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It was a week until my 40th birthday, and I reminded my wife Janet of that fact. Janet laughed and said, “I see you’re trying to hint that I only have a week to purchase your gift.”

I gave her a grin and said, “Yup, it’s the big 4-0 and I hope you got me something special.”

Janet looked at me with her big brown eyes and told me “I already know what I’m getting you, so you can stop hinting.”

Janet and I have been married for 12 years. She is 38 years old and has a fantastic body, which she keeps very fit. She is 5’6″ 135 lbs. and has 38DD breasts which she loves to show off by wearing low cut shirts and blouses. Janet has shoulder length brown hair, and being Puerto Rican, has a nice light brown coloring of her skin. I am 5’10” tall, average build 190 lbs. and brown hair.

The next few days went by slowly and I couldn’t figure out what Janet had bought me for my birthday. I’m like a kid when it comes to my birthday and I even checked her usual hiding places for my gift with no luck.

The morning of my bithday finally arrived, and I noticed that Janet wasn’t next to me in bed. I walked downstairs to the kitchen and I found that Janet got up early and made me a fantastic breakfast of scrambled eggs and bacon, toasted bagels, fruit and coffee. She told me to sit down and she served me breakfast. Before I dug into my morning feast,Janet pressed her warm lips to mine and gave me a loving kiss. Janet said, “Happy birthday Honey!, enjoy your breakfast.”

As I ate, I asked Janet about my present. She said, “Not so fast, you can have your gift after dinner. We’re going to Luigi’s. I made reservations for 7 o’clock.”

I was a little disappointed that I had to wait, but I quickly overcame that feeling as I enjoyed my wife’s fantastic breakfast.

I hung out in our pool for most of the day, just relaxing and getting some sun. I skipped lunch since Luigi’s is my favorite restaurant and I wanted to enjoy my dinner.

It was almost time to leave for dinner, and I finished getting dressed after a nice hot shower. Janet was already dressed and she looked stunning in her red dress that clinged to her curves. The plunging neckline showed off more of her cleavage than usual, and her well toned legs proudly wore a pair of 5 inch heels.

Janet walked over to me and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. She kissed me with her ruby red lips, and parted them allowing our tongues to do their dance in each others mouths. My cock began to grow in my slacks, and Janet noticed my uncomfortable bulge. She said, “I will take care of that later.” and patted my cock through my pants.

At the restaurant I thoroughly enjoyed my veal parmagiana, and Luigi came out of the kitchen to wish me a happy birthday, bringing me a cannoli with a lit candle on it. I shared my dessert with Janet and I was growing impatient as I wondered about my present. I could not for the life of me imagine what she had gotten me.

The ride home was was full of anticipation. When I finally turned into the driveway of our house, my mind was going a mile a minute. After walking through the front door, Janet kissed me again and instructed me to go to our bedroom. I almost tripped as I ran up the stairs since I was so excited. Janet took a long time to come upstairs, probably 20 minutes. When she finally walked into our room, she wasn’t alone!

Janet’s best friend Yvonne was with her. Yvonne is also 38 and Puerto Rican, a little taller than Janet at 5’8″ with the same sexy skin tone. Her brown hair is highlighted with light streaks of blonde and her breasts are somewhat smaller than Janet’s, probably a 38C. I have always found Yvonne attractive and Janet knows this.

Both women walked towards me, and in unison said “Happy Birthday!”

I was stunned and confused and the look on my face must have shown this. Janet said, “We are your birthday gift. I planned this weeks ago, and Yvonne was all to eager to participate. I know you find her attractive and we have talked about your fantasy of a threesome with another woman, so I decided that it was time to make it a reality.”

It took me a few seconds to comprehend what Janet had just said, but Beylikdüzü escort when it finally sank in, I was thrilled. I have always wanted to fuck Yvonne, and now I was going to get my wish. I noticed that Yvonne has a small black bag in her hands, and when I asked what was in it, Janet said that they both had a fantasy too and not to worry.

Yvonne and Janet began to kiss each other and I saw their tongues mingle together. Janet’s hands were all over Yvonne’s ass and thighs, and Yvonne was squeezing Janet’s huge tits through her red dress. Yvonne made the first move and began undressing Janet. When she was done, Janet stood there only in her black thong and red heels.

Janet now proceeded to remove Yvonne’s purple blouse, black heels and tight jeans. She then unhooked Yvonne’s bra and released her beautiful tits, immediately taking the dark right nipple into her mouth. Yvonne held Janet’s head to her tit, while Janet eagerly sucked and lapped at the tightening nipple. Yvonne had on a black lacy pair of boy shorts and Janet slid those off too.

Yvonne was more beautiful than I had imagined. Her tits wer capped with large, dark nipples, and she has a butt that is very Latina, in that it’s very round but not overly large. Yvonne’s pussy was a little darker than the rest of her skin, and she was totally shaven.

