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Chapter 11 — A Quiet Calm

Jim and I fell into a routine after his adult children departed. We’d awaken and make love, and then take a long walk in the morning, often parking downtown and then walking to and around the bayfront and marina, and even having breakfast at a place called O’Leary’s on the bayfront. We’d walk back to the car, head to one of our homes, and work on home projects or such.

I had reverted to my nude state of mind. I’d put on my sexy heels and hang out around the house. Usually, I suntanned nude for up to an hour. Jim joined me and we’d talk about one thing or another and also edge each other a little.

We kept two robes by the front door in case there was a delivery. Jim’s was a long blue terry cloth robe that was very manly. Mine was thin and revealing, and kind of short. At least, no one could accuse me of not being dressed to answer the door.

Occasionally, in the afternoon, one or two of our friends would stop by — Bruce or Hank came most often. I was quite accommodating. Jim watched and participated more than half the time, but also felt content to let his friends try to tire me out. I felt in seventh heaven because all these men loved me and I craved their attention.

Mindy or Rita would also come by and become part of the nude contingent in the house. Jim could not resist two of us parading around the house naked, and he’d often ‘attack’ — creating gales of giggles and laughter as he pulled the two of us into the master bedroom to make love. He upped his game with the two women, giving them his A-game in terms of his cunnilingus skills when the rest of his equipment was resting up.

I also encouraged Jim to make weekly visits with Mindy and Rita. I didn’t want them to feel they weren’t desirable. He’d greet his male friends and then get escorted to the bedroom by their wives where he’d plunder and love them for an hour or so. I’d get him back soon enough, and if he wasn’t rarin’ to go then, he would be shortly thereafter. I felt no loss, yet good about pleasing my friends with something I could encourage to happen.

We usually ate dinner out at restaurants a lot, sampling the many meal sources in the area. Often, we’d split a meal or bring home great leftovers to use for lunch the next day. We each had some gym equipment that we typically used in the afternoon. Between our walks, exercise, and our very active sex life, we were keeping trim.

Saturday nights were our time with Bruce, Mindy, Hank, and Rita. We rotated houses as well the responsibility for the entrée. Some weeks we’d do something on a mid-week evening. Everyone got creative in terms of side dishes for the meals.

The six of us played with each other, too. There were skinny-dip games in the pool, and we were always very sexual and loving. One week we learned that an aerosol can of whipped cream can create a lot of fun when applied to sexual organs. How had we missed this important part of our education earlier in life? I think all of us thought these years with each other were our last hurrah as far as sex went. I confessed my fears to Jim and he agreed that he expected to ‘crap out’ at any moment.

The six of us also dined out together or would go to a club of some kind with live music. Despite our age, the ‘girls’ would get involved in flashing or letting ourselves get overheard in the ladies’ room revealing some sexual delight we’d just enjoyed. We were getting off on being naughty and behaved like we were in college. Heck, some places we were far from the oldest people there.

Edie came out of the closet with our friends about her pornographic ‘modeling’ decades earlier. At our various weekend parties, we’d watch another of her videos while we did equivalent things with our friends.

Hank suggested we do our own porn video. Thus, over several Saturday evenings, we recorded several hours of video on our iPhones. He took the various clips to make a more coherent film ‘worthy of watching’. Hank loved computers and fancy software. This gave him an excuse to get deeply into an app

called iMovie, so he was eager to do the editing.

Five weeks after we started the Porn Project, we were at Hank and Rita’s home for our Saturday party. Right after dinner, when we would have played one of Edie’s films, he started the video he’d assembled from the many small clips we’d fed him from our phones on his large living room television. We were fucking in style!

Hank was with me and we started to make love, but I also wanted to see the video. Thus, he moved us into the spoon position, so we could both see the TV. The video started with all of us out to dinner at the Beach Shack. There was some light music, but no voices were heard. Anything said was visually implied. It then showed us making out in the parking lot, changing partners as we kissed and felt up each other. Then we drove ‘home’, only home was Jim’s house, although all the homes appeared because of the many clips taken in different homes elvankent escort bayanlar that made up the film.

