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“Emma Jean Callaway where in the hell have you been?” William shouted grabbing her arm.

“Why; do you even care?” She replied snatching her arm away.

“Of course I care. I came home to take you to dinner and make things up to you from last night and this morning. Now where the heck have you been?”

“Well for starters, I hung out at the restaurant by myself, then I went swimming by myself, I ate lunch by myself, strolled along the beach by myself and took a nice long nap.”

“Oh sweat Jesus, your tongue has the tone of a serpent’s. Do you actually expect me to believe that?”

“Frankly at this point sugar, I don’t care what you believe, I mean, when you leave someone or should I say abandon someone the way you did me, can you blame me for thinking you didn’t care?”

“Emma, what the heck are you thinking? Of course I care, but lately you’ve been acting like some carnal sex driven Sheba. Now I understand that you’re probably longing for things to be the way they once were, but my dear, we have grown so much since then. We can no longer allow lust and sinful wickedness to guide our thoughts. The bible says that temptation leads to damnation.”

“Is that what you’re afraid of Will?” Do you really think I’ll go to hell for kissing your cock?”

“Absolutely it’s a sin, Emma where’s your head been for all these years?”

The middle-aged wife simply smiled as a nasty little thought went through her mind.

“The road to damnation isn’t a large thorough fair with plenty of intersections, but a small narrow road with even smaller intersections and once you start down that road you’re through. We’ve talked and given many sermons on this. Why are you acting as if you’ve never understood what this? We are saved children of Christ, a righteous and moral people.”

“We have been married for twenty years Will, twenty years, I understand the when and who we sleep with but, I can’t believe that you’ve allowed doctrine to dictate what we do in our bed.”

“I love you Emma but sex is the original sin, and we must be wary of its practice or we will surely fall victim to entrapment. Please don’t give in to the carnal persuasions of lust?”

Emma barely heard a word he said as she closed the door to the bathroom behind her as tears ran down her rosy cheeks.

After a nice hot shower Emma climbed into the bed with her husband who attempts to hold and caress him, however, he quickly spurns and rejects her.

“I’m very disappointed in you Emma, I can see that being among these heathen people have brought the worst out of you. I’m making plans to cancel our vacation tomorrow.”


For the next two days Emma acquiesced to her husband’s threats of canceling the vacation, not necessarily because she didn’t want to leave the tropical paradise but more so because of the guilt she felt for her infidelity. Unfortunately all she got in return was harsh scolding, endless lectures, and a putrid dose of insensitive, one-way sexual intercourse, which was always in her hubby’s favor. Her husbands increasing paranoia about the sexual activity and inferiority of the brown skinned people of the island had grown out of control. But deep inside what troubled her most of all was the void left between her legs without her strong dick Jamaican lover to fill it.

The White Witch Club House is an 18-hole golf course with spectacular panoramic views of Jamaica’s mountainous countryside and turquoise-blue waters. The winding hills that surround it make it a tourist attraction for even those not interested in the game. In spite of how much she enjoyed the view, the blonde haired preacher’s wife was steadily losing her patience. She literally begged her husband to let her go to one of the many beauty spas on the island; however he rejects, and rebuts her with a lecture about the sexual temptations and the alluring promotion of fornication that dwelled there. She sat in the backseat of the golf cart listening to her husband preach to an English gentleman whom he played golf with.

“You see William it’s really not all that complicated to understand.” Jack Madison proclaimed. “The natives of this island continue to hold on to many traditions, pagan rituals and practices, as a result we find many of this acts rather primitive. The fact they’re preoccupation with sexual stimuli is only natural.”

“Maybe Jack, but sexual deviation is all over. I tell you, sometimes I’m amazed that the Lord doesn’t just open a whole and drop them all in at once. Between the Internet, TV, movies, and video games it’s becoming damn near impossible to find good clean, God fearing Christians anymore.”

“Ha, hah, ha, I know what you mean sir, why the other evening, my wife and I actually saw this couple performing on the beach in broad daylight. And you should have seen the black brute, his…uh, you know looked like you could hand a flag on it at half mass.

“Uh…how revolting,” William growled.

“Sounds like you had such a good time watching Jack, maybe you both should’ve joined in.”

“Blimey, what say titans izle you?”

