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When Holly got back to her room, Melissa was there with another girl. They were sitting close together, looking at Melissa’s computer. They were both wearing loose shorts and t-shirts.

Melissa turned to Holly, and said, “Hi, Holly, this is Kami. She and I are on V-ball together.”

Kami is very pretty, with bright red hair, long and wavy in a pony tail. She gives Holly a big smile and says, “Hey, Holly, nice to meet you!”

“You too, Kami! You two studying together?”

Kami and Melissa looked at each other and laughed. Melissa said, “Sort of… Check out this web site!”

The two girls are logged onto what looks like a dating site, looking at a section labeled “Bi/Lesbian Women”. Some of the pictures are “model shots” that have obviously been copied from other web sites, but others look like real girls. The profiles ranged from the obviously phony (“I’m a hot les, write me for some hot fun and pic trading”) to others that seem like they might be real (“Looking for friends to chat with or maybe meet, no nude pics, girls only”).

Kami laughed and said, “This site cracks me up. But I have actually chatted with a couple of girls from on here.”

Holly stared at Kami, “You’re kidding! You are on this site? Are you… Ummmm…”

Kami finished for her, “Bi? Definitely… And I have been for a long time! Wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Holly looked at Melissa. “Are you?”

Melissa looked at Holly and smiled. “Yeah, I have always been curious but Kami and I met the first day of conditioning practice for V-Ball and we have been together ever since.”

Holly was stunned. Her feeling about Melissa had been that she was “boy crazy” and would soon have a boy friend here on campus, and would start wanting Holly to stay away from their room so she could have sex with him.

Melissa said, “Besides, with the ‘no men in season’ rule, we had to do something!”

Holly smiled, “You have that rule in Volleyball, too? We do in Basketball, I was totally shocked. But the girls seem really nice, and hopefully I can find someone.”

Kami laughed and said, “Girl, the way you look, you’ll find someone as soon as you start looking!”

Holly was a little embarassed at how forward the redhead was, but said, “Thanks, Kami… I hope so!”

Melissa and Kami turned back to the screen, and giggled when Kami’s picture appeared. It was a shot of her head and upper torso, in what looked like a prom dress. Her pale skin looked very cute against her red hair, and she had a gold cross in the valley between her breasts. Her profile read “Bi girl, 19, seeks other athletic girls for online fun and maybe to meet. I am 6’2″! Do you think can you handle me, girls?”

Holly was stunned at how different Kami looked in the picture, very sexy. “So have you had many responses?”

“Yeah, lots. I am sure that most of them are guys pretending to be girls, but several have been serious. I think I’m getting pretty good at sorting out the fakes from the real girls. And like I said, I have chatted with a few of them.”

Holly asked, “What does mean, exactly? That you ‘chat’ with them?”

“Actually, there are a couple of ways to chat. The first is chat rooms, and the other is Instant Messaging.”

Holly answered, “I’ve heard of chat rooms, but what is Instant Messaging?”

Kami looked at Holly incredulously. “Holly, you mean you don’t know about IMs? I think it’s one of the best things about the Internet! Most of the major players on the Internet have one, MSN, Yahoo, AOL. You download the software, pick your ‘handle,’ and find some friends to chat with.”

“How does it work?”

“Well, you log in, then start the program. It will tell you which of the people on your buddy list are online. You buzz them, and start chatting. It’s as easy as that!”

“Do you talk or what?”

“No, silly, you type messages back and forth.”

“Ahhhhh… So it’s much faster than email, then?”

“Yeah, the person gets it as soon as you hit . Then they respond, and you type back and forth. Most of them allow you to transfer files back and forth, too. It’s fun to trade pictures, too, so you can see what the other person looks like. A lot of people do have microphones and webcams, I have both, and that can be even better!”

“So what do you talk about in these chats, Kami?”

Melissa and Kami looked at each other and both girls started to laugh again. “Why, sex, of course… How much we love being with women, our fantasies, our experiences, that sort of thing…”

Holly was a little surprised, but answered, “Wow, you talk about your fantasies with someone you’ve never met? Isn’t that a little strange?”

“Maybe, but the good side is that you are sharing these thoughts with someone you will probably never meet face to face, so you can let your mind go. Explore things, think things, say things you would never consider in real life. It’s kind of like real sex, it can be VERY hot, with the right person…”

Now Holly was intrigued. “Can you show me how it casino oyna works?”

“Sure, we were thinking about going online anyway, whattaya think Melissa?”

The brunette smiled and said, “Sure, let’s get our little virgin on line, see if she can find a girl friend to teach her all about sex the right way!”

