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Chapter 28

Joey hurried on to Miss Roxanne’s classroom to see her and hopefully rekindle some of the affection they had shared the night before. When he arrived at her classroom, she was sitting at her desk and seemed to be reviewing classwork.

“Hi Miss Roxanne,” Joey said as he entered in the classroom.

“Hello, Lover,” she replied while standing up and walking towards Joey.

They met in an embrace and long sensuous kiss that surprised Joey, but not to the point that he hesitated. As they kissed Joey felt his body react to her movements. She was pulling him close to her body and pressing her hips into his growing erection. She slid one hand down to Joey’s backside and ground herself hard into his cock.

“Joey, I need you now. I can’t wait until later. Plus, I’m going on that dumb date tonight and won’t get to be with you,” she breathed heavily to him.

“Well, we only have forty-some minutes left for lunch period. Not sure where to go,” Joey said.

“That’s why I wore my skirt. Take me right now, Joey,” she begged.

“But what if someone comes in?” he said as she turned around and pulled up her skirt.

Joey looked down and instantly hardened to full mast at the sight. Miss Roxanne was wearing rear-seamed black nylon stockings with a lacy garter belt and no panties. As she bent down and reached back to spread her ass cheeks apart, Joey could see her perfect pussy opening and dripping. Her lips almost looked to be opening independently beckoning Joey’s dick. “Please, Joey don’t make me beg. I masturbated so many times since last night I can’t even touch myself the skin burns so bad. I just need you to fill me.”

Joey stopped thinking rationally, unzipped his shorts, and fished out his cock. He lined it up with her wet pussy and started pushing in slowly. Before he could even get started, she pushed back into him hard taking his full length. She moaned in relief as she ground herself into Joey’s cock, keeping him lodged inside of her pussy. She let go of her spread ass cheeks, gripped the front of the desk and started ramming her pussy against Joey almost knocking him down. Before he lost his balance, he grabbed her hips and held on as she proceeded to fuck him with full deep strokes.

“Oh, yes! Joey!” she said loudly. “I love your cock, Joey. Fuck me! Fuck me! Don’t ever stop fucking me!”

Joey was pulled into the animalistic moment with her and while holding her hips started fucking her hard. As he slammed into her, she let go of the front of the desk, laying across it. Her legs were spread wide, Joey’s cock had a perfect line on entering her pussy to the hilt with each stroke. He had been working up an orgasm most of the day since before lunch and he felt ready blow but was holding back to let her cum with him. “Cum for me, Miss Roxanne. Cum all over my dick, baby. Show me how much you love my cock!” Joey called to her.

“Yes, Joey! Make me your slut!” she called back to him. “YES, YES, YES!”

Just as she started screaming in orgasm, Joey released his load into her pussy as deep as possible. He was grinding his dick into her and pumping her full of his seed. He spewed cum into her without rest for over a minute. It was leaking out of her, spreading in a puddle on her desk below her pussy and now running down the front. Joey pulled his cock out slowly as he pumped the remaining few spurts of cum into her. He looked down at his cock and saw it covered in cum, pussy juice and a thick white cream like fluid. He looked at her pussy and could see a huge load of cum inside her gaping hole while the outside was covered in the thick white cream that was on his dick.

He was about to zipper up, when she slid off the desk, spun and squatted in front of him. “I made such a mess of your manhood, Joey. Let me clean that for you, my lover,” she said seductively and took him into her very capable mouth.

