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Thank you so much for your comments! Enjoy!


{I feel like such a jerk…} Cadogan thought. {I met the woman hours ago and I can’t even keep it in my pants} Cadogan gave an exasperated sigh and set the last dish on the rack to dry. {Please God don’t let me have fucked this up…} Cadogan went out into the dining area and Kara was gone. Suddenly Cadogan felt his stomach drop and a wave of anxiety wash over him. He walked by the living room and didn’t see her there; he went back to the master and even looked in the master bath, but she was nowhere to be found.

Boris came up to him and pushed his nuzzle against Cadogan’s hand. “Not now boy.” Boris nudged his hand again. Cadogan looked down at Boris with irritation, causing Boris to whine and paw at the floor. Then it clicked in Cadogan’s head. {This woman has me wound tighter than a friggin’—} Boris whined again. Cadogan bent down. “Do you know where she is boy? Can you take me to her?” Boris yipped in response, and started towards the living room, going around the couch to face Kara.

Cadogan chuckled and ran his fingers in his hair, his heart finally calming down. {She is sleeping…wow, I got that worked up and she was just lying down on the couch} Boris lifted up his paw to nudge her but Cadogan hissed for Boris to stay back. Cadogan walked around to the front of the couch. Cadogan couldn’t help but just watch her as she slept, though this time her hair was mussed, and her clothes askew. Cadogan smiled as he remembered why; thinking she looked even prettier now than before.

Cadogan kneeled down to her side, wanting to touch her…but he would have to hold back until she made a move. He didn’t want what happened earlier to happen again; not only for their sake, but for the his sake—{I don’t think I can stand having another case of blue balls like that again}

Cadogan gently picked up Kara and tried to suppress his arousal when she instinctively clung to him and sighed. Cadogan carried Kara to his bedroom and laid her down on the bed, pulling the covers up over her. She looked so serene laying there; he wondered how she had stumbled in his path. {Better not let this one get away}


Kara woke to the sound of a shower running. {What?—} Suddenly yesterday’s events flooded her mind. Kara put her hand to her head and sighed. {Cadogan… is in the shower…} Kara sat up and got out of the bed. She suddenly realized her panties were soaked. {Damn that man. Well, since he is in the shower I might as well get them off now} Kara walked through the house, looking for the laundry room. She spotted it and peeked inside, hoping for a miracle. {Success! Before her on the dryer was a stack of neatly folded towels.

Kara started taking off her clothes, and realized she smelled. {At least now I have an excuse to use that glorious shower} As she was taking off her underwear, it caught on her foot and she nearly lost her balance, bouncing up and down trying to get the blasted thing off of her. Then she heard a gasp…a very male gasp. Kara stilled. {Oh…my…God…} She turned toward the direction of the sound and her mouth went dry.


Cadogan woke up on the couch, the sun shining in his eyes. He groaned as he got up and stretched, thinking about how the day would play out…hoping for the best. He looked down and let out another groan. {Morning wood…} He walked into his bedroom and saw Kara sleeping in his bed. He smiled; {She sure does look comfortable} Kara was stretched out on the bed, one leg beneath the covers, one leg on top. One arm was beneath the pillow; the other stretched above her head. She was also sleeping with her mouth open…{But in the most delicate way…} Cadogan thought chuckling to himself.

At his slight chuckle, Kara moaned and shifted in the bed causing her shirt to pull down and Cadogan’s cock to twitch. {Damn that woman} Cadogan was now fully erect, and more sexually frustrated than he had felt in a long time. He stalked off to the shower, gently closing the door despite his frustration. He turned the water to its hottest setting, and sat on the toilet picking up his book. {Where did I leave off yesterday morning…oh yes…} Cadogan sat there, willing his cock to behave while finishing the chapter as the shower steamed the room.

Cadogan Escort bayan set the book down on top of the toilet seat tank and walked into the shower, adjusting the knob before he stepped under the water. He put his hands on the marble wall in front of him and hung his head, letting the cascading water fall on his neck and shoulders. He closed his eyes and the first image that came to mind was Kara, when she was standing in his bathroom.

Suddenly the thought of Kara naked and in the shower with him flashed in his mind. Cadogan moaned, his cock becoming hard again. {Fine!} Cadogan grasped his cock, and started stroking it, images of Kara flashed through his mind, firstly with the way she responded to his kisses, the way she clutched him when he picked her up…the way she looked after they had kissed…

Cadogan’s hand started moving faster as he imagined her in the shower with him: Kara stepped under the water with him and tilted her head back, letting the water flow down her body. She tilted her head back down and looked Cadogan in the eyes as she lifted her hands up and ran them through her hair. Cadogan moaned as he saw the water flowing over her face and tits. Then Kara leaned forward and was about to kiss Cadogan, but sucked his lower lip into her mouth and nibbled, pulling back slightly before releasing it. She then roamed her hands over his chest and abs, her hands coming to rest on his cock. She touched him so lightly; he barely felt it, making his cock jerk. Kara smiled and pressed her body up against his. Cadogan was about to kiss Kara when she started to slide down his body , rubbing her tits all the way down, his cock sliding between her tits and butting against her face until she was kneeling in front of him. Kara looked into his eyes as she licked the head of his cock.

