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“Yeah, hard to say. I’d have to look at it…nothing? just a blank screen? Sure dad, I’ll be over.”

“What was that about?” Marie asked. “I thought we were going to stay in and, you know….”

“We can do, you know, later, in fact I’ll bet we can do, you know, a few times tonight. I’ve been looking at you all day thinking about, you know.” Joe laughed. Marie was definitely looking as hot as she ever has. He couldn’t avoid checking out the silky red hair waving down across her shoulders, the freckled swells created by the white button down dress shirt tightly hugging her 34Ds, nicely tied up beneath her breasts. Amazing she could wear it without a bra and have no sag, though they bounce when she walked or moved….

She stood looking at him aware how his eyes travelled down across her narrow tight waist to her flaring hips barely covered by a hugging pair of short-shorts, then those slender, athletic legs she loves to wrap around him.

Thinking about the flaming red down under those shorts, the smooth, tight lips… he felt his cock come alive, he shook his head and added, “Dad’s computer crashed and he and Uncle John apparently need to get something sent out tonight. I told him I’d come over and look at it. Why don’t you just read Fifty Shades or something and when I get back….”

“I like your dad, why don’t I come with you. I was hoping we could spend time together, but if it is at your dad’s that works too.” Marie responded.

“Seriously? You would be bored out of your mind. I don’t even know what is wrong with it and I might even need to reinstall the OS. I won’t be too late, so just hang here.” Joe pleaded. He actually was not thrilled bringing his girlfriends around, especially with Uncle John there. Those two fed off each other putting him down in front of any girl he brought by. It was actually a miracle that Marie had not seen that side of dad, but then again, she’d never met Uncle John.

“No, I’m going. I’ll just get a book…not Fifty Shades, and I’ll be fine. Let’s go, I can be your assistant.” Marie turned and went out of the room.

Joe shook his head thinking perhaps they will have grown up…not, then grabbed the keys and his repair kit, his spare power supply and went to back the car out of the garage.

“Why are you so quiet?” Marie asked, “Don’t you want my company?”

“No, it’s not that…never mind. It has nothing to do with you.” Joe stared out the windshield trying to fight the dread in the pit of his stomach.

“I thought you liked your dad. You guys always seem to get along great, especially since your mom died. You seem really close. so if it is not me…and I can’t see why it’s him…your Uncle John? I thought you liked him. That’s it isn’t it? Did your uncle abuse you as a kid or something?” Marie asked quietly.

“No, no, nothing like that. Look, I might just be making a big deal out of nothing, but every girlfriend I’ve been with…with them, they’ve taken great joy in making me look bad. I just hope tonight is different, especially since I’m dropping everything to help them out. Let’s just play it by ear.”

“I know you want to drop it, but what do they do or say? How do they make you look bad?”

“Drop it, Marie. I really don’t want to talk about it…if they say something, you’ll know what I mean. If they don’t then it means they will be cutting me some slack. I know it sounded like I didn’t want you to come because I didn’t want to spend time with you, but that is the last thing I want…I just think we have a good thing and somehow, they have always screwed up my relationships when they get together. Please, let’s just fix his damn computer and get home.” Joe snapped back at Marie and went back to staring out the windshield.

“Joey! I am so glad you dropped everything, John and I have been working on a proposal and know that bastard Pike will give us money for the start up, but the fucking PC, sorry Marie, just clicked and went dead.” Jim stopped and looked at Marie, held out his arms and said, “Holy crap, aren’t you a wet dream, John, what do you think of what Joey brought us?” Then he wrapped his arms around Marie feeling those firm boobs pressing into him. “Marie, this is my little brother John, John, Marie.”

John came over, taking in the perfect form from head to toe and back, put out his arms and pulled her close, squeezing her tightly. “Joey always has had the best taste in women, but he somehow has managed to outdo himself.” John whispered in her ear. Finally he released her and turned to Joe, “Thanks for coming over, I’m sure your Doctorate from MIT was meant for greater things, but we sure need your help.”

“Let me show you the piece of shit and perhaps you can get us up and going.” Jim said to Joe and led him back to the office. Marie and Uncle John trailed behind, stoically stood there while Joe and his dad exchanged technical details about what the computer was acting like just before the crash, if there were any errors, anything strange in the last week or two…etc..

Uncle rip her up porno John took Marie’s hand and said “let’s let the nerds talk in here and find somewhere a bit more comfortable.”

