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The following story is fiction and does not describe any real person or situation in particular. All characters are over eighteen.


My name is Jessica, and this is the story about how I became one man’s whore. I was a talented nineteen-year-old violin student auditioning for my college orchestra. Making the orchestra wouldn’t be a problem at all, but I had a real chance to get the concertmaster position and wanted to make a big impression on the conductor. College freshmen usually wouldn’t be experienced enough to get the concertmaster position, but I was good. I knew I could play just as well as the other top players, but I wanted to make sure I left no room for doubt.

Aside from my violin playing, the one thing that made me stand out from everyone else was my looks. I grew up the only daughter of a Caucasian father and an Asian mother. The result was a smooth caramel tanned figure, beautiful bright eyes, long silky dark hair, cute perky breasts, and a tight little ass. I knew my body was hot, and I intended to use it.

I had bought a new concert black outfit to wear for the audition. It was a form fitting one piece pull over mini dress with lace around the shoulders. To call it a skirt was generous. It was more of a micro-mini that came up well above mid-thigh and hugged my tight ass beautifully. A pair of black ankle boots with two-inch heels made my legs look incredible and finished the look.

Although, what would really get the maestro’s motor running was what I had on underneath. Instead of a bra and panties, I was wearing my new string bikini I had purchased at the mall. The top was white and pink striped with strings that tied around my neck and behind my back, lifting my perky breasts up as if they were being presented for evaluation. The matching bikini bottoms tied at my hips and fit amazingly snug around my ass and pussy. When I put it on this morning I had taken so many pictures of myself posing in front of my bedroom mirror that I felt like a model. “Just wait till he sees this,” I thought to myself as I admired my figure wearing the tiny bikini.

I strutted confidently into my audition room with my violin in hand. The maestro actually did a double take when he looked up from his desk and saw me in my black micro-mini skirt. I smiled to myself as he tried to play it off, but as I turned around to close the door I knew he was looking me over, undressing me with his eyes. It felt amazing to have that kind of effect on a guy, and I loved the feeling of power that came with it.

Really wanting to tease him, I “accidently” dropped my sheet music, letting the loose papers scatter around on the floor.

“Oops, sorry,” I purposely bent over at the waist to pick up the pages, giving the conductor plenty of time to stare at my firm ass which was outlined beautifully by my tight mini-skirt.

I really made a show of it, and I knew my ass was driving him crazy. It was such a powerful rush to know that I could do this to him.

Placing the music on the stand, I sat down in the chair and began playing the audition material. My skirt was so short already, but bending over had caused it to ride up. If I had been standing, he would have seen the lower part of my tight ass peeping out from the bottom of the skirt. Being seated though made the skirt ride up all the way past my inner thighs.

Continuing the tease, I spread my legs apart slowly, giving him an incredible view right up my skirt. My playing was excellent, but I don’t think he actually heard me. He had other things distracting his concentration, and that’s exactly what I wanted.

When I finished playing my solo piece (I purposely chose the seductive first movement of the Mendelssohn Violin Concerto) I lowered my violin and looked up innocently at the maestro.

“That was quite good Jessica,” he complimented me.

“Thank you,” I flashed a sweet smile.

Time to go for it. One shapely leg at a time, I placed my ankle boots on top of his desk, spreading my legs as wide as they would go, giving him a full, clear view up my skirt. I felt almost obscene doing it, and my heart was racing.

“So…um…do you think…I could be considered…for the concertmaster position?”

I gave him the sexiest look I had in my arsenal. The maestro didn’t say a word. He just smiled slyly, dragging out the moment as I sat in front of him with my legs spread wide, my breasts rising and falling with each nervous breath.

“How old are you Jessica?” He said finally.

The question caught me off guard. “Um…nineteen.”

“Do you think you are the only hot violin student to come through that door and try to use their looks to influence me?”

“Um…n…no,” I said timidly, wondering if I just blew my chance. Stay confident girl, stay confident.

“I’ll give you credit though, Jessica,” he stood up from his desk and walked around behind me. “You are certainly one of the most talented and sexy violinists I’ve come across, so I’ll made a deal with you.”

With his hand the illegal bahis maestro gently touched me between my legs, stroking my pussy through my bikini bottoms in small circular motions.

“Oh…” I gasped at his firm but soft touch. His boldness took me by surprise.

