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I feel it

The time everyone has been talking about

The prophecy foretold for many generations

I smell it in the air

An age once forgotten about to return and cause chaos

But none now live, who remember that age.

It all began from the great Guthia Kingdom, a place for the immortals and divine beings. They were the first beings, powerful, wise and above all, beautiful… each gifted with their own unique powers. But none stronger and wiser than the great king Colinus.

He ruled for centuries, making sure that everything was perfect in his kingdom and that the mortals were protected. He was loved by everyone and was known for his great love for the mortals, giving them freedom and peace.

However, just like every other king before him, he couldn’t live forever. His time was ticking and he knew sooner or later, he’d have to answer the call and finally rest. It came a time when he had to choose an heir.

Everyone expected him to choose his son, Lucas, the god of thunder and one of the most admired in the kingdom. However, contrary to what everyone thought, Colinus chose his nephew, Mang, to be his successor.

When Lucas heard of this, he was furious.

“My son, you need to understand that this is for the best of the kingdom.” Colinus tried to explain.

Lucas couldn’t hear it. But deep within Colinus, he knew that his son’s heart was dark, filled with evil. All that he required was the great power to complete him. With that power was bound the power and strength to govern not only the human race but the immortals as well. Colinus couldn’t take that risk.

He trusted his nephew to continue with the peace that he worked so hard for, taught him all the secrets of the kingdom and the power of the scepter, the very weapon that could not only make life but destroy it as well.

In anger, Lucas left and nobody heard from him for years. They thought he was gone, but damn were they wrong.

Lucas returned, now master of the dark arts, cruel, malicious and with a will to dominate all life. The grand army of Guthia tried to fight him, but one by one they failed. They were too weak for his army. All hope was getting lost.


King Colinus was moving about in his throne room, tapping his fingers together. He couldn’t take screams anymore… there was the smell of something burning, brimstone. Any moment, he was ready to go out there and fight.

Suddenly, the door to the throne room opened and in came rushing the twins, his nephews, Ming and Mang. They bowed before him and he didn’t miss the worry on their faces.

“We have to get you out of here, my king.” Mang pleaded. “He’s just too powerful. He’s managed to destroy most of our army and he’s almost getting into this castle.”

Colinus sighed, staring at his nephews. “I can’t just leave my people and my kingdom to suffer. I have to protect them.”

“You don’t understand.” Mang rose, shaking his head. “We can’t let him get near you. He’ll destroy everything. We can’t let him get what he wants. All life that we know will be destroyed. You’re the only one with the power to recreate everything.”

King Colinus groaned in anger. “Come with me right now.”

The two brothers followed him behind until they came to smaller room. He extended his palm towards a wall and immediately his palm and eyes glowed blue and a rune appeared on the wall. It split apart, revealing a beautiful golden scepter that glowed blue as well. Colinus took the scepter and handed it over to Mang.

“Here!” He sounded urgent. “Take this and protect it with your life. As my successor, I install this great power upon you. Use it wisely and help the mortals live a peaceful life.”

“No!” Mang shook his head, gripping his uncle’s arm. “I am not leaving this place without you.”

“You need to understand, both of you.” He held both their hands. “You must live. You’re the only hope. If you die, all life as we know it dies with you. As for me, it’s about time I faced my fears. No matter what he has become, he’s still my son.”


“If you’ve ever respected me as your father, you’ll do this for me.”

Mang quickly rubbed the tears that came running down his cheeks. He nodded and got the trident from his uncle.

“Follow that passage.” He pointed to the wall that opened up. “It will lead you to the forest. Go as far away from this kingdom as possible. May our ancestors be with you.”

Mang and Ming didn’t need to be told twice. They followed the instructions as given as soon as they entered, the wall closed up, leaving Colinus all alone.

“May the gods guide you.” He whispered.

It didn’t take long before Colinus felt a dark presence approaching the room, the darkness that started engulfing him and the coldness that went down his spine. He could feel his hair whisking as he saw dark smoke coming into the room from under the door.

Then suddenly, the door exploded to pieces and began charging at him. istanbul travesti Colinus swung his hand quickly, moving them out of the way with his magic. The next thing he heard was heavy footsteps coming towards the door. From the darkness emerged a man, dressed like an ancient warrior, his armor with strange markings inked in blood.

