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Robbie Tucker had a knack for sniffing out the kind of girls he liked, and he zeroed in on Jenny almost from the first day she went to work at the corporate headquarters of a big manufacturing company. Robbie was an assistant manager in the mailroom, so very little went on in the large building that he wasn’t aware of.

Jenny Jackson worked in the steno pool, and that gave Robbie plenty of opportunities to scope her out at length, and the more he saw of her, the more convinced he was that she would be perfect for the kind of parties that he and his buddies liked to throw. She was short and slim, but not bony, with a sassy little pair of tits that sat up high and proud, and a trim butt that was just made to be squeezed. She wasn’t a classic beauty, but she was good-looking enough, with a head of dirty blonde hair that reached her shoulders. What gave her away, in Robbie’s mind, was the slightly sluttish look she had about her face, with eyes that practically screamed, “fuck me!”

Jenny was not, in fact, all that sluttish, but she wasn’t an innocent, either. She’d grown up in a small town and had had her share of boyfriends and done her share of partying. At one such party her junior year, one of the football stars on her high school team took her back to a bedroom and took her cherry, with her enthusiastic consent. But she hadn’t been what you would call a pushover; when she did have sex, it was usually after she’d had a lot to drink, and it usually pretty straightforward.

After high school, she’d gone on to junior college, where she’d quickly found herself a steady boyfriend, the sort of guy that mamas love. They had had a decent sex life, but after a while Jenny became bored. She craved action, and she felt stifled by her small-town background and the conventional life she was supposed to follow. And that was particularly true about her “nice” boyfriend, Vince. He was so swell and considerate that sometimes it made her sick. Just once, she had often thought, she would have liked for him to throw her on the floor and fuck the ever-loving shit out of her, just pound her for his own gratification, rather than always worrying about her “feelings.”

So when she graduated from junior college, she decided not to follow her boyfriend to the big university, like everyone expected. Instead, she moved to the big city 100 miles away, rented an apartment and landed her steno job. She didn’t exactly break up with her boyfriend, but she was committed to getting out on her own and sampling life. It didn’t take Jenny long to make friends among her fellow stenos, and soon she was going out after work with the girls and enjoying the nightlife. But she always seemed to end up going home alone, and that frustrated her, so finally after a month, she called Vince, and invited him to come visit her. He came and spent the whole weekend with her, a fact that was not lost on Robbie, who had begun to spy on Jenny in an effort to learn as much as he could about her. The fact that she had a boyfriend and was sleeping with him was significant, and he quickly set about putting his plan of seduction into motion.

Robbie began to chat with Jenny, getting to know her casually, and she was immediately taken with him. Indeed, Robbie was a walking wet dream for most impressionable young women. He was quite tall, several inches over six feet, and handsome, with a well-toned body that reflected hours at the gym. Moreover, he had a sort of magnetism that seemed to draw women to him. When he’d been in school, he’d been known as Tucker the Fucker, because he’d gone through practically every decent-looking girl in town. Jenny started having lunch with Robbie and, inevitably, she started bemoaning her crumbling relationship with her college boyfriend.

Jenny had been at the company about two months when things came to a head between Jenny and Vince. She’d gone to the university to visit him for homecoming, and had gotten a little drunk at the football game on a smuggled pint of whiskey, in the time-honored Southern tradition. Then, at the post-game dance at Vince’s fraternity house, she’d gotten even drunker and had flirted with a number of the upper-classmen. That had pissed Vince off royally, and they had argued about it. Eventually, they kissed and made up, sort of, but on the drive home, Jenny had decided that she was tired of Vince and his pretty straightlaced ways. She was ready to cut loose, and she knew just who she wanted to cut loose with. Besides, she drove home horny and frustrated. She and Vince had had a most unsatisfying encounter on Friday night after she arrived, but he didn’t do anything that Saturday night, because they were still upset with each other.

All of this, Jenny relayed to Robbie over lunch that Monday, and by the end of the week, he’d asked her out for drinks after work. He wanted to gauge her receptiveness to what he really had in mind for her, to break her in right and to get her to where she would be unable to refuse him anything he wanted.

