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I met Kat on a regular online dating site but she didn’t have a picture on her profile. Her name caught my eye right from the start; there was just something about the name “Kat” that intrigued me. I sent her an email and had almost given up on her by the time she replied two days later. After a couple of emails back and forth she told me that she was in California with friends. We talked online and a little on the phone over the next couple of weeks about things we liked and didn’t like including sexually. She told me that she had just turned twenty but I was later to find out that she was only eighteen.

We made plans to meet on the day she would get back in town. She lived only about an hour from me so I figured that wasn’t that bad, especially if she was willing to give it up. As I started getting close to her small basement apartment I began to notice that she lived in, well let’s just say that it was not the best part of town. When I was about six blocks away she called and asked if I was still coming, I said no but as we talked I heard a tone in her voice and just couldn’t turn away. I told her that I had to stop for gas and that I might be a little late but I would be there.

After taking my time and looking around the neighborhood I finally arrived at her place. She met me at the door dressed in very tight black jeans and a snug black sweater. She was a very good looking woman with short hair with highlights and a very cute and sexy face. She was a little on the chubby side with very large tits that pushed against her sweater in an attempt to escape to freedom. She invited me in and as she turned back into the house I was faced with the hottest ass that I had seen in quite a while. It was a little large but at the same time it had the sexiest shape.

She offered me a drink but I told her that I would wait till later. As we sat on the couch and discussed the evenings possible activities we decided on a simple dinner and a movie. At the restaurant we talked about our lives and families and such, you know, the usual conversation. She told me that she was raised as a strict catholic and that she was taught that young ladies were not to wear jeans and such, only skirts and dresses. She was also taught that the woman of the house was not to work but to stay home and take care of the house and kids. As we sat at the table I kept thinking “I really don’t care about all this” but I would later find out what it all meant. I was also thinking that it made no difference that I had forgotten my condoms because there was no way that this gal was going to give it Cebeci Escort up.

After dinner we headed to a movie, along the way she suggested that we just rent a couple of movies and head back to her place. I found this idea much more appealing than going to a theater so I agreed. We rented a couple of chick flicks and headed for her place. Once we were back in her apartment she fixed us a couple of drinks while I popped the first movie in and got it ready to go. When she came into the living room with our drinks I had already settled onto the couch, she handed me my drink and turned her back to me. After a moment she sat beside me and I couldn’t help but notice that she had unbuttoned her pants while she had her back turned to me. I started the movie and after a couple minutes she snuggled in close to my side and sipped on her drink. I am somewhat ashamed to admit that I had no idea at this point what the movie was about, all I could think about was her unbuttoned jeans and her big, soft, warm tit pressed into my right arm. I could feel the firmness and warmth of her big titty and all I could think about was getting my hands on them.

I suggested that she lay with her legs across my lap and I would give her a foot rub. Kat wasted no time in getting positioned so that I could make good on my offer. As I sat with her legs across my lap and rubbed her feet I started to hear little moans coming from her, she was really enjoying it. At this point I began to wish that I hadn’t forgotten my condoms, my cock was starting to take notice of what was going on. I slowly worked my way up to her calves and then to her knees. By now I had a pretty good hard on going. As I sat there with her legs in my lap I began to worry about the possibility of Kat feeling my hard cock under legs. It was about this time that she started to ever so slowly move her leg gently back and forth to rub my cock. Before I could catch myself I realized that I was hunching up against her leg as she increased the pressure down onto my cock. I was beginning to realize that she must be as horny as I was.

I moved up to rub her thighs and was caught completely off guard when her legs parted slightly. As I worked more towards the inside of her thighs she spread her legs even further allowing me access to her crotch. I slowly moved my hand to rub her crotch. I could hardly believe the heat that was emanating from her pussy. As I rubbed the crotch of her pants she began to moan softly. After a couple minutes I grasped the zipper and slowly pulled Çıtır Escort it down, she offered no resistance. I saw that she was sporting a nice little wet spot in her panties. I tucked my fingers into the waist band of her panties and pushed downward. She immediately positioned herself to allow me easier access to the treasure that awaited me. What I found inside the panties was the hottest and wettest fresh shaved pussy I had ever touched.

