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Gregory Patrick


Jaiden � Chapter 147

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Greg Patrick


“Mom, Dad, thanks for coming. You being here is going to help me get through tomorrow.” “Son, just relax and go with the flow.”


“There is no way we wouldn”t be here to support you. We may have to wait until Seth gets out of the airport restroom, but we”ll be here. Dad Riley didn”t tell Leon that Seth accompanied Jenny to the restroom area to ensure nobody bothered her; she is, after all, gorgeous!


As they were standing at the turnstiles waiting on the luggage to come down, Leon heard a loud voice from across the airport: “Hey Leon, you still have the cutest bubble butt around!” Leon turned to see Jenny, and that”s when he let his tears flow. Jenny and Leon hugged for the longest. Then Jenny took Leon”s face into her hands, pulled him forward, gave him the obligatory family kiss on the forehead, and said she loved him to Mars and back.


“Seth, what happened? You look a foot taller!” I had an accident on a farm while helping Dad examine a cow.” “What happened?” “I stepped in a cow patty and immediately grew six inches. You wouldn”t believe how expensive it is to buy new clothes when that happens.”


Mom said, “Leon, he had a famous teenage growth spurt. It was fast, and he had some joint pain with it, but your Dad took him to the doctor to get some NSAID medication for the pain and make sure Seth”s joints were forming correctly. Unfortunately, the doctor said there should be three or four more growth spurts before they stop. Seth is six feet tall already, and the doctor said he could easily reach six feet five inches. If that happens, forget vet school, we”re going to get him into pro basketball!”


The group went to dinner at a beautiful little restaurant called The Square Root. Leon picked up dinner for Peter and him one afternoon after school and thought the restaurant was a lovely find in Brevard. When everyone got inside the restaurant, they all commented on its being beautifully decorated. They agreed that the food was delectable when they tasted the appetizers and food. Then there was the service; it was impeccable.


After dinner, everyone returned to Leon”s and Peter”s home. Jenny prepared a pot of coffee the way Dale had taught her, and Peter pulled out two boxes of donuts with at least four chocolate frosted donuts dipped in crushed peanuts for Seth.


They all sat in the basement den and watched the lighted front lawn and admired the many deer that had wandered in to eat the food Peter had put out for them. Then, a baby raccoon came up to the sliding glass doors and made it known that he, too, was hungry. So, Peter got up and put some food in a bowl for him and sat it outside by the doors; the raccoon drank water from the heated tub put out for the deer.


Seth went upstairs for a few minutes and then returned downstairs with his Macbook. He sat on the couch between Leon and Peter and began showing them the pictures he took of the elk during his last visit. Seth”s enthusiasm over the trip to Cataloochee was more than anyone had realized; that truly touched Leon”s heart and put a smile on Peter”s face.


About 11 p.m., everyone retired for the night, anticipating a long day on Saturday. The following morning, they arose, dressed, and went to breakfast at Wellstone, Dad Riley”s all-time favorite breakfast spot in that area. Then, after an hour and a half, they piled into a large luxury van Dad Riley had rented and drove to the courthouse in Hamblen County, Tennessee.


When they arrived at the courthouse in Hamblen County, they were surprised to see Harry Anderson and the Judge waiting for them. Harry and his Dad escorted them to the courtroom where the sentencing would take place and sat them in the jury box as Judge Pesco had instructed Harry to do. The seating arrangement was highly unusual. Nobody but lawyers and probation officers are generally allowed to sit in the jury box on docket call days and at sentencings.


Harry explained to everyone that the Judge wanted them to be able to stare Sean Pettigrew in the face, to watch his eyes to judge his emotions � or lack thereof � as he was being questioned by the Court (the Court being the Judge).


Twenty minutes or so later, Judge Pesco walked into the courtroom and said, “Keep your seats, everyone; this hearing is going to be less formal than in a typical day at docket call. Mr. Deputy, I want the exterior doors to the courthouse to be locked, and I want two deputies at every door in this courtroom. When the Judge”s order had been accomplished, he ordered Sean Pettigrew to be brought into the courtroom.


