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If you are new to my stories, I recommend that you read Neighborhood Moms and Daughters and then More Neighborhood Moms and Daughters prior to getting into this story. It will help you with the characters and their motivations.

Jordan’s activity is discovered by her mother leading to confrontation with Ray. It is resolved and leads Ray to a unique Halloween party with a servant auction.

There is less focus on some of the main characters from my first two stories. I will return to them in my next story. If you ignore the references to the old characters, you can read this more as a stand-alone story.

Many thanks to kenjisato who is my editor and made this better. This is my first story to have a total edit and it made an enormous difference. Kenjisato did quick work.

This is my entry into the 2021 Literotica Halloween story contest. Please vote, favorite, and/or follow me. I appreciate comments and feedback.

All characters are 18 years of age or older.

Chapter 1: Mom finds out what daughters have been up to.

I was back at work after a wild night of sex with Sarah, her sister Jordan, and Samantha. I was grinding through meetings with my sales and marketing teams. We were launching a new product next week, that would make us a much larger player in the aerospace industry. As head of sales, I was leading the charge with customers. I couldn’t take phone calls, but had received texts from all the girls that morning. During lunch, I caught up.

Samantha, my close friend Teena’s daughter, was heading back home to better understand what was happening with her parents.

Sarah, a model, and the older sister to Jordan, was flying to a photo shoot in New York. She was now shooting major fashion magazine covers and was on a short list to model for Victoria’s Secret. The image in my mind was of me tit fucking her and blowing my load all over her face and mouth. I don’t think I will see that on a magazine cover any time soon.

Jordan, the younger sister, had nothing going on today and texted me a lewd picture of herself with descriptions of what she wanted to do.

I had to shut down Jordan as it was a work phone, and I could lose my job over the image she sent. She sent a pouty face emoji and asked when she might see me again. I said that this week, I was traveling to meet customers and wouldn’t be back until next week. More pouty face emojis came back at me.

My other personal conversation today was with Teena who was having difficult times getting her husband, Rick, to accept the changes that she wanted. He was in denial of his own shortcomings and had not accepted Teena’s desire to leave the relationship. We were both worried about what he might do. If things got too hot in the house, she was open to stay with her friend, Denise.

I had also contracted with a security specialist, Jeff, to get information on Rick. Jeff was hopeful that he would have information within a week.

I was leaving for Seattle tomorrow. I left work early, grabbed dinner on the way home. Once home, I cleaned up from the night before with clean sheets and promptly fell asleep by 6:00pm, as last night had finally taken its toll.

At around 9:00pm, I woke up to knocking at my door, along with repeated ringing of the doorbell. I groggily got out of bed and headed downstairs in the shorts I had fallen asleep in.

I opened the door to be confronted by Marie, Sarah’s and Jordan’s mother, who was looking angry, holding onto Jordan’s arm, who had her head down. Marie stormed into the house with her diminutive daughter in tow without being invited in.

My stomach was doing cartwheels as I had done many kinky acts with her daughters the night before.

After entering, she turned in the entryway and said, “Ray, I know we don’t know each other well. Marnie, your daughter, was a good friend of Sarah’s until they went to college a couple of years ago. I know that you lost your wife recently and we are all sorry for your loss.”

I nodded in agreement, knowing this was not the reason for their visit.

Marie pushed on with one hand on her hip, “Samantha was with our girls last night. I could hear that they were up to something, but wrote it off to girls just having fun. I did, however, do a bit of digging today after I dropped Sarah at the airport. I grabbed Jordan’s phone at dinner and was horrified to see that they had all come here last night; and that there was clearly some sexual activity going on. What do you have to say for yourself?”

I was quickly waking up and getting my wits about me. Jordan still had her head down, so there was no indication of what Marie knew about the details. I went with a minimalist answer to see if she would reveal more information.

“Marie, Sarah, and Samantha did come over here last night and eventually, so did Jordan. Nothing illegal happened and they all did this without my encouragement.”

Marie 1xbet yeni giriş stormed, “What exactly happened last night? Jordan sent some provocative texts today. She won’t say anything about last night, but I can read between the lines.”

