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Lisa is sitting at work just waiting for 5 o’clock to get here; tonight she finally gets to let Jack see how she really looks. Lisa had gone at her lunch hour and bought herself a webcam for her computer, just so he could see her when they talked.

The clock finally read 5, and Lisa cleared her desk off and walked out to her car. She drove home remembering that first night 2 months ago. She had just gotten her computer and a friend showed her how to create an account and get into the chat rooms. She was just looking to meet people with interests that matched her own, not looking for anything outside of just that.

She spent the first few nights just watching how people interacted with each other and learning the lingo in the room. She finally started talking to the people and after awhile she felt like she actually belonged with them, not as an outsider but as a friend. After a few weeks of getting to know this one woman in the room she asked Lisa if she ever went to the other chat rooms, Lisa told her she did not know of the other chat rooms. The woman showed her how to follow her and took her on a tour of the different chat rooms, some of which scared Lisa a little.

Finally the woman stopped in a room and told Lisa she should like this one, it was called Just Looking. Lisa sat in the background once again just watching, seeing that this was a more adult oriented room. She finally started getting comfortable with the crowd of people and started talking. She marked the room as one of her selected rooms, so she could find it again.

After about 3 weeks in the room she got asked by one of the guys if he could ask her a question in private, she told him sure. She gets this message from the guy asking her if she had a picture, as her profile did not show one. Lisa told him she had one, but was afraid to put it up there. He introduced himself as Jack and told her that if she ever felt like sharing it he would love to help her put it up there. She thanked him and told him her name as well, feeling more and more comfortable with Jack.

Over the next few weeks she got to know more and more about Jack, they spent hours talking in the room or just the 2 of them outside the room. She finally got brave and sent him a picture of her that her girlfriend had taken with her digital camera. She waited for what seemed hours while he went to his email to look, finally the comment she got back stunned her. All he had to say was WOW; those 3 letters made her smile more than she had in the last year.

2 weeks ago she got a message in her email at work telling her she had a surprise waiting for her that night. She email back asking what it was but the reply had only 5 words in it, “You will find out tonight.” She finally got home and instantly logged into the room, but Jack was not around. She logged off and went to make dinner, knowing he would be there later and she would get to find out what her surprise was.

Lisa finally logged back on about 10 that night, knowing that Jack would be home and hopefully online. As soon as her list came up she got a message from Jack telling her he has been waiting for hours for her. Lisa smiled as she asked what her surprise was; the only response she got was an invitation to view a webcam with the message saying, “It’s me.” Lisa accepted the invitation and was shocked to see Jack looking back at her from her computer screen. She was totally speechless as she watched him smile and blow her a kiss. They spent the rest amatör porno of the night alone in there own private world. A few times he would get up to do something and she would get to see how nice a body he had.

Lisa was surprised that Jack never asked her once if she had a webcam, of even if she was going to get one. So she deiced she was going to surprise him like he surprised her, and tonight was the night she was going to do it.

Jack logged on knowing that tonight was the night he was going to ask Lisa to actually meet him for real. He knew what town she lived and worked in, and had convinced his boss to send him to a training class that was taking place in a nearby town. When he logged on he saw her online already, and before he could even start a message up he got an invitation to view her webcam with the message “Surprise my sweet”

Jack was totally taken aback with this; he had never thought she would actually get a webcam cause of how shy she really was. When he finally got the view going he was even more shocked, she was sitting there looking even more beautiful than the picture he had gotten all those months ago. She smiled and blew him a kiss as he was getting his webcam setup for her to see him as well. They spent that night actually talking for she asked him to call her, which he so readily did.

After about 45 minutes Jack finally told Lisa he had another surprise for her, told her that he was going to be in the area in 2 weeks. Told her that he was going to a training class on that Wednesday and Thursday, and told her he wanted to get to see her. At first Jack thought she was going to saw no cause what he saw was a blank look, and he heard nothing but silence on the phone. After about 2 minutes he saw her smile and she said, “I can’t wait to finally get to see you Jack.” This smile told him more than the words did, for it light up her face like the new morning sun.

They spent the next 2 hours talking about what they would do, finally agreeing upon meeting at a local restaurant after Lisa got off work. Jack had thought of asking her to meet him at his hotel, but thought that might make it sound like he only wanted to get her into bed.

The next 2 weeks went by too slow for Lisa, she would spend her nights online watching and talking to Jack and her days at work wondering what she should wear to meet him. Finally that Tuesday arrived and she stood in front of her closet wondering what she was going to wear that day, the office she worked in had a casual dress code. Her usual dress for work was slacks or a long skirt, but she wanted something special for Jack. She finally picked out a shorter skirt, one that went to just above the knee, with a matching silk top. She also pulled out a mini dress her friend bought her last year for her birthday and the only time she had worn it was when she tried it on that night. She knew it would still fit, and maybe even better as she had lost a little weight since then.

Lisa goes through the day thinking about dinner tonight, wondering if the spark she has felt these last 2 months will be there in person. At 4 o’clock her phone rings at her desk, it’s her girlfriend asking her if she is nervous. She tells Lisa that she will be at the restaurant as well, just to have some kind of backup. Lisa tells her she is grateful for that, but really does not think it is going to be needed but wants her there just in case.

Finally Lisa gets off work and heads towards the restaurant anal porno they agree to meet at, thinking the whole time about what she is going to say and do. The next thing she realizes is that she is pulling into the parking lot of the hotel that Jack is staying at, she does not know how she got here just that she is here now.

