pull out of her mouth and lay down on the floor.

You move in on Julie and start licking my cum off her chin. You kiss her, pushing your tongue into her mouth to taste me. You kiss her for a few moments and then turn to take me into your mouth. You lick up and swallow the last of my cum. You move up to kiss me and canlı casino then turn to kiss Julie again.

Julie sits up and leans against the love seat, you and I sit up and lean against the couch. I whisper in your ear, loud enough for Julie to hear, “Someone hasn’t cum yet.”

“Oh yeah, what should we do about it?” you ask.

“Maybe she should take three turns on the pillow,” I suggest.

Julie starts laughing and asks, “You told him about that???”

“Of course, I told him everything, and I think he’s right. You have been a very naughty girl, you ate my pussy, you sucked my husbands cock and swallowed almost all of it, leaving me hardly any. You need to be punished!” you say as you reach up on to the couch, grab a pillow and throw it at her.

“Do it, Bitch! Three turns on the pillow, now!” you order.

“Yes Mistress,” she meekly replies as she places the pillow on the floor.

We cuddle up together as Julie mounts the pillow. She starts rubbing her pussy against the pillow as she rubs her breasts. She pinches her nipples and quickens her pace. Within seconds her body tenses up and she cries out. She cums so hard that she sprays the pillow with her juices.

As Julie catches her breath you reach over and start squeezing my cock. I kiss you and start softly rubbing your mound and outer lips. “That’s enough rest, go again!” you order Julie.

Julie takes a deep breath and starts rubbing herself against the pillow. You demand that she spank herself. She reaches back and starts slapping her ass, softly at first, then harder and faster. The sound of skin smacking against skin and her moans makes my cock start to harden and your pussy starts getting wet. She looks over with sleepy eyes, sees us touching each other and explodes a second time.

We let her recover for a few moments and then you order her to taste herself. She reaches down between her legs, then brings her fingers up to her mouth. She stares into my eyes and licks and sucks her fingers clean. “I want a taste,” I whisper to you.

“Get over here!” you order her.

She walks over to us. You tell her to turn around and bend over. I move up to her, grab her ass and lick her pussy clean. “How does she taste?” you ask.

“See for yourself,” I reply.

You kneel behind her and push your tongue deep into her cunt. She moans as you tongue fuck her moist hole. You pull your head back and say, “Mmm, not bad. Now you have one more turn.”

You smack her ass hard and she yelps. Submissively, she kneels back down on the pillow. She starts spanking her ass again as she rubs against the pillow. You look at me and tell me to fuck her mouth while she pleasures herself. I stand up in front of her and push my cock into her waiting mouth. She sucks hard as I thrust in and out of her mouth. Her muffled screams show me she’s close to cumming. I grab her by the hair and push deep into her mouth. She stiffens up and cums all over the pillow. I pull out of her mouth and she collapses back against the love seat. Between her legs lays the soaking wet pillow.

I return to you and we make out as Julie recovers. When you think she’s ready to go again you tell her to lay down on her back. You kneel over her and go into a sixty-nine position, licking and sucking each others’ pussies. You turn to me and tell me to go get the lube.

I go to the bedroom and grab the lube. I come back to the living room and move in behind you. I lube up your anus and my cock. I gently push the head of my cock into your tight ass. I try to give you a moment to loosen up and accept my size but you shove back against me taking me all the way in with one thrust.

I pull back out and look down to see Julie staring up with lust in her eyes. I start to fuck your ass and you start slamming back against me. Our bodies slap against each other as I feel Julie’s tongue against my balls. She licks her way past my balls, licking between my legs and up to anus. She pushes her tongue inside me and it pushes me over the edge. I shoot my load deep into your ass.

I continue to fuck you as Julie moves back to sucking and licking your clit. I start spanking your ass hard until you cum all over Julie’s face. Julie licks you clean as you recover from your orgasm.

I slide my soft cock out of your ass and Julie immediately takes me in her mouth to lick me clean. When she’s done she lets me slip out of her mouth and smiles up at me. I move down between her legs and push them up to her chest. As you lick and suck her clit I start to tongue fuck her asshole. She starts to moan and writhe as she pinches and pulls on her nipples. I slap her ass a few times and she cums again hard, body shaking uncontrollably.

