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Joey got back to school and went straight to US History class, where unfortunately he was again sitting next to Billy. Joey thought today should be different considering the recent alterations and this morning’s interactions, but frankly, he wasn’t in the mood for drama. As he entered the class and sat next to his nemesis, he wondered if he should do something extreme to his profile to avoid these annoying interactions.

“What’s up, needledick?” Billy provoked as soon as Joey sat.

Joey turned and tried to argue rational thinking into Billy, “Dude. I sent you a pic of my package. Why do you have to keep calling me needledick?”

“Anyone can tell a fake snap when you see one,” Billy responded. “If your dick were that big, you’d be in porn.”

“Well, my dick IS that big, I’m not in porn and I’m tired of you harassing me,” Joey responded.

“Waaaa, waaa, waaaa,” Billy taunted.

“Alright, that’s enough. I’m fucking tired of this shit,” Joey finally burst out in a hushed exclamation. “If I prove that I’m NOT a needledick will you finally shut the fuck up?”

“Look, Faggot. If you had a dick like you CG’d on your snap, I’d suck it,” Billy challenged. “But since I know you are a needledick faggot, I don’t have to worry about it.”

“I’ll take that bet. What if I lose?” Joey led him on.

“Of course, I fuck you up the ass, Faggot!” Billy responded.

Joey shook his head and turned from the ridiculous conversation with Billy. The bell rang and Mr. Jenkins began with roll call before starting into his lesson. Joey took notes and tried to shake off the annoyance of Billy which for some inexplicable reason, always got under his skin. Billy used to be much bigger than Joey and he had pushed him around over the last four years. This year was a little different, but still the annoying comments and stares were part of his B days. Physically they were similar now except with Joey’s recent changes, he certainly felt that Billy would succumb in a fight between the two of them. Additionally, Joey had fucked with him yesterday by turning him into a little dick cum hungry pervert who happened to be good at taking dick in his throat and ass. Thinking about this now Joey thought it was time exploit these changes. He discreetly opened up his phone and texted Billy, ‘Update bet. Whoever loses must do a Bear Gryllis’.

‘Bet – hope you’re thirsty,’ Billy sent back.

Joey raised his hand and asked if he could go to the nurses’ office for a headache. He grabbed his bag and left the class quickly. Once he left, he texted Billy, ‘Meet in the locker room’, then headed down to the gym locker room. Once there he confirmed Coach Short was outside for the remainder of this period and went to the shower stalls and waited for Billy. He put his bag down outside the same shower stall he used with Steve the day before, being sure it was visible when Billy came in. He first lined his phone up behind him on the bench so that it was somewhat hidden but could easy catch the action if Joey turned even slightly. Pressing record, he sat on the bench, unzipped his pants and started stroking his pole to bring it to full mast. He imaged the crazy shit he would do to Billy to fuck with his head, but couldn’t really get an erection, particularly after the day’s extended sexual activities. He thought about his mom riding him, remembering all that she said about his father and how their relationships would change. He wanted to be close to orgasm so his cock would be leaking pre-cum before Billy got here. He closed his eyes and focused on all the crazy shit that had happened; the blowjobs, the incest, the cheating, his sister’s tight istanbul travesti pussy, Mrs. Tyler’s fat pussy, his brother eating her creampied pussy,

Joey heard some footsteps enter the locker room and began working his cock hard. He looked down and could see several strings of pre-cum dripping on his hand and from the head of his dick. He stood and waited in anticipation of the look on Billy’s face when he saw Joey holding his package, reaching down under his balls he lifted his package up for the full effect.

‘Alright needledick, show me the fake dildo you stole from your mom’, Billy taunted further just as he turned the corner to the corner stall. The curtain was pulled open, and Joey stood holding his leaking, almost fully erect cock. Billy guffawed and reached to grab Joey’s abnormally long dick intending to snatch if from his grip.

“Ow!” Joey yelled as Billy pulled hard on his dick. “Careful with the package, Man!”

Billy was stunned and looked down at the beast in his hand, now leaking pre into his palm. Joey watched as Billy’s nostrils flared like earlier and he knew the smell of his cum was filling his brain with ideas and images. He didn’t move or say anything as Billy continued to stare at Joey’s heavy dick in his hand. He watched his face and felt Billy squeezing his now completely hard dick. Joey thought he’d help him along and reached slowly for Billy’s shoulder, then pressed down. Billy stared at Joey’s cock in a trance as he slowly got to his knees reaching out with the other hand to hold it up and close to his face. Billy’s eyes rolled back as he breathed in the scent of Joey’s dick. He held it, moving it from side to side looking on in awe, before breaking his gaze and looking up at Joey.