“Oh Fuck!” Cadogan moaned as his orgasm pulled him from his fantasy. As he came, the water hitting his cock made his orgasm even stronger. After what seemed like minutes, Cadogan braced his arm against the wall, supporting him. {God that was a good nut} Cadogan lathered himself up quickly and rinsed off, having the hindsight to save some hot water for Kara.

He stepped out of the shower and grabbed for his towel, only to realize it was not there. {Oh Shit! I left them on the dryer!} Cadogan shook out his arms and legs and slicked his hair back to get rid of the excess water before venturing out into his room. He noticed Kara was gone. {Maybe she is just using the restroom…I better hurry before she comes back} Cadogan quickly sprinted for the laundry room, but the sight before him stopped him dead in his tracks.

Kara was naked, pulling off her underwear. {Sweet Jesus…I knew she had a great ass} Suddenly her underwear got caught on her foot, and she started jumping up and down trying to keep from falling over. He couldn’t suppress the gasp as his cock became instantly hard again watching her ample tits bouncing up and down, swaying back and forth.

Suddenly Kara stilled; he knew she had discovered his presence. Her head turned to the side and she saw him, and after a brief instant of shock, whirled around reaching for a towel. She forgot that her underwear was still at her feet and started to fall. {Oh no…}


Kara looked at Cadogan, her mouth going dry. To a simple girl like her, he might as well have been a Greek God. His hair was falling into his face, framing those intense green hazel eyes. That chest she had felt earlier certainly owned up to her suspicions. His chest was muscled and broad, his muscles lightly lined, showing he cared about his physique but did not spend hours upon days at the gym.

Her gaze drifted down to his thick…erect cock and she straightened up and whirled around reaching for a towel, only to fail miserably and start to fall instead. When she hit a hard object, her eyes slowly peeked open, gasping when she realized it was Cadogan’s chest. “How did you—.” Kara felt that cock against the inside of her thigh and stilled. Cadogan slowly lifted her up and set her down, reaching for a towel and wrapping her in it first.

Kara looked at him, and her mind was racked with thoughts. She quickly glanced at his cock, and then back at him again. Cadogan saw her quick glance and it sidetracked him from grabbing a towel for Bayan Escort himself. {What is she thinking?} Kara knew he was aroused last night, but did nothing about it. {He stopped when I wanted him to, without saying a word. He saved my life yesterday, and saved me once again today. He cooked me dinner, did the dishes, tucked me in bed…gave me a dog…} Suddenly a voice popped into her head. {KARA! You have not been laid in years! Years! This is not a relationship! He cannot hurt you, you are not in love!}

Kara openly looked back at his cock, now feeling the sudden urge to touch it. She saw it twitch, and looked back at Cadogan’s face. She could see his pain even as he tried to hide it from her. {Well, I always did enjoy it…} Cadogan saw something flash in her eyes, and then everything seemed to happen in slow motion.

Kara dropped the towel and took a step closer to him. There was something forbidden in her stare; he couldn’t quite catch it. Then she seemed to be falling again, but this time it was controlled; precise. When her hands touched his cock he moaned as his hips bucked uncontrollably. She looked up at him and smirked, loving the fact that she could do this to him. She started licking his cock up and down, all over like she was savoring it.

But little did Cadogan know she was just preparing his cock for her next move. She licked his head and in a smooth movement took his cock in her mouth. Cadogan gasped, not believing what he was seeing. Kara pulled back, leaving just the head of his cock in her mouth. She sucked in her mouth, (similar to drinking from a water bottle without letting the air in) and started to push down on his shaft.

The pressure in her mouth made Cadogan see stars. Kara kept descending, moving her tongue to one side so her cheek would massage the other side of his cock as she went down further, deep-throating him. Kara still kept the pressure, going down until his cock started going down her throat. Cadogan grabbed her hair as if to hold on.

She stopped at the base of his shaft, then suddenly released the pressure, causing Cadogan to moan loudly and buck again. She gently sucked her way back up to the head of his cock again, and began to descend in the same manner again. “Kara…” Cadogan looked down and moaned. Kara decided this was too good to pass up now. Kara smiled around his cock, then started going up and down faster, keeping light pressure. Cadogan suddenly realized she was fingering herself as she was blowing him.

“Oh my God, Kara…you’re going to make me—.” At that, Kara moaned around his cock, the vibration triggering his orgasm. “Fuck! Kara!” Kara released the pressure and started swallowing all his cum, moaning the whole time as her own orgasm took her. When Cadogan stopped jerking, Kara slowly stood up and smiled, having a feeling of satisfaction she hadn’t felt in years.

Cadogan just stared at her in shock, wonder, awe… “Kara…where…how did you learn to do that…what did you even do?” Kara just beamed back at him, loving every minute of it.

“Self taught.”

