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Big Tits

Jenny had only known Bill about a month and she felt great, it was going well, and after a string of failed romances and wastes of space she had been out with before it was nice to meet Bill.

Bill was a mechanic; he did mainly restoration work on older cars. He would spend all day under the bonnet of a car if only Jenny would let him.

They had a sex life, nothing too exciting, but she enjoyed it. It usually involved the missionary position.

Tonight was their one-month anniversary and Bill had booked them a table at one of the fanciest restaurants in town. Bill had told Jenny about it the day before and she had rushed out that night to get a dress to wear that would be suitable of such a lavish occasion. She had bought a dress that fully complimented her athletic build and sizeable breasts. It was black, tight fitting and floor length with a slit up the side that went up quite a way. Jenny had pondered over it for quite a while, wondering whether it was too risqué for her, but adored the way she looked in it once she tried it on. She knew she would be self-conscious but after a couple of glasses of wine she knew she’d be fine. She had seen a pair of shoes, black 3 inch stiletto high heels which she had a bit of trouble at first walking on but got better the more she strutted around the store. She liked the way it made her stand, her breasts sticking out further and her sexy butt sticking the other way, they made her feel all together more feminine.

Lingerie, she had to get new lingerie for this evening, I mean it was Bill’s night too, she should treat him. She browsed through the rails of thongs and panties looking for just the right pair. She found a black lace thong, which was high cut and very sexy with a matching bra. As she searched for her size she noticed they did a very sexy matching suspender belt, she had never worn such a thing but she decided to give it a try. She went to the changing rooms and tried on the items, she had picked out a pair or black lace topped stocking to accompany the suspender belt. Looking in the mirror got her quite flustered, she looked amazing, the bra made her already sizeable breasts look even bigger, the panties felt wonderful and the stockings and suspender belt made her feel very sexy, she could help running her hands over her body. Suddenly Jenny was startled; there was a knock on the changing room door. She realised where she was and quickly removed her new underwear. She got dressed and went to pay.

She hadn’t noticed but she had become quite aroused when wearing the underwear and now on her panties there was a small damp patch and the unmistakable aroma of her pussy. She placed all of the underwear, her shoes and her dress on the counter and rummaged in her bag for her purse. The lady at the till was pretty and Jenny noticed this. She wore a see through blouse with a blue blazer, you could make out her lacy bra under her blouse that looked as if it were going to break any moment due to the pressure on it from her huge breasts. She also wore a short blue skirt that matched her blazer and some very shiny black high heels. Pinned on the front of her blazer on a badge were the words ‘Pleased to help’ and then her name ‘Dawn’.

Dawn smiled at Jenny and started to scan the items into the till. Dawn then came to the side of the counter and bent at her waste to get a carrier bag in which to put Jenny’s purchases. Jenny watched her every move and as Dawn bent over, her very short skirt rose up slightly to show her stocking tops. Jenny licked her lips and smiled to herself, yes she thought they are very sexy. Dawn started to wrap each of the items that Jenny was buying, firstly the shoes, then the dress, the bra, the stockings, the suspender belt and lastly the panties. Dawn spent what seemed like an age folding these tiny little panties into just the right shape. Jenny dropped her purse and bent down to retrieve it as she looked back up she was sure she had seen Dawn run her finger along the gusset of her panties. Jenny just smiled and paid for her clothes. As she walked away, she looked back at Dawn who was watching her walk away. Dawn smiled, lifted her finger to her lips and tasted it. Jenny slightly shocked smiled, turned and walked away.

Bill had also been shopping, he liked Jenny a lot but there was still something about her that he found too straight laced. She was vanilla, everything about her, she wore comfortable shoes, comfortable underwear and had comfortable sex, she was comfortable. To Bill, Jenny was sexy but she could be so much more.

Bill had been to a special store that he had learnt about a long time ago, but couldn’t remember quite how. It was a small Chinese-run shop that sold your general local shop things, like bread and milk. Bill walked in and moved towards the far corner, there was a small door there with a bell. Bill pressed the doorbell and waited. A small hatch opened and an eye looked him up and down.

“Do you know the password?” said a soft feminine voice.

“Yes,” said Bill softly, “Dragonia.”

