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Alina Li

Chapter 3

The Waiting and Planning

It has been almost a week since the ads were placed and the responses were slow in coming. Jessica was getting a little discouraged. She was wondering whether 100 healthy and disease free men to respond to her ads and agree with the idea of having sex with her. She told herself that there was still time and that she should wait.

Meanwhile, she could not get the idea of using the collected jizz in a variety of ways. Lilly had given her several ideas that were quite intriguing. She was interested in the idea of serving it as a cocktail. Squirting it into vaginas with the use of a baster or syringe was also exciting. That it could be added to coffee as a whitener or to the baking was also quite exciting. Just thinking about using the bottle of sperm was exciting her.

Over the days and nights that followed, Jessica daydreamt at work and dreamt at night of guys banging her tender pussy. She dreamt of lying on the bed with her legs wide like wings spread open and of the guys lining up, outside the bedroom, as guy after guy took his turn slipping his dong inside her and bang away at her. She thought of all Lilly had told her about the different sizes of dicks. Would the long dicks actually hurt her? What about the ultra short ones? Would they actually go far inside her vagina, or simply touch her clitoris? She figured those guys wouldn’t be able to inseminate her.

It has been a few more days now, and just a trickle of responses. Maybe it is still too early to expect any men to reply. After all, there was still time, since the event was scheduled for New Year’s weekend. It was still several weeks away.

Perhaps, it was a rather strange request and there would not be many men eager to answer her request. After all, many people, women especially, would wait until they were in a relationship before having sex; definitely, most would wait to be in a committed relationship before even considering having children. Not Jessica! She felt she was getting older and men were not exactly gravitating toward her, asking to go out with her. She felt that the best time of her life was eluding her and her eggs were getting older. She didn’t want to wait until she was 35 years old or older before having children. She has family and friends who have told her they would support her and help raise her children, so that she could have children and continue her career at a young age.

She had hoped to be married by now and that her man would help her spawn and raise children with her; but that has not happened yet, and she is getting ever depressed about that. If there would be no man in her life, she would still like to have children and would consider reproducing after being artificially inseminated. She would raise them on her own, with support of family and friends and without a man at her side. Jessica definitely did not want to adopt. She wanted biological children of her own and did not want the hassle of filling forms and going to interviews. She seriously considered artificial insemination as an option lately, and has collected a large amount of literature and reports on that topic. While it was an option, she really did not want to do it that way, since it was too clinical and expensive; it was certainly no fun.

So she decided to hatch this plan. She would make this a competition among 100 disease free men to get a man to impregnate her. The competition would be dwindled down to 10 top men after the first round. They would then be dwindled down to 5 or 3 top guys, she was not quite sure yet. It perhaps depended on the amount of available time toward the end of the competition. Afterall, time was needed for the top 3 or 5 men to screw her once more to decide on the victory.

The winning man would then get the honour of being with her for a month, dating and romancing her for the purpose of giving his seed. During the month, she would become impregnated and hopefully give birth to a child, a wish she wanted for a long time. After she is impregnated, he is free to go and live his life. He does not have to be around to care for her, as she has the support of family and friends. He will, however, be required to come back in about a year to inseminate and impregnate her again, so that she can reproduce a second time and spawn a second child. Afterward, he would be free to go his own way.

At that he would have no further commitment to her and the children, if he so desired. She would raise the children on her own with the help of her friends and family. However, if he so desired to be in her life and raise her children, he would be welcome to do so.

The idea of having children excited her, and she was undaunted by the long weekend of fun, frolic and fornication, not to mention the many long hours of lying on her back with her legs spread open and her pussy exposed. She went to the pharmacies over a few days and weeks to buy packages of condoms. She went to a variety of pharmacies and other stores to buy them; afterall, she would pendik sınırsız escort have to buy around 9 packages of condoms to reach the 100 condoms she needed. She felt that, by visiting different pharmacies and grocery stores, no one would get suspicious and think she was extremely loose and a nymphomaniac. In time, she managed to buy around 100 condoms. Now, she had a supply of condoms for each man to perform one of his twenty screws.