Once Pettigrew was brought into the courtroom, the formalities began. “Ladies and Gentlemen, I am Judge Jamie Pesco, Superior Court Judge for the Hamilton Judicial Circuit in Tennessee. This hearing is being conducted to sentence Mr. Sean Pettigrew for the intentional murder of his son”s mother and his wife, Shelia Pettigrew, and other charges in Mr. Pettigrew”s case.


“Mr. Billy Sanders will be representing Mr. Pettigrew, and Mr. Jason Jackson will be representing the State of Tennessee. Gentlemen, are you ready to proceed with sentencing?” “Mr. Sanders?” “We are, your Honor.” “Mr. Jackson?” “The State is ready to proceed, your Honor.”


“Very well, gentlemen. Before the Court pronounces sentence, many people in the courtroom would like to address the Court and Mr. Pettigrew about his actions against his deceased wife, Shelia Pettigrew, and about his abuse of his former son, Leon Pettigrew, now blessedly known as Leon Riley.”


“Mr. Leon Riley, I understand you would like to address Mr. Pettigrew.” “That is correct, your Honor.” “Very well, young man, please step to the microphone and identify yourself so the Court Reporter can record your name.”


“My name is Leon Riley, formerly Leon Pettigrew. Your Honor, I would like to address my comments directly to Mr. Pettigrew mezitli escort with the Court”s permission. I will ask the Court”s forgiveness if I say something the Court considers outside the bounds of Court etiquette.” “Mr. Riley, this sentencing is being conducted in a less formal style. From what I understand, you have been through pure hell all your life, so it is your turn to address that treatment any way you see fit with whatever words you choose to use with this Court”s permission. I caution everyone present not to say a word to you about what or how you say what”s on your heart and in your mind.”


With that, Leon turned, faced his bio-dad, and began saying, “Mr. Pettigrew, I call you by that name because you don”t deserve to be called Dad. Since I can remember, you have resented me, beaten me, cussed at me, and maligned me in every way possible. You consistently told me that I was dumb and not capable of accomplishing anything, that I would never be successful in life no matter how hard I tried. You called me a faggot so much in life that I never had a clue about my sexuality, and I was too scared to try and find out.”


“You told me that my mother didn”t love me, and that is why she left without saying anything, and that was why I would never hear from her again.”


“The truth of that situation was that my mother went to try and find a more suitable environment for me, an environment that would be far away from you, but she didn”t get to do that because of you and your hatred.”


“Because of the bully you were and are, I lived in a tent city in the woods of Memphis. I suffered through tornados, thunderstorms, and freezing winters and snow. That”s a hard life for a 14-year-old, but you didn”t and never have cared as long as you didn”t have to be responsible for me.”


“I can”t count the number of times you beat me until I bled or the number of times you broke my arms and made me lie to doctors at the hospital. Maybe you can recall the number of times the police came to the house because you assaulted me because I can”t. When I was a small child, you beat me so badly that you knocked out most of my front teeth.”


“I have been an outraged person because of you, and, like you, I struck out at the people I was supposed to accept and love no matter what; but I couldn”t because you made me into a monster. I had a beautiful, sweet girlfriend, but I ruined that relationship because I was too much like you; I was a monster.”


“Thankfully, the last argument I had with her occurred in a Memphis park and was overheard by four young men. I heard one of the guys ask the other what was wrong with me. I didn”t like the answer I heard and decided I would beat the hell out of him, and I tried; however, that young man”s spouse kicked my butt all over that park. I was still lying on the ground moaning when the police arrived.”


“I was arrested, jailed, and had to appear in court for that offense. While I was there, I was embarrassed beyond belief by the Judge hearing the case. What I didn”t know was that the court appearance set into motion the most beautiful sequence of events I have ever experienced in life.”


“Dr. Peyton Riley-Reynolds, would you please stand? Mr. Pettigrew, this young man kicked my butt all over that Memphis Park in front of his husband, their two brothers, and their ten children. Would you like to know what is so unique about Dr. Peyton Riley-Reynolds? You probably don”t and don”t care, so I am going to tell you anyway.”


