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Jim and I had met online after I had contacted him about my fascination with the stories he submitted to Literotica. Every story was vivid and erotic, no matter what the topic, and I wanted him to know how much desire I had burning inside me for him, just because of his stories, so I dropped him a note. He contacted me immediately and we began a relationship unlike any I’d ever experienced before. Our mutual love of story-telling and of course, sex, put us on a course for a relationship neither of us had looked for and now neither of us was willing to give it up.

We began by exchanging stories that each of us would continue where the other left off. They were erotic, sensual, scorching hot and I felt a release with him that I’d never felt before. I thought it impossible. After all, it was through e-mail, nothing physical, yet I felt it as if it were. He touched me in ways I never imagined and I relished in his attention. I ached for his words every day and when I would receive one of his spellbinding stories, he took me to places I’ve never been…not even with my own husband.

Yes, Jim and I were both married, just unfortunately, not to each other. His sexual relationship with his wife had soured due to, sadly, her mental depression that she couldn’t shake – wouldn’t shake – not even for him. I was mostly happy in my marriage. I loved my husband but he couldn’t always satisfy me sexually. He tried, but his enthusiasm didn’t always make up for his lack of expertise and abilities. I never planned to cheat on him but I searched out men online for some cyber fun and for the private sexual release that I would give myself afterwards. I had plenty of men offer to meet me but I never felt connected enough to risk my marriage for a quick fuck. No, I wanted someone who would love me like in my stories…like Jim’s stories.

I’d never thought of meeting Jim in person, despite where our fantasies had taken us. He was sexy and sweet and when he’d tell me things I could only imagine a man saying to me in my dreams, my knees would weaken and my heart would race. Over time, I realized that he was the only man who could truly allow me to feel what it was like to be uninhibited and sexual and who would, and could, explore all my fantasies with me. We had begun to talk on the phone once a week, sometimes talking so sexy to one another we’d eventually get each other off. It never even dawned on us that we were engaging in phone sex, so immersed were we in one another.

Sex with my husband became better because I was fantasizing about Jim and all the things we’d dreamed of doing for one another. He was even willing to run the gauntlet of my fantasy about him impregnating me instead of my husband and all the adventures after that. I knew then he was my equal sexually and I had to have him.

I told my husband that I wanted to take a weekend trip – alone – to clear my head. The stresses of my job and his obsessive need to please me allowed me to do so without him questioning me. I only told him I’d be in Virginia and nothing else. I book a room in an expensive hotel and when I arrive, I took a long sensual bath with scented bath water and then called Jim at work. He picked up immediately and I told him, in an excited voice, that I was in town. He was amazed and I asked if he was willing to meet me. A thrill shot through me when he agreed.

He would come to the hotel at 8pm. I had the expectation that we would make love, but I wasn’t sure. We had talked about it, dared to dream but never seriously talked about the real possibility and I wanted to see how far it would go. How far he was willing to go.

I dressed in a tight stretch knit dress that hugged my shapely body. I’m not one of those skinny model-type women. I had a lot of curves and some might even call me fat, but I never got a complaint and I think a lot of men like soft womanly bodies to make love to. I was sure Jim wouldn’t be disappointed. With my black hose held on with black garters and black push up bra, I was ready to knock his socks off. Slipping my feet into heels, I jumped when the knock came.

I opened the door and all my worries about whether he would like what he saw disappeared.

“God, Cheyenne, you are beautiful.”

I blushed and let him into my room. He was wearing a dark suit and I marveled at his size. He was bigger than my husband and he smelled great. Before I could say anything, he took me in his arms and swept his mouth down in a passionate kiss. Our mouths opened and allowed our tongues to mate as his hands roamed down my back. I felt them caress my ass and a small moan escaped through my lips. Finally he pulled back. We were both breathing heavy, my heart pounding fuck in traffic porno in my ears.

He smiled and I melted. “Ready for dinner?”

I nodded, still unable to speak. I was already hopelessly lost in this man and food was the last thing on my mind. I wasn’t a whore but I felt like one with the thoughts I had that very moment.