Everything went exactly casino oyna according to his plan. They went to his favorite tavern, where they drank a bunch of beer – or, rather, she drank a bunch of beer – he subtly nursed a limited number of beers in order to stay reasonably sober for the after-hour activities. Sure enough, Jenny got drunk, and when Robbie put the moves on her, she was ready. On the drive back to his house, Robbie fished out a rolled joint, and that got Jenny’s attention right quick. She had been a casual toker during her high school days, but had quickly found out that Vince was strongly against it, so she’d given it up to please him. But she was eager to sample Robbie’s wares, and got thoroughly stoned on his prime herb. Then, once they got back to his house, Robbie skillfully worked over her hot little body for most of the night. He was delighted to learn that she had a deep all-over tan, the result of a tanning booth, but still, the effect was intoxicating.

When they got naked, he crawled between Jenny’s legs and used his long, active tongue on her and brought her to successive waves of orgasms, not stopping until she begged him – screamed for him – to fuck her hard. Robbie slid his long, fat prick right up her pussy, filling her deeper than she’d ever been filled before and fucked her for the better part of an hour, bringing her to another succession of climaxes that left her exhausted, before he finally came deep in her womb. After allowing her to rest, he fucked her again, astonishing her with his recuperative abilities.

By the time Jenny awoke on Saturday, she was hooked, and she ended up spending all day at his house, getting high and having sex. Robbie took everything one step at a time. Once he’d tapped her pussy, he spent most of the day Saturday teaching her how to properly suck a big cock. She’d thought she knew a little about oral sex; she’d often given Vince blowjobs, although she’d never swallowed. But Robbie soon showed her that she was a neophyte when it came to sucking cock. Patiently, he took her deeper and deeper, until, by the end of the day, she was taking every inch of his cock deep in her throat and was gleefully swallowing every drop of his cum.

Robbie decided that was enough education for the time being, and he spent the next several encounters cementing Jenny’s adoration for his cock. They got together several nights that next week, and she steadily revealed more and more of her true carnal nature, one that had been barely suppressed during her formative years. During one of those encounters, Robbie talked Jenny into shaving her pussy, telling her it would look better, taste better and that it would really turn him on. Jenny liked the way it felt, especially the way it felt when Robbie plowed his hard prick frantically into her pussy right there in the bathtub after she’d been bladed smooth as a cue ball.

By the next weekend, Robbie was ready to take her one step further, introducing her to anal sex. At first, Jenny was fearful and resisted. But Robbie was patient and persistent, and worked her butt for over an hour, getting her loose and comfortable with the idea that it was a pleasurable thing to do. And by the time she came around to accepting the idea, he was ready. He slowly pressed the fat head of his cock past her well-lubricated anal ring. Jenny couldn’t believe the initial pain, and begged for him to stop. But he just held the head in her ass and manipulated her clit, until she was accustomed to his size and was starting to feel her arousal really spike, then he slowly but steadily slid it all the way in. He fucked her ass with measured strokes, until Jenny started going wild, begging him to fuck her harder, and he obliged, pounding her ass until he filled her bowels with a stupendous load of cum. That triggered a monstrous orgasm that ripped through Jenny’s lithe body like a tsunami.

Robbie then spent the rest of the weekend honing Jenny’s sexual techniques, fucking her mouth, her pussy and her ass in no particular order. He even gave her the very first facial she’d ever taken, and she utterly grooved on the nastiness of that act. By the time Robbie delivered Jenny to her apartment on Sunday, she was completely devoted to him. She wasn’t sure if she was in love, but she was sure in lust. As for Robbie, all that remained now was the final act in Jenny’s transformation into a true cum queen.

Over the next several weeks, Robbie slowly carried Jenny down the path of perversion. She quickly became a full-time stoner, and Robbie soon introduced her to the harder stuff, cocaine and crystal meth. Jenny loved the way the drugs made her feel, especially when it came to sex. She rapidly developed an enormous appetite for sex and drugs, and became more and more dependent on Robbie for her highs, and his long fat cock that was giving her so much pleasure, more pleasure than she’d ever thought possible. He also began showing her some of his porn videos, especially the ones involving group sex. Jenny didn’t comment about them, but Robbie canlı casino noticed to his satisfaction that after watching a group sex video that she was a firecracker in bed.