The girls resumed their passionate kiss and my cock began to grow and ache. The girls saw me standing there in total awe and they both walked towards me. I couldn’t keep my eyes off their hot bodies. Without a word, both women began to undress me. When they removed my underwear, my cock sprang out fully engorged with blood, and at it’s full thick 8 inches.

Janet kissed me first, our tongues meeting. Yvonne kissed me next and she squeezed my cock as our lips pressed together. Janet and Yvonne both knelt in fron of me, my twitching cock inches from their faces. Both ladies kissed and licked my cock all over, and Janet was the first to slide her warm lips over the head and slowly down the shaft. When she withdrew her wet mouth, Yvonne took over and took me into her warm, wet mouth.

I could not believe this was happening. I had my gorgeous wife and her equally beautiful best friend working magic on my cock with their lips and tongues. The women would each take turns pleasuring me. Each one felt different, and had their own technique.

This oral assault on my cock only lasted about 10 minutes when I started to feel my orgasm beginning to build. Janet was on my cock, sucking me deep when I exploded, sending shot after shot of my hot cum into her mouth. Yvonne massaged my balls as they emptied into my wife’s mouth.

Janet let go of my my cock and she kissed Yvonne, pushing some of my cream into her mouth! The women shared my cum and when they finished their kiss, each one swallowed what they had.

I was weak kneed at the fantastic blowjob I just received from these two women and also by what I had just witnessed, and I sat on the edge of the bed. Yvonne and Janet got up off of the floor and climbed onto the bed with me.

Janet said, “I hope you’re enjoying your birthday surprise. The night is just getting started and there is more to come.”

Yvonne then said, “When Janet came to me with her plan I said yes right away. I’ve wanted to fuck you ever since Janet told me how good you are in bed.”

The girls started to kiss again and Janet started to squeeze and pinch Yvonne’s hard nipples. Yvonne was slipping her right index finger past the wet fabric of Janet’s thong, and I knew it went into her wet cunt when she let out a soft moan.

I sat there and watched the girls kiss and touch each other. Janet removed her thong and told Yvonne to eat her pussy. Yvonne giggled and dove between Janet’s legs and lapped at the puffy lips of her glistening cunt. Each of the girls had never been with another woman before and I stared as I watched my wife getting pleasure from another woman’s tongue.

Janet opened her eyes and saw me watching. She smiled at me and said, “Honey I have told Yvonne how good a pussy eater you are. Why don’t you show her while she goes down on me.”

Yvonne’s Beylikdüzü escort firm round ass was in the air, and I slid my head under her and licked at her smooth pussy. I slipped my tongue between her dark lips and pushed it inside, tasting her sweet juices. I probed her cunt with my tongue and then found my way to her clit.

I flicked my tongue over Yvonne’s clit and she let out a moan which was muffled by Janet’s pussy. I licked and sucked on her hardening nub until Yvonne was grinding on my face. Her excitement caused her to double her efforts on Janet’s pussy and clit, and both women were breathing heavily.

I took Yvonne’s clit into my mouth and sucked hard. Her body tensed and began to shake. I continued to lick and suck on her through her orgasm. Yvonne’s cum dribbled out of her and into my mouth. Damn did she taste sweet! A minute later, Janet was having her orgasm, and Yvonne was lapping up her juices.

Yvonne rolled off of me, trying to catch her breath. I crawled up to Janet and she kissed and licked Yvonne’s juices from my drenched chin and lips. As we all rested, Yvonne spoke. “Janet, you were right, the boy can eat pussy. I’m still tingling inside.”

Janet replied, “When you recover, I want you to feel his hard cock inside of you.”

As Yvonne rested, Janet got between my legs and took my half hard cock between her lips. It didn’t take long for her to get me at full attention.

Janet had me stand at the foot of the bed and told Yvonne to slide down to the edge of the mattress. Janet took my throbbing cock into her soft hand and placed the head at Yvonne’s opening. She eased me inside and I pushed in the rest of the way until I was buried deep in Yvonne’s tight, hot cunt.

Janet said, “Now fuck her! Fuck my best friend!” I began to thrust slowly, pulling out until only the head of my prick remained inside Yvonne’s slippery cunt. I pushed back in all the way until my balls rested on her firm ass cheeks.

I fucked Yvonne this way for several minutes. Her hands gripped at the sheets and her eyes were shut tight. Janet was watching us fuck and then said, “Honey, flip her over and give it to her doggy style.” Janet loves this position, and she cums hard each time we do it.

I eased my swollen cock from Yvonne’s pussy and she got on her hands and knees. I pushed my cock back into her slick pussy and started to pound into her with more force.

Yvonne was breathing heavily and moaning loudly as we screwed. Janet got on the floor between my legs and on an outstroke, took my cock from Yvonne’s pussy and put it into her own mouth. She sucked on me for a few seconds and then put me back into her friend’s slick cunt.

This continued for a few more minutes and then Yvonne screamed that she was going to cum. I fucked her hard, and then Yvonne let loose with her second orgasm, convulsing and whimpering into the pillow.