“Hah, hah, hah, hah, forgive my wife, she’s quite the jokester.” William nervously laughed throwing dagger like eyes to his wife.”

“Indeed she has, a bit warped for my taste I’m afraid aye. Mrs. Callaway, how do you like the island so far?”

“Oh I just love the vainglorious sound of self-righteous rhetoric, it sounds so…so snobbish.”

“Hah, what a sense of humor,” Jack laughed loudly. “”She sounds like a left-winger, but it’s not surprising, given the degree of perversion bombarded on us daily by the liberal media.”

“Well that’s my goal, to preach and teach and reach these perverted people, but to tell you the truth, I think they’re just beyond the reach of God but I’ll keep trying.” William stated.

The more Emma listened to them the more disgusted she became. Maybe it would be best if they just went home, she thought as she rolled her eyes at them. As she did this, something seemed to catch her peripheral vision. She turned and squinted in the direction of the curious sight. Suddenly her eyes blinked widely. Shaking her head to make sure what she was seeing was indeed real. She realized that the huge powerful figure belonged to Randy. Even from the distance of at least five hundred yards, his wheel barrel chest and tree trunk thighs looked huge and powerful. Like images flashing through a nickelodeon, Mrs. Callaway’s mind searched for an excuse, any excuse to escape her situation. She could feel the electricity shooting through her clitoris and was practically stroked it as she spoke.

“Excuse me William, but I need to go back to the club house.”

“What on earth for, William inquired.”

“I need to go.”

“Oh that’s no problem, there are plenty of rest areas along the course, I’ll have one of the boys take you…”

“Uh, that’s okay, I’ll just go back to the main house and grab me another slice of that carrot cake.” She lied.

“Well hold on I’ll have one of the boys bring you a cart to escort you back.”

“Great, I’ll get out here and just tell the worker I’ll be here by the tenth hole.”

“No my dear that’s not necessary, we’ll wait.” William offered.

“No, you boys go on and have a good time, I don’t mind waiting a few minutes until he gets here.”

“Very well, if you think you’ll be okay?” Jack asked.

“Don’t worry now go on, I’ll be okay.

She watched carefully until the cart descended below the hill. Immediately she looked down inspecting her outfit. The white cotton jumpsuit she wore clung tightly to her well-shaped body. Her pink and white, open toe sling backs might’ve been a bit much for the golf course but would now be perfect for what she had in mind.

She meticulously retraced the path behind her hoping her seductive lover would be patient enough to wait for her return. After several minutes of walking she began to believe she had waited to long to make her move when the sultry strong voice filled her ears with delight. Giving a deep sigh of relief she turn to discovered not only was her brown skin lover standing near to her but he was stark naked with his enormous cock waving to her in his direction. Disregarding who or where she was, she immediately stripped off her top and allowed her size 38 D-cup breast to dangle in the air as she approached him.

“I can see you’ve missed me as much as I’ve missed you.” Randy stated.

Randy nearly lost his breath as he saw his cock sandwich between the Emma’s round breast and then sucked into her gapping mouth. The dreadlock wearing Mandingo lifted his long arms in the air, grabbing a firm tree branch, and proceeded to do pull-ups as he pumped his hard tool into her hungry mouth. Rippling jolts of pleasure shot through him as his lover relentlessly pumped hard and faster on his cock. Taking advantage of her position, she went beneath and between his long legs and began licking, sucking and tickling his balls.

“Yes, yes take it, take it all.” The proud Jamaican moaned deeply, losing himself in ecstasy, but unaware that the branch had weakened carrying his weight and snapped un-expectantly sending them both crashing to the ground.

“Are you okay?” Emma asked worried.

“Does this look like I’m okay.” Randy answered waving his hard tool at her once more.

“Oooh that’s the first hill I’ve wanted to climb all day.” She cooed.

“Hah, ha, better bring your knee pads.” He countered.

Emma quickly crawled over, mounted and slid the sloppy wet cock inside her.

“Sssssss, aye, ahhh my…woo, wooo, uhh it feels like it’s tearing me apart!” Emma shouted.

“Take your time my lady. Work your way down.” He counseled.

“Ohhh, oooo it feels even bigger than before.”

“Come on baby, you can do it, just take your time.”

“In spite of his encouraging words, the look of pain etched on the woman’s face told him she was losing her will.