Soon everyone was fucking everybody else’s brains out. He made sure to show every possible combination of men and women doing each other. There were room shots, zooms, and close-ups. There was straight up fucking, and then shots of Jim sucking cum from a woman’s vagina as well as his outstanding cunnilingus. There were some good sapphic scenes, too. He got a little of everything.

Hank’s movie ran a little over an hour. None of us lasted that long as we watched it. Jim and Mindy had even started their second round as she sat in his lap impaled on his cock as they watched the film. We all laughed a lot and commented on the film’s choreography.

We applauded at the end. Hank had done a really good job. I told him that I’d seen many worse ‘professional’ jobs resulting from some of the films that I did. “We should really put that up on the Internet.” That remark resulted in a lot of laughter.

Rita was laughing so hard she had tears rolling down her cheeks. “Even in as good a shape as we are, not many people want to see six adults near sixty-years-old cavorting sexually. I think we’d get booed into a house of shame and humiliation.”

Hank got defensive, “Hey, there’s a whole school of adult videos out there about GILFs — ‘grandmothers I’d like to fuck’, and then a lot of ‘mature’ stuff — and I mean, way older than MILFs. There’s a niche for everything. I know; I used to troll that stuff before we all found each other.”

I said in a somewhat teasing tone, “So, if Hank did find a market for it, would any of you be upset if it went online? Personally, I’m already out there and not employed. I doubt anybody would recognize me otherwise.”

Everyone’s head shook. Jim said, “My kids might be shocked but they’re unlikely to find it, and they already know about what goes on in my life. Eeech. It’d be fun to have that on my life resume — porno stud.” He shrugged.

Bruce and Mindy said they didn’t care except if their kids found out, but they didn’t suspect that they were trolling the Internet for mature porn too frequently. Rita felt the same way. Ultimately, Hank laughed and said he’d put minimal effort into the sales activity.

A month later as we sat in a booth for dinner at El Tequila’s Mexican restaurant, Hank reached into his blazer pocket and pulled out a bunch of checks. He gave a check to each of the other five at the table, including his wife. Each check was for $500.

Mindy burst out, “YOU SOLD IT? HOLY SHIT.” Several people at other tables stared at us due to her outburst.

Hank quieted everyone. “Yes. I got $3,000 for it, and a thirty percent share of any profits it generates. The outfit I sold it to, Circle-X Productions, cut it down to some five- or ten-minute clips to entice viewers to buy the full video or subscribe to their website. Depending on what they buy, we get some change.”

“Is it online?” Jim asked.

Hank passed his phone that was cued up ready to play the shortened clip without the volume turned up. People in our group leaned over shoulders watching the five-minute video. It was pretty sexy. The title of the film was ‘Mature Orgy with Three GILFs’.

“So, now what?” I asked with a twinkle in my eye.

Hank said, “I’ll send you the various links. We got a free year-long subscription to the group’s various websites including the ones that carry our video. You can send the link to the clip out to all your friends, but we can’t give away the subscription information.” He was hitting some keys on his phone, and soon that had happened.

I immediately sent the clip to my daughter Penny. I watched Jim send the link to Carolyn and Josh.

Penny replied about fifteen minutes later with a happy face emoji.

Carolyn replied with an emoji expressing shock and awe, as well as embarrassment.

Josh didn’t reply with graphics. His text message was, “WTF. ROFLOL.”

We laughed and speculated what the response would be should the other children in our group discover their parents’ naughtiness. In general, the various adults thought their adult children would disown them and try to shame them to take down the film, a possibility that Hank said was no longer an option.

* * * * *

Carolyn held my head to her bare breast. I was maintaining her nipple at a state the military might refer to as DEFCON 1. The nipple and the rest of her were in a state of sexual excitement I couldn’t remember ever seeing. We were in her bed and both panting after our second round of lovemaking. For the past ninety minutes, we had pushed the concept of love and incest to the limits, at least as far as a father-daughter could.

The way we were positioned, I could suck on her left nipple, re-exciting it to the white-hot state I’d had her whole body in since Edie and I had arrived in Virginia. We remained coupled together despite having etimesgut esmer escortlar finished our second round of lovemaking several minutes earlier. I briefly hoped Edie was having a good time with Matt. The rest of the focus was on my daughter and making love to the most wonderful woman in the world. I’d loved her for almost thirty years, but his took our love to whole new level, far into the heavens.

