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The next morning my mother came into the kitchen wearing her robe. She poured herself a cup of coffee and stood there in front of me drinking it. “About last night,” she began, and I interrupted her.

“Yes, about last night,” I said. “That is how you will be treated. You will always do as I tell you, always, from this moment on. Or I can see that these photos of you find their way to all your friends and coworkers, or onto the internet. Plus, you will be punished.” She looked at me with her mouth slightly open. “Right now, I want you to take your robe off. You are to always be naked, or in your undergarments, whenever you are home alone with me. Unless I tell you otherwise, of course.”

She hesitated a couple of seconds, then set her mug down and undid her robe, removing it and holding it in her left hand by her side. She was beautiful, standing there naked in front of me. I had all I could do to not reach out and caress her. “Now finish your coffee and have whatever breakfast you want. Then get dressed and go to work. When you get home tonight, your new life as my sex slave will begin.”

* * * * * * * *

When mom got home from work, she immediately put her pocketbook on the stand near the door and removed her dress. “Should I remove anything else?” she asked me. I looked her over from my seat on the sofa, liking what I saw, She stood there in her bra, panties, thigh-high stockings, and high heels. What a vision!

“No, that’s fine for now,” I told her. “Crawl over here on your hands and knees and give me a blowjob.” She got down on all fours without hesitation and crawled over to where I was. Positioning herself between my legs, she reached one hand up to take my semi-hard penis out of my briefs and began to stoke it. bahis siteleri When it was fully stiffened, she lowered her head over my crotch and took me into her mouth,

The feeling was incredible! Her mouth was hot and moist, and her tongue circling my prick was electric! She worked on me for only a short while before I stiffened my body, tightened my ass, and shot hot cum into her waiting mouth. She swallowed it all then licked my shaft clean and sat back on her legs waiting for me to tell her what to do next. She looked into my eyes and I could see her submissiveness and arousal.

“I decided to have a party tonight,” I told her. “I’ve invited many of my friends. You are to be the entertainment. You will devise a performance to excite and entice them all–women and men–and then let them each use you however they wish. Do your understand?”

My mom’s eyes never left mine as she nodded her agreement. “I’ll do whatever you want me to,” she said quietly. I sent her off to consider what she would do as a show that night. I made us a couple of drinks, hers a double, brought them into her room and watched her as she undressed and showered.

She cam out of the shower and went straight to her drink. She showed no embarrassment at being naked in front of me, in fact, she smiled at me and stood there posing. Then she walked up to her drink, and after she had taken a long swig, I asked her if she had come up with an act yet.

“I think so,” she said, “do you want to hear what I was thinking of doing?” I told her no, but warned her that if I didn’t think it was sufficient, she would be punished in front of everyone. She nodded, and said “I think everyone will like it.”

** ** ** **

A half hour before party time, my mother canlı bahis siteleri came out to the living room. She was dressed only in a garter belt, black stockings, and high heels. She looked sexy as hell. I made drinks for each of us, and we sat down to enjoy them. “Anything you need for your show?” I asked.

“Just one of the kitchen stools,” she said, maybe along that wall,” she said, pointing. I got one of the tall stools and put it along the wall she had indicated. Then we quietly enjoyed our drinks while we waited for the evening’s events to begin.

Just a couple of minutes before 7:30 the first of my friends arrived, Bob.. My mom answered the door, dropping to her knees and without a word unzipped his pants, stroking his penis with her hand before taking it in her mouth and giving him a blowjob. Only after he came in her mouth did she release him and let him enter.

The next guests arrived while I was getting Bob a drink, a couple, Terry and Lynette. My prick stiffened at the sight of Lynette, a striking blonde with a pouting mouth, a great set of white teeth, and big lips that screamed of being great at blowjobs.

My mother resumed her kneeling position and took Terry in her mouth, sucking him until he came, and then licked Lynette’s pussy for several moments.

While she performed these ministrations,, another sole woman arrived, my Ex, Pat. Mom greeted her as she had the other woman, licking and sucking her cunt. Pat made her continue her licking until she ejaculated onto Mom’s tongue.

There was a lull in arrivals. Mom served party goers drinks and snacks while we waited for the last of our expected guests to arrive, Lucy. Mom was stumbling about a bit as a result of the numerous drinks she drained, canlı bahis by the time Lucy arrived.

Finally, Lucy arrived. Mom greeted her at the door as she had the others, dropping to her knees and using her mouth and tongue to give her pleasure. The greeting done, Mom got Linda a big glass of wine and the evening began in earnest.

Mom sat om the stool I had positioned for her and spread her legs. She bean to rub her cunt until she had worked herself up enough to wet her panties. She then proceeded to slide her panties down over her legs and resumed masturbating. She rubbed her cunt lips and stuck fingers inside her vagina, exciting herself. Occasionally she would pull her hand free of her cunt and bring it up to her mouth, licking her fingers.

The entertainment she had devised worked. Both guys and gals started to become aroused, many playing with themselves. Soon one of the men walked up to her and reached down to feel her pussy. Within seconds, he was spreading her legs and shoving his prick into her., pumping in and out of her with abandon. Sher responded, reacting to his actions, raising her hips up to meet his pelvis. He moaned loudly and stiffened, shoving deeply into her and shot his sperm into her.

No sooner had the first man pulled free of her than another took his place between her legs and fucked her roughly. Then it became a free-for-all. She was pulled off the stool and placed on the floor; men took turns fucking her while women squatted over her face and made them lick and suck on their cunts.

The evening continued in this vein, Mom being used in every imaginable way by both males and females, until everyone had had enough and she was left alone, spent, laying on the floor, while everyone drank and enjoyed the rest if the evening, until one by one, everyone drifted away and the two of us were left alone.

I helped Mom to her feet and held her tight, kissing her, caressing her back and her ass, telling her how great she’d been.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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