“I thought so,” he said slipping his hand inside my bikini bottoms to touch my naked pussy. “You’re wet Jessica, and unbelievably horny right now aren’t you?”

I couldn’t speak. Closing my eyes I nodded my head quickly as he began to stimulate my clit.

“Fine, so here is the deal. You give me complete control of your body for the next two hours, allow me to do whatever I want with you, and the concertmaster position is yours.”

I only half heard his words. I was in a haze of pleasure as he gently tortured my clit with his artistic hand.

“Umm…” I sighed and laid my head back in contentment.

“Do you agree?”

I liked my lips nervously. Could I really do this? Let him do anything he wants to me? Another jolt of intense pleasure through my body made up my mind for me.

I nodded my agreement.

“I need to hear you say it Jessica.”

My legs were beginning to quiver. “Yes…ohgod…I…agree.”

“Good,” the maestro took his hand away, leaving me dangling at the edge of orgasm. “Stand up.”

Slightly deshelved, I closed my legs and stood to face him, my timid eyes looking up to him in submission.

“Now before we go, you need to lose the dress.”

I hesitated. “We aren’t…you know…doing it…here?”

The maestro shook his head. “I have a special room for girls like you. Its hidden though, and has to remain hidden. So you are going to have to be unconscious while I take you there.”

My eyes widened in disbelief. I had not expected this much preparation on his part. Apparently though I wasn’t the first girl to play this game. When I did my research on the university I did notice that all the orchestra concertmasters the past several years had been girls…really hot girls. Nothing bad had ever happened to them though. In fact, most went on to become professional orchestra players or soloists. I felt like I was getting in over my head, but I also felt I would be okay.

“Alright,” I accepted quickly before I could change my mind. I trembled as I moved closer. My heart raced as I prepared to give my body to him to use as he pleased. It calmed me a little to tell myself that this was what I wanted. I was giving myself to him like a present ready to be unwrapped and played with. I decided I no longer wanted to think for myself. I just wanted him to use my body, and do things to me without even asking my permission.

I stared submissively into his eyes as he gripped the sides of my miniskirt and slowly began to pull it up over my ass. Raising my arms high, he pulled the dress up over my head, my gorgeous body spilling out of the dress inch by inch. As he tossed the dress aside, the maestro looked me over intently. My bikini had never felt smaller or more revealing.

“Wow Jessica,” he looked genuinely impressed. “I’ve seen some beautiful figures before but you are absolutely perfect.”

I actually flashed a genuine smile. It felt so good to stand out from the other girls he’d seen.

“Ready?” He prepared to put his hands over my nose and mouth.

I took a deep breath, closed my eyes, and nodded.

That was the last thing I remembered until I woke up.

I was on my knees face down when my head cleared. I had no idea where I was or how long I had been out. I tried to get up, only to realize that my wrists were bound. A tug with my legs made me realize that my ankles were restrained as well. Ironically, it was a fainting couch, and my legs were spread wide straddling it with my ankle boots attached to the base of the furniture. There was no chance of escape.

I noticed that the position my body was in was designed solely for the purpose of giving easy access to my ass and pussy. Apparently he wanted me comfortable though because the couch was very soft. He also had placed a pillow under my hips to raise my ass up even higher. I felt so exposed and vulnerable. My bikini was still on for now but I had a feeling it would be coming off soon. My heart raced as my mind went into overdrive thinking of the perversions he was going to perform on my body.

The room was lit softly. It wasn’t huge but it did look nice. I had kind of expected a dark dungeon or something, but it actually looked like a normal pleasant room. There was only one door though, and no windows.

Directly in front of me was a mirror set up so I could see everything he was going to do to me. Attached to the mirror was a flip camera that was pointed directly at my face. Mygod! He was going to record my reactions as he did degrading things to me.

I whipped my hair back to look over my shoulder and saw him behind me. He was still dressed and arranging various objects on a desk. My eyes went wide. Was he going to put those things inside me? It was then I noticed illegal bahis siteleri the tripod set up behind me. Mygod! He was going to record me from behind too!

“You’re back, Jessica,” he said gently gliding his hand down my back and over my bikini-covered ass. “Now we can really begin your audition.”

I started to realize that I had gotten way in over my head. I glanced back over my shoulder at him with a submissive look. “Ohmygod, please be gentle with me.”

