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Author’s Note:

Greetings fellow lover of erotic fiction. This is my second Summer Lovin’ 2018 Contest entry. Please take time to enjoy all the entries. They’re really pretty great.

This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental. The people in this story are fictitious.

This is a work of fantasy. It would be best if you could suspend disbelief and just enjoy the budding romance and the scenery. And the fucking. That’s my favourite. (I’m a Perv, too).

Finally, in this story you find an explicit depiction of a lucky man being jerked off by a woman in love. Call it romantic porn. The act is between consenting adults, both of whom are way over eighteen. The hand job is pretty vanilla, but remember: vanilla is a pretty great flavour. And, be aware, the woman involved clearly states that they both have body hang-ups. If the thought of imperfect people having hot sex turns you off or offends you, that’s cool. But please stop reading and find a story with characters more to your tastes.

This is my first attempt to write from a woman’s perspective. I’d love to hear what you think, so please leave a comment. And, don’t forget to vote.

He’s still asleep beside me. I can tell because he’s purring like a large, contented ginger tabby cat.

The early morning August heat is oppressive. Sweat wolf like me izle beads on both our bodies. My hair is damp. He has kicked the covers off in an attempt at defeating the heat. No air-conditioning for us. We have settled for a fan, cool water and sleeping naked.

Well, we always sleep naked. It’s our gift to each other.

When we first met we were both self conscious of our bodies.

He thought he was too fat and that his dick was too small.

I thought my ass was too wide and my tits were too small.

He got me over my fears by admiring my ass at every opportunity and worshipping my tits every time he caught a glimpse. He never groped or leered. He simply made sure I knew that he thought I was beautiful.

“Your tits are perfect, Ann. I can prove it!” He promptly engulfed my left breast in his large rough hand.

“See,” he said, “It fits my hand perfectly!”

I got him over his fears by getting him hard whenever I could. He’s average when it’s soft and plenty big when it’s hard.

The truth is I love his dick. I love everything about it. I love his trimmed red hair. I love how it is wrinkled when soft and how the veins pop when I make him hard. I love the head, slightly pointed, with a large hole. I love his heavy balls. I love the smell, especially after we fuck!

We wolf pack izle fucked last night in the heat. Sweat poured from our bodies. We had to abandon Missionary for Cowgirl, then finally Doggy. We fucked each other hard, relishing the feelings. He filled my pussy with hot cum. He stayed behind me for a short time, until he was soft and fell out.

We collapsed into each other’s arms. Then the heat got us and we rolled apart. I stole a glance at his ass, firm and hairy. I caught him stealing a glance at mine. We fell asleep to the sounds of each other softly laughing.

Now it’s the morning after. A sex hangover.

He is beside me. His soft dick smells like my pussy and his spunk. I watch for a few seconds, hesitant to do anything that will spoil the perfect moment.

Then I move, cautiously, slowly. I gently take it in my hand, with my thumb and first two fingers, I lift it slightly, setting it to one side. I trace the rim with a fingernail, barely touching him. I brush his balls with my fingertips. He doesn’t stir.

Growing bolder, I take it in my hand and just hold it briefly. It swells a bit. I rub a thumb over the head once, twice, again. He’s getting harder now, growing in my hand. I run my hand along his half-hard shaft.

He moans.

I squeeze him slightly, feeling the warmth, sensing the blood woman of the dead izle rushing in to stiffen him.

He moans a little louder.

“Shh, just sleep. I’ll take care of you. You seem to need attention.”

He smiles, half awake. He is fully hard now. I marvel at the change. He gets stiffer than any man I’ve ever known.

I begin to slowly jerk him. I run my hand along his shaft, feeling the veins. I reach for his balls with my other hand, massaging them.

“Wha-” he starts

“Good Monday morning baby. I’m just masturbating you. Just relax and enjoy.” I whisper hoarsely

“Damn, that’s hot!”

“Shh, you’re asleep.” I whisper.

He closes his eyes as I jerk faster. I take the lube from the bedside table, brushing his belly with my tits as I reach. I squirt a generous supply on his dick and balls. I use both hands on him now, sliding them over it’s head and back down. Again. Again. Faster. Harder. His hips begin to rotate and buck.

He is going to cum soon. I decide to put him over the top.

“Now be a good boy and shoot for me, and you can have me any way you want me tonight.” I whisper in his ear.

His eyes open wide. I tighten my grip, jerking as hard as I can.

“Cum for me and I’m all yours tonight!”

He shoots a thick string if cum six inches above his dick. It spasms as he shoots two more good ones. The last of his cum dribbles on to his balls. It is all over him and me and the bed.

“Come on babe, let’s hit the showers. We’re both a cum soaked mess.”

“Uh yeah.” He replies, not fully awake. “Did you just promise me-” he hesitated.

“You’ll just have to wait and find out tonight. Shower. Now.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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