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It just happened…that first time

by Scarlett, Craver’s wife

Here is what my wife, Scarlett, told me happened. I never tired of hearing of what she did, and hopefully neither will you. This is how she told it to me…

Chapter 1. My first threesome

I hadn’t planned anything like this, of course. It just happened. We were on a date, Jeff, the guy I was occasionally dating after my divorce from Dickhead and before my meeting you. We’d gone to dinner and were back at his place, my kids with their father for the weekend so I was, as they say, “footloose and fancy free” to do whatever I wanted. I was also very horny. Work had been strenuous that week, and I was ready for a good time. Just how good it was going to be I didn’t know, but I knew I was at least going to get fucked by Jeff.

Back at his apartment he poured us wine, and turned on the gas fireplace in the living room. We kissed, and he began to undress me, starting with my blouse. I was fairly toasted by then, having had wine with dinner as well, so of course I didn’t resist. My blouse undone, he removed it, then I reached behind my back and took off my bra. Jeff loves my 36C breasts, which he says look much larger than that on my petite size 6 body. At just 5’2″ tall, I prefer to think of myself as “vertically challenged” rather than short. I have great legs, not really much of an ass, but a flat stomach thanks to the technology of births by Caesarian section, and at 110 pounds, I guess I have a pretty competitive body. At least I’ve never had much trouble getting men to notice me. I’ve been told I have beautiful brown “snappy” eyes, and with my long, black hair have been compared to Marie Osmund’s looks. All in all not too bad. And I do love sex. God how I love sex!

So after my blouse and bra were removed I didn’t wait for Jeff to take off my skirt. I did it for him as he undressed, his already erect cock coming into view for me when he removed his trousers and briefs. I’ve been “fixed” for years, so as Jeff knew he wouldn’t have to wear anything when we fucked.

When we were both naked we lay down on the carpet in front of the fire and began to hug. Jeff kissed my neck as his hands moved over my breasts, my nipples already hard. I reached down to his cock and encircled it with my delicate, small fingers, feeling it twitch in my hand.

“I’m very hot,” he whispered in my ear. “Put it in you.” So I did.

Wet enough for easy penetration by his cock, I lifted my legs and guided him into me, feeling the heat of his thick shaft sliding easily up inside my pussy.

“Hmmm… it feels nice,” I sighed, raising my legs higher, wrapping them around his waist.

“I’ve been thinking about doing this to you all day,” he groaned, pumping into me.

“And I’ve been thinking about having you doing it to me all day as well,” I said, enjoying the moment. We fucked easily, in no rush to come, either of us, and as I lay there enjoying the penetration of his cock into my pussy I again thought about how much I love sex.

And then the front door opened and Jeff’s roommate, Ken, came home.

“Oh fuck! Sorry guys! I forgot you were going out tonight,” he said, standing in the foyer looking at us.

Jeff pulled out as I grabbed my blouse and tried the best I could to cover my breasts.

“Shit, Ken…” Jeff moaned, grabbing his jeans, pulling them on as I got up and moved to the sofa. I took a throw blanket from there and draped it over my pussy. I was still hot… unfulfilled, and pissed!

“I’ll go up to my room,” Ken said, and Jeff laughed and surprised me as he said, “No, stay. Have a drink with us. It’s okay, isn’t it, babe?” he asked.

“Ah, sure, I guess so,” I said, as Jeff poured a glass of wine for Ken while I picked up my glass and sipped, holding my blouse over my tits.

“You look ravishing tonight, Scarlett,” Ken grinned seductively.

“Which is what was happening to her when you Antalya Escort so rudely interrupted us, you jerk,” Jeff laughed. “My dick is still throbbing.”

“Lucky you!” Ken said, sipping the wine, staring at my bare shoulders above my loosely held blouse.

Then the room got very quiet as no one spoke, each of us sipping wine, watching the fire. Then Jeff sat next to me and said, “Can I ask you something, baby?”

“Sure,” I replied, taking another sip of wine.

“How would you like to have a REALLY fun evening tonight?”

“I don’t know. Why? What did you have in mind? I thought we WERE having a fun evening until your buddy here interrupted us.”

“We were. But how would you like to have even more fun? Kind of double your pleasure. Have you ever had two guys at once, Scarlett?” he asked quietly, staring into my eyes as he smirked a little.

“No, I’ve never had two guys before. At least not at the same time, Jeff. Why?”

“How would you like to?” he asked, reaching over to tug at my blouse, about to remove it.

