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“You knew it had to happen.”

“But it is wrong.”

“Nothing so fun could be bad.”

Sadie had grown up around my house. She was a classmate of my younger son. Everyone called her “Sweet Sadie” because of her sunny disposition. Then, during her teen years, she sprouted a killer body – baby fat moulded into curves that even a devoted Dad had a hard time not staring at. Firm ripe tits that made all the guys want her to wash their cars, just to see her T shirt get wet. More than once, I could not help noticing how her nipples seemed tiny for her melons when they stiffened under a bikini top that struggled to restrain bouncing teen flesh.

Guys discovered Sadie early, and all through those years, she and Bart remained close, but not intimate. Maybe it was because he felt like she was a sister of another mother, or perhaps it was because, as he said, “Who would want her after the low life guys she fucks. She has lousy taste.”

‘Who? I would,’ I admitted silently to myself a few times. After all, Sadie was sweet, but not too bright. She had repeated a year in school, and was already eighteen. She often borrowed our shower to freshen up, and I fantasized about joining her, or perhaps being asked to fetch her a clean towel….

Bart’s Mom left us during those years, and devoting myself to work and parenting left sex as an infrequent treat.

The summer after Bart and Sadie’s junior year, we moved out of town. Not far, but just enough that if Sadie came to visit, driving her home late at night was an unwelcome chore. Thus, our spare room came to be known as “Sadie’s Room”. Bart slept in the basement. I had a cozy loft. However, there was no bathroom up in my space. In order to pee, I had to go down the stairs, and use the facilities in the room to the left of Sadie’s room. Her door faced those stairs.

Which is why it was bound to happen. One night, when I descended for my duty, I would bump into Sadie in that tight little space.

As luck would have it, I had stumbled down the steep stairs fretting over just how I would relieve my urgent bladder when my cock was at full erection. Possibly I was just piss proud, but more likely, I had been dreaming of Sadie, with her pillowy lips that just begged to wrap around my cock, while the long blonde hair framed her angelic face. I knew from Bart that she was no blushing virgin, but her look was like a Jane Austen heroine, fragile and pale, thus, innocent, no matter what reality was.

“Ouch,” I heard the grunt as my momentum carried me into the doorway of Sadie’s room. My hands instinctively rose, sliding against soft supple teen flesh. I suddenly realized that my erection must have impaled our house guest. Only the thin fabric of the oversized T shirt she wore as pyjamas had prevented skin on skin contact. Though, I imagined, Sadie likely also had panties on.

As my brain caught up, I registered surprise that Sadie had not screamed, nor had she bolted. Since I was frozen in the doorway, she could not run out of the room, but I might have expected her to flee to the bed, or a neutral corner. Instead, we stood a foot apart, my hands gently grasping her biceps, her breath washing over my face.

“My bad,” I said, my cock bobbing like an eager puppy in the space between our bodies.

“No problem,” Sadie replied. “It was bound to happen. The way the doors are, the space is so tight, you do have to almost step into my room to get out of your loft.”

She dropped her voice lower and continued. “I have laid in bed many nights, listening to you try to come down quietly to pee.”

“Sorry that it disturbs your sleep.”

Sadie titled her chin down a notch. In the weak light through the bathroom window, I thought that I detected a hint of a blush.

“It doesn’t bother me….” She stuttered. “It sort of….”

We waited awkwardly for her to finish, the house silent.

“…sort of excites me.”


“And I touch myself.” Sadie confessed.

“Because of me.”

“I think of you sneaking into my room. I know how you look at me when I’m here. I try to find ways to tease you — flash you the inside curve of my boob, make my tits jiggle a little extra, get wet on purpose. I dream about you becoming so hot for me that you just can’t resist. That’s what disturbs my sleep, not you sneaking down for a pee.”

If my hard on had flagged at all from the shock of the encounter, Sadie’s words revived it tenfold. I was now at full mast, to the extent that my tip was gently brushing against the front of her T shirt. I was tall enough compared to Sadie that if she lifted the shirt, I would be fucking her belly button.

“I never knew…” My turn to stammer.

“But, did you hope?”

I could not believe my ears. This nymphet was teasing me. My balls drew even tighter towards my groin, and the tip of my cock rubbed against her shirt as it tried to rise higher.

“I have to pee,” I said, trying to change the subject. In some remote corner of my brain, common sense bursa escort still prevailed, telling me that nothing good could come from a sexual encounter with Sadie.