My cock and balls were drenched with her cum and Janet cleaned me off with her tongue and mouth. Then she cleaned Yvonne, who was still making quiet whimpering noises. Janet looked into Yvonnes eyes and said, “I told you he was good.”

I didn’t cum while I was fucking Yvonne, and Janet knew this. She climbed on top of me and aimed her snatch at the head of my cock and slid slowly down the shaft. Janet rode me slowly and grinded her clit into the base of my rigid cock. Her ass slapping against my thighs and the tightness of her wet pussy soon brought me over the edge, and I filled her pussy with a steaming load of my seed.

Janet loves feeling the jets of my hot cum hitting the walls of her pussy, and she orgasmed, squeezing the last of my cream from within my cock.

Janet climbed off my softening cock and put her cum filled pussy to my lips. She said, “Clean up the mess you made.” My tongue reached into her sodden cunt and my cum oozed out of her. I lapped the salty cum, pussy juice mixture and swallowed.

While Janet was straddling my head and I was cleaning her, she said something to Yvonne in Spanish which I didn’t understand. Yvonne got off the bed and I couldn’t see what she was doing since my vision was blocked. I heard a zipper open and Escort Beylikdüzü then it was quiet.

As I continued on Janet’s pussy, I felt Yvonne’s warm mouth around my cock. I also felt her well lubed finger wriggle into my tight anus. Yvonne stopped sucking me and had her finger buried in my ass. Yvonne’s finger felt really good, and I was enjoying the sensations. Yvonne removed her finger and then replaced it with two digits. She fingered my ass for a few minutes and got it very slippery.

I wasn’t prepared for what was going to happen next. Yvonne slipped her greasy fingers from my sphincter, and replaced it with a smooth dildo! Janet looked down at me and smiled. She told me to relax and enjoy this part of my birthday.

I have never had my ass penetrated with anything but my wife’s finger before. The dildo hurt a little as it stretched my tight ass ring. Janet got off of my face and said, “Turn over. I want you on your hands and knees.” I did as I was instructed and Yvonne replaced the dildo.

Yvonne was screwing my ass slowly, slipping the 6 inch dildo in as far as it would go. The slight discomfort I felt was now gone, and I was enjoying the new experience. Janet said something else to Yvonne in Spanish and left the room with the small black bag.

I was getting hard again, and Yvonne stroked my cock and licked at my balls. I heard Janet return to the bedroom and she said, “Now it’s my turn to fulfill my fantasy on your birthday!” I looked back and there was Janet. She had a harness around her waist, and attached to it was a thick, lifelike 8 inch dildo!

Yvonne removed the slim dildo from my ass and I asked Janet what she was planning on doing with that strap on. Janet lubed the head and veined shaft of the fake cock and said, “I’m going to fuck you with it. I’ve always had this fantasy, and I foung a dildo that most closely resembles your dick. I want you to experience what I feel when you fuck me.”

My heart skipped a beat and I swallowed hard. Janet slowly moved towards me and I felt the cold lube and the large head of the dildo press against my ass.

Janet eased the head of her “cock” into my well lubed ass and it slipped inside. The dildo was much larger than the one used before, and the pain returned. I said, “I don’t think I can do this, it hurts.”

Janet replied, “Take a deep breath and relax.” She giggled and then slapped my ass. Janet slid into my rectum slowly and a couple of minutes later, the balls of the fake cock were resting against my own balls.

She stood still and the discomfort soon passed. I have never had the experience of feeling so filled. Janet began to fuck my ass with the dildo. My cock was rock hard and Yvonne was watching my anal virginity being taken and rubbed her pussy to the sight.

Yvonne layed down in front of me and I dropped my head to her pussy. My wife was fucking my ass, and I was eating out her hot best friend. Yvonne was getting close to another orgasm but told me to stop licking her. Yvonne got up and said to Janet, “I want to fuck him now.” Janet pulled out of my ass and I suddenly felt very empty. Yvonne put on the harness and shoved the fake cock straight into my gaping ass, causing a moan to escape from my lips.

Janet had a satisfying look of smugness on her face as she kissed me. “I like how you’re becoming my ass slut.” Janet slid her gorgeous body underneath mine and my throbbing cock entered her steaming pussy. Yvonne was fucking me very hard and her thrusts pushed me into my wifes pussy.

I must admit that I was really enjoying being fucked as I was buried in Janet’s pussy. Yvonne started to moan and said the base of the dildo was rubbing against her clit as she thrust in and out of me, and that she was going to cum. Janet was moaning loudly as well, and wrapped her red heels around my lower back. Yvonne came first, and jammed the strap on deep into my ass. This caused me to unload another copious amount of cream into Janet’s spasming pussy. Janet’s red nails dug into my back and her heels pulled me into her pussy deeper as she loudly came.

Yvonne removed the strap on harness and we all collapsed on the bed. Janet’s pussy was dribbling our combined cum down the crack of her ass and onto the sheets. Yvonne had cum oozing down her leg, and my ass was quivering after being well fucked. As we all drifted off to sleep, I thought what a wonderful wife I have and how special she made my 40th birthday.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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