Marie knew none of the details from last night and only had Jordan’s text messages from today. I racked my brain to remember what they had said. I remembered that she had repeatedly talked about my big cock and that she wanted it in all her holes. Jordan had also sent a nude selfie with a big dildo in her mouth. Just thinking about that lewd shot made my cock stir.

I was gaining some confidence and responded after thinking it through, stating, “What happened last night is between me and the consenting adults that were there.”

“Jordan lives under my roof and barely qualifies as an adult. We have had many challenges with her and don’t need neighbors corrupting her.”

I went back at her and said, “You are treating her like a child; it will only lead to more resentment and having her lash out with bad behavior. Look at how you are treating her now–dragging her over here by the arm and talking about her like she isn’t even here. Have some respect for her decisions and actions and maybe start a conversation–instead of accusing, spying, and demanding.”

At this, Marie took a step back and released Jordan’s arm. She wasn’t used to being confronted, and was now on shaky ground.

Jordan rubbed her arm where her mom had gripped it and finally looked up. She looked at me with the hint of a smile. I hadn’t betrayed her trust.

Marie said, “Okay, mister smarty pants. What would you do if you found similar messages and THAT picture on your daughter’s phone to a much older man?”

“First, I would never betray my daughter’s trust by snooping on her phone,” I said. “Secondly, if I had become aware of that, it would drive an adult two-way conversation with her. I wouldn’t storm over here and accuse a third party, at least not without talking to her first.”

Marie calmed down and took a big breath and looked at Jordan and asked, “So let’s say Ray is right, what do you have to say for yourself?”

Jordan was silent for what seemed like an eternity as she was clearly thinking. I was impressed by this. In pressure situations, it is always better to collect your thoughts before you speak.

Jordan finally looked at her mom and said, “Mom, you know that I have been having sex. Hell, you took me to your doctor to ensure that I am on birth control. I want a healthier sex life than dad and you have and want to get some experience–so I know what to look for in a partner. I want to make better choices; and to do so… I need to explore.

“I followed Samantha and Sarah over here last night, as I had heard what they wanted to do with Ray. We did some awesome things together. I can assure you that through all of it, Ray was a perfect gentleman and didn’t coerce any of us mentally or physically. You saw what I sent him, and you saw his response to stop it. Why are you attacking him?”

Marie was now looking self-conscious. She said, “I know you don’t have the best role models at home. I try to do my best, but I can only do so much by myself. Your father is always away and thinks of you as a child. Hell, he treats me like a child as well.”

Marie looked at me and said, “I am sorry that I confronted you like this, Ray. I saw those texts about Jordan offering herself and talking about your cock, and just went… ballistic.”

Jordan put her hand on her mother’s shoulder and said, “Mom, this might be the best conversation we have ever had. You can always ask me about anything. Just don’t let your temper get in the way of you listening. You have always had our best interests at heart. It just shows up in strange ways sometimes.”

Marie now had a tear coming down her cheek as she looked at her daughter in a new light. She smiled and then joked, “I will try honey, but it was hard to read you offering yourself to someone.”

Jordan responded, “If you experienced what I did last night, you would be in line offering the same.”

“Oh come on,” Marie responded sheepishly, “how would you know what is actually good in that department?”

“Don’t take my word for it, your eldest daughter is lusted after by most of the straight male population that she encounters.” Jordan continued, “She has sampled much more than I have, and if Ray sent her a text right now, she would leave her cover shoot and get on a plane back here to experience his love.”

Marie gave me a cockeyed look and asked, “Ray, what is your magic? I see you are in great shape and clearly you are a good listener. Do you have a magic wand in those shorts?”

It was now my turn to be at a loss for words.

Jordan spoke up as she moved to my side, “Mom, you have no idea. He has a cock that will fill you up to overflowing. He has stamina, creativity, and confidence to deliver you the best sex ever.”

I 1xbet giriş blushed a bit at Jordan’s assertion. She moved her hand which was close to my side and gave my cock a rub through my shorts.

Marie was wide-eyed. First, at her daughter’s bold actions; and then, at the outline of my cock.

Jordan kept rubbing and Marie’s jaw dropped as the head of my cock poked out the right leg of my shorts.

Marie exclaimed, “You have to be fucking kidding! That can’t be real.”