Lilly called on the telephone to say that she would be coming over to bring some of her board games and her collection of music. Jessica went to her closet where she kept a stack of party and board games, which Lilly and she often played together when Lilly came over for visits. She had Twister and Parcheesi. Twister would certainly be fun to play in the nude. Could you imagine playing Twister with a group of people in the nude, contorted and twisted in an array of positions with all those lovely body parts exposed and dangling? Jessica imagined the many breasts and penises dangling, ready to be tugged and played with. Imagine playing with the breasts as if to milk them! Imagine screwing the exposed pussies! That would be a lovely sight.

Jessica went into the living room next. “Yes indeed! I have enough games to keep everyone entertained.” she said to herself. In the living room, she kept a stack of music cassettes and CD’s, which contained an impressive array of soft romantic music as well as a good supply of rock and dance music. With Lilly’s collection, they would have enough music for the long weekend.

Jessica waited for Lilly to come over before planning the food. She said that she and her boyfriend would help prepare some foods for the event. She thought a good assortment of canapes and other finger foods would be a good idea. Anyway, she waited for Lilly.

The doorbell rang and Lilly was waiting by the door with 2 boxes of things. The first box contained her board games and the second one was filled with albums and cassettes of her favourite music. Jessica helped Lilly bring the 2 boxes inside. The 2 women then sat down in the kitchen with a cup of coffee.

“I have been thinking about a few things, Lilly.” Jessica told Lilly. “You know! I could not get the idea of using sperm for other things, besides filling the vagina. It was thrilling to think and fantasize about the possibilities.” Jessica said.

Lilly agreed that it is fun to fantasize about the many uses. She told Jessica how her boyfriend and she use his jizz sometimes. A few times they used it in coffee or tea. Another time, they applied as a form of icing on top of cupcakes and muffins.

“We had to collect a fair amount of jizz for that one, Jessica! Can you imagine my boyfriend spent much of the morning masturbating to get the semen out? It was wonderful to watch him jerking his manhood to produce his jizz. I helped him pump his tool a few times too. I discovered that he could produce a lot of this white stuff, half a cup full.” Lilly told Jessica.

Half a cup of semen was enough to cover the muffins they made earlier. With a little sugar, for thickening, Lilly and her boyfriend made a delicious icing. Jessica was getting quite excited hearing this.

“The next time you two make such muffins, you should bring one over for me. I would like to try one of those delectable deserts. You know, Lilly! You will have to bring your boyfriend over sometime. I am anxious to meet this great guy of yours. Perhaps, the three of us could make some of these muffins one day.” Jessica said to Lilly.

“In the meantime, let us talk about what kinds of foods we will provide to the guests all weekend. I would imagine the guys would work up an appetite after all of that screwing and thumping.” Jessica said.

They decided that a good smattering of finger foods, with vegetables, cold cuts or cheeses; and some baked goods would likely be the best choices. Pizza would also be a good choice. Both Jessica and Lilly were accomplished cooks; they decided therefore to make most of the finger foods themselves. Coffee, tea and alcoholic drinks would also be served. These foods should keep the men well nourished and stoked for all of that activity. It would take a lot of nourishment to maintain the stamina and keep those penises erect for so long. The invited women, at the party, would also need food to keep them going.

Lilly and Jessica would need to make quite a lot of finger foods and order a lot of pizza. For that, they would need to buy some ingredients and other supplies. On a recent trip to the grocery store, Jessica bought many Styrofoam cups and plastic cups for coffee and drinks. She bought a few cans of coffee beans and some boxes of tea. She bought some ingredients ahead of time for the canapés and finger foods, ingredients that would not spoil. She even bought little plastic shot glasses. Jessica was thinking of using them for the drink, which combined something alcoholic with the collected semen. She was not quite pendik yeni escort sure how they would actually make this concoction, but she bought the plastic shot glasses anyway. She would buy the rest of the ingredients closer to the date of the event.

Jessica threw herself on the couch and spent the rest of the evening watching television, relaxing and thinking about the event. She accomplished a lot and she was getting tired. So, she went to bed early.