He smiled. “Do you honestly think a whore deserves to be fucked gently?”

The question was rhetorical. I saw the answer in his eyes. He was going to fuck me hard. I realized though that the sense of anticipation, even danger, was really turning me on. My pussy tingled when he called me a whore. It felt degrading…and it excited me.

I shivered when he touched me, gliding his soft hands all over my figure as if he owned my body. He took his time, exploring every curve and sensitive area. I squirmed as he teased between my legs, watching myself in the mirror as I reacted to being touched. It was so erotic to see myself experiencing my own pleasure. I began to wonder how I would look while he was fucking me.

I was brought back to reality when I felt my bikini bottoms being slid down over the curves of my ass. Almost immediately I felt the bikini strings on my hips being pulled. In seconds my bikini bottoms were gone and my pussy felt more exposed than at any other time of my life.

Through the mirror reflection, I saw the maestro pick up a small object from the table. I quickly looked over my shoulder at him.

“Mygod,” I said worriedly, “what is that?”

The maestro smiled. “Have you not ever seen a butt plug before, Jessica?”

My mouth fell open. “Are you going to put that in my ass?”

He nodded. “Its just to get you ready for what’s to come.”

My mind had barely registered his words when he placed both his hands on my ass cheeks and slowly spread them apart.

“Ohgod…” I jumped as I felt the glass object being inserted. When I had first come up with this plan I thought that he would just want me to give him a blowjob or something, but now he was filming me while forcing something up my ass! It was so degrading, but it was also an exciting sensation to feel something being pushed inside me against my will.

“Ahhhh!” I cried out flinging my head back. “Ow! Ow! OW! OW!”

The maestro stroked my hair with his free hand. “Shhh…its okay Jessica. Just relax and it will go in easier.”

I nodded, taking some deep breaths as the butt plug continued to tunnel further inside me.

“There Jessica,” the maestro encouraged me as the plug came to rest fully inserted into my ass. “My you are new at this aren’t you?”

My eyes had begun to well up. I nodded quickly.

“That’s okay, you’ll love what’s next.”

I moaned in pleasure as I felt the maestro insert two fingers inside my wet pussy. Immediately he began thrusting in and out of me as fast as he could.

“OHMYGOD!!” I screamed as he inserted a third finger inside me and went into overdrive, pushing deep into my pussy over and over again at unbelievable speed.

“That’s it, Jessica,” he said as his hand jack hammered my pussy. “Go ahead and scream all you want. The room is soundproof.”

Immediately the maestro began spanking my ass repeatedly with his left hand while his right continued to pound my pussy.

“OHFUCK!! PLEASE!! AAAHHH!! FUCK!! FUCK!!” I was screaming the walls down as each slap on my ass degraded me further. I glanced in the mirror and saw myself being sexually tortured and ruthlessly spanked all while a butt plug was resting inside my ass. Who was this girl? Had I been a whore all along, or was he turning me into one? All I knew is that my body wanted more pleasure, no matter how I got it.

I began rolling my hips, grinding my pussy into his hand. It was a slutty move but I was too far gone to care. I looked at the camera in front of me, the red light a reminder that everything was being recorded and would be preserved forever. I could only imagine what the camera behind me was seeing. The shame I felt at being treated like this was a huge turn on, and plunged me immediately into a massive orgasm.

“OOOOHHHHH FFFUUUUUCK!!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. My eyes went wide and I saw myself in the mirror staring back at me having the most unbelievable climax I’d ever experienced.

“OH FUCK I’M COMING!!” Who was this girl? It couldn’t be me, but somehow it was. I was a toy being used for his pleasure so I could get an orchestra position as concertmaster. I WAS a whore after all, one that was coming really REALLY hard.

“OH FUCK!! OH SHIT!! DAMMIT!! DAMMIT!! FUCK!!” I screamed and swore like a sailor as my pussy flooded. The combination of feeling both pleasure and shame was unbelievably hot.

As the waves of orgasm began to subside, I was trying desperately to control my breathing so I wouldn’t pass out. I looked back over my shoulder again canlı bahis siteleri to see the maestro removing his fingers from my pussy and using his other hand to gently remove the butt plug from my ass.

“Ahh!” I tensed up as the plug came out, another sensation I had never experienced before.