“Listen my lady, you are in control. Do not concentrate on the size or the pain too hot to handle izle but the pleasure and your desire to have me inside you.” He panted trying to keep himself from shooting his load before they even started.

He extended his hand to her, which she quickly took and placed in her mouth, sucking and licking his fingers as if they were mini versions of his massive tool that continued to fight her reluctant entrance. Closing her eyes she sucked feverously on his fingers, occasionally rubbing her own saliva on her face. The more she focused on this task, the more her love canal loosened and inch by inch she managed to slid down. With his free hand he firmly grabbed her hip and forced her down completely impaling her on his powerful cock. He smiled proudly as he watched the woman pounce slowly up and down like a horse in a carousal ride. Together they moved in unison, a sexual harmonic unity, even their moans were well time creating a passionate chorus of love calls.

Emma began to fill comfortable once more with the thick hard cock sliding through her. “Pull your knees up sugar.” She asked gently.

Once he complied she placed both her hands on his knee caps and pushed herself up to the point where only his uncircumcised head remained inside, and then suddenly she slid back down forcing, almost punishing herself with the pain that was rippled throughout her pussy.

“I’m taking all this dick for you sugar.” She cried rising and falling again and again and again. Soon their mouths opened but not a sound escaped. Her body began vibrating and shivering uncontrollably.

Randy could not only see what his partner was going through, but he could feel it as well. Her tight vagina began bending and twisting around his cock. He felt the warm wet liquid spraying down on him and he knew it wouldn’t be long before he fired his load. Grabbing her hips with both hands he forced her down with all his might and twisted his head in the cool shaded grass. Gritting his teeth he lifted his torso up and pulled her down even tighter.

“Take it, take it, take it all!”

The tip of his dick was on fire and he felt it expand just as the first shot blasted out of him. Moving quickly he rolled her on to her back pulled out and shot the rest of this load on her face, breast, and stomach.

Staring at each other with bewilderment in their eyes, they listen to the sound of nature around them. Emma reached up and gently stroked his shrinking cock, milking the remnants of liquid from it.

“I think I better get back to the club house.” She lamented.

‘No, I want you to come with me.’ He stated making it sound more like an order.

“I…I can’t my husband will probably get there before me and where will I say I’ve been all this time?”

“Tell him that after being around all these clubs and holes, you’ve discovered a new interest in golf yourself.”

“That’s not funny Randy, I really need to go.” She insisted, but her lover refused to take no for an answer.

“My lady you have given me such pleasure and you have enriched my life with your warmth and beauty, please do me this honor, and come with me. I want you to meet the people who are special to me.”

“I, I can’t.” She stated shaking her head.

“I feel this maybe our last night together our only night, lets make it last, please I beg you.”

“But why”

“Because there are doors that remain closed within you, a chamber of secrets so to speak, I want to be the one that opens these doors, at least for one night.”

“But the question remains, what do I tell my husband?” She asked becoming annoyed at his persistence.

Squeezing her hand he looked intently in her eyes before continuing. “Your husband will understand.”

“You obviously don’t know my husband.”

“Please, please come with me and I promise, it will all be okay.”

His soft brown eyes and youthfully handsome smile melted her resistance and as he authoritatively led her away, she put on her clothes and followed him loyally.


William completed the 18th hole and arrived back at the clubhouse searching for his wife. “Excuse me but have you seen a tall blonde wearing a white jumpsuit?” He asked the desk clerk.

“Oh yes Mr. Callaway, you’re speaking about your wife. No I haven’t seen her since she left with you.”

“Really, maybe she went back to the room.” He speculated out loud.

“By the way Mister Callaway, we received a call from the Reverend Moore, he requested your presence at the church. He said it was an urgent matter.”

“He did, well I guest I could stop by there on my way back to my suite. Listen call my suite and tell my wife, I’ll be there shortly, I’ll stop by the missionary first.”

“I will do just that sir.” The desk clerk agreed.

“Good now call me a car.” He ordered.

A half hour later he entered the main office within the missionary and approached the desk clerk.

“Hello Mister Callaway, so glad you could come. Unfortunately too hot to handle brazil izle Reverend Moore had to leave but he said he’d be back shortly, would you like to wait in his office, it’s much cooler there?”