“Can I watch?”


I could not believe Sadie had asked that. She looked so angelic, yet what she suggested seemed perverse.

“I’ve watched my brother do it,” Sadie shrugged, “what’s the big deal?”

The shrug made her melons jiggle vigourously under the thin fabric, the right one going up as the left went down, then bobbling slightly as they settled.

She chuckled. I wondered whether she was laughing at my inability to avoid watching her nipples, which I noticed were extremely stiff – tiny little points, but definitely aroused. We stood there for another moment that seemed as long as the night. Sadie’s face was close to mine, our bodies connected by my hands caressing her arms, my cock refusing to behave, bumping against her.

“Maybe you’re afraid you won’t be able to pee with me watching?” Sadie finally asked.

“No, I won’t be able to,” I admitted, my voice a croak. “I usually can’t piss with a hard on. Normally, I wait until I get at least a bit soft before I can void. I won’t soften with you watching.”

This time, Sadie giggled girlishly instead of the more womanly chesty chuckle of the earlier moment.

“I guess if I offered to hold it for you, that wouldn’t solve the problem?” she asked. Her big liquid eyes held steady on my face, I realized that throughout our conversation, she had not once looked down at the organ which insisted on poking into her belly.

“I think you should go back to bed,” I said.

“You don’t really mean that, do you?”

I loved how Sadie arched just her left eyebrow as she spoke, her lush lips spreading into that fuckable smile. I imagined her suggesting that I try and see if my cock might soften while I ate her. Maybe she wasn’t sophisticated enough to know that a man like me, who truly loves the taste of pussy, gets even harder while munching. The sane corner of my brain was glad she did not tempt me so, because I really needed to pee, not fuck. Or, more accurately, would not be able to fuck until I voided.

Finally, Sadie cast her eyes downward, her lips forming a pout, her shoulders slumping. Those perky nipples no longer reached upwards to tease my eyes, as her boobs sagged, defeated. If it was unclear to this point, I now knew that Sadie wanted this as much as I did. That did not make it right.

“You’re Bart’s friend…”

“Shhhh…I won’t tell if you don’t.”

“I still need to pee.”

Sadie giggled, her tits jiggling. Somehow, she had inched closer, and I now felt how hard her nipples were through her shirt as they brushed my chest.

“You aren’t the only one who is excited,” she teased.

Sadie stepped back a bit, crossed her left arm across her chest and removed my left hand from her right bicep. The hair on the back of my hand rubbed quickly across those erect nubs, sending shock waves up my arm, down my chest, and straight through my cock. I could feel the precum battling the urinary tract trying to command control of the cockhead.

I groaned as Sadie lifted the edge of her sleep shirt and steered my fingers up her inner thigh.

“Feel how wet I am,” she moaned as my fingertips grazed along swollen teen labia, already drenched by the flow that coated her girlish groin.

“You aren’t shaved,” I said as I thought it.

“I don’t have enough hair to bother.”

Sadie guided my hand, leading my fingers up her slit, not using them like a dildo, just allowing me a feel of her excitement. She did linger briefly when we reached her clit. It was impossible to tell whether it was her rocking action or my twiddling that caused that nubbin to bounce on my fingertips.

With a sigh, Sadie closed her eyes and used both hands to lift my fingers to her mouth. Her tiny pink tongue darted across her lips, tasting her own essence.

“Your turn,” Sadie giggled, nudging my fingers to my lips.

“Like honey,” I moaned as I licked her offering.

“How’s that cock of yours doing?” Sadie laughed, removing one hand from mine long enough to reach between our bodies.

None of Sadie’s naughtiness had done anything to relieve my excitement, and my bladder was still screaming at me. Her tiny hand curled around my hard shaft. She stroked slowly, once up to the tip, cupping the head in her palm, and then down the length, tickling my tight scrotum with her baby finger.

“I still need to piss,” I moaned.

Sadie was now gripping my girth tightly, squeezing, and pumping. I felt my slit gaping open. Bolts of pain shook my groin as the two tubes squished against each other, one full of piss, the other with sperm, both wanting to burst.

“We’d better fix that.”

Sadie took a firm grasp and used my cock as a handle to turn me towards the bathroom which had been my original goal.

“But if I try to piss when I’m hard, if anything at all comes out, bursa escort bayan it sprays all over.”

