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John sat on the bed in the motel room, anxiously waiting for the man from the agency to arrive. He had come directly from the office, having already told his wife that he was going to be working late, possibly all night. Such things weren’t terribly out of the ordinary so she had grudgingly accepted it. He just hoped he could still face her in the morning.

John was a normal guy, or at least he had always regarded himself that way until recently, until the dreams. He had been a star on his high school’s football team. He had graduated from college with honors. He had been a successful advertising executive for most of his adult life.

He had always loved women; he was extremely attractive, with dark curly hair, a sweetly dimpled smile, and light fur covering his chest, forearms, ass, and legs, and he had had a reputation as something of a womanizer until he finally settled down with his wife, whom he had always been faithful to her ever since. They had two kids together. And now in his early thirties, he had what could only be described as a healthy family life, a successful career, and an active social life to boot. He had never thought he might be attracted to men…

Beads of sweat popped out on his brow. He had never done anything like this before; never imagined that he even needed something like this. But he did. He needed it bad.

It had started with the dreams. They aren’t always exactly the same; sometimes they take place in a dark alley, sometimes a field; once it was at the old running track where he had gone to high school. The important thing is that he is by himself, or thinks he is by himself, until his assailant, his tormenter, arrives.

John can never remember his tormenter’s face; just that it’s hard, and that grin. That grin as he shoves him to the ground. That grin as he forces John to his knees, and opens his fly, and pulls down his pants to reveal the hairiest, beefiest legs John has ever seen, and then takes out his cock…

Oh God, the cock. It’s huge. John got hard, izmir escort just sitting there on the motel bed thinking about it. But it’s never like that in the dream itself. There is no pleasure for John. His assailant grabs him by the hair, and forces his mouth down on that… that monster. It is a monster cock. At least ten inches and as wide as John’s wrist.

“You like that, don’t you, sissyboy?” his assailant mocks as he forces John further and further down his shaft. “Why don’t you take it all, sissyboy?” John moans almost inaudibly as he feels the giant cock slide down past the edge of his throat, and down, down… it must be stretching his throat so much, it’s so fucking huge… how doesn’t it tear it?

His assailant is moaning too, with pleasure. He holds John down as far as he can go (it’s never very far, the first time) for what feels like forever before withdrawing his cock; he grunts a bit as John’s mouth slowly comes off it… and John opens his eyes, looking it straight in the slit. His assailant slaps him in the face with it a few times. This goes on for a few minutes, and each time his assailant’s cock is forced down his throat, it manages a little more, a little more… until, incredibly, John’s nose is right in his tormenter’s copious bush. “You like the smell, don’t you? I bet you do, you faggot.” Does he? John can never remember the smell when he wakes up, but he’s curious. He holds John down for so long, holding his nose, not letting him release that mammoth cock even an inch from John’s sore and aching throat, that John feels like he’s going to pass out… “Choke on it, bitch,” his assailant teases, that grin on his face… then he is allowed a breath. Then he takes it again… and again… and again… John’s muffled cries of anguish more than matched by his tormenter’s moans of pleasure.

“Yeah, your hot mouth feels so good on my cock, sissyboy. Why don’t you turn around and we’ll see how your ass feels?”

“Please, no,” John says, feebly. He doesn’t think he can alsancak escort handle it; that cock will split him in two. But is there not a certain excitement, a certain curiosity there, as well?

“Oh, yes. Fuck yes!” his tormenter says, flipping John around like a ragdoll and thrusting his tongue in John’s hairy crack. At first, John thinks it feels a little good (to his eternal shame), but then his tormenter jabs a thumb straight up, causing sharp pain and making John grunt.

“Yeah, pig, grunt. You have a fine bubblebutt, sissyboy, and a nice tight asshole. I can’t wait to feel that virgin asshole clinging to my cock.”

John tries to object again but he has no strength to fight, and his assailant teases his ass a bit more with his tongue and fingers before grabbing him by the waist… and then he feels the fleshy knob as it’s about to enter his tight asshole.

“Don’t worry, you’re good and lubed,” his assailant says with a chuckle. “You’ll need to be to take this.” And then he thrusts, fast and hard, and the pain is unbearable. John screams.

“Please, you know you like how this feels sissyboy,” John’s tormenter says from behind as he fucks John fast and hard. “Oh yeah, that’s real good, boy.”

John moans. Tears are in his eyes. “Please..” he manages through moans.

“Please fuck you harder? Okay, but I don’t know how much longer I’m gong to be able to manage. Your fucking ass feels so good!” John moans… it’s all in pain, right? Surely there’s no pleasure… the man is raping him, for God’s sake.


“Oh, fuck yeah,” his assailant says. “Oh God, I love fucking a tight ass for the first time. Do you know how sore you’re going to be after we’re done, pig?”

“Oh, please… please…” and John doesn’t know whether he wants to say “stop”, or just keep saying “please”…

His assailant laughs. “I knew you wanted it, sissyboy,” he says. And now I’m going to give you every ounce of what you want. Oh… I’m… oh yeah… I’m about to come…”

John buca escort feels it, like a torrent rushing deep up his rectum. And his tormenter holds his position. “Oh, YEAH!” he screams. There’s another gush of cum, and another. The waves of cum stop coming out, and he withdraws his cock. John can feel the slimy liquid oozing out of his aching crack.

“Oh yeah, boy, wanna see what my cock tastes like after it’s shot a creamy hot load up your bunghole? Ever wondered what a cock tastes like after something like that?”

John does not know what he wants. He stares at his assailant’s cock, withering and waving in front of his nose.

“Here, taste it,” his tormenter says as he shoves the half-flaccid dick into John’s mouth. And does John enjoy it? Does he like the taste?

His assailant quivers as John licks the cum from his cock, and pulls out. He takes a couple deep breaths; they are both covered with sweat. Then he looks down and laughs. “Well, well, well, I told you you wanted it,” he says, that grin still planted on his face. John looks down at the ground, and sees his own puddle of splooge, some of it still dribbling from the head of his own hard cock, slowly mixing with the pool …

Now, while thinking about it in the motel room, John realized that he was stroking his cock. He didn’t want to get off thinking about it. He wanted to save his load for the man from the agency.

John remembered waking up shouting, drenched in sweat… and with something oily, slimy lathering the sheet by his genitals. That was troubling; he hadn’t had nocturnal emissions since not long after he had first learned to jerk off.

The dreams had come maybe once a week at first, but recently they’ve been more regular. Every time there’s that curious mix of fear and pleasure involved. John realized he had to do something about it. He had to try to experience it for real, or at least a simulation of it. So he had called the agency.

He heard a knock on the door. A feeling of excitement ran through him like an electric shock.

“Coming,” he said. He got up and answered the door.

“Hello,” he said to the burly, leather-clad man standing outside the door.

“Hello, I’m Rod, from the agency, you John?” the man asked.

“Yes. Why don’t you come in?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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