Marie pulled back, “I’m fine, I’m going to keep Joe company and you guys can go back to whatever you were doing.”

“Cards, we were playing cards since we couldn’t get out the damn proposal. I don’t even like cards anymore…used to.” Uncle John laughed. “And there is nothing on TV, so cards it was…anyhow, I’m going to go surf the channels since I cannot listen to any more nerd speak.”

As John left, Marie went over to the stuffed chair in the corner and opened her book. Jim soon became bored watching Joe work, so he went out and soon Marie could hear shuffling and dealing of cards. She thought Joe being called a nerd wasn’t so bad and he didn’t seem upset…in fact he wasn’t even aware that she was there. Soon there were chips and boards laid out on the mat Joe brought. and he was softly humming to himself. “I’m going out to talk to your dad and uncle, do you need anything?”

When Joe didn’t respond, “OK, just call if you need me to do anything.” Marie muttered and went out to see what the two men were up to.

“Hey, it was not the most excitement I’ve ever had in there, but I’m not sure this will be an improvement.” Marie chuckled looking at the gin rummy game being half-heartedly played.

“Hey, cutie, all of a sudden the room is a lot brighter, c’mon and sit over here,” Jim said, pointing to the stool pulled up to the card table. “You can join us if you like.”

“Don’t you have another chair?” Marie asked. “I feel like I’m on a lifeguard’s perch.”

“Nope, this is it, except for the desk chair Joey is using, I’m pretty sure he won’t want to trade with you.” Jim responded, winking at John.

“What are we playing, and don’t say strip poker. I’m not really that dumb. Though it sure would liven things up a bit when Joe came out of his lair.” Marie laughed.

“We can play poker…regular money poker, but do you know cutthroat euchre?” John asked.

“Sure, used to play it in college all the time, it’s a good game. Deal ’em out…and not strip euchre either…” Marie said mock firmly, then laughed again. As she leaned forward to get the hand she had to splay her legs on the stool and her blouse opened up when reaching down for the cards.

Hands were played and the game fortunes changed so any one of them could have gone out at least once when Marie noticed both men seemed to focus less and less on the hands and more on her shorts. She looked down and saw the legs of her shorts were gaping open and her red panty covered mound was half exposed. She also became aware that every time she leaned forward she was showing plenty of cleavage. Both men had slid their chairs all the way up to the table and she suspected why and what they were hiding. Marie pretended not to be aware of this and tried to close her legs and not show as much breast when getting her cards, but up on that stool it was a lost cause. “Where the heck is Joe and what is keeping him? I really need him inside me…Oh God, now I’m getting wet and I am sure they know that.” Marie thought. “So what is the proposal for? Do you have an invention?” Marie quickly asked.

“We have been working on a new kind of sensor that…never mind, we really cannot tell you anything more since we’d have to kill you.” Jim replied with a grin. “Needless to say, it should make us very wealthy men. So, what is you favorite position?”

Marie sputtered, “What? What do you mean? Sexual position? Wow, you must have balls to ask something like that.”

“I do, and big ones I might add. Yes, sexual position, what’s your favorite. It isn’t that hard a question.” Jim stared at her with his eyebrows raised.

“Um, I don’t think I have one. I like to be on top, OK? Happy?” Marie glared back.

“On top, always? Or just with Joey? Or is Joey your first?” John piped in.

“Oh my God, you guys have turettes or something, I’m not talking about this…especially with Joe’s dad. This is way too personal.” Marie snapped.

“OK, Joey is not her first, and I think our boy Joey is not getting our girl here off…” John snickered.

“I’m leaving.” Marie said as she started to slide off the stool.

“Wait, are we wrong? If we’re wrong, leave. We know that you like to be on top since guys with tiny dicks don’t reach places men do and he is not your first since you’ve had men who have taken you there…am I right?” Jim said as he put his large hand on her thigh. “Be honest, we are all friends…and adults here. We know Joey didn’t inherit certain attributes from his old man,” Jim looked at John, “In fact I wonder if Virginia might have had something on the side, the boy sure is some sort of genius and I know he didn’t get it from me, and for other reasons I wonder where he got his genes…” Jim looked back at Marie and raised his eyebrows questioningly.

“Joe was right. He told rus porno me that the two of you put him down all the time. Why would you do that? He is obviously your son, you have the same dimples, same nose ,and if he didn’t get…never mind. Let’s get back to cards, whose deal is it?” Marie sat back on the stool and glared at the two men.

