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In the previous parts, you read how we got infatuated with our mom and how we got into incest. Now you will read how we make dreams come true.

Probably one month had passed after our adventurous summer. I had a bad headache. I had spent the previous night having wild fantasies about my mom and couldn’t sleep. So I decided to bunk college. But I didn’t tell my mom as she would not allow this.

So Chetan, mom, and I got out of the house at the same time to go to our respective schools and colleges. I got on the college bus but got down two stops ahead. After making sure that there was no one at home, I came back home. As my head was still hurting, I tried to sleep for some time.

After an hour or so, I woke up to some noises in the hall. I was surprised that there was someone home. I went to the door to see who it is. Then I heard my mom’s voice, and I got scared that she might find out that I bunked classes. Then I heard another male voice which I have never heard before.

They were talking about school. I thought maybe he was my mom’s colleague and came home to discuss something. Then suddenly, I heard the male voice saying, “I have been waiting for this so long. I haven’t fucked you in 3 months, and it was really making me crazy.”

My head started spinning after listening to this. I was sure this was not my dad. Mom replied, “What can I do, Shastry. I have been so tied up with so many things. And you know kids were home due to summer break. So there was nothing we could do.”

Shastry replied, “But now as I have you here, I can’t wait any longer, I want to tear your kurta and start fucking you right here.”

Mom laughed and said, “I know Shastry. But now there is no one. And please don’t tear my kurta. Let me use the washroom, and then we can do whatever you want. In the meantime, you get rid of your clothes in the bedroom.” and then they moved to the bedroom and closed the door.

There were so many questions running in my mind. How could my mom do this? What will happen if dad knows? But then I realized this was the golden chance I got to fulfill my dreams of fucking my mom. Now I felt happy that this happened, and I was making a devious plan in my head.

I texted my brother to immediately come home and not ring the bell. I will open the door when he is here. My brother was here in 15 minutes. In the meantime, I had come up with my plan. I explained to him how mom was cheating on dad with some guy.

Listening to this, he was shocked. But I told him that we could use this to our advantage and probably tonight can be the best night of our life. He asked me how, and I quickly told him the plan. We started implementing it without delay.

We got out of the room and moved slowly towards mom’s room. We opened the door within a split second, and as expected, we caught them red-handed. Mom stood on the floor and bent, taking the support of the bed with her hands.

The guy had his cock inside mom’s pussy, and both his hands were squeezing mom’s boobs. They both saw us and immediately went to shock but soon came to their senses. Mom jumped on to the bed and covered herself with the bedsheet. And the guy was just standing there.

I canlı bahis shouted, “How could you do this, mom? To us? To dad? Why are you cheating on dad” and my brother picked up, “What will happen to dad if he knows about this?”

My mom had come to senses and said, “I am really sorry, kids. Please, please, don’t tell this to your dad. He will go crazy and will probably kill me. I beg you, kids, please listen to me once, I am very sorry.” She goes on saying that like 5 times with tears in her eyes now. She signals the guy to get out of the house, which he does in a flash.

She asked us to wait in the hall. As we went there, she immediately picked up a nightie and wore it and came behind us. Chetan and I sat on the sofa while she was kneeling in front of us. She took our hands into her hands.

She said, “Please understand, kids. I am very sorry I did it. I won’t do it again. Please don’t tell your dad. He will go mad. I didn’t want to do it. But that bloody Shastry had taken advantage of me and made me do this.” I replied, “But it looked like you were also enjoying it very much, mom.”

She felt a little guilty and lowered her head. After a few seconds, “I was enjoying it, beta. But that was only because of the circumstances. I have desires too. But as you know, your dad only spends 3-5 days a month with us. The rest of the time, I am left to myself. That bloody Shastry somehow knew this, and he convinced me to do it. But I promise I will never do it again. Please forgive me.”

I replied, “We know you have desires, mom, but fulfilling them this way is kind of hard to digest. Don’t worry, mom. We promise that we won’t tell about this to dad.” Finally, she was relieved a bit. “Thanks, beta, for understanding, I will make up for it with you guys.”

I asked how. She was lost in thought when I said, “We are your kids and genes, mom. We also have desires.” With that, I pull her towards me and kissed her lips. It took her a few seconds to realize, and she pushed me back.

But Chetan continued, “And we want you to fulfill our desires while we will fulfill yours, mom.” With that, he also pulled her towards him and started kissing her on the lips. She pushes him back, too. “What are you guys doing?”

I replied, “We are doing what we have to do to fulfill our desires.” She replied, “But I am your mom.” I said, “Even better. It will be a secret within the family walls, and no one will ever know about it.” She replied, “But you are my kids. I can’t do it with you guys.”

At this point, I said, “The moment we caught you with him, your kids are dead, mom. We can’t keep calling you guys mom and dad and stay with the guilty feeling of cheating dad. So we as kids are dead to you and dad.”

“So we can now either be as your lovers and dad’s kids, or we will go our own way. So you decide, mom, what you want to do.” With this, we get up from the sofa and go into our room. As soon as we entered the room, Chetan turned to me and asked, “Do you think it will work?”

I said, “I hope it will. If not, we will try something different tomorrow.” So we were just sitting there in the room. After 15 minutes, we heard a knock on the door. I said, “Come bahis siteleri in,” and mom entered the room. I asked, “What did you decide, mom?’