Finally, after about six weeks of preparation, Robbie decided the time was right. Jenny was spending just about every night at his house, fucking him like a madwoman. She couldn’t get enough of him, the way he and his potent substances made her feel. Robbie knew instinctively that Jenny would do exactly what he wanted, so after a furious weekend spent fucking all over his house, he made his plans for the following weekend.

Throughout the next week, Robbie stayed away from Jenny, telling her he had things to do. He wanted her deprived of his cock, so that she would be climbing the walls with sexual need and frustration and thus would be amenable to anything he wanted. He also quietly put the word out at a few of his favorite drinking establishments, and with friends and co-workers, that he was planning one of his special parties for that weekend. Predictably, the response was enthusiastic; those who had been to one of his bashes before knew a Robbie Tucker party was always well worth attending, and they gave those who hadn’t graphic reasons why they ought to check it out.

As the week wore on, Jenny did indeed become quite frustrated. She tried using the dildo that Robbie had given her, but that was a poor substitute for the real thing. So she was overjoyed when Robbie asked her out for Friday night. He said he’d pick her up about 7 p.m., and told her to, “dress sexy.” Jenny was thrilled that her new boyfriend wanted to show her off like that; certainly Vince had never put her on display in that way, and the fact that sexy Robbie did gave her a real rush.

So she dressed sexy, picking out a short, pleated miniskirt and a tight button-down sweater, leaving the top two buttons undone. The sweater didn’t quite extend to the waistband of her skirt, leaving just a hint of bare skin exposed around her flat stomach. She didn’t wear a bra and selected her skimpiest thong panties. She’d pretty much given up wearing a bra around Robbie; he liked the way her perky tits jiggled when she walked around without one, so naturally, she complied. Jenny rarely needed a lot of make-up to look good, so she kept it to a minimum, but she did add some hot pink lip-gloss for spice, and she had to admit as she admired herself in the mirror that Robbie would be proud to have her on his arm. She was excited; Robbie had promised her an experience she would never forget, and she was looking forward to it.

Robbie was indeed impressed by Jenny’s appearance, and he figured his friends would be as well. On the way to the nightclub where they were going to do some dancing, Robbie produced a joint of especially potent weed and they proceeded to get very high. Once they arrived, several of Robbie’s friends were there, so the couple joined them at a big table. The beer soon flowed freely, along with several shots of chilled vodka. In no time, Jenny was feeling quite good, and she felt even better when Robbie took her out in the parking lot for a couple of quick snorts of coke. After that, she felt the urge to dance, and she and Robbie danced a few numbers, before he sat down, claiming to be tired. No matter, one of his friends quickly led her back onto the dance floor and started grooving with her.

Jenny danced with all of Robbie’s friends, getting more and more uninhibited as the night wore on and she got more buzzed. It was during a slow dance with Robbie’s friend Greg when she felt a hand cupping her butt cheeks, and Greg quickly began grinding a stiffening cock into her crotch. In her drunken haze, Jenny was confused. Was Greg making a pass at her? After she sat down between Robbie and Greg, she felt Robbie run his hand up the inside of her thigh, to her soaking wet crotch, then she was startled to feel a hand from the other side feel the inside of her left leg. Together the two hands began to trace circles around her steaming panty-covered pussy. Jenny looked quizzically at Robbie, but his only response was to kiss her deeply.

When they broke the kiss, though, Jenny pulled Robbie onto the dance floor and asked him point-blank if he’d known what Greg was doing.

“Looked to me like you were enjoying it,” Robbie replied. “Do you trust me? Are you willing to do anything I ask? If not, say so now, and we’ll end this thing right now.”

“Oh, baby, you know I’ll do anything for you,” Jenny said, wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him hard.

“Good, just relax and go with the flow, and I promise you an out-of-this-world experience like you’ve never had before,” Robbie said.

“Are you sure you want me to…” Jenny said, the implications of his words beginning to penetrate her befogged brain.

“Make my friends happy, and you’ll make me happy,” Robbie said finally.

Jenny was in a state of turmoil as they walked back to their table, where Robbie’s friends, now numbering six, sat looking at her with kaçak casino undisguised lust. Part of her recoiled at the thought of what Robbie wanted her to do, but the other, larger, part was hugely turned on by the prospect. She had never told anyone, but one of her most secret fantasies, one she had masturbated to for years, involved her being the centerpiece for a gangbang. She had always figured that’s all it would be, a fantasy. But here Robbie was all but offering her to his friends, all of his friends, and all she had to do was get high and enjoy herself.