The small hatch closed just as quickly as it had opened. Bill waited feeling konyaaltı sınırsız escort a mixture of nervousness and excitement. The door opened and Bill stepped inside and the door closed behind him.

Bill waited; his eyes had to become accustomed to the dim light. He looked around. It was a long narrow corridor with shelves lining each side. The shelves were lined with volumes and volumes of dusty old books. He hadn’t noticed but to his right stood a girl, she was no more than sixteen about five foot tall, Chinese with a pale complexion and long dark hair.

“My name is Ling,” she said softly, “please follow me.”

Bill just nodded and followed her. Ling walked down the corridor. Bill noticed that she was wearing a little black dress that clung to her body very tightly, it had two large slits up each side that made it easier for her to walk. She also had black stockings and some very high shiny black heels that were padlocked closed around her ankles.

Ling came to the end of the corridor and to a large oak door that was there. She knocked twice. A strong male voice answered, “come.” Ling opened the door and lead the way in.

Bill followed Ling into the room, it was well lit, and Bills eyes had to adjust from the dimly lit corridor that he had just been in. The room came into focus, it was white, everything was white. To Bill’s right there were two doors both white, to his left there were several white fur rugs and comfortable chairs, all white. Ling led Bill to the far end of the room, where there was a man dressed all in black sitting in a large throne-like chair. Ling turned and sat next to the man at which point he placed his hand on her head and stroked her hair, she smiled.

The man removed his sunglasses and looked up at Bill, “Bill how are you my friend?”

Bill felt a bit self-conscious here; he always did. He managed to spurt out “fine.”

“And what can I help you with today?” said the man in black.

Bill coughed trying to shake off some of his nervousness, “Um I would like to get some of you special inhibition potion.”

“Ahhhh, I see, you have something special planned Bill?”

“Possibly” said Bill not wanting to give too much away.

“Good, good,” said the man, standing from his throne. Ling immediately stood from her kneeling position next to him. “Ling” he said. Ling walked over toward the right-hand white door opened it, entered and then closed it behind her.

“Bill” said the man in black, “is there anything else that you require?”

Bill thought, “yes clothes, I’m gonna need clothes.”

“Excellent” said the man in black smiling broadly, “now what are we talking about when you say clothes?”

“Slut clothes” Bill spurted out without hesitation, “I want her to look like a sexy slut.”

“Very good” said the man in black, clapping twice, “Please wont you sit?” gesturing toward the white chairs.

Bill sat. “Begin” said the man in black still smiling.

The left-hand door opened and a girl about the same age as Ling appeared, she wore a black one-piece rubber suit where the breast and crotch parts had been removed. She wore very high heels and that was it. She walked over to Bill and started to model it for him, bending and posing in many different ways.

The man in black spoke up “so what do you think?”

“A bit too much” Bill replied, “maybe something a little more subtle?”

The girl turned and walked out only to be replaced by another girl. She wore a black leather body suit that was zipped down to show off maximum cleavage. She had black tights and thigh high stiletto boots on; she also wore a mask and carried a whip.

“Wow” Bill said, “very nice,” but I had something a little more discreet in mind.”

“Ok,” said the man in black, turning to the girl, get Victoria out her next.”

The girl replied “yes sir” in a soft voice turned on her heels and strutted purposefully towards the door.

The right-hand door opened and Ling came through holding a small vile of clear liquid. She walked over to the man in black and gave him the vile, bowed and then took her position kneeling next to him.

“Thank you Ling” said the man in black as he put the vile in his jacket pocket.

The left-hand door opened and out walked Victoria. She wore, a very short leather skirt and sleeveless zip front leather top, that pushed her sizeable breasts up and out. She wore a pair of black seemed stockings that had little black ties in bows that could be seen just below her skirt. She wore a pair of black patent six-inch stiletto heels with ankle straps and a black leather neck collar with a D loop at the front. She walked over to Bill and started to model. She bent over in front of him; Bill could easily see she wasn’t wearing panties. Lifting her skirt up a little she straddled Bills lap, rubbing her naked pussy on his now rigid dick.

“I’ll take all of this,” said Bill slightly breathless.

“Thank you Victoria” said the man in black as she got up and slowly walked out through the white door. “Excellent konyaaltı türbanlı escort choice” he said standing up and gesturing for Bill to follow him. They went to a small counter in the corner of the room. “How will you be paying?” said the man in black.