I knew I had to make a decision. Let him reveal my naked tits to his roommate, or stop him. I suppose if it weren’t for the wine and my fucking horny cunt I might have stopped him, but I was still horny, I felt I’d been cheated out of the fuck I’d been thinking about all day, and I still wanted it. But two guys at once? I’d fantasized about it, of course. What woman hasn’t. And certainly what MAN hasn’t. So I let him remove my blouse as he moved onto the sofa next to me. Then he kissed me as Ken slid onto the seat on my other side. When Ken removed the blanket from my naked pussy he put his hand on my thigh and I felt myself spreading my legs open. Jeff began fondling my breasts then, as he continued kissing me as Ken’s hand moved over my thigh to my pussy, gently probing my wetness, rubbing me on my swollen, slippery clit. I moaned, and Jeff stopped kissing me and said, “Let’s go into my bedroom.” And so we did.

I was already naked except for the pair of lacy black stockings I’d worn to dinner. My panties were still out in the living room with my skirt, my blouse, and my fuck-me pumps. In Jeff’s bedroom I crawled onto the bed, propping a pillow up behind my back, and as I watched the guys undressing I began to slowly caress my pussy. Wetter than I had been while we’d been fucking, I was anxious for a cock in me again, and when the guys were both naked, Jeff moved over me again and slid into me as Ken crawled up next to my face, his growing cock in his hand, eyes filled with the same degree of lust I knew mine must have been as well.

“Suck my cock, Scarlett,” he said quietly.

“Yes. Give it to me,” I replied. And he did.

His cock was thicker than Jeff’s, and had a wonderful crown at the end. When he slid it into my mouth I felt Jeff’s cock twitch inside my pussy and I once again raised my legs and wrapped them around his waist. Then he began fucking me as I continued sucking Ken’s cock.

We remained like that for a few moments. Then Jeff said, “Want us to switch places, babe?”

“Sure,” I grinned, so Jeff pulled out of my pussy and moved next to my face while Ken took Jeff’s place between my thighs. And then they both were sliding into me again, this time with Ken’s cock in my cunt and Jeff’s in my mouth.

God I was hot. “You’re SUCH a slut, Scarlett,” I told myself, loving it, loving what I was doing with these two good looking men. THIS was the kind of sex about which I’d only fantasized, and now I was doing it. I was letting two men have me at the same time. And I was loving it.

“I… I’m going to come, baby,” Jeff moaned, withdrawing his cock from my mouth, jerking on it as he aimed it at my face. And then he was doing it. Shooting cum on my outstretched tongue, and on my cheeks and lips. Ken was fucking me faster now, and I knew he must be getting close as well, so I said, “You, too, Ken. I want you to come on my face, too.” Antalya Escort Bayan So he moved out of my pussy and up next to me on the other side of my. And then he, too began coming on my face as I began rubbing my pussy, furiously driving my fingers around in my furry, wet cunt, coming myself then. I’ve never been able to come just from fucking. Don’t know why, but I just can’t, so my request for Ken to also come on my face was more for me than him. I knew being able to masturbate and come just as these two nice guys were spurting hot jets of cum all over my face would create in me one of the most intense orgasms I’d ever had in my life, and oh my God did it ever. My entire body began to jump and twitch on the bed, as I cried out in pleasure, waves of it, creating spasms inside me, one after the other until they finally began to slowly subside.

“Jesus!” Jeff laughed.

“She does come hard, doesn’t she,” Ken teased.

“Shut up!” I groused, grinning.

“That was awesome, babe,” Jeff said. “I’ll get you a washcloth,” which he went to do.

“Incredible, Scarlett. You are so fucking beautiful, and when you were coming like that… fuck, that was so hot!” Ken smiled.

“Yeah, it was pretty fun, wasn’t it,” I admitted, smiling. Jeff handed me the hot washcloth and I wiped off my face. Then he handed me my glass of wine and Ken got off the bed and grabbed his jeans and tee shirt.

As he turned to leave the bedroom he said, “That sure would be fun to do again next weekend,” winking at me.

“Yeah, babe. Want to?” Jeff asked.

I thought about it, and thought, hell, why not. So I shocked them, I think, by saying, “Sure. Why not?”

We made a date for me to come to the apartment the following weekend, and I kissed Jeff goodnight and left to go home. I’d met him at the restaurant so had my car with me so he wouldn’t have to drive me home after our evening. On the way home in the car I relived what I’d done and decided I’d loved it, and I had.

At home in bed that night I once again remembered the details of our evening, my fingers caressing my pussy as I thought about all I’d done with the guys. I came again then, not a huge orgasm like the one I’d had with Jeff and Ken, but a nice one to go to sleep on, which I promptly then did.

Chapter 2. Replay

The following Friday I was on pins and needles thinking about what was going to happen again that night. I’d worn my sexiest lingerie under a bone silk blouse and black skirt, a pair of black lace panties, the same black lace stockings as I’d worn the week before, and a low-cut push up black lace bra, all compliments of Victoria’s Secret.