Jim took my hand and we left my room. After a short walk to an Italian restaurant down the block and we were seated in a quiet corner, a fine bottle of wine before us. We sipped the wine and he whispered to me, telling me how wonderful it was that I was there to see him and how beautiful I was. I blushed furiously but felt the heat rise in my loins.

Jim ordered a simple meal for each of us and as the waiter moved away, he put his hand on my upper thigh. I’m sure he could feel the heat from my core burning his fingers. They rubbed lightly over my flesh as I watched his eyes dance playfully.

“Jim…” I stuttered. “Jim, if you don’t stop…I’m…we’re going to have to…”

“What, Cheyenne? Have to what…?” he teased moving his hand higher. “Mmmm, I love the garters you are wearing, honey,” he whispered as he moved down and licked my shoulder.

I shuttered and groaned softly as his hand moved up further. He lightly brushed his fingers across my moist mound and he chuckled deeply. Oh, did I forget to mention that I wasn’t wearing panties?

“Yes, honey, you’re so ready for me, aren’t you?” he purred in my ear as his fingers deftly parted my pussy lips and he slide a bold thick finger inside me. I was wet and I was hot. A guttural moan escaped my lips as he plunged that single digit in and out of my hot tight hole. I looked around the room hoping no one could see us and spotted a man seated directly across from us watching us. I blushed profusely as Jim’s fingers toyed with my pussy. One finger continued to plunge inside me while his thumb moved over my hardened clit. I was mewing, unable to take my eyes off the man seated across from us.

“Jim, he’s…he’s watching…”

Jim leaned closer and licked my neck. “Mmmm, yes he is. Doesn’t that make you hotter, baby? Knowing that he knows what I’m doing? I bet he’s wishing he was doing this to you.”

I moan and closed my eyes as he inserted another finger. It was tight but I was so wet that his fingers slid in smoothly. My hips were moving now, seeking a release. He’s kissed my throat and whispered sexy hot words to me as his fingers assaulted my very core. “Yes, baby, that’s it. Cum for me. Cum all over my fingers.” His words urged me on and I felt my stomach tighten, the slow aching building in my belly and rising – fast – through my heated and moist flesh. My hips rose up and I exploded, my pussy squeezing his fingers as my orgasm raged through my body. I moaned, deeply and finally, collapsed. My heart was racing and my breathing labored but I was euphoric. I looked at Jim and he smiled blissfully.

“Now that’s what I call a hot appetizer,” the man said from the other table.

Jim nodded in acknowledgement before licking his fingers clean. I was both embarrassed and insanely turned on. He had to know what he was doing to me…the teasing, the wanting. “Jim, please…” I begged him quietly. I wanted to leave, return to the hotel and make love until we couldn’t move an inch. But then I realized that we had never actually agreed to make love. His touching me was a surprise. Based on our last telephone conversation, when we had teased about what would happen if we really met, he had committed to nothing but wanting to watch me masturbate and maybe some touching and caressing.

“In time, my love. In time,” Jim whispered.

We ate our meal, mostly in silence. I tried to hurry him but he wasn’t having it. I was actually embarrassed that I couldn’t control myself where this man was concerned and that was able to do so. “How do you do that?”

“What?” he asked, sipping his wine.

“Control yourself like that. I want you so bad right now I feel faint.”

He chuckled softly before responding. “Honey…Cheyenne…if you could know how bad I want you right now. My cock is about ready to burst through my pants. Thank god, I’m wearing loose fitting pants. But don’t you see? The anticipation is going to make whatever we do much more special. And truthfully, I’m not sure that you or I are ready for the physical relationship that we talked about, no matter what our bodies are telling us.”

“I suppose you’re right,” I replied. “I thought briefly this was one sided…that I was the only one going insane with desire.”

He took my hand and placed it on his crotch and my eyes widened in surprise. full porno He was large and very hard against my palm. “Does that feel like I’m not going insane with desire? Just hearing you cum almost made me cum in my pants.”

