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It may be a bit of a cliché but shopping is often seen as a very enjoyable experience for most women. The truth of such a claim would surprise many men in a way they would not remotely have guessed.

One evening, Joan had just left her office in the west-end when she decided to do some late night shopping. The back streets of Kensington were a place she loved to go seeking out small specialist stores for things a little bit different. Being after 6.30, many stores were closed or closing up. When she pushed on the door of one dress store she was met by a young woman who started to say that the shop was actually closing.

Then for some reason the girl seemed to change her mind. Now, she beckoned her in saying,

“Look, you might as well come in while I finish up.”

Smiling Joan slipped past her and began to explore the racks of clothes. The store itself seemed very unfamiliar to Joan who had thought she knew most shops in the area. The place was quite small with dark decoration and subtle mood lighting to promote the clothes. There was also a sweet heady smell about the place that Joan found very pleasant. She realised that given more time, there was much in the shop that she would like to try on.

As if the girl had read her mind, Joan heard a voice say,

” Don’t hurry yourself, try on anything you like.”

Feeling suddenly more at ease Joan pulled several dresses off the rack and drifted toward the dressing room. Realising that there were no other customers in the store she left the curtain half open as she undressed in the cramped room. Quickly she slipped out of her blouse and skirt. As she looked in the mirror and pulled on the first dress she realised that the shop assistant was now standing behind her. Their eyes met briefly in the mirror. Joan saw the izmit rus escort girl stare at her ample cleavage which was on show from the half buttoned gown. Startled, she felt self conscious and placed her hand in front of her chest. Sensing this, the girl moved closer and placed a reassuring hand on Joan’s shoulder, smiling as she did so.

“My name is Helen, by the way. What’s yours?”

The girl said in a friendly tone.

“My names Joan. I work quite locally to here.” She replied.

Immediately Joan felt better, her new acquaintance starting to adjust the back of the dress while still engaging Joan visually in the mirror.

For a second Joan looked closely at the girl. She was several inches taller than herself, had dark bobbed hair and what were very unusual green eyes.

Helen continued to fuss and crimp around the dress until finally she seemed content with the way it looked and once again looked over Joan’s shoulder into the mirror and smiled saying,

“How does that feel?”

Joan by now had quite lost focus on the dress because the closeness and attention of the girl had distracted her. Before Joan knew it, Helen had moved on and said,

“There are a few more things here I’d like you to try on.”

With this she began to unbutton the dress from behind. This time Joan felt the girl’s breath on her neck and the definite effect of small touches and squeezes as Helen helped remove the gown. Once again their eyes met in the mirror. Joan’s right breast was now half exposed as her flimsy bra fell forward. Helens eyes feasted on the sight. Joan felt her heart leap as she realised that she was being admired. Helen held Joan’s gaze. As their eyes stayed locked in the mirror, Joan felt her right nipple start to become erect in anticipation izmit escort of what this stranger might do. Helen slowly slipped her hand around from behind her willing customer and traced her fingers lightly toward the rounded orb. Delicately Helen slipped her fingers to push down the bra further until Helens dark nipple was fully revealed. In a moment Helen brought around her other hand to do the same on the other side. Joan looked in the mirror with disbelief to see both her breasts fully revealed. The attractive stranger now began to lightly caress the dark buds with her finger tips. It seemed surreal. Here, Joan was watching herself be fondled by Helen and to her surprise she was enjoying it!

The two were locked in this unusual embrace and Joan almost involuntarily pushed her backside toward the girl. Taking the lead even further Helen slipped her hand down the front of Joan’s thigh and tugged on the summary material of the dresses hem. Gradually she began to pull up the dress until she revealed Joan’s silky panties. Without a thought of stopping her Joan shifted her legs very slightly to allow the girl to slip her hand inside the top of her knickers. Helen delved expertly. She found Joan’s prominent fanny lips very briefly before moving on to insert two fingers into her by now juicy entrance. Helen and Joan maintained eye contact in the mirror. Helens fingers worked steadily giving Joan a pleasure only a woman would appreciate. Joan now turned to face her new lover. Her head was spinning and she felt enveloped in the sweet smell of her unfamiliar surroundings. As they stood, Helen started to remove her own flimsy dress. Soon she was standing naked before her surprised customer. With a sense of growing passion Joan lent forward to make contact again with her host. Her hands reached and found kocaeli escort the small but firm breasts of the girl. She had never sucked another woman’s nipples before but now took her opportunity, licking and kissing the long, dark buds.

Helen gently pushed Joan back onto the seat of the dressing room. Dropping on her knees she lifted Joan’s bottom and in one motion pulled off her panties. She motioned for Joan to lift her legs and this she did willingly. Joan felt exposed but gladly opened her thighs wider to allow the girl to do what she wanted. Rarely had Joan felt her fanny to be as wet and ready as at this moment. The sensation of Helen’s breath coming down on her gash almost made her cum there and then. Fortunately the girl knew what she was doing and gradually worked her tongue up and down its whole length without concentrating too long on her clit. Helens tongue traced a line from the top of the gash to the verge of Joan’s anus. Joan thrust forward her hips to give her even better access.

Feeling a bit selfish Joan now decided to reciprocate for her new friend. She swapped places going down on own knees pushing Helen up onto the seat. Too her surprise she saw that Helen’s fanny was completely shaved, her swollen dark lips protruding invitingly. Without invitation Joan parted the lips with her fingers and began to lick and suck the girl’s coral colored juicy cunt. Helen clearly loved this tonguing and beckoned Joan onto the floor where the girls began to suck each other once again. Amazingly both came together. Joan felt the gushing taste of Helen in her mouth. She herself wriggled her arse in the last throws of her own climax. Exhausted the girls lay hugging and caressing. After what seemed an eternity, they dressed before kissing and saying farewell.

Men often struggle to understand the mysteries of shopping therapy for women. From this time on, Joan definitely knew it’s value. Often she revisited that back street store to be served by Helen, her twin sister Liz or sometimes both. But then that’s another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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