You lay down next to Julie and I move between your legs. I start gently running my tongue up and down your inner thighs as Julie starts to suck on kaçak casino your nipples. I move my tongue to your hard clit. Your still coming down from your last orgasm so it doesn’t take long before you’re breathing heavy. I suck your clit into my mouth and tease it with my tongue as Julie bites and pulls on your stiff nipples. Your entire body convulses as I feel you spray your juice against my chin. I lick and suck you until you relax and lay back down.

The three of us cuddle for a while until we feel ready for more. We have a little more wine and then you tell me I should go down on Julie again. I readily agree and Julie lays down on the floor. I lift her legs and lick her from her clit all the way down to her anus and back up again over and over. Each place that brings out a moan I spend a little extra time pleasuring. You ask her how I’m doing. “Good, but make him do it better,” she replies with a giggle.

You laugh, say no problem and head off to the bedroom. I utter an uh-oh and Julie laughs and says, “Oh, she told you about this too? You ok with this?”

I say yes and go back to my job. You re-enter the room and I hear you throw something on the couch before kneeling behind me. I suck her clit into my mouth knowing what is about to happen. The first smack of your wood hairbrush comes down on my ass. I suck hard on her clit while you smack my ass harder and harder. The pain starts becoming unbearable so I lick and suck Julie’s clit with everything I’ve got. Thankfully, she only takes a few more seconds until she cums and I lick up all her juices.

I start to lift my head but you push my head back down. “I didn’t tell you to stop! Keep eatting her cunt until I tell you to stop!” you order.

I gently lick her lips and hole while she recovers waiting for the hairbrush to start punishing my ass again. Instead, I feel a well lubed finger rubbing against my anus. I relax and I feel you push your finger deep inside me. I move back to her clit as you slip a second finger inside me. You remove your fingers and push the tip of a vibrator into me, so that’s what you threw on to the couch. You turn on the vibrator and then push it all the way inside me. Julie opens her eyes and sees what’s going on. She’s surprised for a moment but then smiles and lays back to enjoy the show. Julie watches you fuck my ass with a vibrator as I suck and lick her hard clit. After a few moments she cums one more time as I lick her clean. She rolls over and curls up, watching us intently.

You climb under me into a sixty-nine position. I go down on you as you take me into your mouth. Julie moves in closer and tells me to lift up your legs. I lift up your legs and you wrap them around my back. Julie grabs the hairbrush and starts smacking your ass hard as I suck your clit. It only takes a few smacks before you explode again, spraying your juices everywhere.

Julie moves around behind me and takes over fucking my ass with the vibrator. She starts licking the sensitive skin between my legs as you going back to sucking my cock. You deep throat my cock and I start thrusting my hips. Knowing I’m ready to cum you pull back and start teasing the head of my cock with your tongue. I ejaculate into your mouth over and over again. You suck and swallow, struggling to get every drop of my cum. You suck on my cock until it grows soft in your mouth. Julie slides the vibrator out of my ass and kisses her way up my back.

Julie kisses me on the lips as you slide out from under me. You join us and all three of us kiss passionately as we lay down on the floor together and cuddle. We kiss and talk for a while until someone suggests bed. We all walk naked to the bedroom and climb into bed. You lay between us but we all wrap ourselves around each other. It only takes a few minutes until we are all asleep.

The alarm wakes me in the morning and I realize I have to get up and go to work. I sigh in dissapointment when I look at the two beautiful, naked women laying in my bed. I get up and go to the bathroom. I get in to the shower and relax for a few minutes under the hot water.

I’m startled when I hear the shower door slide open. I’m even more startled when I see Julie step into the shower. Then you follow in close behind and a smile comes to my lips. The two of you slowly soap me up as I wash my hair. You both take an extra long time washing my nipples, cock and ass. When we’re done you both dry me off and I get dressed. Then I get sent off to work by two completely nude woman, wondering if my erection will go down before I get to work.

The day seems to drag on forever. When I finally clock out and head for the car my phone chimes. I pull my phone out and see a text from you saying that dinner is ready and on the table. Then you ask if I want to see it. Confused I text back sure. You send me a picture of Julie naked, bent over the dining room table. I zoom in to see her hands are cuffed behind her back, her ass is red from a rough spanking and her pussy is dripping. Your next text just says Hurry home. How I make it home without getting a speeding ticket is beyond me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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