When the end of the day finally came I was so ready to go. On the way to their apartment I felt my pussy growing damp, and wondered if it would be so fragrant they wouldn’t want to eat me, something they hadn’t done the weekend before, but something I was going to request they do this weekend.

At the apartment I hugged and kissed both men. Jeff had fixed a light dinner for the three of us. Ken poured me a glass of nice Chardonnay while Jeff, a very good cook, sautéed grouper in a dry white wine sauce, a few capers sprinkled in on top accentuated with white rice and sliced tomatoes. It smelled wonderful, and I was hungry, having only had a light salad at my desk for lunch during a typically busy Friday. During dinner we made small talk, each of us anxious for the fun portion of the evening to begin. And then it did.

We moved into the living room, onto the sofa again, with me between the men. When they each moved their hands to my thighs I parted my legs, draping them over theirs. Jeff began unbuttoning my blouse, as I raised up and let Ken remove my skirt.

“Nice lingerie, babe,” Jeff said, grinning. I knew I looked good. I’ve been told it enough times to know it’s not bragging, but simply the truth. I watch what I eat, and have always had wonderful metabolism, Escort Antalya so I’m in great shape for a 42 year old woman.

“Glad you like it. I wore it just for you two,” I said. Then Ken kissed me and began squeezing one of my tits while Jeff slid his hand between my legs, to my pussy, caressing it.

“Ready to go to bed, Scarlett?” Ken asked.

“Yes!” I smiled. So we did.

In the bedroom we again all undressed, then I crawled onto the bed with my legs spread and said, “One of you absolutely has to suck my pussy this time before you fuck me.”

Ken said, “No problem, Scarlett. I’d love to taste you,” as he crawled between my thighs, licking them just above the top of my stockings, kissing and nibbling his way up to my cunt. I could smell my essence, that familiar seaweedy scent of fresh ocean breezes and fish that men seem to adore, and judging from the way Ken began to lick and suck my wet pussy he apparently enjoyed it as much as the other men who’ve had me.

“Give me your cock,” I said to Jeff, and he moved next to me and did it. The crown on his cock isn’t as pronounced as the one on Ken’s, but it’s still a nice cock, and I enjoy sucking it. He was already leaking pre-cum goo which had a slightly salty, but not unpleasant taste. I’ve always found the pre-cum from a man’s cock to taste even better than their cum, and Jeff’s was no exception. I loved it.

“Hmm, that feels good, Ken. And your cock tastes delicious, baby,” I moaned, feeling Ken sliding a finger inside my wetness as he ate me.

We did good things to each other like that for a while before Ken moved up my body, his hard cock sliding along my thigh. “Ready for it, Scarlett?” he asked.

“Yes. Fuck me,” I said. I felt that big crown pressing against my fur then, and reached down to spread myself open for him. And then he was inside me, fucking me, driving the depth of his cock all the way up into my wet cunt.

“Umm, yes… fuck me… fuck me!” I moaned, as Jeff began masturbating next to my face.

“I want you both to come at the same time,” I gasped, staring into Jeff’s eyes as Ken fucked me. “Come in me this time, Ken,” I urged. Then I leaned forward and began licking Jeff’s balls while his roommate fucked me.

“Oh God I’m getting close,” Ken gasped.

“Me, too!” Jeff echoed.

“Me three!” I cried out. “Do it. NOW! BOTH OF YOU COME!” I begged.

And they did it. Hot jets of cum rocketed into my wet pussy just as Jeff began spurting onto my face. And I came with them.

Once again my body bucked and jumped on the bed as Ken’s cock pounded my cunt, filling it, driving me crazy with lust and joy and total bliss. I licked and sucked Jeff’s cum from his cock then, as well, tasting it, swallowing it, until finally all three of us had once again extinguished our lust. Breathing heavily Jeff flopped back on the bed next to me and Ken crawled up to the other side of me. My tits were rising and falling as my breathing began to slow. God how fun this all was. And I think I almost loved WHAT I was doing with these men as much as how it felt. The fact that I had PLANNED my attire to look sexy for these guys, KNOWING I was going to go over to meet them so I could have sex with BOTH of them just made me feel so fucking SLUTTY. And I loved it. Feeling like that. Like a total slut.

That was the last threesome I ever had with anyone. I’m glad I did it, but am not anxious to do it again with my husband, even though he thinks he’d love it. Not at my age. I’m too old now for that kind of “involvement” with anyone. Jeff moved away and I lost track of Ken. Instead these days I’m more than content to just use our fake cocks and porn videos and our fantasies to satisfy my group sex hunger. It is so much less bother to simply put a fake cock back in my dresser drawer than to have to deal with the potential personality and ego issues that might confront us if we did it with real guys. I know my husband wants to share me. But at my age I’m just too tired to go through all the hassles something like that might present. So these days I will still fuck other guys with my husband. Lots of other guys. They’re just not real. Works for me…


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