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This is a continuation of my very real life fantasy of living with a lesbian couple and being dressed up by them. (See my earlier stories)


My lesbian girl friends are Becky (23) & Janet (21), and they consented to move into my 4 bedroom home and accept me as their 3rd lesbian girlfriend for reduced rent, and as long as I dress and act as one of them while home, they are ok with the arrangement. The big rule is that my male parts are to remain out of sight to them unless they want to see them. We have been living together for over 2 ½ years while they attend college just up the street. Over the 2 ½ years, unknown to me at the time, they neutered me be putting 4mg of estrogen in my food every day. During those 2 ½ years my nipples would get sore and I had no idea why. I assumed it was from them sucking them from time to time. I found out about it a year and a half in and learned that estrogen in males causes nipples to ache and breasts to form and grow, (True), and now I have just under a full “B” cup. (Also true) If I go out in a T-shirt I get looks like you would not believe. This neutering makes me safe in their eyes. I love sex but can’t get hard very easily so I give a lot of oral sex to both of them which they love.

Becky is blond with 36-B breasts and long tanned legs all the way from her head down to her sexy toes. Her lover is Janet, and Janet is the younger of the two. Janet is a brunette and has 36-A breasts, (mine are bigger). Small but very nice and they stick straight out without any sagging and the nipples are a little puffy. They are both around 5’7″ and although not fat, they wear a dress size medium to large, waist size is 32 to 34, how convenient, that’s my size too. They like frilly, colorful clothes, trying to dress like teenybopper giggly girls.

I met Becky & Janet in a very strange way. I bought this house 4 years ago. It a college town and many people rent out their homes to students. I soon learned that right across the street was a sorority house. Well, being the pervert that I am, I bought a small telescope and started watching their windows for whatever I might see. That house has 4 bedrooms, two in the front and two in the back. Strangely, it became apparent that there were never any boys there. I also learned that there were only girls living there and they were having lots of sex, but without the assistance of the boys.

I wanted to sneak in and watch them having sex more that I loved life itself. Escort bayan I was a CD and I would dress up in a dress or skirt and, looking through the telescope, pleasure myself pretending to be one or both of the girls. Some nights both front windows would yield action and on occasion 4 or more would perform on one bed.

They posted a flyer that said they were looking for a few new girls to live there as 2 might be moving out. The flyer stated that only girls 18 to 20 need apply and made it plain that only carpet crunchers need apply. To apply you were to show up on Saturday evening at 7pm and be prepared to prove your worth. I’ve been a CD for most of my life and so, (considering myself a male lesbian), I dressed up to attend. I wore a 36B padded bra under a light sweater shirt and pink panties under a skirt that ended just above the knees and a pair of black pumps. With some makeup and my long hair in ponytails I went over right at 7pm and I, and 8 others were allow in. We were lined up and asked a few questions. We were asked to take a short walk and even to go up and back down the stairs. Five of the recruits were told they did not pass the test. They were pretty geeky and looked like they did not know what sex was. They were shown the door.

There were now 4 of us left and we were divided up, one for each of the 4 bedrooms. The 2 girls that lived in those rooms now took us up to the rooms to show us around. We were told that this is a lesbian ONLY sorority house and that it would be required for the applicant to prove that she was able to bring the present 2 residents to orgasm. I took Becky’s hand and leaned in to kiss her. While kissing her I cupped and squeezed her tits. I rubbed my chest against hers and she rubbed my boobs in kind. We were ready to move on and I unbuttoned her blouse and began sucking her nipples. While sucking her nipples I reached down and unsnapped her short skirt allowing it to drop to the floor. She was not wearing any panties so I moved my hand down to rub her crotch area. She was already wet and I could smell the aroma. I stopped sucking her tits and kissed my way down to her pubic area. At this point she lay back onto the bed with her legs spread and ready. She had no pubic hair and it looked “brand new”. I went down on it and was getting into it when Janet lay down next to Becky and told me to do hers too. I was sucking on both of them and was able to bring them to orgasm at the same time. They Bayan Escort were screaming when they had their orgasms. They cooled down for about a minute and told me that I gave them the best orgasm ever. Becky said, “Now it’s your turn for us to see if you can have a great orgasm.”