Joey watched as she licked, scooped and swallowed the varied fluids on his cock and balls. She was squatting with her legs spread and her skirt still pulled up and creating one of the sexiest sights he had ever seen. As she cleaned more of his dick, she took him into her mouth deeply and then down her throat. Her tongue and lips gobbled on Joey’s dick as she bobbed up and down on his shaft. She then grabbed the base of his dick and started really sucking him, refusing to let him get soft. She looked up at him desperately wanting him to cum in her mouth. She moaned loudly begging for Joey’s cum. He had never even tried to cum twice and wasn’t tuzla escort sure he could, but he was not about to stop this from happening. He looked down at his teacher who very much looked like a porn star right now servicing his cock. She gripped the base of his dick and slid her other hand between her legs causing her eyes to roll back in her head. She kept sucking throughout the adjustment and seemed motivated by something otherworldly. He let her work on his dick relentlessly for another ten minutes before finally yelling out, grabbing her head releasing another full load into her throat. He could feel his balls swell and pump cum into her mouth and throat just as he had fifteen minutes ago into her pussy. She was insatiable as she kept sucking, swallowing and jerking her own clit until she reached orgasm herself. Joey could see her shake in orgasm as she slowly worked her throat off Joey’s still spurting dick. She pulled off and held the head of Joey’s cock in her open mouth so he could watch the last few drops of cum drip onto her tongue. When she came down from her orgasm, she reached Joey’s dick with both hands and licked her saliva and remaining cum from his shaft.

She released Joey’s dick as she slowly pulled herself to a standing position with the help of her desk. She turned and walked around to her desk drawer, opened it and pulled out a good size dildo and proceeded to stuff it into her pussy to the base. She then scooped the cum dripping down her thigh and licked it from her palm. She squeezed her thighs together, pulled down her skirt, and tried to compose herself.

She very sensuously walked over to Joey, leaned in for a soft kiss and said, “Thank you, Lover. That’s what I needed so bad. I tried buying the dildo this morning, but it wasn’t the same as you,” she explained. “Now I have something to keep a treat inside me for later.”

She noticed the mess they left on her desk and floor, then turned and while looking at Joey licked at the puddle on her desk scooping the fluid mixture into her mouth. The puddle was huge and even spread onto some papers on her desk, which she proceeded to lick clean as well. Joey was enjoying the lewd display and if he had not just blown two loads, he might have jerked off while watching her. She was smiling and moaning at Joey as she cleaned up the puddle, then moved to the front of her desk and licked her way up the path of fluids that leaked down to the floor. Then she knelt on the floor and worked on the puddle of fluids that leaked out of her pussy while she sucked Joey’s dick. Despite how much he enjoyed the pornographic display, he worried that something may have pushed her too far and wanted to check her profile later. The puddle of cum and fluid from the floor was twice as large as the one on her desk and took her a good number of minutes to lick up. When she finished cleaning up their mess, she stood and took a long deep breath.

“Joey, I don’t know what’s got into me this week, but I feel so good when I’m naughty like this,” Miss Roxanne said. She walked over to Joey and hugged him tight, “I hope you like it when I behave like a naughty girl. I’m not sure what I do if I couldn’t have you, Joey.”

“Miss Roxanne, you are perfect! Everything about you is perfect,” Joey responded. “As far as your naughty behavior, I love it! You are so sexy when you’re naughty like that.”

They broke their embrace, and she shook her shoulder in a show of collecting herself, “Well, I guess we better get ready for class, huh?”

Miss Roxanne sat at her desk and Joey retreated to his before his classmates would start to shuffle in. He brought out his phone and opened the Master PC App and ran an autoupdate on Miss Roxanne. Her inhibitions were listed as low now and her fetishes had changed since he last looked at them the night before: Hypersexuality, Cum Whore, Size Queen, Interracial. Joey assumed this was triggered by the great sex they had last night, and she admitted multiple masturbation sessions leading her to buy a dildo and then plug herself with it after they had sex. He had to trust in the thresholds he read about in the FAQ. He thought he should enter a question in the forums about his ability to seemingly have endless orgasms. Logging into the forum he went to the Beta Tester Question/Answer board and reviewed the entries. He started a new post and listed it as “Non-stop orgasms” as the subject. Question for the Devs; Does the connection this app establishes with tester create a seemingly limitless supply of semen and allow many pendik escort orgasms in a single day? After posting it, he closed the app as people started shuffling in.

