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Lenny slept late. Chucker had got Carlos up and was playing with him, but of course didn’t know about feeding him and all the things that have to be done for a two-year-old. Karl got up and told her to sleep in. He and Chucker would take care of things.

She thought how ironic it was that the two men who could both claim to be her son’s father should get on so well. Now they were both looking after him while she lay in bed. With different men there might been a fight, or at least hard feelings, but they were both such good men, both her lovers were such good men.

“I’ll get his food ready.” Said Karl, “and you can feed him while I make coffee.” Reluctantly Lenny got up. She knew she was going to have to have a bowel movement soon, and she was dreading the pain it would cause her afteer having anal sex with Chucker. She smiled wryly thinking how so many of the facets of sex could cause a person so much pain and discomfort. Getting pregnant and having a child; having sex with a stranger and getting a disease; having a child as a teenager and having to raise it yourself. She remembered her mother telling her that five minutes of pleasure could cause a lifetime of pain. Well, here a few minutes of pleasure would cause her a day or two of pain.

Soon they were all eating breakfast while Carlos sat in his highchair banging his spoon in his food and making a mess. As they ate they made plans for how they might spend the day. Chucker had done all the touristy already on previous visits, and they were going out to dinner that night with Lenny’s friend Doris, so they decided to just drive up the coast. They’d have lunch in Mendocino perhaps, and maybe find somewhere to walk on the beach so that Carlos could get a good run.

When they got home again Carlos was worn out and even though he fought it, went to bed early. The baby sitter came over while they were getting dressed and they were running late because they had to pick Doris up on the way.

Doris came running out to the car from her apartment, looking as beautiful as ever. Her black hair with reddish highlights showed off her delicate features. She was dressed elegantly but sexily, a red skirt just over the knee and a sheer white shirt that a man might think he could see through

They arrived at the restaurant a few minutes late, but it didn’t matter because, being a Saturday night it was crowded. So they sat at the bar, had a drink and chatted until they were called to their table.

The meal was splendid and with the usual banter from Chucker went very fast. He had his usual supply of dirty jokes, and as usual his hands were busy under the table.

“I wish you’d show me how to do that.” Karl chuckled. “I know you’re touching the girls’ knees under the table, but you don’t seem to move.”

“Well you cross you legs like this, see? But don’t make a move for several minutes. Then while we’re all laughing at something you lean forward and……….”

“Hey!” cried Doris. “Get your hand out. Who do you think you are, my gynecologist?” As they all laughed.

“Don’t try that on me you Aussie bastard. I’ll have my husband give you a good thrashing.” Lenny told him, laughing.

“You’ve never objected before.” Chucker said, crossing his legs the other way.

So the evening went on, full of laughter and good conversation.

Doris was going to spend the night with them, so on the way home she sat in the back with Chucker. It was only natural that they kissed, and from there that he should fondle her breast and soon his hand was up her skirt and his fingers found her vagina.

“I’m gad you didn’t wear tights.” He whispered in her ear. “No, I find thigh high stockings much more convenient.” She whispered back.

“Are you alright back there?” Lenny asked them.

“Yes,” Doris replied. “We’re just fine.” As she enjoyed the feeling of Chucker’s fingers on her clitoris.

When they got to the house and the car was in the garage, they went into the living room and enjoyed a drink.

Caprice, their Latina maid of all work, had baby-sat with Carlos, and he was asleep when they got home

After she’d left they all went upstairs to Karl and Lenny’s bedroom. Doris hesitated, but Chucker took her hand şişli escort and said they’d love to, and they’d be there in a minute.

Once in their room Karl and Lenny kissed passionately. Lenny’s heart was pounding as she anticipated the idea of Chucker and Doris joining them and by the time the other two came in her blouse was already off and Karl was kissing her breasts.

“I hope we’re not interrupting anything.” Chucker laughed. “Yes you are.” Karl said. “And we’re glad to see you.”

He turned and kissed Doris, at first softly, then their lips met passionately. He’d always wanted to fuck Lenny’s friend Doris, but it had never seemed right, however now he felt inspired. As they kissed his hand fondled her breast.

“Why don’t you take off your blouse?” He asked her. And without hesitation she stood back and unbuttoned her blouse, then undid her bra and her lovely breasts swung free.

“Beautiful!” He said. “Your tits are beautiful.” As he leaned down and kissed a nipple. Meanwhile Chucker already had Lenny’s panties off and had pushed her back on the bed, pushed her skirt up, and was licking her vagina.

The bed was king-sized, huge, and neither of the men wasted any time, both Doris and Lenny were soon undressed, and while Doris lay on one side of the bed, with Karl about to enter her, Chucker and Lenny were still at the foot of the bed. Chucker/s hands were exploring the vagina that he knew so well, and loved, when there was a squeal from one of the other bedrooms.

“Carlos!” Said Lenny. And as the squealing and chattering continued, she got up.

“Carlos is awake.” She went on. “I’d better go see what he wants.”

