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Just at that moment, though, Jessica called everyone back to the living room. Soon all the ladies were gathered around Adriana, who was still bound hand and foot with her legs wide apart, gagged, with nipple clamps hanging from her tits.

Ana could not begin to fathom why she had been singled out for this kind of treatment. In fact, from the moment she’d arrived at Jackie London’s house — had it really just been hours ago? — it was like she had walked through a door into another universe.

Jessica, for her part, had been strongly taken with Ana at first glance. She had a thing for black girls and, given the woeful lack of diversity in their small town, Ana was a rare and exotic specimen. Singling Ana out to be tied and displayed was Jessica’s somewhat strange way of showing her esteem. She intended to whip Ana up into a fine frenzy before finally making her come like she’d never come before.

Addressing the group, Jessica said, “I’ve decided that it’s silly for us to deny ourselves the pleasure of enjoying Adriana here any longer. So what we’re going to do is pass her around like a party favor. Each of you will get to do as you please with her for 15 minutes.

“To be clear, she still doesn’t get to come till I say so. Now, I have eight numbers in this hat, so everybody pick one.”

They did, and number 1 went to Marie, who did a little dance at her good fortune. Then she slid underneath Adriana, gently removed the clamp from one nipple, and fastened her mouth on instead. Ana’s body stiffened; she had been confined there in a state of major arousal for a good long time, and this little taste of pleasure went right to her head. Marie unclipped the other nipple and let the clamps fall to the floor, running her fingers across Ana’s red, swollen nubs. She lavished lots of attention from her mouth and tongue on Ana’s soft brown tits, bringing the already excited girl to a state of tingling fever.

Marie kissed and licked her way slowly down Ana’s body, spending a long time on the belly button. She found the taste of Ana’s flesh intoxicating; although she had serviced many women at her mistress’s behest, few were this exquisite. Gradually Marie continued down to Ana’s hips and thighs; she could smell Ana’s wetness now, and wanted to torture her right to the brink, make her drip all over. Marie covered Ana’s inner thighs with little kisses and bites, staring right into her glistening, dark brown, slightly parted pussy lips. She planted two big kisses on either side of Ana’s slit and had just reached the point where she couldn’t resist diving in for another second… when the timer Jessica had set went off. Marie’s time was up.

Next up was Kat, who was a little put out over all the attention Ana was receiving. She had a few things in mind, but first of all she wanted Ana blindfolded, so Marie brought out a sleeping mask which Kat fastened on her fellow cheerleader’s head. Then Kat reached down to feel how wet Ana was. “Oh, God, it’s like a river down there,” she said to no one in particular. She moistened each of her fingers and then slipped off Ana’s gag, making her clean all of her own juice off Kat’s hand. “That’s a good girl,” said Kat, loving this feeling of power over the usually imperious Adriana.

“I don’t know,” said Kat, “I kind of feel like she should have to make each of us come before she gets to come herself.” There were murmurs of assent in the room, and Kat untied Ana’s arms and legs, then cuffed her hands behind her back and pushed her to her knees. After adding tuzla escort a collar and leash to the ensemble, Kat looked around: where to start? Her eyes lit on Betty Ann Collins, and so Kat led Ana by the leash over to where Betty was sitting. Betty spread her legs to give Ana access; Kat noticed for the first time that her pubic hair was exactly the same shade of red as Kelly’s.

Betty and Kat made Ana work hard; Kat occasionally pulled Ana’s head away from the older woman’s pussy with the leash, and Betty kept wriggling around to make it hard for Ana to find her clit. Almost the whole 15 minutes had passed before Betty shuddered visibly and held Ana’s head tight to her crotch as an orgasm ripped through her.

The number 3 had gone to Samantha, so Kat found herself handing Ana’s leash over to her mother. Man, she thought, have things changed. She didn’t feel ashamed, exactly, but she couldn’t quite meet Samantha’s gaze as she passed the leash.

Samantha led Ana over to Jessica and pressed her face between the blonde’s thighs. Jessica again made things difficult for Ana, who was fairly new at licking pussy anyway and didn’t have the use of her hands. Meanwhile Samantha kept distracting Ana by running one foot up her thighs and sliding a toe across her slit. “Work harder, girl,” ordered Jessica, who had total self-control; she waited for the timer to ring before letting herself come.

