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Max was a man who had problems. He was never one to let his problems hold him back but he had to be realistic about what doors were open to him. When Max was a freshman in college a girl had accused him of sexual assault. It wasn’t true and Max protested his innocence, but the university had a rule that the female accuser must be believed and Max was expelled.

If Max had let the case go he could have just moved on with his life, except that no other school would let him attend with that on his record. So he tried to sue the school. If everyone were going by the letter of the law then Max was probably going to win. But the university and the courts were corrupt. They had the police come and arrest Max to prevent him from pressing the suit.

Rape would have been a serious charge and one that would get a lot more scrutiny so they didn’t go with that. Instead they accused him of domestic violence. Max just asked over and over again who it was he was supposed to have hit but they never told him. Of course they couldn’t tell him, because it didn’t fucking happen.

If Max had any thought that they would give him a speedy and public trial, he was kidding himself. He sat in solitary confinement for a year. He was never allowed any visitors and he never had a court date.

After a year of that a group of lawyers came to speak with him. They told him that he had a choice. He could admit to the DV charge and get out now, or he could say he was innocent and he could stay in jail to await trial in five years and at such trial the jury would declare him guilty. After his show trial he would be sentenced to even more time in jail and he could come back to this six by three cell and spend another twenty years at least.

Max knew the law was not going to free him. The law only existed to protect powerful assholes like the professors at the university or the leaders of the feminist movement. The law did not shield normal people when fuckers in government came after you.

This had taught Max a lesson he would carry out of this place. The law, government, and society were all a lie. The only thing that existed was violence and you were only going to have anything in life if you took it by force.

After finally being released Max discovered that his family and his former friends didn’t want to have anything to do with him. They had all been told that Max raped some girl but did a plea deal to get it down to domestic violence.

It was also very difficult to find a job and of course no university or college would enroll him.

So how did Max earn a living? He stole. He really liked to steal from police officers. They had stolen a year of his life and arguably his future, so they owed him. He would break into a cop’s house and just take everything. The guns were the most profitable thing.

Max also stole from the evidence locker in police stations. But that wasn’t enough. He found ways to hack into bank accounts and steal from the various accounts belonging to government agencies.

He also turned his attention to the universities as well. He raided their trust funds and he went after the personal accounts of university professors. Max found that at 26 years old he was a millionaire many times over. But that did not make up for his ruined reputation. All that really meant in Max’s mind was that now he had more resourced to facilitate the stealing of even more money.

He couldn’t stop. It was like he was on a mission from God to make the corrupt bastards pay. Even when hundreds of law enforcement agencies across the country were all trying to find out who was doing this and either catch him or at least stop him, he pressed his attack. He especially liked stealing money that was only in police hands because the cops themselves had stolen it.

Max had other reasons for never relenting as well. During his crusade he discovered evidence of thousands of police officers who had broken the law and their crimes were covered up by other cops, their superiors, and politicians. Max tried to get the stories out into the media but the government would censor anything that was too critical of the police as a whole.

Some of these bastard cops really made Max sick. There were hundreds of cops who routinely raped children under ten just walking the streets and it was all kept hush. If a victim came out of hiding to tell someone then they’d be at the end of a police beat down and would likely die in the process.

When a government agency or a police department was too tough to break into, Max had to go about things a different way. He put software on their computers that would delete all their date and then encrypt their computers. They would pay huge sums of money to get their computers unencrypted only to find after they had paid that all their data was gone.

Well, it wasn’t really gone. Max had a copy of it, but he used that for one thing and one thing only, to find evidence of police wrong doing.

Now, you might be thinking that Max, with all the money he’d stored Antalya Escort away, would be living in a very nice house and would have nice cars but he didn’t. He paid himself a very small salary from his operation and he lived in a modest apartment he had to sublet because he’d never pass a background check done by a rental agency. He drove a used car he had paid for with cash. He generally wore nice clothes but not really expensive clothes.

Then came the day that Max returned to his apartment after a long day of stealing from the police and there outside the apartment building were police cars. Max wasn’t’ going to run. He had the moral high ground. He took out his phone and initiated the mass release of documents detailing government corruption to news agencies in fifty other countries. He also initiated the largest cyber attack on the federal government in their history. He was going to put them all back to pencil and paper.

Both the release of the documents and the attack were on a timer. That would give him some negotiating room to hopefully prevent the police from just shooting him on the spot.

He was ready to go be a martyr.

He walked right up to the police and demanded to know why they were there. To Max’s great surprise they were actually very polite to him. They told him that they had to release into his custody a 16 year old girl. She was from foster care and Max was listed has her brother. That was bullshit. Max never had a sister.

“No, you are not dropping this girl off at my house.”

“Well, then I’m sorry but I have to take you to jail. I have a signed court order that says I have to either leave her here or put you in handcuffs and take you to jail.”

Max demanded their names and badge numbers. They supplied them, probably thinking that no complaint Max lodged would ever be taken seriously. Little did they know that Max was probably going to steal every penny they had in the bank and then break into their homes just to destroy the insides.

