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I really hope he isn’t going to be much longer. That was the thought running through Jenna’s mind as she stood and waited for Theo to show up. She was leaning against the bar, hoping that she didn’t look too conspicuous. She was wearing a tight fitting, black velvet dress. It was backless and its hem ended just above her knee, showing enough of her shapely legs to make her feel sexy. The decision had been made to dispense with tights or stockings and a pair of black stilettos complemented the dress. Long, deep brown hair had been tied up neatly, a few choice strands hanging either side and framing the waxy, pale complexion of her face.

Jenna didn’t wear make up. Her brown eyes and wide smile were usually enough to win guys over.

She got a startled fright when she felt the cold touch of a hand against her naked back. She turned round quickly.

‘Whoa! It’s me!’

Theodore was grinning widely as she turned to face him.

‘You shouldn’t frighten women like that!’

‘Shut up and come here’

He held her tightly and as one of his hands moved tentatively down to her backside, Jenna couldn’t help smiling.

‘Let’s go and get a seat.’, said Theodore

They walked a mere five feet or so before arriving at a table with a leather seat against the wall and a wooden chair on the other side. Jenna slid in between the table and the leather seat and was comforted when she saw that Theodore slid in next to her.

‘Well, the third date. You’re not going to try it on are you?’, Jenna softly whispered mockingly.

‘Well….I thought we discussed this. I’m not going to make an issue of it but if you want me to come back tonight then I will’

Jenna looked downward with a demure smile.

Two hours later the pub shut and they walked out hand in hand, hailing a cab back to Jenna’s luxury apartment in Central London.

She stood in front of the mirror in the bathroom, having just put on a particularly tasty black nightdress which clung to her thighs and barely covered her modesty.

‘Christ, I’m five years older than him and he has me acting like a lovesick schoolgirl’, she thought.

Jenna knew that Theodore was next door in the bedroom and was already starting to get undressed when she had come into the bathroom. He must be through there right now. Naked. She leaned on the edge of the sink, looking down at the tiled floor and sighing deeply. Once she had gathered herself together, she lifted herself up and opened the en-suite door into the bedroom.

Just as she had thought, he lay under the duvet on his side. She walked towards the bed and lifting the cover, slid her body under Antalya Escort it next to his. She brushed her long dark hair behind her ear and snuggled up close.

He turned over onto his back and looked at her.

‘Do you want to do anything tonight?’, he whispered.

‘Of course’

‘Good. I’ve wanted you since the first time I saw you. You’re fucking gorgeous Jenna and I’m really starting to fall for you’

Jenna smiled broadly as she turned her body so that she lay across Theodore’s chest, stroking his chest hairs and enjoying the touch of his hands tracing a line down her spine. It continued downwards, slowly pushing the bottom edge of her short black nightdress up until she sensed the warmth of his palm spreading over the smooth shapely form of her exposed rear.

She leaned down and kissed him with ardent desire, sucking on his top lip, pushing her tongue against his mouth which opened willingly. It met with the soft moistness of his own tongue and she lightly pressed hers against it. His hands reached up and he held her face in them, pushing her long, dark brown hair back slightly and extending his thumbs to stroke her earlobes. Her legs entwined with his, the contact with his flesh as she pressed her body more intimately against him causing a sudden increase in her heart rate which she could feel pounding inside her skull as her arousal levels increased sharply. She could feel the steady beat of blood pumping inside his hard on as her upper thigh pressed down on top of it. She sighed involuntarily with anticipation as she realised how long his rod was.

Her breathing deepened as she stopped kissing Theodore for a moment and let him kiss her neck, his hand easing the strap of her nightdress over her shoulder.

‘Hang on I might as well take this off. You getting those boxers off?’ she said smiling as she moved to one side of him, tucking her legs underneath her body as she lifted the nightdress over her head and tossed it carelessly to one side of the bed.

‘Yeah sure’

He pulled his legs up so that he could pull his boxers over his feet. Then he lay back down.

‘Have you got a condom anywhere?’, Jenna asked

‘Yeah. Give us a sec. I’ll just put one on.’

He rolled his body to face the other side of the bed, where the bedside dresser was. Then Jenna heard a drawer open and the sound of foil being torn before he rolled over again, sitting up slightly as he unrolled the condom over his erect penis.

‘Do you want to go on top?’, he asked as she moved closer to him.

‘Yeah OK.’

