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QUICKIE DISCLAIMER – Look up. Don’t like it, don’t read it.

VERY IMPORTANT! READ THIS FIRST! – When we last left our heroine Carol, she was walking into the bathroom where Kim might have already committed suicide. I only mention it because someone told me the start of this part might confuse some readers. So don’t be confused. (P.S. – notice the chapter title!)


I woke up that morning thanks to the sun blasting through the window. That was odd because usually I close the drapes before I go to bed. My eyes opened before my brain could communicate what a horrible idea that truly was. It felt like someone stuck hot pokers into my sockets and they burrowed into the back of my brain. My hand reached out, took a pen from my nightstand and threw it at nature’s invading force. The pen might be mightier than the sword, but unfortunately it can’t do shit against sunlight. When my hand landed back on the bed it touched skin.

Not my skin.

My eyes flew open and my head popped up to see a mess of blonde hair on the pillow next to mine. There was the quickest moment of uncertainty. Oh yeah, the club last night. The girl determined to get the DJ to play KMFDM. Katie. No, Kelly. Kerrie. Kim, that’s it. It surprised me that I’d forgotten, but then I remembered how much I drank. More than I ever had before. I was never a big drinker, and always prevented myself from going overboard by bringing only twenty dollars with me whenever I went to a bar or a club.

But this Kim kept buying us rounds. I had one of those hangovers where part of you is still a little drunk. Yet it didn’t hurt so much looking at that mess of blonde hair, the emotions from last night coming back. That excitement you feel when meeting someone new, the electricity in the air when you realize you’re not the only one feeling the attraction, the anticipation of that first kiss.

That first kiss happened in the parking lot. The club was closing and I told Kim I’d walk her to her car. We exchanged numbers and arrived at that awkward moment when you either both say goodnight and walk off or you take a chance. As usual, the little war in my head between the two sides was fighting a battle. The rational side was telling me to walk away because it was too soon for a kiss, while the naughty side said to go for it for obvious reasons.

“Having a hard time there?” Kim asked.

“Um, what?”

“I can see it on your face,” she said. “You can’t decide what to do right now, can you?”

Oh shit, I thought. Was I that obvious? Have I always been that obvious? Has everyone always been able to see my indecision? Or does this girl have some kind of psychic ability? That would suck, dating a psychic. How could you plan any surprises? Or lie to her when she asks if you were checking out another girl? Hell, she wouldn’t even have to ask, she’d already know. That would really suck. And why the hell was I rambling on in my head like this?

“Uh…” I said. While that may sound like part of some brilliant strategy to stall for time to think, it was really because I was drunk, embarrassed, caught off guard and scared. Not an ideal combination. I managed to save myself somewhat by looking down at the ground and saying, “yeah, I think so.”

Kim burst out in laughter. I stood there feeling self-conscious. When she finished laughing, Kim looked up at me and said, “Tell you what, I’ll decide for you.” And with that she put her hand on my cheek, leaned in and kissed me. It was a light kiss, using just lips at first, but soon our tongues wanted to play and we let them have at it. I put my arms around her and held her tight, pinning her upper arms to her body. Kim managed to put her hands on my waist. She started sucking on my tongue, and I loosened my grip on her upper body. My hands slid down to her ass and squeezed her jean-covered cheeks, making her moan in my mouth. We slowly broke the kiss, and for a moment just stood staring at each other.


We were both so preoccupied we didn’t notice we had an audience. A car had pulled up beside us and my roommate was sitting in the passenger seat. “Sorry to interrupt, but I’ve got to work in the morning. We need to get going.”

I was going to say I’d be there in just a minute, but suddenly I heard, “I’ll take her home.” I turned and Kim was smiling. “If that’s okay?”

Before the car took off my roommate smiled and said, “Good luck.”

A little while later I was depending on that good luck. Kim was racing down the road with the top down and the music blasting. At first I was excited because I’d never been in a convertible before. But when Kim started making the engine perform like what it was made for, I suddenly realized how open and vulnerable a convertible made you. My body cowered down in the seat a little and I braced my left hand against the dashboard while my right held tight onto the door. Kim laughed at my reaction. I was positive she was well above the legal limit, both in alcohol and speed. All canlı bahis I kept thinking was seat belts or not, if she crashes we are so dead.