His Blood red eyes were glittering with hostility. They were as wild and fearsome as any demon. His bright red hair was tied in a ponytail and the evil grin on his face made Colinus shiver. His fists were clenched, covered in blood and there was dark all over him.

“Hello father!”

His voice was as lifeless as a burial chamber.

“What have you done?” Colinus whispered. He couldn’t mask the surprise in his voice.

“You like it?” Lucas chuckled, opening his arms. “I have become what you didn’t wanna make me, a king.”

“You’re not a king, you’re a demon.” Colinus roared, his voice echoing throughout the room. “And you’re not my son. My son died long ago.”

“You turned me into this.” Lucas seethed.

“I didn’t turn you into this, you’ve always been this way. I thought I could save you but I was wrong.”

“Then I won’t waste both our time.” He said with a grim. “You know what I am here for. So, hand it over and maybe I might spare your life. Might even give you a chance to join me. But if you resist….” He paused and chirped. “… I’ll give you a slow and painful death.”

“I’d rather die.”

Lucas remained silent for a second and then all of a sudden burst out into a maniacal laughter. He threw back his heard as his let out an evil cackle. Then he suddenly stopped and stared at his father with a frown on his face.

He spread his hands at his side, palms up, and lifted them. Black fire rose around him. His power raged. He lifted his hand and shoved his palm forward, charging a fireball at his father. Colinus thrust his hand forward to stop the fireball but couldn’t stop it. It was just too powerful and he had to get out of the way.

There was an explosion behind him as the ball burned through the wall. He stared at his son wide eyed as he watched as the man shoved his hand forward, letting black and red flames race towards him. He created a shield quickly to try and stop it but watched as it exploded as soon as the flames touched it.

He was thrown back with such force. He flipped in the air and landed on his feet with a thud. It hurt. He knew at that moment that his son was stronger than he thought. He thrust his hand forward, revealing a powerful energy ball but Lucas blew it off like a birthday candle.

“Haven’t you gotten it up to now.” He laughed manically. “You cannot defeat me. I am stronger than your entire kingdom combined so hand the trident over.”

Colinus groaned and rose from the floor, floating in the air. But Lucas clenched his fist and threw his father to the wall with a thud.

“Hand it over, now!”

“Never!” Colinus groaned as he gathered his energy and broke free.

He charged at Lucas with all that he had, ripping him off the floor. He threw to the wall and made an energy ball quickly that he sent charging at his son. Just a flash, Lucas disappeared.

Before Colinus could process anything, he felt a hand grasp the back of his neck, trying to snap his neck. But he quickly moved and hit his son’s hand, letting himself free.

The two men dueled and fought with all that they had. But with each defense that Colinus made, he felt himself getting weaker. His son had the upper hand. With a yet powerful energy ball, Colinus was thrown to the ground and for the first time, he was hurt. He was bleeding, golden blood was coming out of his nose and every cut that he was inflicted on.

“Look at you…” Lucas chirped. “…crawling on the floor like a worm. It’s was not worth it because in the end, I still win. You won’t protect your precious scepter from me.”

Colinus tried to rise but was slammed back to the ground. He groaned in pain. He turned his head, catching the sight of the red vapor in the form of a long coil. It slithered over him like a snake, pinning him firmly to the ground.

“I am gonna make you watch as I destroy everything that you love. I’ll make you die slowly.”

Colinus screamed in pain as the coil pierced through him. But suddenly, he began laughing through his pain, surprising Lucas.

“You forget one thing, Lucas.” He groaned. “I always have things planned ahead. What you seek is not here. It is long gone and you’ll never see it again. So once again, your plan has failed.”


Lucas rushed to the wall where he knew the scepter was kept and opened it with his power. To his surprise, it was gone. He looked dumfounded. He slammed his fist into the wall and furiously turned. Before Colinus could say anything, Lucas tightened his grip on the coil, crushing him from the inside.

“Where is it?” He screamed.

His nostrils flared as he stared at his father. His eyes hardened and narrowed into slits as he watched istanbul travestileri his father scream in pain. “Where the hell is the scepter.”