The next day was a workday. She was much more peaceful and productive at work these past few days. Work was now much more enjoyable, now that the pressure, she had experienced earlier, was gone. She did not let things bother her as much; even the colleagues did not seem to bother her as much as before. Besides, planning for her big event had given her new zeal and a goal she could achieve. She felt confident now that she was soon going to get laid by a man, and that she would be reproducing very soon. Those were 2 dreams that she had for a long.

Jessica called Lilly later that morning and asked if she were free for lunch. Lilly did not have much pressing to do that day and would love to go for lunch.

They went to their favourite bistro near Lilly’s workplace. It was a nice place with numerous booths, tucked away in quiet areas of the restaurant, toward the back of the restaurant, where no one would bother the diners and diners could talk in private. The food was delicious and filling. Both women had healthy appetites.

Lilly met Jessica inside the bistro where she was already sitting, drinking a cup of coffee, at one of the tables in the back of the restaurant. They both ordered a their favourite club sandwich and started talking about their day.

“Any responses to your ads yet, Jessica?” Lilly asked.

“No, not that many yet. I guess it is still early.” Jessica answered.

“How are your preparations, Jessica?” Lilly asked.

“Fine! I bought the condoms, some dishes and cups for food and drink. I also bought these little plastic shot glasses. I thought they would be practical, especially for some sort of sperm cocktail.” Jessica said.

“I also bought some ingredients to make the finger foods. I was thinking of making the finger foods ourselves.” Jessica said.

“Do you need any help with the finger foods?” Lilly asked.

“Why, that would be wonderful, Lilly. Your help would be much appreciated.” Jessica said.

Jessica then started talking about needing someone to watch over her, making sure that no one would take advantage of her. She also needed someone to record the information of each fuck.

“Lilly! Are you still going to help that weekend with measuring and recording each fuck?” Jessica asked.

“Yes, I will! I would not miss it for the world. Just imagine seeing and measuring all those dicks. That is mind blowing and it would be quite fascinating to compare my boyfriend’s member with all those, and to see if they can produce as much cum as my beau.” Lilly said with a smile. “Maybe, just maybe, they might even do me.” she continued to say.

“I am sure that the guys might want to do you. You are quite an attractive woman yourself.” Jessica told Lilly.

“Well Lilly! Tell me how a typical screw feels?” Jessica asked.

Jessica was very inexperienced in this area. She knew the penis goes into the vagina, but she had no idea how it felt.

Lilly looked around the room of the restaurant and noticed that they were alone. She then started to explain what it felt like and that it was a very pleasurable experience. She has sex with her boyfriend quite often, about 10 times a week. She enjoys the feeling of her vagina being penetrated and filled with his cum. She loves the wonderful feeling of her vagina walls encircling and tightening around her boyfriend’s shaft. When the head of his penis touches her cervix, it sends her into realms of excitement and ecstasy that makes her want to scream with excitement and explode, especially when he explodes. Sometimes, she even explodes with wetness. Then she just melts as he continues to thrust away until he then explodes his load into her.

Jessica could only imagine how that felt. “So that is what a man screwing a woman is like. Soon, I will not have to imagine that scene anymore.” she said to Lilly.

“Have we decided on the length of each screw?” Lilly asked Jessica.

“Yes, we have!” Jessica answered. She then continued to expand that answer.

For the purposes of the orgy weekend, a typical screw would be no more than 2 minutes. Then, there is a ½ minute transition, during which the guy dismounts me and the next guy climbs on top of me, or gets his dick in position. The fuck would end when one of two events occurred: either he comes into his condom while in her vagina within the 2 minute timeframe, or either Jessica or he get to that euphoric state of arousal, should neither one ejaculate. In either case, it would go no longer than 2 minutes. This was what sancaktepe escort Jessica and Lilly thought would be the type of fuck that weekend. That way, there would be enough time for the 2000 fucks in the first round, and then rounds 2 and 3.

Jessica was wanting to know a lot about the act. She was quite excited. That was why they decided to in a secluded part of the bistro. The conversation was getting quite exciting and a little raunchy. There were certainly no children around at this time.

“Lilly! Tell me the different things you and your boyfriend do with the semen he produces!” Jessica asked Lilly.