“It is SO real,” Jordan said, as she then turned towards me and pulled my shorts down to my knees. Jordan grasped me with her hand as she bent over to put the head of my cock in her mouth. She gave me a couple of pumps and then lifted her head to look at her mother.

“Can you blame me, mom? Look at this. It is much bigger than any toy you have in your pleasure box, and puts almost all men to shame.”

Marie was shocked, but then slowly… a look of lust started to penetrate her visage as she watched her daughter suck me.

“Why don’t you admit your desire and get over here to sample this yourself,” Jordan suggested.

Marie said, “Oh, this is so wrong… but that is so big.”

Marie was unsure, but I could see that familiar look of lust consuming her face.

I reached out and put a hand on her shoulder and guided her in front of me. I pushed down gently, and she descended to her knees as Jordan was still grasping me from the side and now pointing my engorged cock at her mother’s face.

Jordan put a hand on the back of her mother’s head and started to apply a bit of pressure.

Marie said, “This is so wro–“

At that moment, Jordan quickly pushed her mother’s head; Marie was cut short as she opened her mouth to accept my cock.

Marie gave out an accepting moan, as she got used to the size of my cock head in her mouth; and she started to use her tongue.

Jordan exclaimed, “Mom, look at you! You were mad at me for being a cock slut, and here you are on your knees servicing your neighbor. Now, you understand.”

Jordan went behind her mother, reached around, and started unbuttoning her blouse. Marie was a few years older than me, but still in great shape. She had a slim body and probably C cup breasts which would be soon exposed. She had alabaster skin, long and full raven black hair, and a signature small mole on her upper lip.

When Jordan had finished unbuttoning her blouse, Marie pulled off of my cock and looked up while she shrugged her blouse off of her shoulders. “Ray, this is amazing. I want it all. Can we move to your bed, as my knees are killing me.”

I smiled understanding her pain. I reached down and helped her up, giving her a kiss as she stood close to me.

Jordan had stripped down to her panties while her mom was rising and letting her blouse fall to the floor. Marie reached behind and unsnapped her bra which quickly joined her blouse. I reached out to caress one breast.

At the same time, Jordan reached around to grasp the other and tweak her nipple.

Marie, who had been focused on me gave a little start with the tweak and then a look of surprise that her daughter was fondling her breast. “Jordan, I have crossed a line for Ray,” she said, “but, you are my daughter.”

Jordan smiled, saying, “Mom, you have only started crossing lines. Get used to it. You aren’t just servicing Ray tonight.”

Anger flashed in Marie’s eyes–she was about to say something to Jordan that she would regret.

I interrupted, “Marie, let that go. We are going upstairs, and we will satisfy you in many ways. Give yourself over, or it won’t work. Your daughter can be a handful and hard to manage; but, she is right in wanting to explore. She enabled what we are about to do, and you need to respect her instincts.”

Marie deflated and grabbed both our hands and moved to the stairs.

We reached the bedroom and Jordan asserted herself again as she unzipped her mom’s skirt and said, “Mom, since you are bit hesitant, I am going to lead. Drop the underwear and lay on the bed with your ass at the edge.”

Marie complied.

Jordan dropped her panties, while I threw my shorts in a corner.

Jordan was next to her mom and got her to pull up her legs, which she held.

I approached from the foot of the bed, knelt down, and started kissing Marie’s thighs and then moving in to give her a quick lick up her slit to her clit.

As I moved back down, Jordan reached in to rub her mom’s clit while I inserted my tongue in her snatch. This sent Marie into orgasm as I felt her contract and then a flow of girl cum flooded my mouth.

I stood up and Jordan pulled her mom’s legs back further to expose her bottom.

Marie was panting as I lined up my cock to penetrate her sopping pussy. She told me, “Put that stick in me all the way, and don’t stop.”

I pushed in quickly and hit her cervix which started another orgasm. I started stroking in and out and thought I should 1xbet güvenilirmi show Marie some of Jordan’s tricks. I pulled out completely and Jordan dove down on my cock to suck it deep before I put it back into Marie.

Marie said, “Jordan, that is bad.”

Jordan said, “Mom, you haven’t seen anything yet. Wait until he pulls his cock out of your ass and I do the same thing. When he cums, he will either pull out to do it in my mouth, or… I will lick his sperm out of your pussy, and then feed you his cum with my mouth.”