“Credit Card” said Bill as he fished for his wallet. He found it and put his card on the counter. The man in black took it and swiped it through the machine.

“Sign here please.” Bill signed.

Behind Bill the left-hand door opened and Victoria walked out, she was naked except for a pair of clear platform high heels and was holding a large black bag. Bill hearing footsteps approaching turned to see her. She was beautiful, large firm breasts, thin waist, shaved pussy and long, long legs. She walked round behind the counter and placed the black bag on it. The man in black returned Bills Credit card and then handed him the black bag. Bill opened the bag and looked in; there inside were the very clothes that Victoria had been wearing, all black leather and lace with her very high heels. The man in black fished in his Jacket pocket and pulled out the vile that Ling had given him earlier. He handed it to Bill.

“I trust you will be responsible with this?” said the man in black.

“Yes of course” said Bill nodding as he reached out and took the vile.

“Ling” said the man in black, “show Bill out.” Ling stood up from where she had been kneeling and glided over to Bill, she took his hand and escorted him towards the door that he had entered through. Bill took a glance backwards. The man in black had returned to his throne and Victoria had taken her position sat at his feet.

Ling guided Bill down the dimly lit corridor and out of the small door he had first come into. Ling smiled at Bill and kissed him softly on the cheek, “come again” she said as she closed the door behind him.

“Time to get ready for tonight” Bill said to himself as he walked out of the store smiling.

Jenny was excited, she had been getting ready now for two hours and it was still hours until her date with Bill. She had waxed her bikini line, her legs, and her armpits. She had applied her make-up three times in three different ways. But the one thing she was sure about tonight was what she was going to wear. She had her dress laid out on the bed, next to it was her new underwear and next to that her new shoes.

Jenny was finally happy with her make-up, enough but not too much, sophisticated not slutty. She started to dress, firstly sliding her new tiny black panties up her legs and over her curvy little bum. She smiled as she let the elastic smack her butt lightly. She then took her new bra and slipped it on over her breasts and fastened it in rear, she lent forward so that her large breasts filled the cups correctly. Whew what a cleavage she thought as she saw herself in the mirror. Next were her stockings she fastened her suspender belt and proceeded to roll on the sexy black stockings. Jenny felt very sensual as she rolled the silky stockings up her long legs and finally fastened them at the top to her suspender belt. Once complete, she picked up her dress, lifting it up and sliding it down over her head; careful not to mess her hair or make-up; she shimmied into it. She smoothed the fabric down over her body, liking the way her suspenders felt under it. Then she sat on her bed and took her new shoes from out of their box; she slipped them on her feet and then stood. She looked herself up and down in the mirror liking very much what she saw. She spun around; these slits on the dress are very high she thought you could even see my stocking tops if I move like this. Dismissing her self-conscious thoughts she grabbed a matching handbag and made her way downstairs to wait for Bill.

Bill had just pulled up outside Jenny’s house in his car. He grabbed a large black bag from the passenger seat and a large bunch of roses. Bill stopped a second; he started to pat his jacket over looking for something. Finally he found what he was looking for, he reaching into his right inside pocket and pulled out a small vile of clear liquid. Bill smiled and put the vile back in his pocket. He opened his door, got out of the car, locked it, and then walked over to Jenny’s front door. He rang the bell.

Jenny was just walking down the stairs when she heard the bell. She reached the bottom and went to the front door. Bill stood there; he was wearing a black tuxedo and looked very smart. Bill held out the flowers to Jenny, she smiled and took them, leaning in to give him a kiss.

“Thank you Bill, they are beautiful,” said Jenny, moving aside to let Bill enter.

“That’s quite alright,” said Bill as he moved past her in the corridor on his way to the main room. He put the black bag down in the corner out-of-site, and then turned to look at Jenny. “Wow you look great Jenny, really sexy!”

Jenny just blushed and started to walk to the kitchen, “can I get you a drink Bill?” she called out on her way.

“That’d be great,” said Bill as he once again felt his jacket.

There konyaaltı ucuz escort was a pop and a few seconds later Jenny returned holding two wine flutes full of bubbly champagne. Bill took his glass and drank it down in one go.

Jenny looked at him surprised; “do you want another Bill?”

“Yeah that’d be great,” said Bill. Bill handed her his empty glass and she strode out to the kitchen to refill it.