My finger quickly found her firm little clit and I begin to rub and massage it as her moans become louder and her breathing more rapid. Here I am with my hand in this girls pants stroking her clit and I have known her less than two hours and haven’t even kissed her yet. Moving up slowly without removing my hand from her pants I started to kiss her, she kissed back as if she was starved. Her tongue was thrashing wildly about inside my mouth as if she were searching for something. By now we were side by side on the couch, me with my back to the back of the couch and her on her back with her right leg across me and up on top of the back of the couch. This position allowed her to spread her legs more than before which gave me better access to my new toy which I was so much enjoying. BY now we were both worked into a fuck frenzy, I pulled my hand from her pants and made my way under her sweater in search of those huge tits. She somehow got a hand behind her long enough to unclasp her bra and I worked up under it to find a very hard nipple. I started pulling and tugging at her sweater until I had both it and the bra removed which exposed her absolutely gorgeous 36DD breasts. The nipples were amazing; they were dark and very erect. As I take a nipple into my mouth I reach back into her open pants to find that her pussy is now soaking wet. It almost feels like someone has poured a bottle of lube in her panties. Her pussy was shaved so smooth and covered in her own juices; it was so hot that my cock was aching to get out.

She whispered to me “I want sex now!” and all I could think of was the fact that I had forgotten the condoms. Damn, damn, damn, I thought. I told her that I had forgotten them, to which she replied, I have some! Take me to the bedroom and fuck me she said. As she got up from the couch she was removing her clothes, before I could get my pants down over my very hard 7 inch cock she had already stripped naked. When I saw her huge tits and shaved pussy I took her to the floor and spread her legs as wide as I could get them. Natural lubrication was flowing from her swollen Demetevler Escort lips in abundance. I quickly buried my face in her sopping cunt and began licking her clit. As I licked she became very loud and aggressive, grabbing me with both hands around the back of my head she pulled my face into her hot cunt and screamed “lick my pussy”. When I finally get to a point where I can escape her grip I stand and help her to her feet. Once in the bedroom she retrieved the condoms the closet. They looked like some sort of novelty prize or something. They also looked old but at this point with her laying on her bed, legs spread wide and her hand massaging her very wet pussy I didn’t care how old they were. Pre-cum dripped from the tip of my cock as I placed the condom over the tip and started to roll it down the length of my shaft.

I rub the head of my cock up and down between her wet lips until she throws her head back and lets out a loud moan. When I stop moving up and down between her lips my cock head is at the entrance of her pussy. As I push forward I am met with resistance. Pushing harder I still have not penetrated her, she says in an almost pitiful voice, “I’ve never been fucked before”. Hearing these words almost caused my dick to explode. I couldn’t believe my ears, “she’s a virgin” I thought to myself. Well we are about to take care of that, I told her as I pushed the head into her hot wet hole. Two inches then three and back out, four inches and finally I was all the way in. Slowly I moved in and out of the tightest pussy I had ever had the pleasure of fucking. I get her legs up on my shoulders so I get deep in her, now I start picking up my pace. I fuck her like this for a few minutes with my balls slapping her in the ass and the wetness of pussy creating the most obscene sounds. Faster and faster we go until I feel her entire body tighten up as an orgasm rips through her body. Her orgasm in turn caused me to cum harder than I can remember ever having done before. The tightness of her pussy, the heat, the wetness and thinking the whole time about how mine was the first dick to ever enter this tight little cunt. It was more than I could stand.

As my cock goes limp it is pushed out of her by the tightness of her pussy. I reach down to remove the condom and discover that she has absolutely soaked the bed. Tossing the condom to the floor I feel her snuggle up against my back pressing those wonderful tits against me. We both drift off to sleep exhausted.

My cock finds its way into her love tunnel five more times that night using every condom she has. The next morning she tells me she is sore. I tell her that I am certainly happy that I came to see her. She then opens her robe and says “take a good look, this is all for you”. Before leaving I bend her over the kitchen table and give her the first bare back fucking of her life.

She comes to my place that night….

To be continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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