Sadie chuckled throatily, positioning me over the toilet, and then dropping to her knees, lifting the seat.

“I’ll just have to control the aim then.”

Her warm hand gently holding me was stimulating me in more than just a sexual way. I felt the familiar warmth of my bladder ready to void.

“But it isn’t an aim problem…the difficulty is that the swollen seed tube squeezes the pee tube sideways. My tip can be aimed straight and I’ll pee against the side wall.”

“Then I had better put something close to catch the stray stream. But what? Oh, I know -my mouth!”

I was shocked to hear this raunchy suggestion from that angelic face. The tiny glow of the bathroom nightlight showed her radiant smile. I realized then that Bart was right — Sweet Sadie was a not so secret slut. I also knew that I was way past worrying about the trashy guys who might have had her before me.

“You just need to relax a bit,” Sadie whispered.

“Sort of hard to do with the light making your shirt transparent, showing me those great tits from a whole new angle.”

Sadie chuckled. “I always knew you liked my chest. At first, I thought it was kind of creepy, and hid my assets when you were peeping, but after I saw how big your cock was one day when you were just semi hard in your shorts, I decided to start flaunting myself a bit. I hoped you might make a move. Now here we are.”

“But I still can’t go.”

With her free hand, Sadie twisted and turned on the hot water tap in the tub. “They say running water makes people want to pee,” she reasoned.

“Oh, I want to pee, that’s not what’s making it hard,” I replied, stiffer than ever since her movements had made those great firm teen jugs swivel and bounce before my eyes.

“Maybe this will help relax you then,” Sadie said, turning back to me.

The warmth of the washcloth surged through against my lower belly before I realized she had grabbed one from the side of the tub and had wet it in the hot water. First she simply held the heat in the middle of my abdomen a few inches below my navel, and then she slowly and gently rubbed in increasingly large circles. Once the shape became large enough to reach my belly button at one end and my root at the other, Sadie varied the pattern, rubbing downwards rather than around.

I moaned, finally feeling the pleasure of relaxation and release. Sadie had momentarily dropped her grip on my cock while overcome with enthusiasm for washing me. The force of my stream caused my cockhead to bob up and knock against her chin as the first rush sprayed out.

Sadie quickly grabbed my shaft as I smiled at the way the light made the droplets on her chin glow, as they dripped down onto her shirt, dampening it, emphasizing her bountiful boobs even more. She let the stream plunk into the toilet a while, but then she tilted her chin down, rising slightly, and directed the rest past her open lips, splashing a bit against her pearly white teeth, and coating her tongue before the bulk surged against the back of her throat.

“Yummy,” Sadie sighed dreamily, her hand pumping my semi erect cock.

She leaned a touch closer, her long hair brushing against my thighs, teasing my balls, a few strands caressing my shaft. Her tongue flicked quickly across her moist thick lips, tasting the final drops of piss dangling off my cockhead.

“Are you sure…” I started to ask, but my voice trailed off. We were well past the point of safe return.

Sadie’s tongue rolled underneath the helmet, bathing my flesh, while her tiny fist closed tight around the base, squeezing and then fisting up to where her mouth finally enveloped my purple monster. I felt the fingers of her other hand reach up and heft my balls, then she started rolling them expertly, massaging me quickly back to a full erection.

As I looked down at the slutty angel kneeling at my feet, I saw that my manhood was bulging in her cheek. As that registered, she popped the treat out of her mouth. The sudden exposure to the cool air only last a moment, as Sadie quickly began to lick all over my cock, lifting the shaft to start at the frenulum, and then bathe the underside from top to bottom. At the base, Sadie twisted her head one way and my organ the other, rotating her tongue around the girth.

Flattening her tongue, Sadie licked along the rigid vein seeming to want to burst out of the top side of my member. I could not recall the last time I was so solid. Not to mention the fact it had been many months since my last random encounter with any woman, and none of the recent ones had been as sensuous as the nymph at my feet.

As Sadie opened her lips, again swallowing the fat cockhead, I felt my balls tightening, pulling up closer to my groin. Her head bobbed up and down as she took more and more of my length with each swallow, eventually deep throating my full cock. Each stroke included a soft slow wrapping escort bursa of her tongue around the base of my cock before she started to ease me out of her lips an inch or so at a time. All the while, her fist pumped the base, retreating to knead my balls as she approached that spot.