For a moment I wondered if my ordeal had ended, but as the maestro parted my ass cheeks again I realized we were just getting started.

“No! Please!” I looked over my shoulder and gave him a look of desperation. “Not my ass again.”

A hard slap came down on my rear. “SMACK”

“Shut up whore,” he said placing his right hand between my ass cheeks and pushing a finger inside me.

“Oh fuck…” I whimpered as I felt his finger, lubricated by my own pussy, violate my most forbidden entrance.

Then I realized…

He called me “whore”, not “Jessica”.

My hips began squirming. The pressure felt wonderful and made me want to pull him in deeper.

A second finger joined the first. I looked at myself in the mirror, watching my reactions as each finger violated me. They never stopped pumping, always working to go deeper and open me further.

“Oh fuck…” I whispered to myself as I felt his third finger go in. The pressure was amazing. Ohgod how was he doing this? I felt so perverted as I wiggled my hips, inviting him to continue with the torture.

As his fourth finger entered my ass, my eyes went wide and my mouth fell open, unable to scream. It felt like he was ramming a pole inside me. Each time he pulled out, I noticed my ass no longer closed around his probing fingers. I couldn’t see what the camera behind me was recording. The front camera, however, told me everything as I saw myself in the mirror.

This was me. Whore…bitch…cunt. I was his plaything, and I loved everything about how I felt: degraded, defiled, submissive, used, and humiliated.

When he forced a huge vibrator into my pussy I started to cry.

“OHGOD NO PLEASE!! ITS TOO MUCH!!” I thrashed violently in my restraints. This was destroying me! I felt like he was raping my entire body…except I reminded myself that I had agreed to it.

I barely noticed when he pulled the strings on my bikini top and set my breasts free. Taking two clamps from the table, he attached them one at a time to my hard sensitive nipples as I begged and pleaded. It was both the most amazing pleasure and the worst torture of a medieval inquisition. When I saw myself in the mirror I looked obscene, and I absolutely loved it. I was a violin princess who had become a whore.

Giving in to my most perverted thoughts, I tried to push my ass further on his fingers…and then it happened.

“AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!” I screamed loud enough to break glass. My body felt like it was going to rip in half. I threw my head back and cried out at the ceiling as his entire hand slid all the way into my ass. I felt a sense of fullness like nothing I’d ever experienced before as his entire fist came to rest inside me. I was floating on a cloud of endorphins, lost in a world I’d never discovered until now, and when he reached under my hips with his left hand to touch my clit, all my inhibitions came crashing down as I came in one enormous explosion of orgasmic pleasure.

“FFUUUUUUUUCCCKK!!” My pussy gushed everywhere, completely soaking his hand, the vibrator, the couch, everything. I shook and twitched and trembled as my body took over completely. Nothing could stop this orgasm, and I rode it out to the very end, so thankful to the maestro for making my body do this, and showing me how it feels to truly be a sexually liberated woman.

I collapsed on the sofa, completely exhausted, panting heavily and moaning in wonderful fulfillment. I squealed into the cushions as he pulled his hand out of my ass and the vibrator out of my pussy. It had been the most degrading and humiliating torture, but I actually felt a desire for him to do that to me again sometime.

Leaving me a disheveled mess and still tied down to the sofa, the maestro went over to the sink to wash up. Then walking around to the front of the couch he knelt down to get face to face with me.

“Well done Jessica,” he said softly as he brushed a lock of hair out of my face, my eyes dilated and glistening with moisture from the ordeal. I gave little girly yelps as he gently removed the clamps from my sensitive nipples, freeing my perky breasts from their punishment.

I looked up at him with the most submissive eyes. “Am I your whore now?”

As he leaned in to kiss me gently on the lips, I closed my eyes and enjoyed the tenderness of the moment. It was a wonderful feeling of warmth after such an intense torture session.

When the maestro pulled away from the kiss, he smiled and whispered in my ear. “Whores don’t usually kiss.”

I cocked my head to the side and smiled cutely. “This one does.”

The maestro gave me a quick kiss on my forehead. I cutely scrunched my nose and watched as he stood up to walk back around behind me.

“You’ve done fantastic Jessica,” he said undoing his trousers and placing his hard cock up against my labia. “Or should I say ‘concertmaster’?”

“Ohgodyes!” I gasped as his cock slid all the way into my wet and now very sensitive pussy.

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