“I knew it! I knew you weren’t getting off with him.” Jim said, “I never thought he hung on to girls because there comes a time when you babes need…need your needs fulfilled, and Joey just doesn’t fit the bill, so to speak. But don’t worry, I’m sure he is great in every other aspect. He sure is a bright kid. But, back to my question. Take Joey out of the equation, what is your favorite position. What really gets your juices flowing? I’m curious. It will help me understand women.”

“Yeah, I’m sure. You’re just a perv that gets off on having a woman talk about them doing it graphically. OK, I’ll tell you. I like different positions in different situations. So, there is no one position. And that’s all I’m going to say so change the damn subject.” Marie glared at Joe’s father. “And another thing, he drops everything he was doing to come over here to help you and you demean him…what is wrong with you?”

John piped up, “We love the boy, we really do, don’t we Jim? Look, this is just a bit of teasing is all and you took it hook, line and sinker. Tell us what you like to do…when you have a day off.”

Marie studied Uncle John to see what he was trying to do. “I like to bike…bicycle. If it’s a nice day I want to get out for a ride, and maybe get an adrenaline rush.”

“Do you mountain bike or is it road?” John asked. “I have a mountain bike and get a huge rush out of a great single track through the forest.”

“Yes, mountain bike, and I love the buzz I get going really fast downhill on single tracks, there’s nothing that compares.” Marie said starting to warm up to the subject.

“Does Joey go with you?” Jim asked.

“Sure, but he spends too many hours in front of his computer he has no wind to really keep up. And on downhills I’ll leave him behind, but it’s nice to get out with him. We rode to the top of Baldy and the descent must have been 12 miles and, oh crap – I’ve never felt anything like that, what a fucking rush, sorry, anyhow when we got to the bottom I must have waited for 20 minutes before Joe made it down. Sadly he didn’t feel the same way, his comment was, ‘I’ll never do that again. My arms are toast.’ so we generally stick to more level trails. God! Now you’re making me say disparaging remarks about Joe. But riding is my escape.”

Jim said softly, “So you like having a bike between your legs rather than a nice hard cock.”

“I never said that! I like a cock as much as the next girl, I just don’t need to talk about it. And, I like sex as much as biking if not more.” Marie loudly sighed. “Why do I even bother?”

Jim looked at her in disbelief, “You say that, but when people are enthused about something, they want to share it…much like your ride down Baldy. If you liked sex as much, if not more, you would…anyone would, want to share it. I think you’ve lived a repressed life. I feel sad for you…never having felt that rush, that buzz with a fat cock spreading the walls of your cunt to a point where you lose all sense of time and presence. You’ve just had nice pleasant exchange of fluids…and mostly the rush and the buzz belonged to your partner.”

“You are so wrong, I’ve had amazing sex…I’ve felt the walls shake, the room spin and felt as spent afterwards as after a good hard ride, but I don’t share that. I don’t go to my friends and tell them Brian pounded my pussy for 45 minutes, making me cum 4, 5 times until he flooded my womb with his sperm, leaving me almost passed out in a sweaty pile of sheets…” Marie felt flushed and found herself slightly panting after that outburst. “Crap, that played right into your hands, didn’t it? You wanted me to tell you that my hottest sex was with my old boyfriend, and not Joe. You want me to tell you that Joe and I have a pleasurable time love making, but it is nothing earth shattering. OK, we don’t collapse on a sweaty pile of sheets, I don’t almost pass out, but I love him and being intimate with him is one of the, no, THE high point of my day. He is very loving, very passionate, and he does like it when I’m on top since he cannot keep his hands off my boobs, and I love it when he plays with them since they are so sensitive.” Marie was looking at each man as she said this, but noticed they kept flicking their eyes down and she knew, and felt, her nipples poking against the thin white fabric of her shirt.

“Wow! That was hot. I’m afraid the table is going to lift up after hearing that. As it is, my cock feels a bit bruised pushing against the bottom of the table. That is what I’m talking about, isn’t it John? I love hearing a girl telling about how enjoyable it is…and that you also need release. I’m glad that you and Joey are able to share sert porno the intimacy, the comfortable pleasure, but don’t you sometimes miss, sometimes need those sweaty sheets? To not just almost pass out, but to actually wake up with cum pooling on the sheets between your legs and temporarily forget where you are? To find yourself naked with a couple of guys who made it their main focus to take you places you only fantasized about? Who used their tongues, their fingers, their hands, their monster cocks to make you feel wave after wave on undulating pleasure?” Jim said staring at her dilating eyes. “I know you do since you are getting really wet.”