“Look man,” one of the cops said, “you might be right, I don’t know. I’m not a lawyer. But that is why we have a court system. You haven’t even given the system a chance to hear your side of things. I have to execute this order today, but there is nothing stopping you from going down to the court house tomorrow and appealing to the judge to set this right. Until then I have to execute the order I have.”

The aftermath of this was that Max turned off his attack. He’d have to keep that insurance policy for another day. The girl, who looked nothing like him went into the house with her things. Max figured she was a spy or just a tool being used by the government to frame him for another DV charge.

Max didn’t let the girl sleep in his house. He went to his next door neighbor and paid her a few hundred dollars to take the girl in until Max could get this settled.

The next day Max marched into the court room of the judge listed on the court order. He had done a check the night before to find out all he could about her. She was only 26 and Max was actually a few months older than her. This was her first year as a judge but that was a laugh. Max was not going to let someone younger than himself hold authority over him. He couldn’t find any evidence of her wrong doing or that she’d covered anything up but Max knew that all he had to do was look long enough and he’d find something. Then he’d be morally in the right to steal everything she owned.

“Yes, Mr. Esilva. I’m afraid you aren’t on my docket so what brings you before me today?”

“You dropped a girl by my house. Obviously the court has erred in sending her to me and I would like a peace officer to come and take her back into state’s custody and remove her from my apartment.”

“Oh, so you think I was wrong to send you this girl to take care of? News flash Mr. Esilva, I’m the judge and this is my courtroom so I’m never wrong.”

“The state is very clear in the law that says you can not place a child with someone convicted of a domestic violence charge even if they are blood family. Not only is this girl not really my sister but even is she were you can not place her with me.”

“Mr. Esilva you might remember there was a popular referendum passed by a majority vote last fall. That new law gives judges like me extraordinary powers in family court cases like this to do almost anything short of actually rescinding sections of the state constitution so long as we feel it is in the best interest of the child. Now of course I think it’s an idiotic law to be honest but if they are going to give me the power then I am sure going to use it. You think you can hide behind a DV charge? Well I have news for you, that’s not going to work with me. I’m the judge and that means I get my way.”

“This puts me in a very difficult position. You say I will go to jail if I don’t have her in and another judge says I will go to jail again if I do. So you just want to make me homeless.”

“Mr. Esilva, let me show you why I always get Antalya Escort Bayan my way. It isn’t just because I’m the judge or that I know what I need to do to win. I know how to win well. I am expunging your criminal record. Now another judge can’t put you in jail. I have made you the guardian of a child under my jurisdiction and that puts you under my jurisdiction for as long as this silly law is on the books you belong to me.”

“This won’t stand.”

“If you still want to talk about this I guess we can continue the matter until … I have time on my calendar in October.”


“Good, Court Adjourned.”

Yeah, Max was going to have to go after her. Back at the place that Max used as an office he did another check on her family to see if there was anything. So far she was squeaky clean and it frustrated him. So he hacked into the GPS system and found the locations of all her devices. A couple of days went by and he started to get an idea of her pattern and her routine. If she was crooked, and they all were if you looked hard enough, then she was hiding it well.

Or maybe she just kept her illegal activities to the weekend. On Saturday he followed her around. He kept his distance but made sure to get video and audio when he thought it might be important.

That evening it looked like she was on a date. Max followed them to a nice restaurant. He hacked into a mic on the judge’s phone and listened to their conversation while they ate. It was mundane and boring. Come on, just do something shady. Hurry up. Max wanted to take the gloves off and go after her. He wanted to eviscerate her life by Monday afternoon.

Maybe if she wasn’t going to be a criminal on her own inclination then he’d have to set something up to entice her to break the law. Then he could go after her with a clean conscience.

Max was going to call it a night but for some reason he wanted to go in there and look her in the face.

The judge was sitting and her male date got up from the table and went to do something. Very soon after he left Max went over and sat down in his seat opposite the judge.

“Mr. Esilva? How did you get in here?”

“I’m a man. I go where I like. How did you get in here?”

“I made a reservation. What do you think you’re doing coming and sitting here? I can have you arrested for this just in case you’re thinking of pulling some stunt.”

“Wow, only two sentences in and already you are a terrible conversationalist. Ok, go ahead and have me arrested if you prefer that to talking. While I’m in jail make sure child services picks up the brat you left with me.”

“Mr. Esilva, you have a court date and that is the appropriate time to discuss your case.”

“I didn’t come here to talk about the court case and if you don’t mind I would appreciate it if you would drop the subject.”

“Then why are you here?”

“How did you become a judge?”

“I was appointed like every other judge.”

“I know the process but why you? Of all the people they could have picked, why did they pick you to be a judge?”

“Is that some criticism about my age?”

“Did I ask you about your age?”

“You implied …”

“I asked you why they chose you to be a judge. I don’t know why you’re bringing age into this but you need to stop it.”

“Were you born this rude or did you take classes?”

“For your information I took classes, but that is besides the point. The question on the table is how you became a judge.”

“The governor picked me. You’ll have to go and ask her why.”