Kami smiled, and said, “First we’re gonna need a picture. Liss, get your camera.”

Melissa opened a desk drawer and pulled out a digital camera and turned it on. She pointed the camera at Holly and said, “Okay, Holly, look sexy for me!” just before she snapped the shutter.

Holly was totally caught off guard, and the picture was terrible. They erased it, and Holly said, “Let me at least put on a cute top. This raggedy t-shirt makes me look like a slob or something.”

“So hurry up already!”

Holly went to her dresser and pulled out a tanktop. When she slipped it on, the straps of her sports bra were showing, so she reached her hands under the top and removed her bra. Holly’s erect nipples were visible against the fabric, and Kami said, “That’s better, baby, much more sexy!”

Melissa took her time with the next picture, and Holly liked how it turned out. Holly’s cute face had a nice smile on it, and her clear blue eyes looked right into the camera. Her blonde ponytail lay across one shoulder, and her nipples were visible, poking out against her top.

Melissa oooohed and said, “Okay, Holly, very sexy! Next is your Profile. What do you want to say about yourself?”

Holly said, “I dunno… What do you think I should say?”

Kami said, “Let’s see… How about ‘Curious 18 year old college freshman, seeks older, wiser girl to teach me. No phonies, no guys, I don’t have nude pics’!”

Holly’s eyes got wide. “Wow, Kami… Yeah, that sounds good!”

Melissa asked, “Holly, are you really curious?”

Holly’s response stunned both of the other girls. “I was very curious until this afternoon, but now I know for sure. The whole basketball team had an orgy in the locker room after practice, to welcome me to the team, and I came more times than I could count.”

Melissa laughed, “I’ve heard that about the basketball team. Is it true that they all shave their pussies?”

“Yeah, I was the only girl in the room with any hair.”

“You really should shave, it feels wonderful.” Kami said.

“I probably will, I liked the feeling of the other girls’ on my mouth.” Holly then asked. “Are you shaved, Kami?”

“Yeah, mostly. I just leave a little thin strip of hair above, but my lips are completely bare.”

“Me, too!” chimed in Melissa.

Holly booted up her computer, and Kami found the dating site for her. Kami went through the steps of creating Holly’s account, entered her email address, uploaded the picture they had just taken, and typed in the profile. “And that’s it… Once they approve you, it takes a couple days usually, you should start getting matches right away.”

“Approve me? What does that mean?”

“Well, they review everyone, to make sure you don’t have contact information in your profile or picture, plus to make sure the picture is not nude or offensive or anything.”

“Oh, I get it… So can we look at your matches now, Kami?”

“I think I’m gonna load Yahoo Messenger and see if any of my chat buddies are around.”

Holly watched as Kami downloaded the chat program and installed it on her computer. “You can change it later so it’s your email address rather than mine. For tonight, let’s see if any of my hot friends are around.”

When Kami loaded the program, her Friends List had about 20 entries on it. Several of them were online, including one with the handle of Sexy Jessi. Holly was surprised to see that Kami’s screen name was ‘Red Hot’.

Kami opened a window to Sexy Jessi, then typed, “Hey hottie, how are you tonight?” and hit .

A moment later, Jessi’s response came back. “Great, baby, but feeling horny!”

Kami laughed and said, “Jessi is ALWAYS horny…” Kami typed, “Mmmmmmm… Me, too, baby!”

Holly asked, “How do you know that Jessi is a girl?”

Kami answered, “She has a webcam. She doesn’t like to turn it on often, but she has a few times for me. She and I got off together, with our cams pointed at our pussies, while we talked back and forth on our mics. That was INCREDIBLY hot, I came so hard that night!”

On the screen came “Mmmmmm… Wanna play, darling? It’s been wayyyyy too long!”

Kami laughed… “Like I said, that girl is ALWAYS horny!” She typed back, “I’d love to, but I am at a friend’s place. Just showing her how IMs work.”

Jessi’s response was almost immediate. “Yeah? Does she have a cam?”

Kami laughed again, “I think we caught her on an extra-horny night. Wanna see if she will turn on her cam and mic if we go to my place?”

Melissa said, “Sure, that sounds HOT!!! What do you think, Holly?”

The blonde girl was in shock, she just nodded her head yes. She had no idea that things like this went on.

Kami typed in, canlı casino “No, but I’m close to home. If we go to my place, you wanna turn on our cams and mics and all play together?”

Again, Jessi responded quickly, “YESSSS!”

Kami grinned and said, “I thought so…” She typed in “Give us about 10 minutes, k?”

Jessi typed back, “OK, but hurry… I’ll be here waiting. I am already wet!”