Lisa walks into the lobby and into the ladies room, where she changes into the mini-dress she packed with her. She goes into the elevator and heads up to his floor, the entire time praying he is still in the room. Looking at her watch she sees it is still an hour before they are to meet at the restaurant so he should still be here.

Jack was just finishing getting dressed, he had changed clothes like 4 times trying to make sure he looked perfect for Lisa. There is a knock on the door and Jack goes to answer it, he stands there totally in shock as he sees this vision of beauty standing outside his door.

Jack holds out his hand and leads Lisa inside; he cannot take his eyes off how beautiful she looks. He leads her into the sitting area of his room asking her if she wants something to drink. He calls down and orders a bottle of wine and an appetizer platter. They sit and talk while enjoying the food and wine; finally she looks over at him and asks, “Are you ever going to kiss me?”

Jack is shocked and Lisa can tell, the wine is making her brave as she gets up and moves over and kisses him. It does not take Jack long to regain his senses as he pulls her close and kisses her back. She melts into his arms, as the kiss turns more passionate. Finally he breaks the kiss and just looks into her eyes, smiling as he picks her up and carries her off to the bed. She does not resist as he softly lays her down, smiling as she watches him move in next to her.

Jack starts kissing her once again, his hands pulling the shoulder straps of her dress down. Quickly he undresses her reveling that she is only wearing panties underneath. He breaks the kiss as he pulls the panties off with the rest of the dress, now looking upon her totally naked body.

Lisa looks up at him and then starts to pull his shirt out from his pants and over his shoulders, reaching down afterwards and undoing the buckle of his belt. He smiles down at her as he slides off the bed and finishes getting undressed.

“Mmmmm, you look great.” Lisa says as she moves closer to him and starts to fondle his hardening cock.

Jack just stands there and watches as she stokes his cock until it gets hard. Watching as Lisa moves forward and starts to kiss then suck on it.

Finally Jack pulls her away, saying “I have wanted to make love to you since the first night we really talked.”

“Then take me.” is Lisa’s reply as she moves up on the bed and spreads her legs.

Jack moves over her, leaning down to kiss her as she guides his cock into her. Slowly rocking his hips against hers Jack breaks the kiss and holds himself over her. Looking down he watches her eyes as they make love.

Lisa can feel the pleasure building within her, looking up at Jack and seeing the passion reflected in his eyes. Knowing that she cannot hold out much longer, and not wanting to she lets herself go.

Jack can feel her orgasm building and can feel the muscles within her pussy pulling him deeper inside. He can feel his cock starting to throb, knowing his own orgasm is not far behind.

Lisa reaches back and grabs Jack’s ass, pulling him harder onto her as she digs anal breakers porno her nails into it. Jack arches his back as he thrusts hard and deep, suddenly losing all control his cock explodes deep inside her. Lisa can feel his cock exploding which sends her over the top, feeling her whole body tingling as her orgasm hits.

They both keep as still as they can, letting the waves of pleasure and passion crash over them. Feeling there mutual orgasm’s slowly subsiding.

Jack looks down at Lisa once again and kisses her, slowly rolling off to the side and hugging her close again. Lisa kisses him back as she snuggles in close.

“Jack, I have never done anything like this on a first date.” Lisa says as she nuzzles her head into his chest.

“But this is not our first date my sweet.” Jack tells her as he is softly stroking her hair.

Jack wakes up to find that Lisa is not in the bed, the last thing he remembers is drifting off to sleep with her in his arms. He looks over at the clock and sees it reads 5am he gets up to see if she is still in the room. The only thing he finds is a note, “Thank you for the wonderful night, sorry I could not be here when you awoke. Love you always, Lisa.”

Jack just sits on the bed reading the note over and over again, wondering why she had to leave when the phone rings. He jumps up to answer hoping it is Lisa, only to hear the recorded message reminding him of his wakeup call.

Jack gets up and starts getting ready for the day, taking the time to pack his things up and then shower and get ready for the class. After his shower he tries just once to call Lisa at home, but only gets her answering machine.

Jack goes through the day just half listening to what is being said, his mind on last night and the note he found this morning. After class he once again tries Lisa’s home, but still only gets her machine. He this time leaves a message telling her that he will be home late that night and hopes to see her online.

Jack gets to the airport in plenty of time to catch his flight home so he heads to the lounge to have a drink and think. After about 15 minutes he feels a tap upon his shoulder, looking back he sees Lisa standing there.

“I could not let you go without seeing you again, and telling you that I love you.” she says as he stands up.

“I love you too Lisa.” is his reply as he pulls her close and kisses her again.

Lisa breaks the kiss and whispers “I have been wanting you all day long and have been hoping you have felt the same.”

Jacks reply is only to take her by the hand and lead her off towards another part of the concourse. Jack finds an area that is out of the way and secluded and kisses her again. Lisa reaches down and unzips his pants and pulls his hardening cock out. Stroking it she breaks the kiss and says “I am not wearing anything under my skirt.”

Jack lifts her skirt to see she is not wearing anything then picks her up and sits her on the table. Lisa spreads her legs and wraps them around him, guiding his cock once more into her pussy.

“I have wanted this all day.” she moans as Jack thrusts his cock deep into her.

Jack just looks at her as she starts to move her body against his, “I have thought of nothing but you all day long.”

They spend what feels like hours making love, finally climaxing together once again. Jack just holds her and kisses her as their bodies slowly relax.

Lisa walks him to the gate and stays until the plane takes off, headed home she knows tonight is going to be another in a long line of special nights to come. Jack can think of nothing else on the flight home, except how he can convince his boss to transfer him so he can be closer to Lisa.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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