Dr. Riley-Reynolds and his husband appeared in court with me and asked for the Court”s permission to work with me and my counselor to help me get well mentally. When they found out I was living in the tent city, they contacted the court along with my counselor and made arrangements for me to move into their home.”


“I lived in their home until about a month ago when I moved to North Carolina to attend a university there. That”s right, Mr. Pettigrew, attend a university � something you”ve always told me I was too dumb to do. How wrong you were and how stupid I was to listen to a bastard like you.”


And that is not all. After living with the Riley-Reynolds and Leonard-Anderson families in their large home for three months, I had to reappear in court for a treatment update the court requested. When I appeared in court with my counselor and with Drs. Riley-Reynolds, and with Messers Leonard-Anderson, Dr. Peyton”s parents were in court.”


“My counselor outlined the progress I had made up to that date, and the court began to tell me how proud the court was of me. Of course, you never did that, but the court did – and it made a profound difference in my life. More than that, the thing that caused me to collapse that day was when Dr. Peyton”s parents appeared in court and requested to make a statement through their attorney.”


“I freaked when their attorney presented the Court with a petition for the Riley family to adopt me. The Judge questioned them and all their children about that request, and each person said that was their desire. Yes, I cried, and I am not ashamed of that. They have shown me more love in the past year than you did in a lifetime. Fortunately for me, that is the fact you get to live with for the rest of your life starting right now.”


“I”d like to introduce you to my new Dad, who is more man than you can hope to be or ever will be. Dad, would you please come and stand with me?”


“Mr. Pettigrew, this is my new Dad, Dr. James Riley. Have you noticed that my new Dad is a doctor, that his son Peyton is a doctor, that his son-in-law Jaiden is a doctor, that his son Richard is a doctor? In addition, my new sister, Jenny, is a homemaker, an exceptional mom of three boys, and the wife of an extraordinary Rabbi. That”s right, they”re Jewish; I hope that makes you feel incredibly good considering your views toward Jews!”


“Mr. Pettigrew, I”ve said a lot to you, but not nearly what I wanted to say. If I told you what I wanted to say, that would put me in your weak position in life, and I will not lower my standards to do that. I will say that many people believe that living a good life will give you a heavenly reward. By the same token, they also think if you live a life abusing others, living in a manner outside the norms and mores of society, there is a place called Gehenna, Hell, where you will be punished. Nobody knows for sure if Hell exists, or Heaven for that matter, but if there is a Hell, I”m sure you will reside there for all eternity when your life ends. I would invite you to go there, but doing so would place me in your position in life and that simply isn”t going to happen.”


“Before I make my last statement to you, I would like to introduce you to my amazing husband, Dr. Peter Andrews, MD.” “Peter, this is the man about whom you have heard so much evil, the man who did his best to ruin my life or kill me; now you know what a true piece of human crap looks like.”


“Your Honor, may I please make one remark to Mr. Pettigrew?” “You may, Dr. Andrews.”


“Mr. Pettigrew, I”m profoundly sorry you are going to serve the rest of your life in prison without parole. There is nothing I would love to see more than you sizzling pozcu escort in an electric chair like a piece of bacon in a frying pan for what you have done to Leon over his brief life. But, fortunately, a pile of bull shit is worth far more than your sorry self.”


“Mr. Pettigrew, I have one last thing to say to you: I forgive you for everything you have ever done or said to me. You no longer have any control over any part of my life. Please think about that every day for the rest of your life while in prison.”


“Your Honor, thank you for allowing me to clear my mind so I can live the rest of my life in safety and happiness with my wonderful new family.”


“Dr. James Riley, the Court understands you would like to make a statement to Mr. Sean Pettigrew.” “Yes, Sir, your Honor, I would.” “Dr. Riley, please come forward and speak your peace to Mr. Pettigrew.”