“Can we go now, Jim?” I asked sweetly, cupping his throbbing cock through is pants and squeezing. I looked at the man at the other table and could see that he was rubbing himself and I smiled. “Please, baby?” I purred, licking his neck. I was now determined to seduce him, make him make love to me despite his previous protests that we would keep our distance. He’d already crossed the line in the restaurant. I wanted him completely over it and under my control.

Jim called for the check and we hastily left the restaurant, much to the disappointment of our admirer. We walked hand in hand down the street to the hotel. Once the elevator’s doors closed, I grasped Jim’s cock once again as our mouths met and mated. He pulled away, panting. “Keep that up and I won’t make it to the room.”

I giggled. The elevator’s doors opened and we made our way to my suite. Once inside, I told Jim I was in control now. After all the teasing in the restaurant, I was determined to make sure he was tortured a little as well. If he wanted to just watch me, then I’d let him. I was curious to see how fast his willpower collapsed so sure I was that he really wanted to make love to me.

I sat atop the room desk. The buzz of the hotel air conditioner pierced the otherwise silent room. My hair was pulled up loosely with strands hanging down, caressing my face. Long dangly earrings hung from my lobes but otherwise, I was without jewelry. He says that he loves my dress, the way it hugs my shapely body and I smile. He was talking to me but his eyes were fixated on another part of my body. My dress is bunched around my hips, exposing my bald pussy, its lips moist and puffy. My hands were clutching my legs, holding them open.

“Do you like what you see?” I asked, my voice soft but deep.

“Mmmm, yes,” he replied. He was sitting in the desk chair across from me, perhaps 5 or 6 feet. Close enough to see everything but far enough away to not touch. He was still fully dressed but I could see his cock outlined in his dress pants, pulsing and trying to burst out.

“Do you remember our last phone conversation…before today? We teased each other about meeting but you never figured I’d really want to…so you kept teasing me. You said, ‘I just want to look at you’. We won’t really make love.” I reminded him.

He nodded silently, his eyes still fixated on my pussy lips.

“You said, ‘Let’s just meet for dinner’. And I agreed, right?” I continued.

He nodded again. “You said ‘Yes.’ after reminding me that you said you couldn’t be satisfied with just dinner.”

It was my turn to nod. “Yes, Jim, and you told me that you would be strong. You wouldn’t cave in and make love to me. You wanted to just see me, look at me, have dinner then be on your way. Did you lie?”

“No,” he croaked out. “I meant it…at the time.”

”But now, seeing me sitting next to you at dinner…in the flesh…touching me so intimately…you want more, don’t you?”

“Yes.” That single word came out in a hiss.

I shivered in response. It was what I hoped for the most; it was also in a way, what I feared the most.

“So here we are. You’re seeing what you wanted to see. And you’re not touching me. You vowed to not touch me, just to see me that night on the phone, didn’t you? Yet you did touch me – a little – during dinner.”


“Can you keep the remainder of that vow, Jim?”

“I…I…” he stammered.

I wasn’t teasing him, really. My heart was racing and my mind was a mass of goo. I really wanted to know what he was thinking. On the phone it was easy to tease and say that we’d only just look and not touch. After all, he’d made a vow to himself. His strength would be tested and he had to know that. When I suggested meeting, I told him how hard it would be for me. I imagined it would be equally hard for him. And here we are. What would he do next?

“What’s to happen next, my lover?” I asked, quite seriously.

“Pull your lips apart for me,” he begged huskily.

I moved my hands down, keeping my legs lifted and parted my moist folds. I heard him groan when he saw the pink flesh beneath the puffy lips.

“What’s to happen next, my lover?” I asked again.

He stood up and moved between my legs, placing my thighs on his hips. He touched my face, his eyes moving from my pussy up to my face. I opened my mouth to speak and he put his finger over my lips, silencing me.

“I was mistaken. gizli çekim porno I can’t be this close to you and not touch you. Just let me touch you a little bit. Just a little bit.”