Carolyn kissed the top of my head — the best she could reach after I’d moved partly off of her as we finished In the missionary position. “Thank you for coming my way on this. I knew I’d love you like no other man, and I do. You are THE man in my life now. I have a level of love for you that matches no other person on this planet.”

I said, “What about Matt?”

“I stand by what I just said. I love Matt, too, but you showed me a whole new level and a whole different connection with another person. I feel a purity in our love I never knew existed. I know there’s a heaven now, because we were just there as we made love.”

“Do you suppose he and Edie are finished?”

Carolyn laughed, “I had to work on ‘Mr. Spontaneous Combustion’ for two years after we started having sex and then got married so he’d gain some semblance of control and last long enough for me to have an orgasm. Let’s just say, Yes, I think they’re done, and I hope he didn’t revert to his old habits.”

“And you’re feeling all right, despite what we did, including that he and Edie have made love … fucked … for the whole time we did.”

“Oh, yes, fine. I’m past all that stuff. You taught me about leaving negative emotions behind and compersion. Besides, I am so flooded with your love I could burst. Any other emotion is secondary to what I feel now.”

“Flooded? Want me to clean you?”

“No, I saw you do that to Edie and Amy when we were at your house weeks ago and remained amazed. I even got a dose of it. I have been working on Matt about that particular skill. For now, I’ll wait. I’ll like feeling squishy with your semen, and I won’t even mind a trickle down my legs. At least for now, I’ll think it’s sexy and reminder of what we just did.” She smiled as she hitched to the edge of the bed. “Come on, let’s see if there’s other life on this planet.”

I ignored my sticky cock and followed Darling Carolyn’s beautiful and naked body into the hall and to the guest room in her house. Their child was with the other grandparents. He was old enough to know that four naked adults cavorting around the house was probably not normal. We’d see them at dinner along with Josh and Amy, and their young toddler.

Edie and I had flown up to Virginia from Florida that morning at Matt and Carolyn’s invitation. She’d explained that they’d had many long conversations about their new lifestyle and how to include others in their circle of love. I was to be blessed being within Carolyn’s love circle.

My grandson had been ditched on the basis of the excuse about not wanting him underfoot when a thorough house cleaning was being conducted just prior to our arrival. Carolyn and Matt did the cleaning bit-by-bit the prior two weeks or ignored it completely. We didn’t care.

I had expected the decision about a romance with me to go the way it did given how she and I interacted when she was in Florida. She’d wanted me then, but I’d told her I wanted her to have a ‘good think’ about the shifting relationship with me. During that trip, she had consummated her love with her brother. I was to hear more about that later that day from Josh and Amy.

Matt and Edie were naked and lying cuddled together talking quietly when we peered into the bedroom. Matt was gently stroking Edie’s heart of pubic hair, and she ran a single finger along his flaccid cock. They both smiled. Edie said, “Carolyn, your husband is a very accomplished lover. You trained him well.” Everyone laughed.

Edie opened her legs and displayed her wet slit. “See! He even cleaned up his two spills that happened to take place right in my little vaggie, and nearly atop my little clit, that he paid oh so much nice attention to during our lovemaking. I kept having orgasms. I’m a very satisfied girl. How about you two?”

Carolyn beamed. “I love my fa … Jim. I guess in our new relationship we should use first names, lest we fall afoul of the law. We’re better than fine. My heart is soaring with love, and he played my body like a fine musical instrument.”

I laughed, “I believe you did more of the orchestration. Any music you or we produced was thanks to your superb conducting skills.”

A male voice from behind us in the hallway, said, “Ahhhh, you’ve all been playing the musical instruments that sound like bodies slapping together while fucking. My favorite.”

Carolyn erupted in joy before anyone else, “JOSH! You’re here!” She scurried into her brother’s arms and the two shared a very passionate kiss. The contrast of her nude body with a rivulet of cum ankara grup yapan escortlar along her inner thighs, and her clothed brother was startling. She immediately started to strip away his clothes. “Come on, get naked like everyone else.” He laughed but cooperated here and there as she stripped him.