“I don’t. Where did. You mean,” Billy stammered.

Joey reached down, placing a hand on the back of Billy’s head and pressed him forward. “Don’t try to talk. Just suck.”

Billy said nothing but continued to breath heavy as his face drew closer to Joey’s pulsing cock. The wet tip of his glans touched Billy’s lips, triggering him to lick it into mouth. His breath shuddered as he opened his lips, then leaned in to take it into his mouth. Joey watched him close his eyes and flush as he sucked his dick into his mouth. He imagined Billy was ashamed of his submission to a clearly alpha male and decided he play on this after it was clear he would continue the blowjob on his own accord. Joey helped him through the first couple of strokes until he heard Billy moaning.

“You’re being a good faggot now, Billy. Just suck my dick like you know you want to. You want to swallow my cock and eat my cum, I can tell,” Joey teased with encouraging tones. “Oh, yeah Billy. That feels good. Your mouth is so good at making me hard. Can you feel my cock pulse in your mouth? That’s all you, Billy. You’re gonna make me cum in no time.”

Billy was now sucking a third of Joey’s dick in and out of his hungry mouth, moaning and slurping. Joey could feel his cock hitting the back of his throat each time, watching as Billy tried to extend his lips too get more into his mouth. Joey put his hands behind his back and thrust his hips forward to encourage Billy to take more. “You can do it, Billy. You were born to service dick. Take it in your throat, Faggot.”

Joey watched as Billy took the encouraging words as a challenge and pressed his throat against the head of the thick pole in his mouth. His determination and eagerness proved fruitful as the head of Joey’s dick popped in Billy’s throat, causing him to breath heavy and open his eyes wide with lustful fear. Billy pressed further and further, now istanbul travestileri excited about taking Joey’s dick in his throat. He was clearly burning with desire to swallow Joey’s pole as he pushed deeper. His lips extended over and over gobbling the inches in. Joey could feel Billy’s tongue caressing the underside of cock as it sank deeper into his gullet.

“Oh yeah, Billy. You’re doing it, Man. Swallow my cock. The whole thing. l know you can. I know you want to,” Joey said between his own moans.

Billy finally did it, just as Adam, Steve and so many others had over the past number of days. Joey’s masterful manipulation of their oral cavities has made them all into perfect cocksuckers. Now, Billy would join the ranks of girls and boys who love Joey’s dick, but Billy would be special. Joey planned to take pleasure in degrading him as he had done to others over the past four years.

“Now suck my cock and drink my cum, Billy. Make me cum with that throat of yours,” Joey commanded.

Immediately, Billy closed his eyes and began stroking Joey’s cock with his mouth and throat. Joey could feel Billy’s tongue all over his cock as he sucked with an obvious need for more. He sucked up and then back to the base each time, extended his tongue to lick Joey’s balls. Once again, Joey was surprised at how quickly he could feel his orgasm growing despite the multiple incidents that had occurred throughout the day. Billy sucked with a now feverish pitch and with eyes now open watching Joey’s dick disappear in his mouth each time. Joey grabbed his head and started face fucking him with 8 or 10 inches at time. Each thrust pulled out of Billy’s throat, then back in, balls deep. “Oh yeah, Faggot. You’re gonna get my load soon, real soon,” Joey said to him.

Joey felt it coming and Billy was wild with excitement as Joey finally grunted and pulled his dick from Billy’s mouth and fervently stroked himself to orgasm. “Open up, Billy. I’m gonna feed you now!” Joey commanded. Billy opened his mouth and rocked his head back watching Joey’s cock with a lustful gaze. “Oh fuck! Yes!” Joey said as his cock erupted with thick white loads of cum, that shot onto Billy, immediately layering large swathes of his face and hair. His cum kept pouring like a firehose onto Billy’s face and in his open mouth. Billy swallowed then opened again, moaning with hunger and desire as Joey continued filling his mouth and covering his face with cum. Billy’s eyes were covered in cum now and he was forced to keep them closed while Joey stroked the last few bursts of cum from his balls.

