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I had pretty much exhausted myself with a very intense session of masturbation, the result of being horny as hell and alone. Again. I had been missing him all day just didn’t realize how much until I stretched out on the sofa for a short rest. The turquoise blue shorts I was wearing were cut short and big around the legs. I found my fingers sliding them to the side and playing with the hairs then going a little bit lower and sliding a finger along the folds amazed at how slick they were already. I enjoyed the feelings from touching the soft skin that way, stopping there, was out of the question.

A finger was pressing past the swollen pussy lips and being covered in slick wetness. Moving the finger deep inside and then pulling almost all the way back out a few times just got me hornier and then I really wanted fucked, that was out of the question since I was very much alone. Then it was two fingers, in and out. I had avoided touching my clit about as long as I could. The throbbing I was feeling was like a summons and I had to touch.

Moving my fingers from inside and pressing down submissive cuckolds porno flat onto my clit the rubbing was slow at first and my sensations just kept peaking higher. Drawing my knees back and my legs further apart opening up for my fingers to be just right brought me up there fast. Pinching my nipple between two fingers and the attention my clit was getting made me cum surprisingly fast. I love to cum and then slide my fingers inside to feel my pussy pounding, then touching again only to cum again and dip back inside to feel the walls almost suck my fingers in.

Sometime during this I slid my shorts off and laid them on the back of the couch. When I sat up to retrieve them I could not find them. I was on my knees facing the back of the couch when I felt something.

Shit, I was so glad it was him he scared me nearly out of my skin, I never heard him come into the room or the house for that matter. I felt him press up against me and his naked skin felt hot. His cock was hard and was lying against my ass. That is when he let me sex parties porno know he had been watching me and now he was in bad shape and needed me in the worst way.

He reached around me putting his hands over my breasts and gently squeezed. He was kissing my neck and between my shoulders and I found myself pressing back against him moving my hips around rubbing against his cock.

His hand was between my legs and his fingers running along the folds just as mine had been a few minutes earlier. The comment about how wet I was nearly made me cum again. His arm around my shoulders pulling me back against him while the other hand teased my pussy. Feeling his tongue licking and sucking the side and back of my neck had me all worked up, again.

Both of his hands were moving, one on each hip as he kissed his way down the center of my back. Then he had a hand inside each thigh as he kissed even lower. I could feel the arousal running down my legs. He brought one hand up, placing his palm against my pussy and rubbing lightly and I found myself spankbang porno grinding against his hand.

When he was on his knees on the edge of the couch bringing his cock to my pussy lips swollen and parted he slid right in. Lowering myself down taking him deep while I held the back of the couch. He felt so good inside of me, I could feel every inch slick and sliding in and out.

There was no slow loving it was fast hard fucking and we both were ready for it. I was nearly slamming down on his cock. Both hands were around a breast and were pulling me hard back against him. I could feel the sweat on his chest and tummy as my body easily slid up and down along his.

It was when that one hand dropped and his fingers were on my clit I could not hold out, I screamed out and came hard when I felt him bite into my shoulder. I knew he was ready too. The hot cum filled me and I could feel it squirting out with each stroke. My thighs were soaked and I could feel the blend running along the crack of my ass. His strokes became shorter until he pulled out.

Kneeling behind me he drug his wonderful tongue along the inner thigh kissing and sucking until he laid down on the couch reaching up for my hand. When I laid across his body I could feel how wet we both were and how hard his heart was beating.

He wasn’t laughing when I told him to lay back and rest because in a few minutes I was going to fuck him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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