Kami shook her head and laughed again, “That girl is insatiable!” She typed in, “OK, see you in a bit. Turn your cam on, ok?”

Jessi typed, “You got it. Now hurry!!!”

Kami shut down Holly’s computer, then turned to the other girls. “Shall we? A sexy young thing awaits…”

The three girls walked to Kami’s room, laughing the whole way. Holly was amazed when Kami took Melissa’s hand in hers, that the two girls would walk hand-in-hand in public.

It was a short walk, since Kami lived in the athletic dorms, too. Her room was similar to Holly and Melissa’s with one exception: she obviously did not have a roommate. As Kami fired up her PC, Holly asked, “How did you get your own room, Kami?”

“It was nothing I did. The girl I was supposed to share with decided at the last minute to go to a different school. They already had everyone paired up, so I am the only “single” in this entire building. I love it, love having my privacy, you know?”

Holly laughed. “I can see that…” she said with a wink.

As Kami’s computer came to life, the redhead slipped her t-shirt over her head. She had fairly large breasts for an athlete, with large pink areaolae, and Holly could see that her nipples were already erect. Melissa reached over and tweaked Kami’s nipples with her fingers, and said, “Oooooh, Kami, you’re ready for this, aren’t you?”

“You know I am, baby… Okay, girls, you strip, too. I’m not going to be the only nude one!”

Holly looked at Melissa, and watched as Melissa pulled her t-shirt and shorts off. Melissa had not been kidding, she had only a thin stripe of hair between her legs. Holly skinned her tanktop and shorts off, and then there were three sexy nude girls standing there. Holly and Melissa sat on either side of Kami in three chairs, close together.

Kami got the webcam started, and logged into Yahoo. Sexy Jessi was there, but now her status was “View my Webcam.” Kami clicked on it, and soon the girls were looking at Jessi. She was sitting at her computer, nude. She was a little older, maybe 25. She was very pretty, with curly brown hair to her shoulders, brown eyes, and very nice breasts. The nipples were hard.

Kami typed in, “Hey, baby!”

They watched as Jessi typed back, “Hey yourself!”

Kami typed, “What can you see? Do I need to adjust the cam?”

Jessi: “I can see parts of three sexy girls… Maybe open it up?”

Kami: “K… gimme a sec” Kami fiddled with the webcam controls a bit, then typed “How’s that?”

Jessi: “Much better!!! Now I see three very sexy girls, all nude and ready for me. What are your names, girls?”

Kami: “To my left is Holly, and you’ve met Melissa before.” Kami put one hand on the thigh of each girl as she introduced her. Melissa opened her legs wider, displaying her “landing strip” and her wet pussy. Kami’s hand slid up to Melissa’s mound, and she rubbed her finger up and down Melissa’s slit. Holly slid her hips forward in the chair, and Kami cupped her hairy mound and ran a finger along Holly’s slit.

Jessi: “Hey girls! That’s much better…” She slid her chair backwards and put one leg over the arm. She was also nude, and completely shaved. Jessi slipped one hand between her thighs and rubbed slowly.

Kami: “Shall we turn on the mic, baby? I wanna hear you…”

Jessi: “Yeah, I wanna hear the three of you cumming for me… Want you to hear me, too!” They watched as Jessi moved the mouse around, then the window popped up into Voice mode.

“Is that better? Can you hear me?” Jessi’s voice was soft.

Kami reached for the microphone and set it on the edge of the desk, in front of her. She said, “Yes, we hear you. can you hear me?”

“Yes, I can… Now how about Holly and Melissa?”

Kami looked a them, “Say hi, girls!”

Melissa said, “Hey, Jessi!” then Holly said, “Hi, this is Holly!” The blonde girl’s voice was huskier than the other two.

Jessi said, “Good, all three loud and clear. And nice to be able to tell your voices apart, especially Holly. God, you are such a hottie, girl!”

Holly smiled, “You, too, Jessi. And I love your shaved pussy, very sexy!”

Jessi had her legs spread wide again, sliding her finger in and out of her wet pussy. She was sliding her finger in, then out and across her clit. One time, she brought her hand to her mouth and licked her fingers. Holly wished that she could be there with Jessi, to lick her fingers and lick her pussy. Her first taste of another girl had only been a few hours before, but Holly knew that she would always want more.

Holly said, “Mmmmmm, Jessi, that’s so sexy. Wish I could be there to kaçak casino help you with that.”

Jessi said, “Mmmmmmm… Me, too, baby… I would love to have your sweet face between my thighs, to feel your tongue darting deep inside me….” Jessi spread her lips wide with one hand, and slid two fingers of the other hand into her wet pussy. She worked them in and out until they were buried to their base, then began to fuck herself with long slow strokes. Sliding her fingers in and out, twisting them, rubbing her clit with her thumb.