What a sight, Joey thought as he looked down at his quarry. Billy was moaning as he licked and swallowed the cum from around his mouth and then proceeded to scoop it from his eyes and face into his mouth. Joey took a deep breath and relaxed as he watched Billy clean the cum from his face. “Here, let me help with that,” Joey said as he stepped back and lifted his softening pole to aim at Billy. Within seconds of Billy opening his eyes and seeing Joey in a position to piss on him, Joey’s bladder released a torrent of hot urine on Billy’s face. Billy’s face was clearly surprised, and his eyes fluttered as the piss splashed on his face in eyes, mouth and nose. “You better open your mouth or I’m going to drench your clothes. My bladder has been full since breakfast, I got a ways to go,” Joey teased him.

Clearly confused at the reversal of dominance, Billy just opened his mouth and tried to catch the piss, which quickly filled his mouth. “Swallow it, Billy,” Joey instructed. Billy swallowed and opened his mouth again to catch more as it quickly filled. travesti istanbul He swallowed again and again as Joey’s stream of piss was in full release now. Billy was moaning and whimpering in submission as Joey filled his mouth with hot piss repeatedly. “That’s a good mouth, Billy. I think it likes being used as a toilet,” Joey said as he releases more and more. “Let me see if you like this, Billy. Take out your dick,” Joey commanded. Billy in full submission now, reached and pulled his little struggling erection out of his pants. “Stroke your little dick, Billy. Drink my piss, while you stroke your little dick,” he continued instructing him. Billy stroked his dick with two fingers feverishly and swallowed the slowing stream of piss repeatedly. Just about when Joey was done, Billy shot his little load out which barely oozed from his immediately softening erection. Joey watched an exhausted Billy as he finished and then zipped up, retrieved his phone and bag and left him there in the locker room.

Joey made his way to Math class wondering how Billy made out. “Afternoon, Mr. Simmons,” Joey rang out as he entered the class.

He sat down next to Kevin and excitedly opened his phone to show him the Billy video. Kevin’s eyes went wide when Joey clearly showed his dominance to Billy and then coerced him into sucking his dick. Kevin was obviously getting excited while watching as Joey watched him reach down to adjust his own huge package.

“Dude, look at him go!” Kevin whispered excitedly. “No hands! Oh my shit, he just forced it down his throat all by himself! Dude, that’s fucking hot!”

“Wait, wait, that’s not the best part,” Joey reached and slid the slider to right before the money shot. “Watch this shit.”

As they were watching, Steve walked in and walked over behind them before heading to his seat so he could see what had them so excited on Joey’s phone. He just caught the video of Billy’s face before Joey started dumping his thick load on it. Steve sat down and pulled out his phone and started to text. Kevin sat and watched with mouth open and eyes wide, then suddenly grasped his whole mouth to cover up the thrill he displayed when Joey started pissing on him. Just then the bell rang, and Mr. Simmons stood up to shut the door and take roll.

“Dude! You’ve gotta send that to me,” Kevin said before returning the phone.

A text from Steve lit up the phone when he shut down the video, ‘Was that Billy in your video?’

Joey to Steve: ‘Yeah. He’s been a pain in my ass for four years, so I finally decided to dominate him’

Steve to Joey: ‘Well earned, that’s for sure. Can you share video’

Joey to Steve: ‘Yep. incoming’

Joey to Kevin )’

Kevin to group: ‘Fuck that. He deserves to be train’d’

Joey to group: ‘Yeah, who’s going to be the train? Me, Steve and you?’

Steve to group: ‘That sounds fucked and all, but I’m not doing it. Would love to see it though’

Kevin to group: ‘Well, not sure I’m ready to go pounding another guy in the ass ‘cept Steve again’

They spent the rest of class chatting about Billy and his future humiliation, then talked about the rest of the week to come.

Joey finished putting his things in his locker and headed to Miss Roxanne’s classroom to help her with scanning.

Text from Joey to group: ‘Don’t have too much fun on the way home today without me’

Kevin to group: ‘Don’t have too much “fun” with Miss R without me!’

Steve to Joey: ‘You need a ride home later?’

Joey to Steve: ‘I was just going to catch the activity bus, but if you’re bored check in with me later’

Joey imagined some alone time with Steve and thought that could be hot, particularly in those hot yoga pants and thong he was wearing. He was remembering Adam dressed in girl’s clothes over the weekend and imagined Steve doing something similar. He wondered what Stacey thought of him dressing like this.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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