With that, Jim slid his middle finger up her shorts and Marie gasped when she felt his finger press against her panty covered moist lips. She was actually disappointed when he pulled his hand back and held it under his nose and inhaled deeply. “Fuck, you smell great. John, you have to take a whiff for yourself.” He rubbed his finger under his nose and took a few more deep breaths. “If Joey weren’t here I’d burrow my tongue between those swollen lips.”

Marie felt Uncle John’s hand go under her shorts and let out a soft moan when he stroked his fingers up and down her slit. She closed her eyes and felt the pleasure building, letting out a much loader groan when Uncle John’s finger found her clit, circling and rubbing against the swelling bundle of nerve endings. Suddenly Marie remembered Joe was in the next room. She grabbed Uncle John’s hand and yanked it out of her shorts. “We can’t do this now, I mean ever. Joe is right there in the next room, saving your asses. What do you think you are doing?”

Just then they heard the office door open and Joe came out. “I figured out the problem with your computer. Originally I thought, hoped it was just to power supply, so I brought one I had at home over, but it still wouldn’t boot up. Anyhow, I did a series of diagnostics and you have a bad SAS controller and a bad system board. Did you have a power surge or something?”

“We might have, all evening there’s been a lot of electricity in the air. Can’t you feel the tension?” Jim laughed, “but the lights flickered earlier just before the PC crashed. Can you fix it? I guess it won’t be tonight.” Jim looked at John, “Crap, they wanted that proposal tonight. I guess we can call them and just tell them what happened.”

“I can get the parts. Over in Springfield they have the parts and they are open until 10. I’m heading over there now. Marie, you want to come along?” Joe asked her.

“Sure, I’d be glad to. Let me grab by stuff.” Marie was relieved to get away and perhaps Joe and she could perhaps stop somewhere. She had to get alone with him soon, or she felt she might explode, is there a female version of blue balls? She thought.

“Hell no. Marie you stay here. We haven’t finished the card game and who wants to sit in a car for two hours when they could socialize and be in a warm house. Springfield is an hour away. Joey, we’ll take care of her and she will be here when you get back. Go on, we’re fine” Jim said with a hand on Marie’s thigh pushing her back down onto the stool.

Joe looked at Marie pleadingly, “Come on honey, I could use the company.”

Marie surprised herself, “No, your dad is right, we are halfway through the game and I’ll be really more comfortable here. I’ll be here when you get back. You will be fine without me. I love you sweetie, drive safely.”

Joe stood there not believing, stared at his dad’s hand still on Marie’s silky smooth thigh, then sadly turned and went out the door. The heard the car start and saw the headlights wash across the room and disappear. No one said anything while the listened to the fading sounds of Joe’s car. Soon it was deadly quiet.

“Well, I didn’t expect that,” Jim said, “I assumed you would tell me to stuff it and go with your boy there. I’m sure you thought about making him pull over somewhere so you could get on top of him.” he was stroking her thigh as he said this, moving his hand higher and higher. “So, you are being drawn in by the thrill? You cannot leave without seeing where this might lead…” Jim said softly while moving his hand under her shorts. “John, why do they say ‘soft as a baby’s behind’ when the inner thigh of a beautiful woman is much softer. This is way better than cards, I’m actually tired of the game, it doesn’t seem to end.”

John leaned forward and matched the Jim’s stroking on Marie’s left thigh on the right thigh. “I know, maybe we should just change the cliché, though I’m not sure many women are this soft…any women are this soft.”

“All right, stop it you two. You’re like two pubescent kids attacking the babysitter. Let’s play cards, remember? We said we needed to finish the game. And yes, I do feel bad, like I betrayed Joe. I cannot believe I did that to be pawed by two horny, egocentric assholes like yourselves. If you don’t like euchre, then pick another game, just pick one, dammit.” She slapped their hands away.

“Ok, I’m fine with that, aren’t you John? Let’s drop euchre and pick a new one. Marie, should we let John pick the game? He played a lot more card games growing up that I did, so he knows more games.” Jim looked at John, “Go ahead, what do you want to play?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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