She got up and put on her robe and walked down the hall to his bedroom. Carlos was sitting up, crying.

“My poor little boy.” Lenny soothed him. “Did you have a bad dream?” She picked him up and held him. “Dada.” He said. “Want Dada.” “No, dada is busy. He can’t come but Mommy’s here for you.” She murmured reassuringly.

Carlos snuggled close to his mother and his sobbing subsided. Lenny felt guilty for having sex while her baby needed her, but now the feeling of his warm body against her breast was so delightful that she felt better. Indeed it felt so good that she was tempted to open her robe and give him her breast, but thought better of it.

The little boy fell asleep and she held him a few minutes longer then put him in his bed, and was reassured as he mumbled some nonsense sleepily.

When she got back to the bedroom she found Karl sitting, his back against the headboard of the bed; kneeling in front of him was Doris, eagerly and lovingly sucking his penis, while Chucker stood, or better, crouched behind her, plunging his penis into her from behind. All three were oblivious to her entrance, so wrapped up in this sexy trio, a perfect ménage a trois.

She watched for a few minutes, enthralled, while she felt the heat rising in her own body. She’d never really seen a woman’s vagina while it was being used, and hadn’t realized before how close together the two holes were: the anus above the vagina and the two separated by an inch or two of flesh.

She thought of trying to join them and took of her robe, but changed her mind and sat down to watch. She saw Chucker grasp Doris’s hip in his hands and thrust hard into her as she arched her back and murmured: “Oh..oh..oh..lovely..that’s lovely”

Karl grasped her head and shoved his penis deep in her throat, making her gag and choke. She backed away momentarily, then came back for more. What a beautiful sight, she thought, three bodies, all linked together by their sex, and moving, moving constantly, yet shifting as new points of delight were discovered.

Then Chucker moved faster and grasping Doris more firmly, gave her several hard, deep thrusts and groaned, “Oh god that’s good…………..What a fine cunt, Doris. So good…Ahhhhhh.”

Karl was still working on Doris’s mouth, and Chucker had moved back and away and Lenny could see an ooze of white flowing from Doris’s vagina, the flow increasing as she flexed her buttocks to Karl’s insistent thrusts.

Chucker saw Lenny for the first time. “Oh, hi sweety didn’t see you.” “Yes, you were too busy fucking my friend.” çapa escort “Come on.” He said. “You’re next!” He laughed, pushing his half hard penis at her face “That’s disgusting. You expect me to…to let you…to have anything to do with you with another woman’s stuff all over your cock.” He grabbed her head. “‘ere suck it yer sexy Sheila.” And he grabbed her head and pushed his dripping penis into her face, then forced it against her mouth.

“Mmm..NO……mmmmmm. STOP IT.” And as she opened her mouth to speak his penis forced her lips open. Or at least that’s what she claimed, because it was in her mouth, and she felt it get fat again. The taste, though she wouldn’t admit it, was interesting, but she had to appear to resist, finally pushing him away.

He laughed uproariously and walked into the bathroom.

Lenny saw Karl fucking Doris’s mouth vigorously, making her choke as he finally shot his load into her mouth. Doris sucked for a couple of minutes, then pulled away, visibly swallowing, then saw Lenny.

“Enjoy the show?” She asking, smiling at her friend. “Yes I did, you filthy slut. I saw what you made my husband do, and I’m ashamed.” “Yes, I have to admit he was a tough nut to crack. But having been forced to molest my mouth he put up a pretty good show.” “That was obvious. But Doris, please wipe that nasty streak of goo off you cheek. It looks disgusting.”

Karl sat on the bed watching them, an amused look on his face. Doris had just given an excellent blowjob. He was relaxing and coming down from a lofty plain and a wonderful warmth still suffused his body.

Doris got up and kissed Lenny, then took her hand while Karl watched surprised. “Come with me, I want to show you something.” She said, taking Lenny’s hand, and Lenny didn’t resist.

When they were in her room Doris closed the door then turned and kissed Lenny on the mouth. Lenny was unsure of how to react at first, but when their bodies touched, their breasts and bellies meeting, she returned the kiss forcefully. They both felt the warmth rising in their bodies, but for Lenny this was new and she went about it tentatively.

They both moved to sit on the bed, kissing again, but now Doris’s hand touched Lenny’s breast, found the nipple and rolled between her fingers. Lenny had the same feeling she had when a man did that to her, a tingly warmth spread from between her legs.

Doris had always been attracted to Lenny sexually but had never made a move, but now it seemed natural for them to be lying together naked. She moved down and her mouth found one of Lenny’s nipples, while her hand touched her smooth inner thigh, then the moist groove between her legs.

Lenny’s hand held Doris’s head against her breast. The pleasure she was feeling was exquisite, but she had to know, and asked Doris: “Are you a lesbian?” “Lenny, you wonderful, innocent girl, you saw me fucking and sucking those two men. Do you think a lesbian would do that? No my sweet, I’m attracted to some women as well as to men, but if you want me to stop what I’m doing please tell me. You are the last person I’d want to offend.”