He slid the stretch fabric of my dress over my shoulders in a bunch around my waist. He looked at my breasts, full but not as firm as a young woman’s breasts might be but he didn’t seem to care. He kissed my lips, softly at first, then more demanding. His tongue caressed mine and they met and mated. Moving to my throat, he planted light kisses over my most sensitive spot on my throat and then he moved lower still. Taking a nipple in his mouth, he loved it with a great passion. I moaned and arch my back. He took the other nipple in his mouth and repeated the loving caresses.

He stepped back and I was panting. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his engorged cock. I looked at its size and marveled at its beauty. Never have I thought of a man’s cock as beautiful…until then. It was swollen and hard and precum was leaking from the slit. I searched his eyes, questioned his next move.

“I…I just want to touch it to you, Cheyenne. That’s all. I won’t fuck you.”

I wondered whether he believed the words as he was speaking them any more than I did.

He put the head of his cock to my pussy lips and ran the precum over my clit, causing me to arch my back and moan. My restraint was nearly gone and I wondered how he couldn’t simply thrust inside me as we both wanted. He rubbed his cock head up and down my slit, our moans mingling through the air.

“God, I can feel your heat, Cheyenne,” he said in a whisper.

He continued to rub his cock against my folds, concentrating on my clit. I moaned and cried out as my orgasm raged through me. I came hard and my body shook. He felt my juice leaking out of me as it coated his cock; my breathing rough and raged.

“You are incredible to watch when you cum,” he said huskily, still pressing his cock to my pussy. “I just want to put the head in, baby. Just to feel your heat. Your tightness.”

I remained silent but my body screamed “Yes” as he pressed the head of his cock inside my womb. I nearly fainted from the fullness of his cockhead inside me.

“God, you’re so tight. I knew you’d feel like this. I just knew it.”

He stood there, the head of his cock just inside my pussy. He looked into my eyes and moved his hips, pulling out the head before moving his hips forward, just enough for the head to go back in. True to his word, he only allowed the head in. He continued to thrust in this manner and my lips were forced wide with each tiny thrust. I moaned as he said, “Just a little bit of thrusting. That’s all. I just need to feel your pussy squeezing me.” I nodded and he continued to pull out and push back in.

After several minutes, the only sounds emitted in the room is the humming of the A/C and our moans. Finally he spoke again. “I can’t help myself. I need to be inside you. All the way inside you. Please, baby, let me fuck you…more. Deeper.”

I nodded, too turned on to speak and he smiled weakly. He pushed in, deeply, his cock filling my pussy. I moaned and gasped, the size of his cock stretching me more. “Yes, Jim,” I hissed, near tears from the intense pleasure I knew he was going to give me.

He began to move, babbling words of love as he thrust inside me. “I want to fuck you. I need to fuck you. I’ve wanted this for so long. Baby, you’re so tight. So wet. So hot. God, I could fuck you forever. I’m not making love to you. Not now. I’m just fucking you. I’ll make love to you later. Slow and with the passion you deserve. I just…I just need to fuck you now.”

I continued to moan, louder and louder; my moans echoed through the room as he filled me. He still talked on, “I was delusional into believing I could restrain, even after all that we’ve shared with one another.”

I responded by taking his hand and kissing the palm lightly, my tongue caressed the soft lines. He moaned against my throat.

“I’m going to cum baby. Cum with me, please.”

I feltl my own orgasm building and knew I was close.

“Tell…me…what…you…feel…” I cried out in gasps.

“I love you. I never thought it possible, not in this way, but I truly love you. I love you. Oh god!”

I felt him explode inside me and it triggered my own orgasm. As I came, my pussy muscles clenched his cock like a vice. “GOD!” he cried out, as shot after shot of his seed planted inside me.

He remained in me, his cock deflating as he kissed me tenderly.

“I love you,” I said in a whisper. “This was all I ever wanted. Thank you. I never thought…I never thought you’d give me this gift.” I was crying now, but out of happiness, not sadness or loneliness.

He smiled and kissed me again. “Thank you. For giving yourself to me in this way. You are incredible.”

We disengaged and climbed onto the bed, where we fell asleep in each other’s arms, not knowing what would happen next.

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