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You’re sitting at your computer surfing personal ads, sifting through dick pix and weird daddy/ daughter requests, wondering why you bother. So what do you do? The only thing you can do: use your imagination. You close your eyes and visualize yourself in those hot heels you haven’t worn in forever, the dress you never take out, and that set of lingerie that a pair of strong hands hasn’t had the chance to take off your body in so long. The clothes that make you feel hot and confident about it, with makeup and hair to match.

You’re face to face with a sharp-dressed clean-cut man, who is taller than you, even with the shoes. You can tell he has broad shoulders, and he’s wearing a dress shirt and jacket (no tie, this is 2017.) He walks towards you and brushes your hair back over your left ear, then leans in to kiss you. His hand holds the back of your neck, and he wraps his other arm around your lower back, bringing your bodies together. The pressure between your lips is light at first, then deeper. You wrap your arms around his neck, and let this go on for a moment, before you separate.

He moves lower to kiss your neck, sending a wave of satisfaction through your body. When he comes up for air, your eyes lock and you smile at him. You turn around and lead him by the hand to your bedroom, pushing him to sit down on the edge of the bed.

Locking his gaze, you take one hand and slip the shoulder straps dvd porno of your dress over your shoulders, one by one. You keep staring at him directly in the eye as you slowly slide the dress down the sides of your chest to your hips. You don’t take if off yet, but run your hands up your body, tracing the outline of your breasts and back around your neck. He’s practically drooling, but he can’t have you yet.

You turn around and slide your dress the rest of the way down your legs, keeping them straight and bending over. Standing up, you turn around and walk towards him, now that he is totally mesmerized by you. You straddle him and put your arms around his neck as you kiss deeply, and you can feel his dick is rock hard through his pants. You want to feel his skin on your body, so you pull back and pull his jacket off of him. The two of you fumble with the buttons and he throws his shirt to the side, revealing his muscled chest. You put your arms around his neck and kiss for a second time, and he wraps his strong, warm arms around your body, causing you to let out a sigh of pleasure.

His chest is warm and hard, and you want even more of it. His hands unhook your bra, and you obligingly cast it aside. He rolls you onto your back, and presses his big, strong hands into your breasts, while kissing you. He rubs them in slow circles, causing you to moan and arch your neck. He moves down ensest porno to kiss your nipples, licking then sucking deeply, causing further waves of pleasure.

He lifts his head up and grins at you. His hands slide down your sides and under your ass, slipping your panties off of your hips. He pulls them down and off of your still heeled feet. He looks down at your naked form, and lifts your right leg up to his shoulder. He slowly kisses the skin on your leg, working his way down towards your pussy, which is soaking wet. His hands and lips move closer to their destination, and you ache for release, but you also enjoy being teased.

He places his head between your legs, and with his arms underneath them. Your hands intertwine and he begins tracing the outer edge of your pussy with his tongue. Your close your eyes and let your body take over, as he moves up to put his tongue on your clit, pressing and sliding his tongue over it, causing you to let out a small gasp. He keeps working his tongue into you, building the tension in your body and making your pulse race.

You move one hand to his head, and squeeze the other tightly. He moves his free hand down between your legs, and slips two fingers inside of you. He curls is fingers to press up on the inside of your vagina, sending a lightning bolt of pleasure through your body, causing you to moan and dig your fingernails into his hand.

As czech amateurs porno he works his fingers inside you, and his tongue continues to rub your clit with strong deep strokes, your body builds up tension past the breaking point, which finally releases through you in an orgasmic roller coaster of pleasure. Your back arches and your free hand clenches the bed sheets. You moan your satisfaction through several waves before coming down.

You’re winded, the sheets are sweaty, and this hunk of a man stands up to look down at you. He unbuckles his belt, as you lie motionless, too tired to move. He drops his pants and boxers, revealing his hard, thick, and well sized endowment. As he moves in between your legs, you want to say something about needing a breather, you’re not sure if you can take more without a rest. Then he slips himself deep inside you, filling you, and all those worries disappear. You wrap your legs around him, and put your hands on his arms, and let the rest pass in a hot blur of his kisses, his muscular body smothering yours into the bed, you riding his fucking awesome cock, him turning you around and grabbing your ass, your legs over his shoulders, and him finally blasting his load of hot cum into you, resulting in another earth-shattering orgasm, and you collapsing into bed into each others arms.

Then you open your eyes and realize this is all a dream. The personal ads webpage is still open on your computer and you have a giant wet spot on your chair. You check over your shoulder in case anyone has witnessed your guilty pleasure. Straightening your sweaty hair you return to skimming through whatever nonsense these men have to offer…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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