Holly was incredibly turned on, watching this sexy woman please herself. Holly’s hands were imitating Jessi’s, she was spreading her lips wide with one hand, and fucking herself with the other. Holly’s hips were moving by themselves, arching forward then back, forcing the young girl’s finger deep inside her dripping pussy.

A moan from beside her made Holly turn. She was surprised to see Melissa on the floor, between Kami’s spread legs. The brunette was licking Kami’s pussy, flicking her tongue all over Kami’s clit, then sliding it deep inside her. Kami had her hands in Melissa’s hair, and she was thrusting up with her hips, fucking herself against Melissa’s tongue. Holly put her thigh over Kami’s, spreading herself as wide open as she could.

A moan from the computer speakers made Holly turn to face the monitor. Jessi had something in her hand, and was working it all around her pussy. It was white plastic, about 8 inches long, maybe an inch around, and one end was tapered. Jessi was moving the tapered end all over her pussy, sliding it in and out, pressing the end against her clit. Jessi was moaning and had her other hand on her breast, pinching her nipple and twisting it.

Holly had never seen anything like that, so she asked, “What’s that, Jessi?”

Jessi looked up and smiled. “You don’t know what this is, Holly?”

“No, I don’t… I have lived a very sheltered life, never seen anything like it!”

“Okay, baby, I understand… Holly, meet BOB!”

“Bob? I don’t get it….”

“Short for ‘Battery Operated Boyfriend’. When I broke up with my last boyfriend, a very good friend of mine gave it to me. She said I would need it, and she was right!”

“What does it do, Jessi?”

The brunette slid the vibe back into her pussy, then worked it in and out. “Well, as you can see it’s a dildo, but it also has a vibrator built into it. Kind of the best of both worlds. If it made a decent living and could learn to take out the trash, I would marry it!!!’ Jessi laughed.

“Okay, thanks, I’ve never seen one of those… Do you think I need something like that, Jessi?”

“Yes, baby, you do, EVERY girl needs one… With BOB, you never have to think about a guy again… It’s always hard, and it doesn’t cum real fast then roll over and start snoring! And it doesn’t cheat on you, either…”

“Cool… I will get one then! Anyway, sorry to interrupt you, go ahead Jessi, this is so hot, watching you like this!”

Jessi lifted her breast to her mouth and sucked the nipple, as she was working the dildo all around her pussy. Holly’s hands were busy, too, fingering herself. She was moaning and pressing her hips up against her fingers, absolutely mesmerized by the scenes of Jessi pleasing herself.

Holly heard Kami moaning next to her, she turned and watched as Melissa had her head buried between the redhead’s legs. Kami was grinding against Melissa’s tongue, and Holly leaned forward to kiss Kami. Their mouths met, and Holly felt Kami moaning into her mouth.

Holly could hear Jessi moaning, and opened her eyes to watch. Jessi had her legs spread wide, and was ramming the didlo in and out of herself. Jessi’s pussy was obviously soaking wet, Holly could hear it sloshing around the vibrator as Jessi fucked herself with it. Jessi’s other hand was furiously rubbing back and forth on her clit.

Holly broke the kiss with Kami and concentrated on the screen. Jessi’s body was tensing up, and Holly could tell the older woman was about to cum. Holly slid her finger as far inside her pussy as she could, then started fingering her own clit with her other hand. Jessi was panting and moaning, and Holly said, “Go, baby… Cum for me, baby… Please, Jessi, cum for Holly, let me taste you, baby…”

Kami was thrashing around next to her, and Holly could tell that the redhead was about to cum, too. Melissa was slurping noisily at Kami’s pussy, and Holly was incredibly turned on by the whole scene.

Jessi screamed, “Oh, FUCK!!!” and was rubbing her clit furiously. She had the dildo buried deep inside her pussy, and Holly was amazed at how hard Jessi was rubbing herself. Jessi’s body stiffened, and she moaned out loud again, “Fuck yeah, fuck me baby, fuck me Holly, give me that sweet tongue….”

The sight of Jessi cumming sent Holly over the edge, too. She was moaning to Jessi, “Yeah, Jessi, fucking you so good, cum for me Jessi… Fuck me, Jessi, fuck me hard baby…” Holly’s could feel her pussy throbbing around her finger as she came. Her juices were pouring out of her pussy, making her hand glisten with them. Holly lifted her hand to her mouth and started licking her fingers. She could hear Jessi moaning, “Yeah, baby, lick my cum, suck me baby…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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