“Kara, that was…Oh my God…”

Kara giggled. She couldn’t help it. “Glad you enjoyed it so much.”

Kara bent down to get the towel she dropped on the floor, and Cadogan groaned. Kara smiled. She wrapped it around herself and handed a towel to Cadogan, who absent mindedly put it around his waist. Kara looked at him, still lost in a euphoric state and chuckled. “Mind if I use your shower?” Cadogan started to nod, then got a confused look on his face. “I will take that as a yes.”

As soon as Kara left the room, Cadogan walked to the nearest chair and collapsed. {Kara…Kara…} She had completely changed his whole life in a matter of hours. {What had happened? Where had this completely confident Kara come from?} A voice seemed to answer for him: {I don’t know but I sure as hell want to find out more} Cadogan smiled at that thought.

Kara walked into the bathroom and headed for the shower. She walked in and turned on the water, surprised it was warm already. She stepped under the water, the force of it soothing her tense muscles. {God this feels good} Kara just stood there, letting the warmth sink into her body, her thoughts returning.

{I can’t believe I actually just did that…but it felt soo good} Escort Kara blushed at her thoughts. Kara began to scrub herself, and smelled his shower gel. {Now I am going to smell like man all day…} Kara laughed. She couldn’t help the warm feeling that had come over her. It had been so long since she allowed herself to indulge; instead of running the other way. Kara’s thoughts continued to rack her mind as she finished her shower.

Cadogan was snapped out of his trance at the sound of Boris scratching at the back door. Cadogan willed himself to get up and let Boris in. {I suppose I should begin to cook breakfast anyway} Cadogan thought about what to cook her for breakfast. {I will peg her for a scrambled eggs with cheese kind of girl} Cadogan started walking to the kitchen, then stopped and realized he still needed to get dressed. {Jeez.}

Cadogan walked into his bedroom and heard Kara still in the shower. {Better pull out something for her to wear} Cadogan got dressed and pulled out his tightest shirt and rummaged through his closet for that pair of jeans that doesn’t fit anymore. A thought suddenly crossed Cadogan’s mind. {I wonder…} Cadogan went to his tie rack and pulled out a tie he had not worn in years. He left the clothing on the bed and went to the kitchen to start breakfast.

Kara stepped out of the shower and grabbed the towel, drying herself off. It suddenly dawned upon her that she did not really have any clothes to wear. She left the bathroom and saw a pile of clothes on the bed. {This guy is too much} She noticed the tie on the bed and raised an eyebrow, then a smile came out. She knew it was a challenge, and she loved it. {However, he did forget to bring me my bra} Kara thought chuckling.

She walked out of the bedroom with the towel wrapped around her and went straight to the laundry room. When she heard a utensil drop she couldn’t help but let out a suppressed laugh. {It is not my fault he has such short towels} She grabbed her bra and went back to the bedroom, glancing toward Cadogan as she passed by the kitchen.

She could not help but smile at the look he gave her. She went back into the bedroom and got dressed, surprised that the clothes almost fit. She did notice they were a little worn. {Must be old…perhaps I can keep them} Kara thought with a smile. But the smile was gone quickly when that voice in her mind put her back in her place. Kara fumed. {One day…}

Boris came bounding towards her and jumped up on her, making her forget her thoughts. “Boris!” Kara whined. She picked up Boris, and looked him in the eyes, trying to be serious. But Boris would have none of it. He started licking her nose, and Kara started giggling, putting him down. Kara smelled food, and went to the kitchen.

Cadogan did not hear her approach, and when he turned towards her to put the food on the plates, he stopped and gulped. Kara was leaning against the doorway, wearing his clothes. The shirt hugged her a little, and his pants sat low on her hips. He noticed she had wrapped the belt around her waist and had it knotted on the side, the ends of the tie hanging down.

When he saw what she had done with the tie he smiled. {Very good} Cadogan thought. Kara knew what he was thinking when he looked at the tie around her waist. “Nice try.” She said with a smirk. Cadogan just kept on smiling, holding the pan with eggs. Kara jerked her head towards the pan. “Smells good.” Cadogan jumped to attention, putting the eggs on the plates.

Cadogan picked up the plates, about to put them on the table. Kara pushed herself off the doorframe and walked over to him, a sly smile on her face. Cadogan stopped in his tracks, his heart starting to thump wildly in his chest. Kara stepped close to him, grabbing the plates and whispered in his ear. “Thanks.” She sashayed away from him, a smile on her face. The last time Kara had let this side out of her was years ago, when she was with.. him; even so she could not help but enjoy herself. She missed playing the siren.

Cadogan stared at her as she walked away; looking at the way his jeans hugged her ass. {Damn} Cadogan quickly cleaned up so he could join her. Kara was sitting there waiting for him. Cadogan took his seat and looked up at her. She was staring at him with a half smile on her face, as if she were inviting him to do something.


Thank you so much for reading! Please comment, I really have enjoyed the comments so far, plus I want to know your opinion! Don’t forget to vote!—Dragon_13

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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