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The next morning, Hektor decided it would be best to give Gir his space. He had to be careful now. He’d already made a huge mistake and he couldn’t afford to mess things up any more.

Hektor called on an elderly servant named Moka. He rarely asked her to do things and she was nearly useless, but he kept her around because he was sort of fond of her. She was more than happy to take care of Gir and Hektor trusted her.

“Moka, I need you to take care of him. Make sure he gets a bath. Use the expensive oils. Then put some herbs on his bruises, and not the common stuff. Use the epione that’s with my battle gear and mix it with the iaso oil. Find him some clothes, any of my shirts will work well enough for now, but also call on the tailor to make him a few tunics. Be sure he has a meal as well; tell cook he may have anything he wishes.”

Moka nodded. Though she was very old, Hektor knew she would remember every detail and complete each task. “Master likes this boy?”

Hektor nodded. “Very much. Be sure he is happy. I’m going to be gone all day. I’m joining the officers for battle practice.” Hektor didn’t particularly want to leave, but he knew if he stayed home he wouldn’t be able to keep from touching the boy.

He dressed in light armor and carried a dull sword with him as he left, confident that Moka would take excellent care of Gir.


The ground seemed to shake around Hektor and his final training partner fell. He flung down his weapon and sat in the shade of a tree. His desire to see Gir was overwhelming. He wanted to see the boy. To touch his soft skin. Kiss him. Lick him. Suck him.

He groaned and punched the tree trunk, shaking loose a majority of the leaves. At this rate he’d never be able to hold back. Especially when he knew he didn’t have to. The boy was his property. Hektor could do what he wanted. Gir didn’t have to like it. But deep down, Hektor wanted Gir to like it. He wanted more than just a fuck. He wanted a lover. He wanted Gir to tremble with desire, to cry out his name in ecstasy.

So, no matter how difficult it was, Hektor knew he was going to win Gir’s affection somehow.

Hektor was so caught up in his own thoughts that the man who had arrived at his side took him off guard. “Sir,” he grunted, performing a quick salute to his employer.

“It was nice to see you participating in the auction,” the man said in his genteel accent that made Hektor want to punch things. Hektor had nothing casino siteleri to say, so he nodded. “You made a very interesting purchase.”


“It was an item I had hoped to enjoy as well.”

Hektor didn’t like the way Azlon made Gir sound like he wasn’t even alive. Hektor didn’t trust himself to reply and started to grind his teeth, wanting nothing more than this encounter to end.

“I spoke to the auctioneer about it. Quite an interesting story how the creature came about. Did you bother to learn its origins?”

“I haven’t,” Hektor replied curtly.

“It occurred at the end of the Celestial Wars, nineteen years ago. A demon raped an angel. Funny how such a tragedy would produce such an appealing thing. Of course, the creature was held in captivity. Scientists determined it was of no use to civilized people.” Azlon shifted his weight casually. “I had been interested in this creature for a long time. I’m sure you did not know that. I would be willing to buy it from you.”

Hektor made a low grumbling noise in his throat. “With all due respect, sir, you don’t have the funds to match what I paid for him and if you did, I have no intention to sell him.”

Hektor walked away, neglecting to bow and salute to his employer. It wasn’t the wisest move, and he knew that eventually he may regret it.


Hektor returned to find Gir hovering over a meal on a tray in the parlor. He was wearing another one of Hektor’s shirts, and a hole had been cut through the back to allow his wings room. Hektor got close enough to see the slice of bread had a few bites missing and it looked like Gir may have nibbled at the cheese. Some of the meat had been chewed up but spit out. His glass of wine was untouched, as well as the bowl of strawberries with an accompanying bowl of fine sugar.

Hektor knelt beside Gir. “You should try everything, it’s all very good.”

Gir looked at Hektor and quickly looked away. “Ye-yessir.”

Hektor positioned himself behind the boy and lifted the crystal glass of wine to Gir’s lips. “Taste this.”

Gir tilted his head and let the wine run over his tongue. He wrinkled his nose and Hektor smiled as he set the glass down. “I gather you don’t like it?”


Hektor took a strawberry and rolled the fruit in the sugar and offered it to Gir.

“What is it?” he asked.

“It’s a strawberry with sugar.”

“I’ve heard of strawberries but…what’s canlı casino sugar?”

Hektor set the berry down and swirled his index finger in the sugar. “It’s very sweet. Try it.”