Amy appeared and laughed at her sister-in-law’s antics. She came into my arms. I had learned there was an acronym for their state of dress: CFNM. She said, “We’ve done this a few times since we saw you in Florida, and she’s like this every time. She loves fucking her brother. What can I say?” She seemed happy.

Everybody was standing around inside the small bedroom hugging and welcoming Josh and Amy. They both got stripped of their clothing and soon I got led back to the king-size bed in the master bedroom by my daughter-in-law.

Amy went down on me, but then spoke. “I can taste a lot of Carolyn on you. I’m getting pretty good at identifying her fluids and aroma.”

I teased, “Are my grandchildren downstairs, about to bound up here at any moment?”

Amy lay back and spread her legs, “No, silly man. You’ll see them in about two hours at dinner. Now, let me welcome you to this northern outpost of hedonism in a sexual way.”

Amy and I made love. Somehow, I rallied so I could please her. I had pumped myself up with all my supplement and meds. I’m not sure I was supposed to love my daughter-in-law the way I did, but I did. We had enough time and I was worked up enough that I got two shots at her — in her. Josh and Edie were next to us for a while, and then our bedmates were Josh and Carolyn — brother and sister. I loved seeing my children getting along so well together. I inwardly chuckled when I thought of the times that they were kids and wanted to kill each other.

We had a stampede for the showers. During the wait for my turn, I was told that all the ‘other’ grandparents had no suspicion about anybody’s sexual habits. I resolved not to be the source for mentioning our deviant behavior. I’d focus on Edie.”

I had met the Andersens and Barkleys at Josh and Carolyn’s weddings, and I hadn’t seen either of them for three years, since the last time I was in Virginia. We appropriately greeted each other at a restaurant and managed a lot of small talk, mostly about my grandchildren and living in Florida. Edie was a hit, and I got praise for such a wise choice of girlfriend — at my age.

The two tots bore the brunt of double coverage by both a parent and grandparent. I pretty much stayed out of the line of fire since they all seemed to have the situation in hand, in part also thanks to a waitress that liked kids and kept providing an endless stream of diversions right through some fancy whipped cream desserts shaped like Sponge Bob.

Edie and I were staying with Matt and Carolyn. We got their child strapped into his car seat and we managed to fit all us into one car. Josh and Amy and their toddler headed off to their home. I knew we’d see them the next day.

We’d eaten late, and mostly avoided a sugar high for the kids, except for Sponge Bob, so after I read a few stories and told little Dougie some ‘secrets’ about mom and dad, he willingly went to sleep. He had kindergarten the next morning.

The four adults got ready for bed, but then congregated in the master bedroom. Somehow, nightclothes again disappeared and I was able to be with Carolyn again, nude, and then making love.

Carolyn told me she was having regrets, and I paused and looked her in the face, “Crap! About us?”

“Yep,” she said as she broke into a grin. “We should have started fucking when I was legal. Keep fucking me; never stop.” The following kiss was epic.

Matt, who was balls deep in Edie again, said in jest, “What am I chopped liver?” He did chuckle.

Carolyn said, “You know that all other men are an ‘AND’ and not an ‘OR’ to you. I love you, but I also love my father … and my brother … and probably some other men we haven’t met yet. Moreover, I love making love with my father, so there.” She reached over and poked at his side, making him jump and almost hurl Edie off of his supine form.

After several orgasms by each woman, and one for Matt and me, Edie asked, “Are we all sleeping here?”

Matt said, “No. I know Carolyn wants to cuddle with her dad. I’m headed for the guest room again. You can stay with your boyfriend or join me. I’ll understand.”

Edie kissed me goodnight. “I’m going with Matt … just in case he gets horny in the middle of the night.”

I laughed. If anyone was horny in the middle of the night it would be Edie. We often made love between three and four a.m. Matt was about to have a hot MILF or GILF as an overnight bed companion and would be more than satisfied. Edie would test his recovery powers.

Carolyn and I snuggled together and were content and asleep in seconds. Again, I had the pleasure of a beautiful naked female in my arms. There were no sweeter dreams.

* * * * *

Carolyn had seen her son off on the school bus for his Friday morning kindergarten. He would be gone for five hours, getting home about two o’clock. He was a ‘big boy’ getting to go to school. The adults had remained in night clothes, sitting around the kitchen having second cups of coffee and chatting.

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