Meanwhile Bill had reached into his right inside jacket pocket and retrieved the vile of clear liquid. He snapped the top off and poured it into Jenny’s glass. He gave it a quick stir with his finger and then returned the empty vile to his jacket pocket. Jenny returned with a full glass for Bill, handing it to him she said “to us.”

“To us” replied Bill raising his glass to his lips all the time watching as Jenny did the same. She drank the liquid down in several small sips as Bill once again emptied his glass quite quickly.

“Mmm nice” said Jenny; she felt her cheeks flushing with colour, “very nice.”

Bill watched at the liquid took affect on Jenny, her pupils started to dilate slightly and she looked a little dizzy. She decided that she needed to sit down, so perched on the side of the couch.

“Are you ok?” asked Bill.

“Oh yes,” said Jenny, “I think I just drank the champagne too quickly is all.”

Bill smiled, took Jenny’s glass from her hand, “another?”

Jenny just looked up at Bill and smiled, he went off towards the kitchen.

Jenny felt strange, it wasn’t the drink it was something different, she hadn’t really wanted another drink but felt that she must. She shook here head and decided she needed to splash some cold water on her face. She stood up and made her way upstairs. She locked the door to the bathroom behind her and looked at her face in the mirror. She then cupped some water in hands and splashed into her face. She then dabbed at her face with a towel. Jenny looked at herself in the mirror, before when putting on this dress she had felt self-conscious the more she looked at what she was wearing she felt over dressed. She looked at herself from every angle; no she looked terrible more like an old woman than a twenty-something. Jenny opened one of the draws under the sink and pulled out a small pair of nail scissors. She cut the slits of her dress higher, now you could definitely see her stockings. She then cut the top of dress down further so you could see more cleavage. She pulled up her skirt and looked at her stockings, suspenders and panties. Too much she thought as she cut the side of the panties away and pulled them off. Better she thought but could be even better, she reached to in the draw again and pulled out the razor she used to shave her legs. Jenny sprayed out the foam and proceeded to shave all the hair off her pussy. Once she had finished and had wiped the foam away, she looked at her bare pussy in the mirror and smiled much better she thought. She let her dress fall back down and stood in front of the mirror, not bad she thought – but still it’s the best I can do. She made her way back downstairs.

Bill had been wondering what Jenny had been doing she had been gone quite a while and he was thinking of looking for her when he heard the clink, clink of Jenny’s high heels coming down the stairs. She walked in a bit red in the face, “Bill look, I’m sorry I look a mess but I don’t know what I was thinking when I bought this horrible dress.”

Bill smiled, “I have a gift for you.” Bill went over to the corner of the room and retrieved the black bag he had put there earlier, “you can wear this,” he said.

Jenny looked surprised but smiled, “oh thank you Bill, I will go and put it on straight away.”

Jenny quickly ran up the stairs excited at what Bill had bought her to wear. She closed the bedroom door behind her and opened the black bag Bill had given her. She pulled everything out so she could see what was there more clearly. A little leather skirt, a matching leather zip top, some sexy stockings and the highest heels she had ever seen. She pulled the dress off over her head and threw it on the floor; she kicked off her shoes, peeled off her stockings, unfastened her suspender belt and unclipped her bra. She threw them all in a pile on the floor. She firstly took the stockings and slid them over her feet and up her legs, she tied the bow at the top, making sure the seem of the stockings were straight at that the bows looked pretty. Once she had done that she put the leather skirt on, it fit perfectly, she loved the way that on her long legs the top of the stockings could be seen just under the hemline of the skirt, showing just a bit of thigh. She then put the leather top on, sliding her arms into the arm holes, pulling it around her and them zipping up the front. The top forced her big breasts right up. The effect was amazing she looked at herself in the mirror and adjusted the zipper on her top so that it showed maximum cleavage. She then picked up her new high-heeled shoes and slid them on her feet fastening the buckle around her ankle. She was ready, she stood up, it was difficult at first standing in such high shoes bit she tottered around, all the time getting better at walking in them. She walked over to her dressing table to check her hair and makeup. She gave her long blonde hair a brush. Jenny then pulled out a bright red lipstick from her draw and applied it. She puckered her lips to blow a kiss to herself, gorgeous she thought.

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