I knew we were at my place when Kim said “You can open your eyes now.” I did and actually breathed a sigh of relief. “So how was your first ride in a convertible?” she asked.

With a cracked voice I said, “I’ll never forget it.”

Kim laughed again. “You are so cute when you’re freaked out.”

We went up to my apartment and sat on the couch. I turned on a local radio station and kept it low even though my roommate’s bedroom was on the other side of the apartment, and then I went to the kitchen to get us something to drink. When I came back Kim had taken off her shoes and was sitting with her back against the arm of the couch, so I took up the same position on the other side. She brought her knees to her chest and her feet were facing me. While we sat there and talked I took in her beautiful face, the cute button nose and those piercing blue eyes. But my attention kept getting drawn down to those beautiful feet. They were perfectly formed, with toes that were thin but still had a good shape to them. At first I thought her toenails didn’t have any polish, but then I noticed they were coated with a clear gloss. I can usually manage to check out a girl’s feet and not get caught, but my eyes couldn’t resist the toe ring on her left index toe. It wasn’t one of those thin toe rings that you have to give a second glance just to see if it’s there, this was a thick one that screamed ‘Look at me!’

While I was never big into body jewelry, foot jewelry always gained a little extra stare from me, and that combined with feet as beautiful as Kim’s had me working hard not to be obvious. But it became hopeless when she pulled up the legs of her jeans to get more comfortable and exposed the gold chain around her right ankle. I kept up the conversation, but a couple of minutes later Kim interrupted me, asking, “What are you looking at?”

“I was just noticing your jewelry there,” I said, hoping to cover.

“Noticing? You were pretty much speaking to them instead of me.”

“Sorry,” I said, “they’re just nicer than other one’s I’ve seen.” It was a lie, but I had to try something.

Kim’s eyes narrowed as she looked at me. “You have a foot thing, don’t you?”

That’s it- she was psychic. The girl could read me like an open book. At that point I was convinced this was going nowhere. She had noticed every weakness and strange behavior I have. Figuring I may as well own up to this one too, I swallowed hard and said “Kinda.”

“What do you like to do to them?” she asked.

That caught me off guard. “I, I’ve never really done too much before.”

Kim looked at me for a second with this grin on her face. Then she lifted her left foot and extended it towards me. “Go ahead,” she said. It felt strange and exciting all at once. Strange because I couldn’t believe this girl who I just met was indulging me with one of my fantasies. Exciting because I never really had the guts to try anything with a girl’s foot before and now I had permission. I cupped the bottom of her foot with my right hand so she didn’t have to hold it up. With my left hand I started stroking up and down, my fingers along the arch and my thumb on the bottom. I used some pressure with the thumb so as not to tickle her.

I was a little hesitant to use my mouth, but when I looked at the toe ring my embarrassment was overcome by desire, so I opened my mouth and leaned down. Capturing her big and index toes, I sucked lightly at first and slid my tongue left to right under them. I heard a soft moan from Kim, so I gradually increased the pressure. Looking at her feet when we were talking I thought I was as turned on as I could be, but this brought it to a whole other level. I could feel myself starting to get wet. The sensations of the toe ring against my mouth added something as well, reminding me that I was only admiring it minutes ago and now I had it in my mouth.

I looked at Kim to see if this was freaking her out, but she had a thrilled look in her eyes and a smile on her face. My mouth let go of her first two toes and I started sucking on the last three. This time I started moving my head up and down a little.

“Mmmmmmm,” was Kim’s vocal response. I let my lips roll over the toes as I pulled away. Holding up her foot a little higher I extended my tongue and licked the bottom, just at the base of the toes first, then in little sections going down towards the heel. The first time I tickled her she laughed and yanked her foot away. I was afraid that she was going to stop it there, but she just said, “You can’t stop making me laugh tonight,” and put her foot back in my hand. As I continued licking I realized what she said was true. I was worried because Kim was seeing all the things I was self-conscious about, but she had been laughing at them. And not a malicious laugh, but a sweet one that made me realize she saw those things as endearing.

When I got to the heel bahis siteleri of her foot I looked up at Kim. She took her foot back and put it on the couch. I was about to say thanks when she picked up the other one and extended it towards me. “Can’t let this one feel left out, can we?” I liked this girl.