“Hmm, that’s strange, he invites me here and then leaves before I show up?” He wondered.

“I can assure you reverend; the wait will not be a long one.” The beautiful African woman stated.

“Well alright.”

“Very good sir, this way, I’ll take you to his office.”

Reverend Callaway looked curiously at his escort and sensed something very familiar about her.

“Uh, excuse me once again but have we met before?’

“No sir, I don’t believe we have.” She answered innocently. She gazed at him with velvety soft hazel eyes, that complemented her shinny, smooth, chocolate brown skin.

He couldn’t help but notice the length of her skirt, which was way above her kneecaps.

“Uh, forgive me for saying so, but don’t you think that skirt is a bit short for a woman working here in your position?”

“Oh I hope I haven’t offended you?”

“I’m not the one you should be concerned with my dear.”

The young lady became so anxious about the length of her shirt that she now over compensated by pulling it down to the point where now her firm and voluptuous ass was half out of her skirt.

“My goodness child, are you having one of those famous wardrobe malfunctions?”

“Mr….I mean, Reverend Calla…Callaway, I apologize, I guest I pulled a little too hard.” The young woman cried.

“Take it easy young lady, but I suggest you get to the bathroom and make some repairs.”

“Yes sir right away sir.” As she nervously backed away, she didn’t noticed that her blouse had become entangled on a small protruding nail in the bookshelf. When it pulled her back, she knocked into the bookcase and an amazing series of events took place. Several books fell from the shelf, she turned quickly in an attempt to catch them ripping her blouse open, as she tried to fold her arms and cover her bra, and the tiny strap on her skirt gave way allowing her skirt to drop to the floor. In a panic she bent to grab her skirt, yanked the blouse against the nail, ripping it completely open. In only a few seconds the young woman was now standing in front of the reverend with nothing more than her bra and panties.

They both stood there in total shock, looking at one another with a look that said, did you see what just happened. Several tension filled seconds past without a word being said.

“I’m sorry Reverend Callaway, oh I’m so sorry.” The girl cried.

“Hah, ha, ha, ha, I can’t believe what I just saw.” William laughed, not menacingly but rather compassionately.

The girl smiled innocently at first but eventually shook her head and laughed along with the elder man.

“Girl you need to take that act on the road, what a performance, heh, heh, he. Don’t worry I understand.”

Once again the room went silent for a moment and then erupted in laughter.

The Reverend found himself overcome with euphoria. It seemed every bone in his body shook in response as he totally let go and then it happened. He staggered back continuing to laugh almost out of control. Tears fell from his eyes. Not since he was a young child had he felt himself so loose, so free and so full of life. But as his laughter subsided he began to realize that he was incredibly hard. His cock was stretching the length of the fabric of his pants and resembled a flagpole protruding out in front of him. A sight that did not go unnoticed by the young woman before him.

“For her part, the woman seeing the aroused and erected reverend almost validated her position. From a man’s perspective, a dick is brutally honest, and an accurate barometer of whether is hot or not and judging from the elongated stretch in his pants the good reverend was up full throttle. With a coy and innocent smile she subtly began rotating her body like a belly dancer. Seductively she step out of the torn skirt, and walked over to the astonished on looker. With each step she advances, her movements cunning and calculated, knowing that if any word or movement were too aggressive, she’d lose the moment. By the time she reached him, she could clearly see his chest rising and falling quickly as he watched with tantalizing delight. Placing her body next to his, she rose up on her toes, kissing him while massaging his imprisoned cock.

William searched for reasons, he prayed for strength, what he got was chills up and down his spine, feeling the tight hands of the young woman gripping his pipe. Her eyes, her innocence, enchanted him and he could feel the warmth of her shapely body pressing against his with an urgent need.

Like an expert she somehow managed to pull off his jacket, open his shirt and was now softly running her long fingernails through his hairy chest. As she slid down to her knees and undid his pants. The reverend finally managed to speak.

“No, no this isn’t right, I am a man of God, I will not give in to this.”

“Oh really, well you don’t have too but I want a second opinion.”

“You want a second opinion from…whom?”

She smiled pulling the zipper and releasing the prisoner within his pants. “I want his opinion, and I believe he is saying all systems go,” she answers, sliding his hard cock right into her mouth.

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