“Sean Pettigrew, I have wondered for a long time what you looked like. Seeing you confirms my expectations that you would be nothing more than a pussy living in the skin of a man. But, unfortunately, the law won”t let me get my hands on you; if the law allowed that, I would teach you what a real man is.”


“Since I can”t break every bone in your body, I will simply say this to you: thank you for being the stupidest son-of-a-bitch on Hashem”s green earth. Because of your ignorant, skanky self, you lost one of the most amazing sons you could ever have.”


“Thanks to your extreme ignorance, I gained one of the most loving, intelligent sons I could ever wish for, and one of the most brilliant sons-in-law possible. So, thank you for being so stupid, ignorant, so base in mind. Through your blissful ignorance, I have become one of the most fortunate men on Hashem”s green earth!”


“You have done for me the greatest favor you could ever do, but there is one more favor I would like to ask of you: If you are ever given a chance at parole, please turn it down. The day you step out of prison, I will be standing there waiting for you. If I find out you got out of prison before I am advised of that release, I will find you and make your life a living HELL! That is not a threat, little boy; that is a promise!”


“Dr. Peyton Riley-Reynolds, do you still wish to make a statement before the court?” “I do, your honor.” “Please come forward to make your statement to Mr. Pettigrew.


“Mr. Pettigrew, since I have seen you face to face, it has confirmed my thoughts of you are accurate: you are indeed a tiny pip-squeak who appears to be dressed in a pink-laced dress like the five-year-old little girl you are. Furthermore, you have called Leon a queer, a faggot, a weakling, and a mistake in life. The only reason I can think of that you would try and project those monikers onto Leon is that they genuinely identify you, and you can”t stand that fact. You are such a pussy!”


“You little bastard, if I could get out of these restraints, I would kick your ass.” “Little boy, there is nothing I would like more than you being able to try and do that.”


The Court spoke up and said, “You know, Mr. Pettigrew, this young man has been very disrespectful of you; there is nothing more I would like to see right now than for you to try and kick his butt. Would you like to give that a try?” “Yes, sir, Judge, I sure would.”


Mr. Deputy, take Mr. Pettigrew and Dr. Peyton Riley-Reynolds to the exercise yard and turn them loose for ten minutes.”


The prosecutor rose and shouted an objection which the Judge overruled. “Your Honor, I request a sidebar!” The defense attorney didn”t say a word because he wanted to see his client stomp Peyton into the ground; he didn”t like Peyton one iota.


The prosecutor approached the bench and, in a hushed tone, said, “Your Honor, Mr. Pettigrew is huge; he is going to massacre Dr. Riley-Reynolds.”


“Mr. Prosecutor, do you believe that.” “Yes, sir, I do.”


“Then let me tell you this: Dr. Riley-Reynolds is a world-renowned Karate and Ju-Jitsu champion, having won championships against people much bigger than he is in six European countries. I”m interested to see what happens with this match-up. The deputies will make sure Dr. Riley-Reynolds won”t get hurt; I”ve already seen to that.”


“Mr. Prosecutor, do you still object to Mr. Pettigrew seeing if he can win against Dr. Riley-Reynolds?” “No, sir, I don”t.” “Good. Mr. Deputy, take them to the exercise yard and turn them loose with each other for ten minutes.”


As soon as they got outside and into the exercise yard, Pettigrew removed his shirt, looked at Peyton, and said, I”m fixing to wipe the ground with your scrawny ass.”


His first mistake was to run at and try to attack Peyton. Instead, Peyton kicked him so hard that he bounced off the fence fabric and into a corner post, causing a split in the skin of Pettigrew”s head. Pettigrew went after Peyton again, swung at him, and Peyton dislocated the man”s shoulder. That time, Pettigrew didn”t get up; he sat on the ground moaning and asking for help.


The deputies helped Pettigrew up off the ground and escorted him and Peyton back into the courtroom.


The Judge said, “Mr. Pettigrew, you don”t look so good right now. Do you think you need to go to the infirmary and let them check you?” Before Pettigrew could say anything, the doors in the back of the courtroom opened, and a man stepped forward and said, “Your Honor, I am Dr. Richard Riley. I saw what happened in the exercise yard, and I am willing to place Mr. Pettigrew”s shoulder back in place at no charge to the county.”