I took her right foot in my hands and decided to do something different. I started by using my tongue to lick each toe individually, front, back and around the sides. Kim occasionally flexed and curled her toes as I did this. I looked up and saw that she was leaning back, her eyes closed and her mouth open, her hands playing with her breasts through her top. I took this to mean she was enjoying my treatment and gave myself a mental pat on the back.

“I have never seen someone get off on feet like you do,” Kim said. That made me think about how turned on I was at the moment, how wet I was. I decided to be bold and do something about it. My right hand went to my skirt and pulled it back a little. Reaching underneath, I felt the wet spot against my panties and got an electric jolt when I pressed against them. I started rubbing the area and gave a little moan as I got off on the dual sensations of licking a girl’s toes and playing with myself.

Suddenly I felt something on my hand. It was Kim’s left foot. I looked up and saw she had opened her eyes and was propped up with her elbows behind the couch arm. “Why don’t you let me do that,” she said. I smiled and moved my hand away, letting her foot take over.

“Mmmm,” escaped my lips as I felt her toes press against my pussy. She used the ball of her foot a little too. I sucked on the side of her instep, going up and down with my mouth. Kim told me to stop for a moment and pulled her foot from between my legs. Using both arms she pulled her top over her head and tossed it on my coffee table. Her exposed breasts gave me another jolt of excitement, but I would have to wait to get at them. We went back to our little three-way pleasure pyramid. Kim was getting pleasure by playing with her breasts, I was getting wetter and wetter with her foot job, and I know we were both getting something from my sucking her foot. I took to licking her ankle, my tongue going over the skin and anklet at the same time. I’m not sure how long we continued on, just that I could feel my orgasm building, ironically enough, from my toes. I started sucking hers when I was about to go over the edge. Kim was using her big toe, curling it up and down against my lips. As I came I moaned with her toes in my mouth. When I was finished, Kim lay back on the couch and motioned me to join her. We held each other in this serene, quiet moment where I could feel my heart pumping in my chest.

“That was so weird and so wild at the same time,” Kim said, echoing my earlier thoughts.

We cuddled for a while as Kim stroked my hair. Looking into those eyes of hers I felt like they were staring right into my soul. I leaned in and lightly kissed her on the lips, keeping my mouth right next to hers afterwards. We stayed in that position for a moment and I realized that all my fear was gone, drowned in this moment of bliss. And I knew it was because of Kim. Something about this girl quieted the war inside my head. I leaned in again and this time kissed her with more feeling, more passion. Our open mouths danced together as my tongue felt the warm softness of hers. We tightened our embrace, our mouths let go and we showered each other with little kisses. I tasted the slightly bitter tang of dried saliva on skin. It was like an aphrodisiac that made me even more abandoned as my tongue went in after hers again. My hand went down to find her bare breast and squeezed it, making her moan in appreciation. I pulled away from Kim and with fire in my voice I said, “Let’s go to my bedroom.”

When we got in there we started kissing again as I guided Kim towards the bed. We fell onto it as our kiss continued, she managed to undo the strings for my top and pulled it off without breaking our bond. Her fingers danced on my globes, driving my already escaped naughty side crazy. I pulled away and told her to stay there as I went into one of my drawers and came out with a scarf. I climbed on top of Kim and told her to trust me as I took her hands and tied them up. I brought her hands over her head and tied the other end to the bed frame.

For a brief second I felt trepidation, but all I had to do was look at Kim and it went away. My mouth started with her neck and made its way down to her breasts. I licked the valley between them, and then gave light kisses all over each of her tits. The last kiss I gave was on her right nipple, which I sucked between my lips as my other hand fondled her left breast. I had only done this a few times before, but I was getting high off of being able to touch and lick someone else’s skin.

