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Jess and Hannah had lived together for about 5 years. Jess was fairly easy going and Hannah was a bit of a neat freak. Jess always admired how she kept things in order and always had things sorted. Hannah was a senior manager, so had a controlling and fairly firm personality. The two women were different, but they got on well.

Until Jess’ curiosity had been tweaked by her encounter with Julie, her French colleague, she had never been interested in other women. She had certainly never thought of Hannah in that way, even when she heard her having sex through the bedroom wall. Hannah was average build, she had a nice curvy ass with blonde shoulder length curly hair. She had deep blue eyes and a pretty smile. Jess and Hannah sometimes swapped dresses, so Jess knew she was around her size with similar b cup breasts. What Hannah didn’t know was that Jess sometimes wore her underwear to work, especially if she thought Hannah had came in them.

Jess had always assumed Hannah had an average sex life and she thought she had settled for her boyfriend Mike. A couple of times Jess’ curiosity had led to to look for any sex toys in Hannah’s room, but she had never found any. Hannah did however own lots of lingerie, that Jess was getting more and more familiar with. Jess had a slight attraction to Hannah, mainly through her kink of wearing her panties.

One Friday afternoon Jess had finished a seminar early and found herself at a loose end. There was no point going back to the office, so she headed home. She figured an afternoon of mindless TV would be what she needed. Hannah’s car was already at home when Jess got there, fully expecting to see her in the living room Jess didn’t say anything as she entered. At first the house seemed empty, so Jess headed to her room to get changed into a loose t shirt and grey leggings. She took her bra off, but kept her panties on.

In her room, she noticed a few things at the base of her bed had been pulled out, just in front of where she kept her stash of toys. Surely Hannah hadn’t been in there? Jess opened up her bag, to find her favourite bullet vibe was missing. Slightly pissed off, but also now kind of horny she turned for the door. It was then she heard a few muffled gasps through the wall. Jess was always kind of horny, but this started her mind racing.

Jess gently headed out into the living room, where she saw Hannah’s door was slightly open. As she got closer, she heard the familiar buzz of her toy. The sound of the toy and the thought of Hannah using it immediately sent flutters through her. Approaching the door, she quietly pushed it open. There on her bed lay Hannah.

She was fully clothed, lying on her back with her eyes closed and headphones in. She was wearing black jeans which were escort kocaeli unbuttoned, with one hand inside gently rubbing Jess’ vibe over her pussy. Hannah’s soft sighs and little moans grew louder. It was clear she didn’t know Jess was there. Jess stood in the doorway, watching Hannah vibe herself. It was beautiful to watch another woman pleasure herself, using her toy. Hannah’s motions were hurried, perhaps from trying to cum before Jess got home or maybe because she hadn’t used a vibe before.

Jess couldn’t help, but get insanely turned on. She saw how Hannah’s back arched and she pulled her legs up to her ass when she came close. As she stood in the door way, Jess slipped her hand under the waistband of her leggings. Her finger tips honed in on their usual wet patch on her panties. Jess was surprised at how wet she was already and each touch sent her heart racing. She slipped a couple of fingers inside releasing more wetness. Jess rubbed her wetness over her lips, up on to her clit and onto her trimmed landing strip.

The combination of the touch of her fingers on her clit, the plunging inside, the sights and sounds of Hannah using her toy and the fact she was in her roommates doorway made her cum quickly. Jess shuddered and gasped as she came, a little surprised at the speed. She could feel streams of her cum running down her legs, soaking into her leggings as it made it’s way down her inner thighs. As she came Jess juddered and knocked the door.

Jess quickly pulled her hand out to taste herself and it was then that Hannah opened her eyes. She sat bolt upright, the vibe still running in her jeans, her face was red with embarrassment and exertion. She screamed

“Shit Jess, what the fuck, get out!”. It was then see noticed the wet patch on Jess’ leggings and added

“and I don’t want to know what’s happened in your pants!” Jess smiled and responded playfully with

“I think you have something of mine!”

Hannah sat squirming with the vibe still in her panties. She didn’t know where to look or what to do. It was clear she was close and super horny. Jess slowly walked over to her bed, her heart rate grew in anticipation as she didn’t know what was going to happen. She knelt on the bed next to where Hannah lay. Hannah froze, staring intensely into Jess’ eyes. With her eyes locked on Hannah’s, Jess slid her hand down into Hannah’s white panties. She had always wanted to know how Hannah was trimmed and it turned out she had a neatly kept bush. For a few seconds Jess’ fingertips played with Hannah’s trimmed hairs before Jess pulled out the vibe. Hannah lay motionless, breathing deeply, part confused and now very horny.

Feeling it was only slightly wet from Hannah’s frought fumbling, Jess sucked the vibe, mainly gölcük escort to taste Hannah, but also to wet it again. Jess loved the familiar sweet taste of another woman’s pussy. She slid the vibe back down into Hannah’s panties and started to rub it against her clit. Hannah immediately gasped, her eyes closed again with the pleasure from Jess’ toy and her bold actions.