When she was close enough she wrapped her fingers round his Antalya Escort Bayan shaft and then started to straddle him It was only when she was actually holding it that she realised what was about to go inside her It was somewhere between nine and ten inches long, the steady flow of blood causing its firmness to pulse against the palm of her hand. The girth of his penis was equally impressive, her index and forefinger barely touching as they wrapped round it.

Jenna held her body up for a second or two before slowly easing herself down as she held him.

‘Aaaaah….mmmmm….’, she closed her eyes, a pleased smile crossing her face.

‘Uh…that’s nice….you OK babe?…uh….uh’

Jenna had already started a steady bouncing motion. She was breathing and gasping deeply as the hardness of his cock stimulated every sensory nerve ending on the walls of her insides as it pressed solidly against her flesh.

‘Aah…aah….yeah…yeah I’m good…Christ your cock’s nice’, she gasped

She could feel his balls slapping against her flesh as she continued to bob up and down. She paused for a moment and leaning forward, started to gyrate her hips, grinding against him.

‘Christ…Jenna…let me suck your tits…’

She leaned slightly further forward and supported herself on her forearms. Leaning over him, she saw him lifting his head and then felt his tongue dance across her nipples before sucking each of her breasts in turn, moaning softly with enjoyment as he did so. At the same time, he placed his hands on her buttocks and thrust his hips upward underneath her, driving his swollen prick deep inside her.

‘Urgh….fuck Theo….fuck me….’

Her eyes were screwed shut, her jaw clenched tightly as she lifted her upper body back into an upright position and pushed herself up and down with renewed enthusiasm. The bedsprings groaned each time she moved downwards on his lower body.

‘Ah…ah…ah…ah…oh God….God fuck…fuck…fuck…uhuh….uhuh….argh….’

She let her upper body fall forward again, her long dark hair covering both their faces as she held herself close against Theo.

‘I…I have to stop for a sec……Jesus….I’ve never had a cock so big. I’m gonna cum any second’

She was breathing heavily.

‘Here. Move off me and I’ll get behind’

With her breathing still laboured, Jenna moved slowly from Theodore’s body and kneeled on the mattress as he sat up and moved behind her. She could feel his fingers holding her hips firmly and even though she was expecting it, a shrill squeal of pleasure escaped her lips when she felt her soaking Escort Antalya wet cunt being entered by ten inches of rock hard, pulsing cock. Theodore was already hammering into her bare arse with such enthusiasm and vigour that her head was roughly jostled backwards and forwards, her long hair tossed over her face and waving back and forth repeatedly with each energetic slap of Theodores balls against her buttocks.

Jenna sensed a mounting wave of numb pleasure rippling from inside her, through her vulva and spreading quickly to her hips. She started to gasp and squeal in a sharp, staccato manner which grew louder until it seemed to fill the room. Her jaw hung open loosely, her eyes rolled back in her head, only the whites visible as her body felt overwhelmed by repeated surges of energy which caused her hips to spasm involuntarily. Each rush of pleasure shot through her hips, pulsing through her upper body and erupting from her throat as a high pitched cry. Fifteen seconds or so later, the orgasmic plateau passed and the slapping which could previously be heard was now replaced with a damp squelching sound due to the flood of wetness which had soaked Jenna’s cunt as well as the inside of her thighs.

Theodore continued to pound away furiously from behind and although Jenna had already orgasmed, within a minute of cumming, she let out a piercing scream as a climax far more intense than the first one which she had felt rippled through her body. Her eyes were still rolled back in her head with Theodore pummelling her backside hurriedly as her climax reached an orgasmic peak which swelled inside her vulva before bursting forth and flooding every inch of her body, causing her to clench her teeth tightly and groan deeply for several seconds. As the orgasm passed, there was a loud sigh from Jenna, signalling the physical release which she had just experienced.

Theodore pulled out from her and as she slumped lazily onto her back, he was gasping sharply as he started to straddle her upper body in a hasty manner while holding his cock

‘Open your mouth….uh…uh…uh’

Jenna opened her lips as wide as she could while Theodore placed his bell end just inside them. Seconds later, he let out a moan which seemed to Jenna to last at least half a minute. She felt the bitterness of his spunk squirting onto her tongue and played with its warm, salty stickiness in her mouth before swallowing hard.

Spent, his body slumped against hers. Jenna could feel the dampness of her own cum on the bed sheets.

‘You OK babe’, asked Theodore.

Coloured blotches danced in front of Jennas eyes. Her legs felt unsteady as she moved them. She needed a few minutes just to recover from having ten inches of meat hammering inside her for the last half hour.

‘I’m fine….just fine…you’re something else’, she said as she turned and looked at him with a smile, his salty taste still present in her mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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