“Dr. Riley, you may do so if, after you examine Mr. Pettigrew”s shoulder, you think putting it safely back into place can be accomplished.”


Richard walked to the defense table, checked Pettigrew”s arm, and then got set to put his shoulder back in place. Dr. Dad looked at Mom Riley and said, “Get ready, love; Pettegrew is about to scream like a little girl. No sooner had he said that than Pettigrew screamed so loudly like a little girl that you could hear him 10 city blocks away.


It took everything everybody in the courtroom had not to bust out laughing, especially the Judge.


The Judge looked at Sean Pettigrew and asked, “Mr. Pettigrew, the Court is willing to allow you a rematch if you so desire.” Pettigrew looked at the Judge and replied, “No sir, Dr. Riley-Reynolds proved his point. I”ve had enough. Perhaps it”s time I examine and work on my red-neck attitude. Nobody has ever whooped me the way he did.”


“Wise choice, Mr. Pettigrew. Ms. Riley, would you like to make a statement to Mr. Pettigrew and the Court?” “No, your Honor, there isn”t; however, I think my daughter would like to say something.”


“Would Mrs. Riley”s daughter please come forward and identify yourself.”


“Your Honor, my name is Jennifer Rothstein, and I live in Oregon.” “Very well, Mrs. Rothstein, you may now make your statement.”


Jenny walked over to the defense table, bent over slightly, looked Sean Pettigrew in the eyes, and said, “You are one pathetic asshole. Watching my little brother kick your ass was the most fun escort bayan I have had in a long time; however, if you think he was rough on you, say or do one more thing to Leon, and I will become your worst nightmare. I love Leon more than anything in this world, and I am more than proud that he is now one of my little brothers. So, if you know what is good for you, you better not ever contact him or try to lay another hand on him. Peyton may be good at protecting our family, but I promise you this, I am much better when you make me angry!


“There is a young man in the courtroom who hasn”t made a sound since he has been here. Young man, is there anything you would like to say to the court or to Mr. Pettigrew?” “Your Honor, I”m not sure, but I would like to look Mr. Pettigrew in the eyes.” “Young man, please come forward, identify yourself, and take that look you want to take.”


“Your Honor, I am Seth Riley, Dr. and Mrs. Riley”s youngest son.” Seth walked in front of Sean Pettigrew, that identification made, and stared him down. Then, after a few minutes, he went and stood before the Judge and said, “Your Honor, there is something I would like to say to Mr. Pettigrew, but I don”t think my Dad would be pleased with me saying it. I”m sure that if I say what I want to say, my mom will get so angry she will tear my butt up the old southern way, and I love her too much to make her want to do that, so I will keep my mouth shut. But, I”m sure Mr. Pettigrew knows what I want to say.” As Seth walked off, the Judge watched him look at Sean Pettigrew and heard him say under his breath, “you sorry piece of shit!”


The Judge couldn”t help himself as he threw his head backward and died laughing. “Ladies and gentlemen, we”ll take a twenty-minute break so everyone can stretch their legs and use the restroom. Then we”ll reconvene Court and pronounce sentence.” With that, the judge rose, turned, and walked through a door behind the bench into his chambers.


Twenty minutes later, the Judge returned to the bench, and everyone took their seats.


“Mr. Pettigrew, please stand with your attorney:

On count one, Murder in the First Degree, you are sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole, consecutive to any other count or sentence.


On count two: Aggravated assault, you are sentenced to a term of 30 years in prison without the possibility of parole, consecutive to any other count or sentence.


On count three: Simple Assault, you are sentenced to a term of five years in prison without the possibility of parole, consecutive to any other count or sentence.


On count four: Kidnapping, you are sentenced to a term of 30 years in prison without the possibility of parole, consecutive to any other count or sentence.


On count five: Aggravated Stalking, you are sentenced to 30 years in prison without the possibility of parole, consecutive to any other count or sentence.