Kevin came in and sat near him, “So, you never told be about after school yesterday. How’d it go with Miss Hottie McHotterson?”

“Dude, I’m just going to say things are heating up. If fact they’re getting so hot you might get burned from being near her,” Joey said trying to sound light but hoping his friend and teacher didn’t go off the deep end of sexual depravity.

“Good afternoon class. Hopefully everyone had plenty to eat for lunch and you’re energized for an educational afternoon. I know I’m really full from my lunch hour,” she said winking noticeably at Joey. A few students including Kevin glanced over at him and he just raised his eyebrows, smiling in innocence. “Hopefully everyone had a chance to get their assignments done on the portal for today’s discussion,” she continued. “I have some classwork to hand back to everyone from Monday’s work. I spilled a little of my lunch on yours Billy, I apologize. I think I cleaned it off OK.”

Joey watched as she handed the page that was half covered in cum to Billy and looked over at Joey again with another wink. Billy held the paper up to examine the spill, which was noticeable from Joey’s angle, watching as he brought it up to his nose and suddenly shiver. Miss Roxanne continued handing papers back to everyone and began talking while walked up and down the rows of desks. When she walked near Joey, hooked her finger under his chin and lightly tapped his lips with her thumb and smiled down at Joey, proudly. He could still smell her fluids as she ran her fingers under his nose as she kept walking.

Miss Roxanne continued with a review of the short film they watched last week and the classwork that was handed out with it. She then continued with a summary of how different species anatomy handles pregnancy.

“First, just like the variety of contexts in which many species procreate and have sex, biology and the environment has influenced the way different species handle pregnancy and birth,” she began. “One example is that giraffes give birth standing up and after carrying the calf for around fourteen months. Additionally, the male makes sure the female is in heat by drinking her urine,” she explained. This of course brought several laughs and sounds of disgust from the class.

“The female hyena gives birth through her clitoris, also referred to a pseudo-penis because of its size,” she continued despite the discomfort displayed by some of the girls in class. “Female marsupials have three vaginas, two for intercourse and one for giving birth.” She continued discussing different species and from time to time she walked past Joey, offering her fingers for him to smell. She was purposefully teasing him to keep him aroused and fascinated with her, Joey was sure. As the class wrapped up, she reminded everyone they would not meet until Monday since Friday was an in-service day and only teachers would have to come to school. As the class emptied out, she called Joey over to the desk.

“Joey, I’m going to go on this date tonight, although after last night I’d rather go on another date with you. But a promise is a promise so I will go with Dan and hopefully not be too distracted thinking about you all night,” she said. “But I was hoping I could have your cell number so maybe we can see each other this weekend or something. You could always come to school on Friday and help me clean out the closets and shelves in prep for summer break,” she suggested smiling. “I don’t want to be clingy, so you just think about it and come in if you like. I’m sure I can provide some incentive.”

“I have a couple things going on Thursday and Friday night, but the rest of the weekend is open, so let’s plan on that and we’ll see about Friday,” Joey said with a flirty smile. He read his cell number to her, and she texted him back with a series of eggplants as he walked out of the classroom. He replied with a series of hot dog emojis.

Joey strolled into class and thinking about Miss Roxanne’s comment about her date tonight, he thought he should check the scheduled updates he had set for Coach Short’s son the past couple days and maybe add a couple more changes. Dan Short: Autoupdate; He matched the tongue length he had given himself and decreased his body fat, then increased muscle and endurance slightly. He checked his cock size and found it be as big as his father’s and he aydınlı escort increased his cum load to match Joey and Kevin’s. He checked the inhibition level and found it a little too high compared to the new Miss Roxanne, so he lowered it just below normal, but not nearly as depraved as she was earlier. Everything else he figured he leave to chance. Hopefully, they would have some fun and maybe he could help with the teacher’s seemingly insatiable appetite for cock and cum. He pushed the changes figuring they would probably go unnoticed by him while at work unless he happened to be looking in the mirror at that time.