Marie was panting. “Eww, Jordan, that is so… nasty.”

“Don’t knock it until you try it, mom; which is probably going to be later tonight.”

Marie may have pretended to be disgusted, but when Jordan implied that she would be doing it, it sent her off again.

Feeling that Marie was going to comply also sent me over the edge, and sent my load into Marie’s cunt.

Jordan had moved around to stand next to me. As I pulled out of Marie, Jordan pounced on my cock and quickly cleaned me. She then pushed me aside so she could dine on her mother’s cream pie.

Marie had a worried look on her face that melted as soon as Jordan started licking her. She gasped and then came again sending a combination of girl cum and sperm into her daughter’s mouth.

Jordan rose up with her lips pursed and approached her mother.

Marie had her lips closed and then said, “I have never eaten cum before.” Jordan nodded, pushed a finger in her mom’s mouth, and gently pulled down her jaw to open her wide.

Marie relented, and opened up to accept the combination of sperm and pussy juice into her mouth.

After Jordan finished her deposit, she could see her mother struggling with a mouthful of fluids and said to her, “Swallow the load, mom, like the cumslut I know you are. You think it’s repulsive, but your body said otherwise when I talked about it.”

With that, Marie gulped it down and exclaimed, “Wow! Jordan, what are you going to make me do next?”

Jordan said, “Don’t deny that you love this, mom. My guess is we’re going to revive Ray and he will likely want to fuck our asses. But, before we get to that… and to help excite him, I think you need to cross another line…” she said with a smile.

Jordan moved further up her mother and straddled her chest, pinning her arms down.

Marie was now looking directly into her daughter’s shaved pussy.

Jordan started fingering her clit and then put a finger in her pussy. After she withdrew the finger, she put it into her mom’s mouth.

Marie knew what was coming next, as Jordan moved her pussy onto her mother’s mouth.

Jordan’s assessment of what I wanted to do next was correct. I wasn’t sure which ass I should take, however. I grabbed the lube and a dildo out of the nightstand and applied lube to the dildo as I returned to the bed.

Jordan was encouraging her mom by saying, “I bet that this is the first pussy you have sucked. Get that tongue all the way in and then go to my clit.”

I approached Jordan from the side and held the lubricated dildo up to her and glanced to her backside. She nodded. I grasped the dildo in one hand and used the other to spread lube in the crack of her ass. As I started fingering her ass, I could feel Marie’s tongue in her vagina.

I pulled my hand out and then moved the dildo to Jordan’s ass. She arched her back as I plunged it into her. I grabbed Marie’s hand to get her to manage the dildo.

Marie was tentative, thrusting into Jordan at first, until Jordan reached back and grasped her mother’s hand forcing a faster pace.

I left Jordan to ride her mother’s face. I lifted Marie’s legs and put lube on two of my fingers and started greasing her asshole, first probing it with one finger, and then two. Jordan had indicated that her mother’s toy collection included butt plugs, so I figured that this was something she would be into.

Jordan announced that she was cumming. “Here comes my juice, mom!” She started shaking and yelling and she was grinding on her mom’s face while the dildo was still lodged in her ass.

Watching Jordan aggressively use her mother to get off was very erotic and had me hard again.

After Jordan finished, she swung off of Marie’s face which was glistening with Jordan’s juice.

Marie had a look of lust on her face and licked her lips after eating her first pussy. She yelped as I pushed two fingers into her ass up to the second knuckle.

Jordan commented, “He is getting you ready to take that huge fuckstick up your poop chute. He did me for the first time yesterday. Get ready to have your world rocked.”

Jordan then pulled the dildo out of her ass and brought it to Marie’s mouth. She now opened willingly to suck it.

I guided Marie to roll over and move up on the bed on all fours. As I approached Marie, Jordan moved to kneel beside her mom and then leaned over her ass and opened her mouth.

I stroked into Jordan’s mouth for a couple of strokes and then pulled out to put lube on my cock. Jordan guided my cock to her mother’s asshole. She then spread her mother’s cheeks as I pushed in.

Marie yelled out as my cock head passed her anal ring saying, “Oh my god, that feels huge!”

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