On count six: Rape, you are sentenced to a term of 50 years in prison without the possibility of parole, consecutive to any other count or sentence.


Mr. Pettigrew, based on your testimony and the testimony of others during your guilty plea, the court is adding the following offenses and sentencing you accordingly:


Count 7: Abuse of a Child, you are sentenced to a term of 30 years in prison without the possibility of parole, consecutive to any other count or sentence.


Count 8: Simple Assault of a Minor Child, you are sentenced to 12 months in prison without the possibility of parole, consecutive to any other count or sentence.


Count 8: Failure to Protect a Minor Child, you are sentenced to a term of 20 years in prison without the possibility of parole, consecutive to any other count or sentence.


Mr. Pettigrew, your life sentence is just that: a life sentence. You will die in prison. In addition to the life sentence, you must serve a total of 207 years, each count consecutive to all other counts and sentences, before you may leave prison. That is the sentence of the Court.”


“Mr. Deputy, will you please show the Riley family to my conference room.”


“Good afternoon, folks. I wanted to explain why I didn”t lite into Mr. Pettigrew when I sentenced him. First, I think what you all said to him far exceeded what he would have thought had I chewed his butt in the courtroom. Second, I watched his face as you each spoke, especially if you didn”t specifically look him in the eye. Third, he took in everything you said, and I saw a lot of pain in his face, so I am sure he will think about what he did and what you each said every day he is in prison.”


“Leon, I am very proud of you for the way you handled yourself and how you spoke in the courtroom. That took a lot of guts, and the restraint you showed was beyond incredible.”


“Peyton, the official report of what happened in the exercise yard says he attacked you, that you went into the exercise yard through an open door, and that Mr. Pettigrew, while uncuffed and being put in a holding cell, was able to push by the lone deputy and run into the yard after you. The report says you defended yourself valiantly during the squirmish.”


“Additionally, I have a note from the public defender, Billy Sanders, who asked me to give it to you. You may read it now if you wish.”


“Dr. Riley-Reynolds, my second cousin, Dan Stanislauski, and his husband Jay asked me to say hello to you and to tell you he, Jay, and Jeremy can”t wait to see you and the family when y”all return to Erie in May.”


“I called Don to find out what I could about you, and he couldn”t say enough good about you, Jaiden, Charley, and Dale. He told me about the babies. From what he said, especially about Nathan Robert and Alaina Noelle, I can”t wait to visit Don and Jay in Erie and meet those children. Don told me to make sure the key-holder was inside the garage door and use it if I wanted to use my keys to return to his house after our visit.”


“Peyton, I can”t say anything about you defending yourself in the exercise yard when you ran out there after Mr. Pettigrew got loose and tried to assault you. So I won”t say `good job,” young man!”


“Peyton.” “Yes, sir, Judge.” “I won”t tell you that Jay Stanislauski is my second cousin, and if I did, you couldn”t say anything about that, understand?” “Say anything about what, Judge.” “Precisely, young man.”


Peyton”s generally reserved mom said, “Well, I”ll be damned!” after Peyton handed her the note from the public defender. “Peyton, are we kin to everybody you know?” “Mom, it seems everybody we know is kin to Jaiden or to us.” “Son, this is unreal, and I don”t know a thing about this note.”


Judge Pesco laughed and then said, “After court, all the attorneys go up to Aubry”s Restaurant in Morristown for lunch. The food is delicious, though it can get a bit expensive if you order from the high end of the menu. I”m going to meet my wife there if you folks would like to join us.”


Dad Riley said, it sounds good to me. So I”m going to get the most expensive thing on the menu and let my sons pay for it!” “Jim, didn”t you say we were going to take a slow trip back to Orange Beach?” “I thought about it, sweetheart; why?” “If the boys pay for lunch, it”s going to be a LONG trip home.” “I was just joking; I”ll pay for everybody”s meal.” “That”s what I thought, Jim. Nice save! I could see you being exhausted with a sore butt when we get home.”

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