Janice’s turn was next, and she figured the poor girl’s tongue must be tired by now. She uncuffed Ana and stretched her out on the floor, outfitting her with both a strap-on and a face dildo. Janice availed herself of the face and invited Marie to use the strap-on, bending down to watch the shaft slide in and out and occasionally stretching out her tongue to lick Marie’s clit.

“Move your hips, slut,” Janice coached. “Fuck her harder, you little tramp.” In this way Marie came fairly quickly and climbed off, and Janice took the wet strap-on into her mouth as Ana continued to face-fuck her. When Janice came she shrieked “Oh yessssssss!” and sat down hard on Ana’s face, pounding the unfortunate girl’s head against the floor. Afterward Janice still had a few minutes left, which she spent fingering Ana and gently brushing her clit, bringing her repeatedly to the brink while admonishing her not to dare think of coming.

Number 5 was Ella, who felt like a change of scenery. She led Ana on hands and knees out to poolside, where she tied the leash off on a table leg. Ella then spent some time arranging the exact tableau that she most wanted to see.

When Ella whipped off Ana’s blindfold a few minutes later, she found herself surrounded by her three fellow cheerleaders, Kelly, Kat, and Olivia. Ana was on her knees so her head was right at pussy level. Olivia pulled Ana’s head between her legs, and both Kelly and Kat brought one of Ana’s hands between theirs. After a minute of this Olivia pushed Ana away, and soon Ana found herself licking Kelly’s pussy and fingering Olivia and Kat. Ana kept getting passed around this way, always trying to do three things at the same time, until she was finally able to coax orgasms out of each girl.

The next to take over was Jackie, who had given herself three magnificent orgasms while watching the four cheerleaders go at it and was feeling happy and relaxed as a result. She was particularly enjoying Ana, always so haughty and prideful, being made to serve. She waved her wine glass at her student and barked, “Refill.” Ana took the glass and left for the kitchen, getting pendik escort a hard slap on the ass from Jackie as she went.

When Ana returned Jackie took the wine glass from her and pointed to the pool. “10 laps,” she ordered. Ana was all too happy to comply. She was unbelievably hot and bothered from all that had happened. She actually was getting a thrill from being bossed around; this was something new she was learning about herself. She had loved being made to eat all those pussies, being treated like an object and, perhaps most of all, being the center of attention. But she had been unable to pleasure herself, and every inch of her body was aching with the need for relief. Swimming would let her get her mind off it, at least. She plunged in and began to circle the pool.

Jackie sat back and sipped her wine while watching Adriana swim. Ana was an amazing specimen, there was no doubt about it. She swam with powerful strokes and the muscles under her brown skin rippled as she worked. Several of the ladies joined Jackie in watching, while the rest got involved in new little clusters. Ella went after Olivia, the only cheerleader she hadn’t tasted yet, and a minute later they were 69ing on one of the deck chairs. Marie was servicing Janice as Janice divided her attention between Adriana swimming and Ella and Olivia fucking.

Kat gazed longingly at Betty Ann Collins, but for some reason she was overcome with an attack of shyness. She wasn’t quite ready to fuck Kelly’s mother with Kelly watching. Instead she found Kelly herself and knelt down between the redhead’s legs, hoping Betty would be watching. Her own mother might be watching as well, she realized; in her mind’s eye she pictured Samantha pleasuring Betty just as Kat was doing to her daughter, and a spontaneous orgasm vibrated through her. This vibration seemed to pass right up into Kelly Ann, who climaxed violently while holding on to Kat for support.

When Ana was done swimming laps, Jackie had her do jumping jacks. This was a beautiful sight to behold, the young girl’s enormous breasts bouncing up and down and her wonderful ass clenching and unclenching. After watching this for a couple minutes, Jackie felt recharged and ordered Ana to her knees — a position she was getting very familiar with. Ana obediently licked Jackie all over, paying careful attention to her breasts and thighs, then got her off with fingers and tongue just as her time expired.