What do I do now? I can’t fake not having a pussy. Becky pushes me onto the bed and pulls off my sweater and bra. She sees that I have no boobs and then checks my panties for a pussy. Nope, not there. Nice job, you are a party crasher and we have ways to deal with party crashers. They take me to the den and lay me onto a padded medical gurney face up. They tie my arms down to my side. Next they tie my legs in a spread eagle. There is an opening in the gurney at the crotch area and they hide my genitals by tying them down. I am unable to move. Lastly, they cover me with a sheet.

It is now 9pm. The others are filtering into room and when they are all there, the residents tell the applicants that they are being accepted but they must agree to have sex with anyone in the house at any time. The three new girls agree and are given keys to the house. They sit down and Janet explains that the 4th girl was really a CD dressed up as one of them. She tells them that he was very good at eating pussy and that is the only reason he has not been thrown out the front door naked. One of the new girls asked, “Where is he then.” Becky explains that they have a way to punish any men that sneak into the house and tells them about the gurney. She says that the punishment is for all the girls to mount my face and have as many orgasms as possible. We will do this repeatedly all night, and with that, she pulls off the sheet and I am exposed. The gurney is such that its height is adjustable. The 1st girl placed a small pillow under my head and adjusts the height so she can stand over me without having to climb up onto me. She straddles my face and I can see she is still wet from the initiation sex. She rubs her pussy against me and when she is ready she removes her undies to expose a bald cunt that smells very inviting. While she is humping my face to orgasm two of the others are fondling and sucking her tits. She humps my face and has a wet orgasm that is running down my chin. “Next”, she says climbing off for a rest. They take turns fucking my face for hours. We are on “cycle” 8 or maybe 10 and one of the residents, Marie, had not humped me yet. She just likes to suck the others Escort tits and keep them hot while on my face. The girls are taking a break. I have had 3 orgasms and I am laying in a puddle my own cum as I can’t move.

Marie had big tits and a little too much tummy, not too fat… just visible. She had a baby last week and put it up for adoption. She is able to produce milk and stands facing me with her breast pump in hand pumping away. I can see the milk squirting into the pump and falling into the cup below. She fills 2 3oz containers and offers me a taste. I like it so she offers to let me suck it direct from the source and she squeezes her tit to help it come out. I swallow a mouthful and immediately have another orgasm.

Break time is over and they get back to drowning me in their cum. I am soaked and their cum is running down my cheeks, chin and everywhere. They have gone through a few more cycles and a few of the others pull Marie out of my hearing range and ask her why she has not humped my face yet. She explains and they tell her to do it anyway. She reluctantly agrees to be the last to hump my face.

Marie adjusts the gurney to her height and wearing her knee length skirt and no top moves over my face so that she can look down and see my face. She makes me drink one of the 3oz bottles of breast milk. She takes the other bottle and pours it over my crotch area and I have another orgasm. Now, using her hands, she squeezes her breasts and sprays milk all over my face and chest area. I am dripping breast milk and girl cum. Marie then moves forward until she is directly over my face and squats before I can get ready. She is the wettest girl I have ever had on my face. She is humping me in every direction possible and is nearly screaming in excitement. Every few minutes she calms down and I think the ride is over, and then she floods my face again and goes back to humping me. Turns out she was still bleeding from having the baby less than a week ago. Marie and I are covered in her blood and I looked like I had been shot several times. Finally Marie and the others are done and I can go home.

I am lectured by Becky and Janet not to try crashing their party ever again. I tell them that I live across the street and have no roommates. If they would like to live rent free, all they have to do is help me dress as a girl allow me to live as a lesbian and have girl sex on occasion. I also promise to keep my male parts hidden so it doesn’t look like a man lives there. They think it over and decide to give it a try. I put my clothes back on and walk across the street to my place.

That’s how I met Janet and Becky. Every so often they take me back over to the sorority house and “share” me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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