She was silent for a moment. I could see a mixture of feelings on her face. She finally spoke, “I want you both to be my lovers. But I have a few conditions.” Chetan got super excited and asked what they were. She said, “When your father is here, I am still your mother. There will be nothing between us, and we got to be very careful.”

I said ok to that and asked what’s the second. She replied blushingly, “I want you guys to fulfill my each and every desire and wildest fantasies” Listening to this, we both got super excited and rushed to hug and kiss our mom.

While we were busy kissing her, I replied, “You have one husband and two lovers. I am sure all your wildest fantasies will be fulfilled.” With that, both of us got hold of mom’s nightie and tore it into two parts, making her completely nude.

She was shocked. “You guys are two horny, bastards.” I replied, “We are your sons, mom. Where will your genes go?” We start kissing all over her body and finally laid hands on those beautiful huge milky boobs hiding under her dress.

Both of us, at the same time, take each boob into our mouths and start sucking and kissing and licking it. This aroused my mom, and she started moaning and asked us to take it a little slowly. I replied, “We have been waiting for this moment for so long that we can’t wait anymore.”

I started feeling her pussy with my hands while Chetan was squeezing her ass. After sucking the boobs for like 15 minutes, we finally took a break to lay mom on the bed. Chetan and I looked at each other to decide who would take which part. I signaled towards pussy, and he moved up to kiss mom on her lips.

I moved down and started kissing the pussy. I play with it for a while and insert my tongue into it and start exploring it. Chetan was doing his magic on mom’s lips and tits. She took Chetan’s cock into her hands and was surprised at the size of it and started stroking it slowly.

I explore the pussy for a few more minutes and then slowly inserted my middle finger in the pussy while still licking it. She moans a little louder at this development. I take one of the boobs into my mouth and start sucking and licking and biting the nipples again.

No matter how much I play with them, I can’t get enough of them. Chetan moves towards mom’s face and gives her his cock to suck. She gladly takes it into her mouth and starts sucking it slowly. Seeing this, I got super excited and decided its time I entered her pussy.

I slowly put my cock near her pussy and rubbed it a couple of times on her clit. I felt the wetness in her vagina, and with one stroke, I pushed it into her pussy. My mom shouts with pain. But since there is already a cock in her mouth, she can’t make much noise.

I start to get into a rhythm and slowly fuck her while increasing speed in between. I could see it in her face she was enjoying it. After continuing in this position for 10 minutes, all three of us reach the climax together. I end up leaking my juices in her pussy while Chetan leaked in her mouth.

As she bahis şirketleri didn’t have an option, she ended up swallowing it. Then we swapped positions and make mom get into doggy style. I gave my cock to mom to suck. While she was taking it in, Chetan inserted cock his in her pussy. I pushed my cock into mom’s mouth slowly.

It made a push back herself a little bit, at which point Chetan was pushing his cock frontwards, which made her scream. We were doing in a pendulum action going from one end to the other. We fucked her like this for some more time, and we climaxed again.

Now she swallowed my liquids too. Chetan leaked his juices into her pussy and splashed some on mom’s ass. At first, she got a little pissed. But then she cleaned the semen on her ass with her hand, licked it, and swallowed it.

As we were a little tired, we lay down with mom in the middle. We start playing with mom’s boobs. She said, “That was very wild, my boys. Good job. That was my first threesome, and I totally loved it. I always wondered how a threesome would be. But I experienced with my two lovely boys. I am very happy.”

I replied, “This is just the beginning, mom, picture abhi baki hain.” She asked us how did we two come together. We explained to her the entire story and how Chetan saw her naked and how I saw her having sex with dad.

Listening to this, she called us, “You perverts. But I am happy you saw that and planned well to show me heaven, and I love it.” We got the rest we wanted, and now I wanted to bang her in the pussy and the ass at the same time. She was a little hesitant about ass as she never did that before.

But we convinced her it would be awesome. I told Chetan that I wanted the virgin ass, and he said, “As you say, bhaiyya.”

We got into the position, Chetan lying on the bed, mom slowly got on top of Chetan and landed her pussy on Chetan’s cock. They were trying to get a little comfortable by mom riding Chetan’s cock like a cowgirl position while I was sucking and playing with the boobs.

After a few minutes, I get into position. I bend mom forward on to Chetan and spank my cock on her ass. I rubbed it slowly near the asshole and, with one stroke, inserted my cock in her ass. She shouted from pain, but we started pumping gently, and she was starting to like it.

Chetan was stroking up into her, and I was stroking down into her. With force from both sides, my mom was getting sandwiched in between. We went on stroking like that for 10 minutes. I finally finished and leaked my juice in her ass and on her ass while Chetan ended up leaking into her pussy.

Now we were really tired and fell asleep. We woke up late in the evening. Mom was going into her bedroom to get dressed. I said, “We don’t have to get dressed anymore in this house, especially in the night. There was nothing more to hide from anyone.” Mom laughs at this calling me a pervert.

We went to the kitchen to make some food and eat. For the first time, we had our dinner totally naked. After dinner, we banged mom again right there on the kitchen floor and dining table. Over the next few days, we had sex in every position possible and every location possible in the home.

All of us watched porn together to learn more and more ways to pleasure ourselves and fetishes we can enjoy. From that day onwards, my mom was my mom only when my dad was around and my lover when he wasn’t.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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