Lucky number 7 belonged to Betty Ann who, warm and nurturing person that she was, wanted to give Ana the opportunity to fulfill both her remaining obligations at once. So she walked Ana and Kat to one of the bedrooms and laid Kat back on the bed. Kat opened her legs and looked up at them expectantly.

Betty had always found Kat attractive, but she would never on her own have tried to seduce her friend and lover’s daughter. But now the opportunity had more or less fallen into her lap, and she didn’t feel like waiting a minute longer. She let Ana get in just a few licks at Kat’s blond pussy before joining in herself.

Kat arched her back and wailed as the two tongues ran all around her thighs and belly and back to her cunt. Betty Ann burrowed between Kat’s folds and stabbed her tongue as far up inside as it would go, drowning herself in the girl’s delicious nectar. Kat looked down at her; from this angle the red head squeezed between her legs could just as easily have been Kelly’s. But then Betty looked up at her knowingly and raked a finger across her clit. Realizing that this aydınlı escort was her friend’s mother and her mother’s lover, Kat shook all over with a mighty orgasm that almost knocked her unconscious.

Once she had recovered herself, Kat was determined to return the favor. Betty Ann took her place on the bed and the two cheerleaders went to work on the older woman’s hot wet pussy. A minute later the door opened and in walked Olivia, whose turn with Ana was next. She had no wish to break up the lovely scene in front of her, so after watching for a bit she climbed onto the bed and lowered her pussy onto Betty’s waiting mouth. When Olivia bent forward, Betty Ann had three cheerleaders’ tongues working on her at once; the girls made her come over and over until she really, truly couldn’t take it anymore and left the room to get a cold drink.

This was when Kelly Ann showed up to take her turn. Without realizing it, she stepped in and simply took her mother’s place in the scene, laying on the bed with Ana and Kat on their knees licking her and Olivia riding her face. A minute later Ella appeared at the doorway and leaned against the doorway just watching. Soon Jackie came up behind her and wrapped both arms around Ella, reaching one hand down between her legs to masturbate her. Ella started to stroke Jackie’s clit in return as they watched the cheerleaders go at it.

When Kelly’s time was up she took Adriana by the hand, as she had been instructed by Jessica, and led her to the dining room. The room was lit only by candlelight and the table was bare except for a white tablecloth; Kelly laid Ana down on it like a virgin sacrifice. One by one all the ladies gathered around the table. Jessica appeared in a black robe that made her look like some kind of priestess; it was in fact just an ordinary terrycloth bathrobe, but it had an interesting cut to it.

What followed was completely improvised but felt like a ritual that had been practiced many times before. Marie and Kelly each held one of Ana’s ankles and spread her legs; Olivia, who was between them, leaned down to take a little taste of the gushing fountain between Ana’s legs. Just as she did so, Jessica dripped a spot of hot wax onto Ana’s left breast; the pleasure and the pain hit her at the same time, wrenching a cry from her that echoed through the silent room.

Then everyone rotated one position to the right; Olivia and Janice held Ana’s legs as Marie ran her tongue up Ana’s thigh and across her slit. Again, Jessica timed the drops of wax to coincide with the jolts of bliss. In this way each of the ladies had their turn at Ana’s pussy, and each time Jessica made sure the agony and ecstasy went hand-in-hand. The last turn went again to Kelly Ann, who sucked Ana’s clit between her lips while penetrating her teammate with a thumb. A few seconds of this brought Ana right to the brink of a long-awaited orgasm. But Ana had learned her lesson. She pushed Kelly away and looked up at Jessica.

“Permission to come, ma’am?”

Jessica lifted one hand with the thumb pointed sideways like a roman emperor. After holding it there for a few seconds, she slowly rotated it until the thumb pointed up. Kelly dove back between Ana’s legs and in an instant Ana was convulsing in a monumental climax, gripping Kelly’s head between her powerful thighs. In another instant Ana had hands and mouths all over her, and started coming over and over in a tide until they all blurred together into one. When at last the feeding frenzy let up and Ana had a minute to recover, she looked up to see Jessica untying the sash of her robe and the enormous strap-on from before popping out. Jessica advanced on the waiting cheerleader; this time Ana was going to get the fucking that she really deserved.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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