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Double Anal

She waited in her car for him to exit the terminal – scanning the travelers faces – searching for him. Is he there? Did he change his mind at the last minute? Was there some kind of family emergency to prevent him from traveling? Or did he come to her as he promised? Her heart was pounding – she thought to herself “What if he stood me up? What will I tell them at home? I’m supposed to be spending the day with some ladies from my on-line cross-stitch group. I’m supposed to be gone from morning till evening. What reason can I possibly give for them canceling on me? Oh Dear God, please let him be here!”

She continued waiting and watching as the travelers continued streaming out of the building, most of them being greeted by loved ones with kisses and warm embraces. Finally she spotted him! Her heart leapt with joy, pounding so wildly she could hear it in her head! He looked at all the cars, hoping to find one that looked like the picture she had e-mailed him. He finally found what he hoped was the right one. He strode toward it on his long lean legs. He’s tall, over 6 feet, very lean, almost to the point

of being too thin – but still muscular. His hair was slightly long – just long enough to touch his shirt collar – and a warm reddish-blond with just a hint of curl. His beard was well trimmed, neat, and much redder than his hair.

She watched him approach her car. She still wasn’t sure if it’s really him. The next thing she knows the car door opened – he poked his cowboy hat-covered head in..”Is that you, ‘Angel-Kitty'”?

“Yes. Is that you, ‘Tale-Spinner’?”

“That’s me, darlin’.”

He folded his lanky frame into her car, took off his cowboy hat and leaned over and oh so tenderly kissed her lips. “Hey, baby! I actually made it! Can you believe it?”

“No, I can’t believe it. Are you sure we aren’t dreaming?”

He took her hand and placed it on the bulge in his jeans. “Does this feel like a dream, baby?”

She couldn’t believe how hard he was…..or how large his erection felt.

As she reluctantly pulled her hand away, she looked up and their eyes met. The hunger in her eyes was almost palpable, as was the desire in his.

“We..we’d better go. I’m blocking traffic” she stammered, clearly affected by the realization that there’s no turning back. She steered her car into traffic, trying to ignore the stirrings of desire. No, it had to wait until they get to the hotel.

She asked him if he’d like to maybe escort bayan istanbul stop for a bite to eat first. It was a long trip and she knew he must be hungry. She hadn’t taken time that morning to eat either. Her stomach was doing flip-flops all morning from nerves and anticipation. Part of her knew he certainly must be famished but there was that other part of her that wanted him to refuse food and choose her instead.

“You sure you don’t mind if we eat first? I’m so, so hungry, and a hot cup of coffee sounds so good! I haven’t had any coffee since our last layover and that was hours ago!”

Her disappointment was written all over her face.

“Oh come on, darlin’……you’ve got to know I want to love you eight ways from Sunday! But if you want me to do that I need nourishment to keep my energy and strength up. And so does “he”. As he says “he”, he patted his crotch and gave her a wicked wink.

“Yes, I know, I know. It’s just that we’ve waited so long.”

“So waiting a little longer shouldn’t be that difficult should it?”

She pulled her car into a parking lot adjacent to a nice little restaurant. They entered, found a booth, and sat down and looked at the menu. Within moments a waitress was ready to take their order. They both ordered omelets, potatoes, toast, and juice. He also ordered coffee and she asked for a Pepsi. While waiting for their food they made small talk, discussing his trip, the weather and other mundane subjects. If anyone was eavesdropping they’d have had no clue that these were internet lovers about to consummate their relationship in reality for the first time. Finally the food arrived. They were beginning to wonder if the cook was waiting for the hens to lay the eggs. They continued making small talk as they ate. When they finished they paid the check and left.

Because she had registered and checked into the hotel before picking him up, they were able to go straight to their room. She wanted to avoid any strange looks from the desk clerk. After all, she’d never done anything like this before. She felt awkward enough as it was without any strangers passing judgment on her.

They took the elevator to their room and went inside. She entered first, with him following immediately behind her. Once inside she crossed the room to put her purse and keys on the desk in the corner between the window and one of the beds.