It was while I was doing this that I got my first exposure to Kim’s sweet talk during sex. “Oooohhh fuck. Suck my goddammed tit. Suck it harder. Shit. Fuck.” I sucked bahis şirketleri harder, and then gave a little nibble with my teeth before moving over to her left breast. I licked all around the areole before zeroing in on her nipple by flicking my tongue back and forth over it. Kim started pulling on the scarf as her mouth spewed more obscenities. I went down to her tummy and licked her shallow belly button while my hands clumsily worked on undoing the button of her jeans. When I finally got it open I slid down the zipper and pulled them off, revealing a pair of yellow panties. I leaned down and buried my nose in them, inhaling her sweet scent. Sticking out my tongue I flicked it against the material that was denying her the pleasure I had to offer. Kim gasped at the action, so I did it again and again, trying to see how long I could torture her before she freaked out. I used my nose between licks to rub around where her clit hood would be. Even though her eyes were closed I could see the frustration in her face, I had tied her hands well so she couldn’t undo the knot herself. Finally she broke. “Fucking stop it!” she screamed.

“Okay,” I said, and sat up from between her legs.

“No! Wait! I meant stop teasing me!”

“I did.” I said it with a smile on my face.

Her eyes flew open and she looked at me with a ‘Don’t give me that shit’ look. “You know what I mean!” For a second I thought I’d really pissed her off, but there was half a smile on her face after she said it. I slid my hands up along her legs until I got under the sides of her panties, grabbed them and slowly slid them down. Kim pulled up her feet to help get them off, but before she put her feet down again I gave a quick lick on the bottom of her right foot. Kim let out a quick laugh from the tickle. “Stop it!” she yelled, then slapped me in the face with her foot.

“Ow!” I rubbed the side of my face. It was a mild hit but it still hurt.

“Oh shit, I’m sorry.” Kim started to rise and forgot her bonds. “I just-,” She fell back onto the bed and got frustrated. “I didn’t-,” she tried to pull out of the scarf, but got frustrated and gave up. “Dammit! I want to hug you but I can’t get up!”

I chuckled at her predicament. Kim brought up her legs and wrapped them around my waist in a pseudo-hug. “There,” she said, “you feel better?” We both erupted in laughter that lasted for several minutes. When it died down she asked, “Seriously, you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. They breed us farm girls tough down in Kentucky.”

“Well if that’s the case, and it’s not too much trouble, I’d like to have my pussy eaten sometime before the sun comes up.”

“Ah’d be happy to oblige, young lady,” I said. My hands took Kim’s legs from around my waist and held them up so I could give small, light kisses down each one. Don’t ask me why I didn’t notice her pussy was shaved until I was right on top of it. I’d seen shaved pussies in the locker room back in high school, but this was the first time I was going to lick one. I started by continuing my light kiss treatment on her mound, which caused a deep sigh from Kim. My tongue came out and ran over her bare mons using long, slow licks, and then my hands spread her open. Before I did anything else I brought my nose right up to Kim’s open flower and inhaled her scent. I did that, I thought to myself, I was the cause of a series of events in her body that resulted in what I was smelling right now. The thought of that simply amazed me. Of course, all that thinking meant I’d stopped acting.

“Hey,” Kim said, “are you torturing me again?”

I smiled. “No, just being a nerd.” Before Kim had a chance to respond to that I pressed my lips right up to her pussy and gave it a kiss. Kim moaned and I started licking. She squirmed and started her ode to my abilities. “Fuck! Uh! Eat me. Eat my fucking cunt. Shit! Fuck yeah! Fuck!” I couldn’t believe the mouth on this girl. I knew truck drivers who didn’t swear this much. Really.

I sucked on her inner lips and savored the taste I had a hand (and tongue) in causing. Then I slowly slid my tongue inside of her. I loved that warm feeling, the contractions of her walls on my flesh, the sensations of softness and moisture. I moved my tongue in and out a few times before removing it completely and replacing it with my index finger. Kim gave a long, slow moan as I carefully moved my finger inside of her. I started lapping and sucking at the hood of her clit as my finger moved steadily in and out.

Kim wasn’t saying anything anymore, just moaning, grunting and sighing. Her eyes were open and staring down at me. I would occasionally look up and make eye contact with her. Those looks we exchanged kept driving me on, giving me more and more sexual energy. I started going wild on Kim, eating her out with fury. In my few past experiences I was slow and methodical when going down on a girl because I was nervous and shy. But that night my inhibitions were gone. I had always wanted to lick a girl’s feet and now I’d done it. I’d always wanted to tie a girl down and I did it without even pausing for thought. Suddenly I was eating out Kim with a passion that was making up for every thought I’d second-guessed, every desire I’d buried, every opportunity I’d passed up.

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