He sat and watched his classmates and friends arrive in class and unlike in the past, his brother and Kelly sat near he and Kevin this time. They all exchanged smiles and glances as Mr. Simmons started class. Wanting to avoid any embarrassing moments, Joey tried to focus on his classwork and not get called out for texting or talking to his friends or brother. Things were mostly uneventful, but Kelly did start a group chat that distracted Joey from his classwork.

Kelly to Group: ‘We all “riding” home together?’

Kevin to Group: ‘Unless you feel like riding the bus’

Joey to Group: ‘If it’s no trouble, K I’d like a ride’

Adam to Group: ‘You, dorks. She means “RIDE” Like this morning’

Kelly to Group: ‘You two are clueless. Hung and clueless’

Kevin to Group: ‘Sorry still getting used to sexting with my sis’

Joey to Group: ‘ Yeah, me too kinda’

Kelly to Group: ‘I’m aching for a ride on the J however, he figured he’d get over it next time he and Miss Roxanne hooked up. When they cleared the school grounds, Kelly put on her playlist, and they made some small talk while driving. While chatting, Joey noticed Kevin playing with dick inside his shorts and he was apparently getting excited as it became noticeable. A few more minutes of this, and Joey watched as Adam unbuckled and climbed across the seat and started undoing Kevin’s shorts.

“Someone’s a little eager,” Kevin joked as he smiled, leaning back to let Adam have access.

“Drive careful, please Kelly,” Joey said as he watched the scene in the back seat unfold. “My brother is being an eager beaver.”

Joey watched as his brother pulled Kevin’s nearly rock-hard dick out of his shorts and proceeded to start licking up and down it’s shaft. It was exciting to watch his brother handle such a long fat dick and as the days went on, Adam was becoming quite adept at it. This was really the first time Joey got a good look at Kevin’s cock without being distracted by other things happening to him. He knew it’s dimensions from the app but seeing it in real life was captivating. It went up to Kevin’s mid-chest and was truly as thick as a wine bottle. It was darker than Joey’s dick which was comparably pale, but no less impressive. With Adam’s hands being so dainty his fingers barely wrapped around one side of it. He had to enclose both hands around it together to get any kind of control of the unwieldy shaft. Adam moaned while he worked on Kevin’s dick, and it was affecting Joey as he adjusted his now aching dick. Joey noticed the tent in Kelly’s skirt and assumed Adam’s moans and wet slurping sounds were having a clear affect her as well. He continued watching his brother worship Kevin’s dick while they made their way to the Park-N-Ride a couple miles away. Adam gripped the huge shaft in the center and lined it up with his lips, working the fat head into his mouth. With it pre-lubricated by Adam’s tongue, he easily started working the huge dick into his mouth. Watching Adam take the absolute monster dick into his mouth and then pop, it into his throat was nothing short of amazing. Adam moaned loudly as Kevin’s dick entered his throat and they both were clearly enjoying it.

“Shit, Andrea. Your throat is amazing!” Kevin said resting his hand on the back of Adam’s head.

Adam continued working his mouth down the shaft as Joey watched the bulge in his neck lengthen obscenely. Thankfully, Joey noticed they had arrived at the Park-N-Ride and Joey unbuckled and climbed into the back seat. He immediately got to work pulling his shorts off as Kelly parked the SUV in their favorite spot. Joey then reached over and started undoing Adam’s pants while he worked on Kevin’s dick. Adam adjusted allowing Joey to get the pants off leaving only the sexy thong he had been wearing.

“Oh no you don’t,” Kelly said working her way into the back seat. “Andrea doesn’t get all the fun. You’re mine first.”

Kelly pushed Joey back in the seat, dropped to her knees and started immediately sucking Joey’s dick.

“Guess Adam’s not the only eager beaver in this car,” Joey said as Kelly worked her way quickly onto Joey’s shaft.

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