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Chapter 4: Planning ahead.

As one would expect, such a drastic change required a lot of preparation. Faith and Yuna agreed they wouldn’t tell James they had discovered his dirty little secrets. Not now, at least. First, they had to find a way to make him helpless, powerless. This was part of his fantasies. Of all the stories they had read on his browser history, none talked about a guy who was given a choice about what happened to him. Very well then, they would grant him exactly that.

How would they do so was the question. They were in a hurry, as they wanted to be able to start tormenting Faith’s brother as soon as summer holidays began. It would be hot, and their feet would get sweatier and smellier. What’s more, being in holiday would allow them to spend most of their days torturing him.

Yuna’s experience proved useful. Not only did she know most of the websites James visited, which made it easier to know what exactly he wanted, but she also had thought already of a way to force him to obey their every whim.

The more they planned, the more Faith was amazed by how complementary Yuna’s and James’s fantasies were. Being the caring girl she had always been, she couldn’t be happier than by helping those two realize their nasty desires.

“We’ll shrink him,” said Yuna, who had made up her mind.

“Shrink him? Like in the stories we read?” asked Faith, standing by Yuna’s side. “That would be perfect,” she whispered excitedly, knowing having Jay to be only a few inches tall would allow them to do *anything* they wanted to him. “But how could that be possible? I’ve kocaeli escort never heard of anyone being shrunk, neither of an actual way to do so,” she wondered.

Yuna smiled, “Any fantasy has its source in reality,” she stated. “Shrinking someone is possible, that I know with certainty. Believe me; I’ve been doing researches about my own fetish for years. Though, I will need some time to get what we require.”

Faith looked at her, worried.

Yuna laughed. “Don’t worry, I’ll get everything before the start of holidays! I, of all people, wouldn’t waste the chance to start torturing James as soon as possible.” she winked playfully.


James never looked like he had realized his mistake: lending his sister his non-cleansed computer. Maybe he had some doubts at first, as Faith noticed the history had been deleted soon after she gave him back the PC, but he must have convinced himself she saw nothing, as she never talked about it.

The wait didn’t prevent Faith to have some fun with her brother and his perverted desires. She had took it upon herself to make her feet the smelliest, dirtiest she possibly could. She would go for a jog from time to time, and joined Chloe to most of the parties she organized. The dance as well as the exercise and the heat (Even if it was only spring!) managed to make her feet, socks and shoes what she considered “decent” to tease her brother with. (Whereas it was, in fact, stinking awfully bad already.)

She would then, innocently, sit with Jay when he was watching TV on the sofa, lie down, and slowly bring her kolej escort disgustingly smelly socked-feet toward his face. Of course, Jay wouldn’t let her do so for long, telling her how bad her feet smelled and getting them out of the way without too much trouble. Sometimes though, she would feign to be hurt, and, out of anger, manage to get both her feet directly to his face, forcing him to take a few whiffs of her repugnant sweat-soaked socks, before being dislodged for good.

Even though she did her best, she was not satisfied. She hated it, hated that she couldn’t do more than that: he was stronger, bigger. He would always be able to get himself out of her feet grasp, and this was wrong. She knew he would love it if she could force him more, make it so he couldn’t get away from them. This would have to wait, she thought to herself. Wait a tiny bit more, and your sister will realize your darkest desires…

On his side, James didn’t understand what had gotten into his sister. He was glad, she was doing more and more things: going out, doing sports, and they still got along perfectly. But she didn’t seem to wash her feet anymore, which was highly unlike her. She said she didn’t smell anything, pretending she had a cold. Hell, it wouldn’t have bothered him so much if she didn’t always happen to find herself in a situation where he had to bear with their nastiness. The worse was that, most of the time, he didn’t dare tell her a thing! She was his sister, the sister he loved more than anything, and he didn’t want her to be offended. Sometimes, though, she didn’t konak escort let him a choice, as the stench became unbearable, and he had to react.

He thought about the strange correlation between the recent events and the dirty-looking history he had left on his computer when she borrowed it. He shook his head. This was not it. He knew his sister: they talked about everything. Had she seen it, she would have talked to him immediately, wanting to know every detail of it.

He decided to attribute her recent behavior to the approach of summer holidays. She had to deal with so many things: school, friends, herself… She wasn’t noticing what she forced him to go through because of her feet foulness. This wouldn’t last. Holidays would allow her to pull herself together. Hygienically, at least.

Speaking of friends, he didn’t get any news from Yuna in a while. She did tell him she would be busy, and would bring him a surprise when summer began. He missed her, and couldn’t wait to see her again.

The day before summer holidays, Faith received a call. It was Yuna.

“I got it, finally!” she said, overwhelmed with joy. “I thought I wouldn’t manage in time, but I made it!” her panties were dripping wet, having touched herself before the call, thinking of all that was to come. “I’ll be there tomorrow, get yourself ready!” she finished, and hanged up.

Tomorrow, she would get James, her best friend, to worship her in any way she could imagine. She would *force* him to do so, and punish him for any disobedience. He was going to be her pet, her slave, as well as his sister’s. She kept caressing herself at the thought, going faster and faster. She imagined James licking the sweat off her feet. James stuck in her disgusting – running shoe, having to smell, sniff, breath in it. The ideas kept emerging in her mind, and she came as hard as ever.

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