“So you didn’t really earn the job, it just fell into your lap.”

“Whatever you need to think to delude yourself into thinking so that you can be comfortable with my decision is not really my business and you need to get up before my date comes back or I really will have to call for someone to throw you out.”

“Again you bring it back to my case but you don’t see me mentioning it.”

“Then why are you here?”

“Good question. Too bad you don’t really have the capacity to understand the answer. Back in court I thought you looked sort of pretty but now sitting across a table from you … well …”

“What are you talking about?”

“She fails to understand. Why am I not surprised? Look judge, you think you are a winner but you haven’t won. Not yet. Not really. Not only are you not doing very well but you don’t even know the rules and unfortunately your time’s up.”

Max got up, left the table and proceeded into the hallway. The judge followed after him.

“Where are you going?”

“Why do you care?”

“I mean, why are you leaving? And what was all that supposed to mean? What did you mean by winning?”

“A much better question that you should be asking yourself is why you are following me.”

They reached an elevator and Max presses the call button. The elevator was already on the floor so it opened immediately.

“Are you just some sort of crazy man?”

“I am so sorry judge Escort Antalya but the real answers you need seem to be eluding you. I have no more time for you if this is the way you’re going to behave. We will speak again later.”

Max steped into the elevator.

“And judge, too bad you were not a winner tonight.”

They stood looking at each other in silence until the elevator doors closed. Max regained himself and looked to the control panel on the wall and was about to press a button to send the elevator to the roof (the last place the judge would come looking for him if she decided to call the police) when the doors of the elevator opened again. Max snapped his head to the direction of the doors and saw the Judge get into the elevator.

“Now listen you, you started this conversation and I want to know what you are talking about.”

Max didn’t answer. He made a show of looking at the judge in the eyes but he really was keeping the corner of his eye on the door. He was counting the seconds until they closed again and wondered if the judge would still be in the elevator when they did.

The judge was pressing her index finger into his chest and demanding an answer.

“Oh great, so now you’re mute. You need to know that you can’t just come and interrupt my meal and my date, make crazy statements and then just walk off. You really don’t want me angry with you. Do you really think that you can come and bully or intimidate me? I’m a judge.”

Just after she said those words the doors began to close. Max had backed up to the wall of the elevator and the judge had him pinned to it but as soon as the door closed Max swung around and pressed the judge into the corner.

The judge was very frightened for just a moment and then she was completely surprised. Max moved in and kissed her. Her conscious mind was very upset with Max but her body responded to his touch irregardless of her thoughts about him. She couldn’t help herself. Without even thinking about it she wrapped her arms around him and pressed herself into him as hard as she could. The part of her brain that was thinking about how rude she thought he was turned off and the part of the brain that wanted him to touch her took over.

Max had gone in for the kiss as a gambit. He expected her to slap him and then get out of the elevator. He had planned to laugh at her as she ran away from him. But now things were not going to plan. So far everything had been perfect but this was going a lot differently than he had expected.

They were in the elevator kissing. The kiss went on and on and on and eventually the doors opened so someone else could get in. They were both startled and Max pulled away from the judge. Max got his composure back and took a glance over to the judge. She was standing there dizzy. The elevator started to move up. It stopped at the tenth floor and the intruder got out. Max pushed the button for the roof and as soon as the doors were closed again Max and the judge were almost magnetically pulled to each other. She slung her arms around his neck and got onto the tips of her toes to meet his lips. For the long ride all the way up to the 30th floor they were locked in an embrace. When the doors finally opened she looked up at him with dizzy eyes and asked “Did I win?”

The observation deck was closed. This would have been a real mood killer if they had actually gone up to the observation deck to look out at the scenery of the city. Instead the two people who stepped out of the elevator only needed to see that the floor was empty and dark for them to fall again into each other’s arms.

Without even caring if there was a camera watching this event he just pushed her up against the wall and started to pull the strap of her evening dress off. She protested and Max stopped. He gave her space, turned his head away from her and pointed to the elevator.

“Go.” he said.

She looked confused for a moment so he clarified things to her.

“You are no longer authorized to be in my presence.”

At first she just turned from him and went to the elevator and press the button. However, before she did she turned back to him.

“I want to stay.” she said.

Max walked over and pushed the button for her. They were going to have to wait for a while before it came all the way back up.

“I said I want to stay.” she repeated.

“I don’t care. I’ve already decided that you’re leaving.”

“Can’t I change your mind?” she asked as she tried to put her arms around him. He pushed her away.

“I will only considerate if you ask my permission to stay.”

“May I stay?” she asked.



“You need to learn to ask properly.”

She didn’t know what he meant. She couldn’t think of any other way to ask. But then the words came to her.

“I pray you, let me stay.”

Max smiled and held out his hand to her. “Will you give yourself to me?”

“What do you mean?”

“Yes or no.”


“I want all of you. Your body, your mind, your heart. You will give them to me now or I am through with you.”

“They’re yours.” She couldn’t believe she was saying such things. She did not understand the spell he was putting over her. Deep down she did not want to be rejected. She did not want to be turned away.

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