No sooner did she place the things on the desk and turn escort istanbul around than he took her in his arms and embraced her! Their lips met eagerly, kissing passionately. Their mouths open, their tongues stabbing, dueling, teasing wildly. Their hands roaming over each others body. His hands caressing her back, her sides, then her breasts. Taking them in his hands, he squeezed them and pressed them hard against her body. Impatiently he pulled her blouse over her head and reached behind her and unfastened the bra she bought to wear just for him. He did notice it, and complimented her on it as he slipped it off her shoulders. Casting it aside, he took her now bare breast in his hand, kneading her flesh like an eager child with a hunk of modeling clay. He leaned down and took her other breast in his mouth. First he kissed the nipple gradually enclosing the entire areola in his mouth. He flicked his tongue over the hard erect nipple. These sensations were almost more than she could take. She had been widowed 5 years ago and this was her first sexual contact since then. All of her senses were so starved that this stimulation was almost overloading them.

He continued sucking her one breast while massaging the other. She reached around him and stroked the back of his head. His hair was very fine and it felt silky to her fingers.

His hands traveled from her breasts to her back – wildly rubbing all over her back as she did the same to him. Their hands were wild with hunger – rubbing, stroking, caressing, each of them feeling every possible inch of the other’s body.

The next thing she knew his hands were in

the waistband of her shorts and panties – he took

her ass cheeks in his hands and kneaded them for a few moments.

Their mutual need propelled them onward and he almost ripped her shorts and panties from her body. There she was- she stood before him now utterly naked. He is now the only man to see her as natural as the day she was born since her husband died. He gently stepped back from her and quickly stripped himself. While he undressed

she sat on the edge of the bed and took off her shoes and socks. Her left hand caught her eye. Although her husband had been gone for these past five years she still wore her wedding ring. She turned it around on her finger and then silently slipped it off, kissed it and put it in her purse. Somehow she just couldn’t let herself make love to another man while wearing bayan escort istanbul his ring.

No sooner had she put her ring away then he was in front of her. He knelt in front of her and she held out her arms to him. He entered her embrace and kissed her. He gently kissed her lips, then her cheek, her neck, her chest, the cleft between her breasts, and all the way down her body. With just a little pressure he pushed on her shoulders and laid her back on the bed. Then he opened her legs. He again kissed her body working his way down to her most intimate of places. As his lips touched her mound she inhaled sharply and her body jumped involuntarily. “Oh My God! What are you doing?” she gasped.

She had never been kissed there before – the sensations were all brand new to her. Her late husband had been a good man, but not very imaginative in the bedroom.

“Relax, Darlin’. Just let me love you. Let me love you all the ways a woman should be loved. I promise I won’t do anything that would hurt you.”

He opened her thighs a little farther, then began kissing the insides of her thighs, letting his tongue trail along her flesh between kisses. Gradually he reached her sex. Pleasantly surprised by how wet she was he tenderly licked her there, lapping up her juices. Lapping, slurping hungrily, he worked his way to her clit. He flicked his tongue over it and then began to suck on it.

As soon as his tongue touched her clit she exploded, orgasming violently! So violently it almost appeared to be a seizure. She shook, and shivered. A cry of joy and ecstasy like she had never heard before rose from deep inside and finally escaped her throat. Love juice gushed from her pussy. Since she had never experienced an orgasm like this before she was embarrassed at the outcry she made and at all the fluid she produced. “I’m so sorry……I didn’t mean to…..”

Tale-Spinner interrupted, stopping her in mid sentence. “Oh no Baby Girl – don’t apologize. You just gave me a wonderful compliment – I’m thrilled to know that I was able to give you that much pleasure. I’m only sorry that it’s taken until now for you to feel so good. You’re a beautiful, sexy, loving woman. You deserve to feel all the pleasure you can stand.” With a tender kiss and a wicked grin he whispered in her ear, “Let’s see how much you can stand, shall we?”

She could only moan in response. Never had she been so thoroughly pleasured before…..her senses were all jumbled…she wasn’t sure if this was reality or a beautiful dream.

“Alright, darlin’-girl, today is all about you. Like I said, we’re going to find out just how much pleasure you can stand. You just let old Tale-Spinner take care of everything. Relax a little while, Baby, I’ll be right back.”

To be continued……….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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