“Please don’t stop,” Lenny whispered in her ear.

She had never touched another woman, but now returned the caresses Doris was giving her. She was feeling her buttocks, fondling her breasts, slipping her fingers into Doris’s slippery slit, and kissing, kissing, kissing.

Doris moved down Lenny’s body, past her breasts, kissed her stomach and reached her smooth shaved mound, and paused. She inserted one, then two, fingers into the wet, pink slit, then kissed it. Lenny shivered with delight at this intimacy, and laid her hand on Doris’s head.

Parting the soft lips with her fingers Doris flicked her tongue out to touch Lenny’s clitoris. Then she repeated it, and did it again until her tongue was lapping at the small red nub.

“Doris, my love that’s so good.” Lenny moaned, as she spread her legs wide, holding Doris’s head in both her hands.

Meanwhile, moving her hand rapidly in and out of Lenny’s vagina, Doris inserted three, then four fingers. The odor emanating from her friend’s vagina was making her extremely hot. She wanted to do things to it, until she had all five fingers inserted, and fındıkzade escort was moving it in and out rapidly.

Finally, her tongue moving in rhythm with her hand, she felt Lenny start to jerk, and felt her vaginal muscles tighten on her hand.

“Uh..uh..uh….Ooooh. oh yes, that’s it. Oooooh, YES.” Lenny groaned.

Doris felt Lenny’s hands relax from her head, then drop away, so she slowed the movement of her hand, finally stopping and withdrew it.

There was silence for a few minutes, both women lying still, absorbing the affect of what had just occurred.

“Thank you Doris, that was wonderful.” Lenny muttered softly.

“I enjoyed doing it, it made me very hot. I loved it when you came, when you climaxed.”

“After a few minutes, after I’ve relaxed a little, maybe I’ll do the same for you.”

“You don’t have to, but it would be nice. No! I’m being too nice. You DO have to.”

And they both giggled.

They two women lay talking while they continued to caress each other, each of them touching and holding the others breasts, stomach, inner thighs and lightly touching the vulva and labia. For Lenny this was a joy and a revelation because she’d never been this intimate with another woman.

She told Doris about school and high school, and how her mother had impressed on her the dangers of intimacy with a man to such an extent that she was still (technically) a virgin when she’d married Karl and she told her about their sexual adventures in France on their honeymoon, the Frenchman; meeting Chucker; and so on.

Doris told her about her mother’s rich, married lover, who’d got Doris into St Margaret’s, one of the finest girl’s schools in England. She’d done very well and gone to Cambridge where she’d read Ancient History. She’d gone on to study Anthropology and found there was little call for this in the business or any other world. In the meantime she’d been seduced by her mother’s lover, at least partly intentionally. She’d used that as leverage — blackmail in fact — to get a reasonable allowance so that she always had some money in her pocket.

Lenny reached out and touched Doris’s breast and squeezed her nipple and Doris responded by kissing her. She moved down Doris’s body, caressing kissing her breast, her stomach, loving the feeling of the other woman’s skin and her body as she touched it.

Her fingers found the wet hole between her friend’s legs and she started to massage it and the clitoris. She was surprised to find that Doris’s clitoris was larger than her own, and that excited her, and when Doris responded by thrusting her hips up toward her face Lenny lowered her head and kissed her labia.

She started to lick and suck the other woman’s labia and clitoris and was rewarded with groans and whispered encouragement. This went on for several minutes until Doris said: “Put your hand in me my love.” “Like that? Is that okay?”

Doris groaned with pleasure, then “deeper, harder. I want it all the way in me.” Lenny pushed against the resistance of Doris’s tight vagina.

“I have some lube in the drawer.” She said, pointing at the bedside table.

Lenny took out the tube of jelly, squeezed a generous amount on the other woman’s labia, then pushing harder while she licked the clitoris she felt her hand slowly sliding into the hole. It opened wider and wider, until suddenly it slipped in up to her wrist.

“Oh god yes!” She almost screamed. “That’s it……Uh..uh..uh..” to Lenny’s thrusts. “Harder,faster…..yes..yes..just like that. Fuck me baby fuck me with your hand……”

At the same time she was fingering Lenny’s vagina, until with a couple of hard thrusts of her hips she had an orgasm.

“Oh god, YES..YES..YES…” She gasped and gave more violent thrusts, the suddenly went limp, and lay eyes closed as if she had passed out.

She looked up at Lenny who had stopped what she had been doing, but left her hand in Doris, still up to the wrist. “Thank you, that was wonderful. You can take it out now.” And she gave a little gasp as the hand opened her wide momentarily.

The two women lay holding each other until they fell asleep.

Lenny woke with a start. It was still dark and she wondered what time it was. She thought she’d better go back to her own bed, so she got up, slipped on her robe and even though she regretted having to leave Doris’s warm softness went back and climbed into bed beside Karl. She was soon fast asleep.

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