“You’re too late.” Colinus gave a mocking smile.

“HA…..” Lucas screamed, literally breaking his father’s bones.

“You also forget something.” Colinus managed a word. “You and I share the same blood.”

The words he heard Colinus begin to murmur immediately filled Lucas with fear. He had heard them before. Colinus was performing a very dangerous spell. The room instantly felt like it was getting smaller. Lucas looked around in fear as his heart pounded in his chest.

He quickly unleashed a wall of fire right in front of Colinus but the man waved his hand, vanquishing the fire. A powerful force gripped him and brought him closer to his father who wrapped his arms around him as he whispered, “It’s all over!”

A splitting pain erupted through his chest and he screamed, his voice sounding like some damned creature in hell. The walls and the roof of the castle started collapsing as his scream intensified.

Colinus had cast a spell that was gonna take both their lives. There was a glowing sword that had pierced the both of them. Lucas thrust his hand, splitting his father into pieces. He screamed in pain as he tried to undo what his father had done. But it was just too powerful. In just a flash, he disintegrated into nothingness. With the both of them gone, the kingdom collapsed.

No one heard of the kingdom again. It was gone along with the two men. Ming and Mang were left without their immortality. They were now mortal, special mortals who retained their powers.

And we know the rest of the story.

Some say, Lucas lies in the shadows

Waiting for the perfect moment to rise again

As it is written in the prophecy, ‘There comes a day when impurity will be born, bringing the rise of what was forgotten and a new god. It shall be on the day that summer ends, the newcomer shall bring an end to peace and an age of fury.’




The rustling of the leaves

The sound of heavy feet on the wet ground

The pants

The water dripping down his body

The thunder and lightning splitting the sky as if the gods were angry that night

It was a very scary night, very cold and very different. It was the darkest night and the rains didn’t make it any easier. He took a glance behind, trying to see if there was something still chasing him. He couldn’t see a thing but yet knew there was something pursuing him.

He felt a surge of adrenaline as he forced his legs to push harder, hoping to find refuge. He was covered in blood and cuts all over his face. It wasn’t supposed to be like that that night. Things were supposed to go differently.

He ran like mad, from the mysterious thing following him. His breaths were sharp and frantic, his eyes wide filled with tears. Fear washed over him as he thought of the possibility of his life being cut short.

Suddenly, his leg caught into a hole and he went flying to the ground with a thud. He tried to move but the pain in his leg couldn’t allow him. It was broken. He had no choice but to begin crawling, hoping whatever had been following him wasn’t behind.

A cold wave embalmed him as the hair rose on the back of his neck and his mouth ran dry. There was someone behind him. He quickly lay on his back and found a dark figure staring at him. But that didn’t scare him. What scared him was the glowing knife the dark figure held in his hand.

“Please…” His voice was barely above a whisper. “…don’t do this. I am willing to pay anything.”

But he was stabbed mercilessly and his screaming busted through his lungs, the pain feeling like pins creeping along his spinal cord. The jungle was silent that night and everything must have heard him that night.


Aidan suddenly woke up from his sleep, breathing like he’d just escaped the hands of a predator. His eyes were glowing a light blue color and his fists were clenched. He had heard a high-pitched scream and he could have sworn it had been in his room. He had seen the images just like he’d been having almost every night. But this one felt so real, like he had been there.

His heart was throbbing in his ears, loud and irregular, but he barely heard it, for his mind was clouded with lots of questions. He took a deep breath and calmed himself down. His eyes went back to its normal color.

“What’s going on?” He thought as he wiped the sweat off his forehead. “Why do I constantly feel like there’s something bad about to happen?”

Aidan had never been as worried or confused as he was. He took a deep breath and decided to go to sleep right before he heard a baby’s cry coming from the smaller room. He took off the covers and was about to go when he felt a hand grip his.

“Where are you going?” Luis said in a sleepy voice.

“Jacob is crying.” He said with a sigh. “I need to go check what’s wrong.”

“It’s okay.” travesti istanbul Luis rose, rubbing his eyes. “I got it. My pretty groom can now go back to sleep.”

“But Luis….”

“No buts.” He smiled, catching his lips in the sweetest of kisses. “You do this most of the time. It’s my turn now.”