Gir was hesitant and looked up shyly at Hektor, who was doing his best to smile kindly. Gir blushed and Hektor’s finger slid in his mouth. Hektor’s body reacted to the suggestive action. He couldn’t help but imagine that warm, slippery sensation on another part of his body.

He brought his face close to Gir’s neck and breathed in his scent. It was like mint, but also a faint smell of something burning. To Hektor, it was the best smelling thing he’d ever experienced. He wanted to lick the skin that smelled so good, but he refrained. Instead he fed Gir a sugar-coated strawberry.

Gir sipped at the wine and developed a taste for it. He finished his glass and leaned back against Hektor. “I’m a…a little sort of dizzy,” he said softly.

Hektor smiled. The boy was probably nearly drunk off of one glass of wine. “Do you feel sick?” Hektor asked.

“No…dizzy…and warm.” Gir reached up and gently touched Hektor’s cheek. “I l-like your face, did you know that? You’re really…very handsome.” He blushed and then laughed.

“Why does that make you laugh?”

“Because…” Gir laughed more. “You’re a man.”

“Yes I am,” Hektor said. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d smiled so much.

“I’m a man too…but I’m a much littler man than you.” Gir was running his hands over the hard, muscular planes of Hektor’s chest.

“Yes, that’s true.”

Gir pressed his cheek against Hektor’s chest and sighed. “Warm…” Gir was still for a few moments and it seemed that he had fallen asleep.

Hektor couldn’t resist and slowly started to unbutton Gir’s borrowed shirt. Gir whimpered and backed away. Hektor made a soft hushing noise and touched Gir’s soft, snow-colored hair. “Relax,” he said, running his fingers around the base of the sanded down black horns. Gir seemed to have calmed down, but when Hektor began to finish unbuttoning his shirt, Gir whimpered again.

“I won’t hurt you this time,” Hektor said. “I won’t force anything inside you. I just want to run my hands over your body. You’re so perfect.”

Gir mumbled and shifted in Hektor’s arms. “Do you remember….remember…when you kissed me?”


“I liked that part.”

Hektor tightened his grip on Gir and lifted him closer, so they were so close that kaçak casino Hektor could smell the wine on Gir’s lips. “Do you want me to kiss you again?”

Gir shifted forward and planted hot, wet kisses along Hektor’s jaw line before he found Hektor’s mouth. When he did, he wasted no time sliding his tongue into Hektor’s mouth. Suddenly, he pulled away and hugged Hektor with as much strength as he could gather.

“Don’t hurt me,” he pleaded.

Hektor kissed Gir’s forehead and stroked his hair. “I won’t.” He removed Gir’s shirt and ran his hands over Gir’s lower back. The skin was so smooth, aside from the interesting velvety sensation of the demon skin on his side.

Hektor gently laid Gir on the floor and slid his hand into the underwear that Gir had been provided with. He found Gir’s shaft was partially stiff and a drop of liquid was at the tip. He gripped the organ and leaned down to lick at Gir’s neck. When his tongue reached Gir’s collarbone, Gir’s whole body shivered and arched in reaction. Hektor felt Gir grow a little harder in his hand.

Hektor freed his cock from his pants to give the rapidly growing organ room. He licked Gir’s pink nipples and the boy squirmed and panted. His rapid breathing was almost musical. Hektor started to stroke the boy’s now fully erect dick. He realized that Gir was actually humming in delight. Hektor smiled and pulled away Gir’s underwear. He brought his face close to Gir’s dick and was about to take it into his mouth, but it seemed his hot breath, along with rhythmic stroking, was enough to send the boy over the edge. Gir arched and made a sound like a chord on a harp as hot semen shot into Hektor’s waiting mouth. After his orgasm had finished, Gir was still trembling.

Hektor kissed Gir gently. Both his halves, the titan and the man, finally agreed on something. “Mine,” he whispered.


Gir woke up with an awful pain in his head. His mouth tasted bad and he felt slightly nauseous. He tried to move, but soon discovered that he couldn’t. He smiled. Maybe he was still in Hektor’s arms. But no, he realized, and fear washed through him. He was much too cold. He opened his mouth and struggled to find his voice. “H-h-hektor?”

There was no reply. He finally gathered the courage to open his eyes and look around and he started to scream. He’d only been a child the last time he’d been in a place like this, but he knew what it was. He was strapped to a table. Different instruments surrounded him. He saw the vials for collecting blood, and probes that had pressed against his skin to test his reactions, and the measuring tool that was so cold.

It was only a matter of time before the scientists would come.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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