Hannah had never done anything like this and was caught in the moment. With her spare hand Jess, squeezed Hannah’s tits through her t shirt. Hannah moved her hand to meet Jess’, it was too much as she was already close. Jess pressed the vibe hard, feeling Hannah’s body move beneath her hands. Hannah’s back arched and her head rolled back, as she came hard. Her breathing was fast and deep as her entire body shook.

As soon as she came, Hannah pulled Jess’ hand rapidly from her panties.

“What the fuck Jess? Can’t believe you’ve just made me cum!” She whispered with all the breath she could muster. Jess ran her fingers over Hannah’s lips, partly to make her taste herself and also to calm her. Jess’ bold actions had clearly triggered something within Hannah, as she then asked nervously

“Do you want me to do you?”

Jess laughed as she lay on the bed and simply said

“You should try it!”

Hannah’s hand ran down Jess’ chest as she lay next to her on the bed. She ran down onto the large wet patch on her leggings and squeezed her thighs before awkwardly sliding her hand under the waist band of both Jess’ leggings and panties. Hannah had never felt a wet pussy anything like Jess’. The material from her panties clung to her pussy as Hannah’s fingers fumbled around rubbing cum everywhere. Jess gasped at Hannah’s touch, her cum now felt cold against her skin, but Hannah’s fingers were hot by contrast.

Hannah eventually settled on rubbing little circles on Jess’ clit. Jess panted as her heart once again raced. It felt so good to have another women’s fingers in her panties again, but Jess wasn’t happy with Hannah’s technique. She pulled her hand out and knelt up, straddling Hannah’s thigh. Jess whispered to Hannah “let me show you one if my favorite ways to get off”.

From here, Jess pressed down hard, grinding her clit against Hannah’s leg. Hannah lay mesmerised, by her fully clothed housemate fucking her leg. Jess’ tits bounced beneath her t shirt and her nipples were clearly hard. Hannah’s hands found their way to Jess’ ass, feeling the rhythm of her humping.

The women didn’t kiss, despite being so close, but their eyes were locked on one another. Jess grabbed the vibe and held it against the outside of her pants. She immediately felt the sensation hit the spot. Jess took in a deep breath and squeezed her hanging tits izmit sınırsız escort with her hand. She lifted her t shirt, so her breasts hung over Hannah and guided her hand to grasp them. Hannah clearly didn’t know what she was doing, but Jess was so close! Hannah clumsily squeezed Jess’ tits and played with her firm nipples.

With Hannah’s fingers playing with Jess’ tits and the vibe pressed up hard against her pussy, Jess came hard. Her thighs clasped tightly around Hannah’s leg, her back straightened. Jess’ cum flooded from her pussy, leaking through her already soaked pants onto Hannah’s leg as her hips convulsed back and forth uncontrollably. Jess grabbed Hannah’s hands and pressed them against her soaking pussy. Her hands fell to the bed as she again leant over Hannah. Jess’ tits were pressed firmly against Hannah’s chest.

“Shit Jess, you’ve just cum all over my leg! Do you always piss all over everything?” Laughed Hannah, pushing Jess away.

“That’s playback for borrowing my stuff!” Jess responded with a wry smile.

“Oh in that case, what do I get for you borrowing my panties then?”

Jess froze, she didn’t think Hannah knew how she always wore her panties if she knew she had fucked in them.

“How did you know?” Jess asked somewhat embarrassed.

“They were always fucking soaking. I think I’d remember doing that! And don’t think I don’t know why the couch is always sticky too!”

Jess had no response, she was busted, but laying on her housemates bed in soaked panties after having just cum watching and fucking Hannah it didn’t seem to matter. She simply stood up, picked up the vibe and gesturing to the wet patch on Hannah’s leg said “just look at what you made me do, let me know if you ever need any help again”

With that Jess stood up and headed to the door. Her ass was soaking from her cum, her leggings gripped it tight along with her thighs and pussy as she walked. Hannah watched her housemate’s ass wiggle as she left the room.

Jess headed straight to her room, where she was still full on horny. She slid out of her soaked leggings and panties. She clicked on the vibe once more and after a few circles of her clit, she wrapped it in her panties and pushed the ball into her dripping pussy. The sensation of filling and vibrations inside her, caused her to yelp with pleasure. She lay back on her bed and slowly rubbed her clit, getting ever faster and faster. Her breathing became deep and loud, mixed with sighs and squeals when the vibe hit the right spot.

Jess’ hands rubbed her cum all over her ass, squeezing hard and digging in her nails as she went. The tingling from her nails sent her over the edge. Jess slid her fingers inside to slowly pull out her panties. With each pull she got closer and let out more intense squeals of pleasure. As the ball of panties and vibe stretched her pussy, Jess came pushing her panties out with yet more floods of cum and a final scream.

Jess hoped Hannah had heard every bit of her extra little session.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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