He got up, picked up his lobe and left.

Aidan smiled as he stared at his husband, feeling his heart beat rhythmically. After 4 years, he still saw his husband as the most handsome man on earth. His piercing grey eyes still looked at him with so much love even after being together for four years. His lips… oh those beautiful lips that kissed him as the day they’d first confessed love to each other. And that golden brown hair, silky and soft that he loved playing with. Aidan had the best four years of his life despite their painful separation years ago.

His body, that muscular body that he loved laying in and waking in every morning. He couldn’t wish for anything more.

Aidan forgot about his troubles and he lay on the bed with a smile on his face. He could hear the lullaby coming from the other room and he felt at peace. He went to sleep with a smile on his face.


Aidan came out of the bathroom toweling his wet hair. He was putting on a black skinny jean with a royal robe that made him look beautiful. He went a stood in front of the mirror and snapped his finger. His hair was now made into a ponytail with a strand of pink. He was looking gorgeous.

A smile swept across his face as he stared into the mirror. Nothing had changed much. He was still the same boy he had been 4 years back, just more matured. He was now a father to a father year old boy and a husband to the most gorgeous man. He had a lot of responsibilities now.

As he was busy lost in his day dreams, he felt someone pulling on his robe. When he looked down, he found a cute looking boy with chocolate brown hair looking up at him with a smile on his face. Oh… his heart raced with joy as he stared at the boy. His cute little face, his perfect smooth skin, eyes like his and a face that was completely of his husband.

“Hey baby.” He waved like a little child. “How are you? Come here.”

He took the boy and put him on his lap, kissing his cheeks playfully.

Jacob laughed at the top of his voice.

“Daddy…” He said in his sweet voice. “…that’s ticklish.”

Aidan stopped and just smiled. “I love you so much, Jacob.”

“I love you too, daddy.” He said as he kissed Aidan on the lips. “I wanna play with you, daddy. You promised me yesterday. You and papa.”

Aidan too a deep breath, not losing that smile on his face. “Papa is a little busy right now. But I promise that once he’s done, he’s gonna play with you. As for now…”

He put his son on the floor and chuckled. “I am coming to get you.”

Jacob laughed as he began running around the room with Aidan behind him. As father and son played, happiness expanded in Aidan’s heart. He felt like his feet barely touched the ground. He let the happiness soak into his bones. It was magical and he wanted it to never stop. His son’s smile as he chased him, his tiny giggles and the way he was running. It was a feeling he didn’t wanna let go of.

However, he couldn’t do that for a long as he heard voices coming from outside. He quickly stopped and just stood still, trying to understand what was going on. As he stood, he recognized his husband’s voice and knew that something was up.

He stared at his son who was staring back at him with a smile.

“Err… baby, can you please wait for me for a bit?” He asked with a smile. “I need to go and check on your father.”

Jacob nodded and started running around the room laughing.

Aidan rushed down the stairs to the living room and found his husband shouting at about five guards who had bowed before him. He got really worried because he knew his husband was too angry.

“What am I supposed to do?” Luis’ voice was so loud, so thunderous. “Do you want me to do your jobs for you? How long has it been? 2 months and yet you give me nothing but the same stories.”

“I am very sorry, your highness…” The head guard trembled. He couldn’t raise his head. “…but we’ve tried everything and we’re still trying our best.”

“Your best is not enough!” Luis roared; his fists clenched at his sides. “My parents have been missing for three months and yet you have not given me anything. You are all useless.”

“Your highness….”

“Get out of my sight!” He thundered, stamping his foot on the floor.

The guards bowed and quickly left. Luis was just too angry. He felt his temperature rising and there were veins bulging out his head. His head felt as though it would split in two. He rubbed his temples but the headache persisted.

“Fuck!” He screamed.

He slammed his fists down onto the table so hard, it echoed throughout the room. That was when he saw him, the boy that stood on the stairway, staring at him with worry in his face. He immediately panicked.

“My love!” There was something behind that voice. He was vulnerable.

He took a deep breath and relaxed. It was hard for his mind to be in panic when his body was relaxed.

He extended his hand to Aidan. “Please, come to me, baby.”

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