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Jesse”s Itch, a story by Josh Terrence


Author”s note: This story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between teenage boys, preteen boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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Chapter One – The Morning Itch

“You need a hand with that, son?” my dad asked, watching as I fiddled with my shirt. I”d been standing in the front yard, trying to tie off my shirt at its midriff while I waited for my dad to lock up the house. We were on our way to the pride parade, and I wanted to look cute. Seeing that I was having a rough time, dad tried talking me through it.

I gave up and approached him, letting my shirt tail fall as I looked up at him, waiting for him to take control. I smiled up at him while he tied off my shirt, and when he smiled back at me I blushed. He gave me a wink and I blushed deeper, then he asked me, “You looking forward to the parade, buddy?”

“Yeah,” I said with a shy inflection in my voice, then he reached down and gave my exposed tummy a tickle. I squirmed with laughter, then he took my hand and we walked to the truck. He took me by the waist and lifted me into the cab with both hands, sending a shudder through me as I thought about the last time he had a strong grip on my hips. Before my feet left the ground, he planted a kiss on top of my head and told me, “You”ll get plenty of action at the pride parade.”

When he set me down on the bench seat, he purposely used both hands to grope my buns and give them a series of firm squeezes while I smiled over my shoulder. Finally, he winked at me again and shut the door.

On the way to the parade, I sat right beside him in the cab, using my left hand to hold his crotch. He got hard in his shorts right away, so I used my skinny fingers to knead his stiff dick through his clothes while he drove. At the same time, I leaned into his side and thought about how satisfied I”d been when he left my room just an hour earlier.

At 8am I was laying on my tummy, sound asleep. I felt my bed dip as dad climbed in at the foot of my mattress and crawled up behind me, then his strong hands pushed my legs apart from the insides of my thighs. Next, his hands came to rest on my fleshy butt cheeks, which were only covered by my Fruit of the Loom underwear. I felt his nose press into the seat, then he inhaled kocaeli escort bayan deep. His warm breath was pouring into my crevice through the white stitched cotton of my undies, and it was filling me with desire.

I felt his fingers slide up through the leg openings of my briefs, then he pushed my buns apart and spread my crevice open. He inhaled deeper and his breath flowed more fluidly between my cheeks, fluttering over my pucker. Out of nowhere, I felt his tongue digging into the seat of my undies, searching for my hole and finding it easily, then he starting eating me out. I immediately started moaning as the sharp, sinful pleasure began to overcome my senses, and I instinctively pushed back with my hips.

I felt his teeth scraping against the cotton seat of my underwear and knew he”d eat his way through them unless he stopped to ease them off my hips. Through a haze of naughty pleasure, I reached back with both hands and hooked my blue striped waistband with my fingers in an attempt to pull them down. Seeing what I was up to, dad took control, pushing my hands out of the way and grabbing two large handfuls of my undies, then he moved his mouth out of the way just long enough to roll them off my hips.

They were now bunched up around the tops of my thighs, but that was far enough for dad to pry my buns back open and resume the luscious rim job he was administering. As soon as I felt his tongue probing my 12 year old poop chute, I wrapped my skinny arms around my pillow and pushed back against his face, eager for him to continue. All at once, the searing heat of anal decadence wrapped itself around my body and I melted into the pleasure. The morning stubble around dad”s mouth was scrubbing the insides of my butt cheeks, making them burn sweetly while my head spun with pleasure.

I was still lost in the naughty sensations of dad”s morning rim job when he stopped, planting a long French kiss against my anus before he pulled me up at the hips. I could feel my bottom trembling with need as the sound of dad opening the bottle of lube carried into my ears. He slid his thick middle finger up my butt and fingered the cool, slick lube into my aching hole before pulling it out and squirting more into his hand. He slid his freshly coated finger back into me, twisting it from side to side while I moaned and writhed with need. Finally, he applied a generous amount to his hand and stroked his hard dick up and down while I watched over my shoulder with half opened eyes.

When he placed the bulbous head of his dick at my entrance, I moaned lasciviously and gyrated my hips around. I felt him take a firm hold of my hips while they were still moving, then he steadied them while he added pressure. And just like that, his glans melted through my hole like a hot knife through soft butter. A burst of carnal energy rolled through me like an electrical current, then kocaeli sınırsız escort he slid the rest of his length up my butt and I sighed with relief.

I felt his grip on my hips tighten, then he began to thrust. Over and over again, dad”s long, thick cock stroked my hole at its deepest pockets, giving me pleasures untold. My little body was shaking at first, then it caught fire and I felt a flash of heat wrap itself around my groin. My little boner was sticking straight out from my body, pointing down at the mattress while a tiny strand of precum hang from the tip. I could feel the electricity of our intercourse pouring down the backs of my legs and shooting up my spine in relentless waves that were intensifying with each stroke he fed me.

Out of nowhere, my rear end started to contract over and over again, involuntarily squeezing his thrusting cock as it drove in with authority. There was a moist squelching sound that eventually gave way to unapologetic farts as dad”s dick pushed and pulled air through my boy hole with no regard for decorum. Suddenly, the contractions in my butt started to increase in tempo and strength, then they became erratic and I felt my rear end clamping down with no rhyme or reason around dad”s dick.

And just like that, I let go and felt myself drift away. It was as if I were soaring through the clouds as the fog of anal satiation set in all around me. My head was spinning and my vision was spotty at best. I closed my eyes and let the feeling rule me, listening as dad groaned loudly. His thrusting was growing more forceful, and I knew my reward was coming. But even as I tried to pay attention to his voice, the pleasure was too intense and I lost track of time until he buried his shaft all the way up my butt and let go of one final moan.

I was moaning too, loving how his dick throbbed inside of me while he unloaded his seed. I felt the hot and cold sensation of sperm running out of my hole, painting my taint with its thick, gooey goodness and knowing that dad was still shooting more out. When he finally pulled out, the rest of his load ran out of my gaping hole, while he rubbed my back tenderly. Finally, he collapsed on the bed right beside me, and I quickly moved down to his rod, anxious to worship it with my mouth while I sucked him clean.

When we got out of bed, dad picked out a cute outfit for me and we hopped in the shower together. Much to my delight, he buttfucked me again, then he carried me to my room and tongued my hole for a while. Finally, he got up and went to the kitchen to make us some breakfast while I laid in bed and basked in the afterglow of our lovemaking.

“Whatcha thinking about, Jesse?” dad asked, giving my shoulder a gentle squeeze and snapping me out of my spell. We were sitting at a stoplight, just a few miles from the parade

“This morning,” I admitted. izmit anal yapan escort “I really liked it, dad.”

“I liked it too, buddy,” he assured me, then he leaned down and gave me a kiss on the lips. I moaned softly and opened my mouth, eager for his tongue to invade. Soon, we were enjoying a French kiss that lasted until the light turned green and we pulled off.

“Dad?” I asked, looking up at him while he drove.

“Yeah kiddo?”

“Maybe we can stop and use the bathroom somewhere before we get to the parade,” I suggested, squeezing the lump in his shorts a little more forcefully.

“Would you like that, buddy?” he asked, and I nodded eagerly as he turned right into a gas station parking lot and parked right by the single occupancy restroom door. “Come on, son. Let”s go take care of that itch.”

Up Next: Jesse and his dad make a pit stop at the fill up station, and Jesse”s rear end is treated to the full service lane in chapter two of Jesse”s Itch. ota

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