When Jenny and Robbie returned to the table, Jenny took a seat between Ricky, Robbie’s brother, and Curt, another friend. She stared long and hard at Robbie then turned and gave Ricky a deep, tongue-lashing kiss. Then she did the same for Curt, and as she kissed him, she ran her hands over the stiffening bulges in each man’s pants. Robbie smiled at her and blew her a kiss, signaling his approval.

After a last round of shots, tequila this time, Robbie announced that it was time to take the party to his house. It was just past 11 p.m., and he wanted his party off and roaring by the time the bars closed at 2 a.m. That’s when the bulk of the crowd would begin to arrive, and he wanted Jenny thoroughly stoned and sexed by that time.

Robbie got into the front seat to drive, and told Jenny to sit in the back, with Jay and Leo, two more friends, while Ricky sat in the front. As soon as they were off, Jay and Leo began running their hands over Jenny’s sweater-clad tits as they took turns getting deep-tongue kisses. Jenny was unbelievably horny, and she threw herself into what she was doing with gusto. After about 10 minutes, Jay hollered at Robbie, “Hey man, do you mind if Jenny sucks our cocks?” Robbie told them to go for it, that she was all theirs.

Both men quickly fished out decent-sized boners and Jenny soon found her mouth full of hard, throbbing cock. She sucked on Jay for a while, then bent to her right and worked on Leo. All Jenny wanted was to please Robbie, and if it pleased Robbie for her to suck and fuck his friends, then that’s what she would do. So she gave both men her very best blowjob, sucking them to the hilt and swirling her tongue around their shafts, just like she’d been taught. She would have been happy to suck the cum out of their dicks, but they were still quite a ways from cumming when the car arrived at Robbie’s house.

Robbie lived in an older house in a lower middle class area of one of the inner suburbs of the city. The house sat at the end of a street that dead-ended at a small creek. It wasn’t all that big, but the advantage was that it was set back away from the street, with plenty of yard space for parking, and the nearest neighbors were a trio of college guys who weren’t bothered by loud music late at night. In fact, they had a standing invitation to join in whenever they returned home from a night on the town.

Jenny was a little apprehensive to see that what had been a party of seven had grown to a dozen, and yet the prospect excited her. She was about to get more dick than she’d ever gotten at one time in her life, and her excitement overcame her fears. If she had known exactly how much dick she was actually going to get, she might have balked, but once she entered the house, she was committed. In for a penny, in for a pound, she thought.

Robbie had prepared well. He had laid in several cases of beer and plenty of liquor to keep the party flowing all night. He also had plenty of good weed, some top-grade cocaine, and he figured at some point, his friend the crankhead would show up with some meth. The party quickly settled in Robbie’s large den; loud music was cranked up, beers were opened, joints were lit, and Robbie set about drawing out lines of blow. Jenny quickly felt her intoxication level start soaring, especially once the cool rush of cocaine hit her system. She was on fire with sexual need; she wanted – no, she needed – a dick in her, and she was beyond caring who it belonged to.

After the initial wave of drugs had been completed, it was time to get down to business. Someone called for Jenny to dance for them, so she stood up in the middle of the room and began to dance suggestively, running her hands up and down her body as she swayed in time to the music. After a few minutes, someone yelled for her to, “take it off.” Someone else chimed in, “yeah, let’s see you strip for us.” Jenny smiled wantonly as she danced in the middle of the room. Idly, she fingered the buttons of her sweater before popping them open, one by one. When she had every button undone, she held her sweater over her tits, teasing the crowd of horny men.

“Y’all wanna see my titties, do ya?” she drawled. Then she slowly opened her sweater and thrust her chest outward, as her audience hooted and hollered. Jenny’s ripe little tits jiggled as she shook them for the crowd, her pink nipples hard as pebbles from her intense arousal. After a minute or two strutting around the room like that, she discarded the sweater. Next, she unsnapped and unzipped the skirt, and shimmied her hips as she dropped it to the floor, leaving her clad only in her thong panties, which were soaked with her juice.

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