“I’m going to come soon,” I warned.

“That’s okay, I like to swallow,” Sadie grinned, pausing with my tip resting on that ripe lower lip as she mumbled.

She moved her hand and mouth more quickly, seemingly eager to enjoy my load. My hips began moving, thrusting out towards Sadie, matching her rhythm.

Again, Sadie paused just as I was on the brink. When she opened her mouth to speak, I saw precum glistening on my glans, and her teeth had a sheen that was fresh as well. She grasped my root firmly in her fingers, squeezing, preventing an accidental explosion.

“I need to get fucked after this, I’m totally drenched. I’m so horny. If you come in my mouth, will you get hard again right away? I’ve never been with an old guy before, but I heard they don’t revive as fast as the guys my own age.”

I paused, as if I would seriously admit any risk of failure. Sadie’s damp breath teased my tip, her grip preventing a great gush of goo.

“I’ll be fine if I can play with your tits a while. Worse comes to worse, I’ll just eat you while I recuperate.”

Sadie giggled at the suggestions. “I bet I eat pussy better than the boys you usually have.”

“Oh, none of them like it much.”

“And I bet you taste really nice.”

“Well, you already know how I taste. Off my fingers is about the same, I think. Of course, I’ve never been able to eat my own pussy.”

As we chatted, Sadie continued pumping my prick, corkscrewing her hand from underneath the head and then down to the base, with the up strokes straight and fast. At the top, she was cupping the whole head in her tiny palm and giving it a soft squeeze before her next descent.

“Well, I love to eat pussy,” I promised.

That seemed to be all Sadie needed to hear, because she did not say another word before she nudged my tip towards her chin. When her fist reached the root, she bobbed her head down just the inch or so needed to take me back into her mouth. She pulled her hand up again, using the fingers of the other hand to knead my balls. As her fist stroked down once more, her head followed, and again I saw my head bulging in her cheek, before her tongue redirected it into her throat.

Sadie rolled my balls in her palm as she shifted her hand further back, with practiced ease way beyond what a youth should know. Suddenly, without warning, I felt a long finger slip into the crevice of my butt as my scrotum was mashed up into my body. The fingernail scraped along my tender flesh, sending shock currents through my entire body, up my torso to my fingertips, through my groin down to my toes, and, especially, right out the tip of my penis. Sadie began eagerly slurping more precum.

“I’m about to come,” I said, more to myself than anything, since Sadie had made it clear she was going to swallow.

Perhaps, though, Sadie had been waiting for that cue, because right after I spoke, she reached deeper, curling that finger up my ass, stabbing my prostate with her nail. My load churned in my balls, exploding through the pathways up my shaft, bursting out the tip and drenching the back of Sadie’s throat. She did not pause, rotating her finger in my anus, milking my gland, and kneading my ball sac all the while. Even in the dim light of the bathroom, I thought I could see her throat muscles pumping up and down, but perhaps I was imagining that I saw what I felt.

Sadie continued suctioning my offering until I was dry. Belatedly, I observed “Maybe that’s not the best way to leave me enough to get hard quickly.”

Right after I said that, Sadie tilted her head back and allowed my cockhead to plop out of her creamy lips. She smiled up at me angelically and replied, “But I didn’t want to miss a drop.”

I could see my goo glistening on her teeth, and coating her tongue as Sadie rose gracefully to her feet in a smooth ballet style movement. As she stood, her body drew closer to mine, the intense heat filling the gap. The very tip of her nipples might have brushed against my chest, though perhaps it was just the air vibrating through my body hair.

Sadie snaked her arms up over my shoulders, forcing me to bend, my face tipping towards her upturned chin. She linked her elbows behind my neck and drew me closer. Her flesh rubbing against mine was already sending shockwaves down my spine to my groin.

My hands found Sadie’s flesh as she brought her lips to mine. My fingers slid over her hips, and I quickly was grasping an ass cheek in each palm, lifting her to her tip toes as she dragged my head lower, completing the kiss. The salty taste of my seed transferred from her lips to mine instantly, and then was reinforced by a surge of flavour as Sadie opened her mouth wide and drove her tongue past my teeth.

I reciprocated, twirling the tip of my tongue against the inner edges of Sadie’s tiny teeth, sucking her offering of my goo into my throat. If she thought I would shy away from this exchange, she had another thing coming.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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