Lilly was a little surprised at first with that question, but she understood that Jessica was new at this. She knew that Jessica researched this topic on the internet for some ideas.

“Well, Jessica! It doesn’t go to waste, as it is too valuable to throw away. On those days, when I am not fertile, he squirts it into my vagina. I love the way he shoots it in my vagina and it comes in contact with my cervix. We both like the way it oozes out of my vagina. Other times, he squirts it onto my breasts and then he rubs it all around the breasts, as if it were a cream. Then, he sometimes takes some of it and rubs it on my face like a facial cream. Often, I eat the sperm as he squirts it into my mouth; it is delicious and a little bit salty. A couple of times, I licked his white liquid off my breasts. I am one of those women who can reach their breasts with their tongues. Sometimes he puts it in my tea or coffee like a creamer. And, as I told you earlier, we also make an icing with it and put it on muffins. The ways you can use it are limited only by your imagination.” Lilly told Jessica.

Jessica was getting excited by these ideas, and she felt a little wetness between her legs. She put a couple of fingers down, between her legs, and felt her pussy. She checked for blood but it was not blood. She never felt this before, as far as she could remember.

“Wow! That was quite interesting!” Jessica remarked.

“What Jessica is interesting?” Lilly asked.

“I am wet between my legs. There is moisture in my vagina. When you were talking about the ways you use semen, I became wet. I have never had this reaction before, Lilly. At least, I can not remember a time before when this happened.” Jessica told Lilly.

“I am glad Jessica. You see you are woman after all, with all of the sensations of a woman. That is normal for a woman to have wetness down there. It happens to me a lot, especially when I think about my boyfriend.” Lilly answered.

“So, there is hope for me still?” Jessica asked.

“Yes, there is hope for you.” Lilly answered.

The two women left the bistro after lunch. They went to Jessica’s home for a few hours. While heading there, they continued to talk about the semen men produce.

“Jessica,” Lilly started to say, “If you get 100 healthy men to give you the most enjoyable screws of your life, if they give you 20 such screws and if they can squirt out as much semen as my boyfriend can each time; then they would squirt out up to 2 teaspoons of that lovely stuff each time. If you collect all of it, then you would gather up to 4000 teaspoons of semen. Did you know that 2 teaspoons equals about 5 ml of liquid? So 100 healthy men would produce a lot of delicious semen.” Lilly told Jessica.

Jessica did not believe her at first. A 1000 ml. of semen, that was a lot. Where would she contain it? In a large juice pitcher, perhaps. A 1000 ml of semen let me have some of it?”

“That is a lot of semen. A litre of semen. We will have some way to use it, right? Lilly said.

Jessica asked, “Tel me! What does it actually taste like? Does it taste good?”

“Yes it does sometimes. Have you ever put your fingers inside your vagina and then licked your fingers?” Lilly asked.

“No, I have not. Frankly, I am very new at all of this.” Jessica told Lilly with a tinge of sadness and some embarrassment. She hated to admit that she was a virgin and that she never played with herself, or even explored herself.

“Just like your vaginal liquid tastes sweet and good sometimes, it can also taste bitter other times. It is affected by diet. The same goes for a man’s semen. Sometimes it is salty and other times it is sweet.” Lilly told Jessica. Even though Lilly was surprised by her best friend’s naivety and lack of experience, she knew her background.

“I can show you some of the pleasures of womanhood, if you want. I can show you how you can pleasure yourself. Once you learn, you will be surprised you didn’t know how to do this earlier. I do myself regularly and it sends me over the top each time. Sometimes, I feel as if my spine and mind are going to explode. It is quite an experience, and it is better than any drug.” Lilly offered.

Anyway, Lilly offered to collect the semen from the condoms and put it in a large pitcher. She could have the guys come over to her and they can pour the contents in the pitcher. The pitcher would be kept in the refrigerator for later use.

“At the end of the orgy, we could sample the lovely seed in those shot glasses you bought. You could serve your guests a delectable little natural treat, perhaps sweetened with a little sugar and some vodka. Could you imagine drinking something more exciting?” Lilly said.

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