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I was working at a fast food place while going to college as a cosmetologist. I had about 4 more months of hours to do before I could finally be able to get approved to go to state board with my grades, I was doing very well in college even though I had to work long hours into the night to pay for a few things along the way.

I was still living with my Dad and Step Mom and I also wanted to give them a little money to help out which wasn’t much cause my job was only part time. But I gave them what I could and they were happy about it.

Since I had started in the fall of “88” and had to go to work in the afternoon, then my time in the afternoon at college was not what it should be to get all my 1500 hours that I needed to get at the end of the school year. So I had to go back the following year to finish.

The first day back to school and also the day that all the employees that worked the evening shift was going to meet the new evening assistant manager that afternoon at the time I had to start my shift.

I walked into the classroom for our instructor to start the class and she introduced a few more students. One of them was a guy, but a few were females. I had made a friend last year in class that I was always doing things with just as a friend, like going out to bars and dancing, going to movies, and just hanging around her house talking with her and her family.

So my friend and I decided we were going to make the guy feel like he was a part of the group since he was the only guy there. We asked him if he would like our help in class and also to take his breaks and lunch with us and he the glory izle said yes he would.

After lunch and also our afternoon break, we all were sitting around and talking when I spoke up that I had to get back in the classroom so I could do some extra work cause I had to leave early to not only get my uniform on but had to meet the new assistant manager today at 4 pm.

The guy asked me where I worked and I told him. He grinned and said, “I have something to tell you! I am your new assistant manager.”

My mouth dropped in shock and I could not speak for a bit. Everyone was laughing so hard at my shock and amazement. When I did finally speak up, I was stuttering and said, “A-A-A-A rrr-Eee-aaaa-lll-yyyyyy! Are you-ooo-you serious?”

The guy said, “Yes, I am serious, so if you are late getting to work then I will not be upset cause I will know why.”

I told him, “Ok, thank you so much.” I walked into the classroom with everyone, cause our class was going to begin soon.

He walked beside me and said, “Since you have been so nice to me in class and out of class, then I would appreciate it if you could help me at work when you are there. Ok?”

I said, “I sure will! I already know how to do reports on the register cause the other assistant manager and the manager plus the breakfast manager has taught me how to do that so all you have to do is ask me and I will do that for you.”

He said, “Now that will be helpful and if I forget how to do one after they show me then I will ask you to teach me how all over again.”

I told him, “Ok, but lets get back the heartthrob tv changed he didnt izle in class before we get in trouble with the instructor.”

After class and I was at work and gotten into my uniform, I was already grinning when he walked into the place. He looked over at me and grinned, then he walked over to the manager and they started talking. I clocked in and started doing orders and also checking where I was going to be stationed at. I hoped it was the front register cause it was my favorite.

The manager introduced him to all of us, but when they got to me, he told the manager we have already met. He told him we were both going to college together as a cosmetologist. The manager just laughed and said that was just like her to meet you before the rest of the employees.

I grinned and went about waiting on customers. Then at the end of my shift, I was wanting to go home cause I was tired, so we all left to go to our cars as the assistant manager locked the doors and then he left.

This went on for a few days until one night I was so sexually frustrated from wanting him that I was outright flirting with him when we were not around any others to see. I had to close that night and when the others that had to close was finished, they wanted to leave,

So I told the assistant manager that I didn’t finish cleaning yet and could the others leave. We could not leave the assistant manager alone by himself in the place cause it was against company policy. So he told me to tell them to go ahead and clock out the last hour izle and leave. I finished up and was always asking him if he needed any reports to help him along in the work process to get him finished which he did.

During that whole time, I was flirting and teasing him sexually and he finally said, “That is it! You are going to get it now and I don’t care if we are at work!”

He walked up to me as I backed up and he grabbed my arms and backed me up to the prep table. He started undressing me and when I was nude and he had taken his clothes off then he bent me backwards onto my back and fucked the living daylights out of my pussy. He was fucking me so damn hard that I knew I was going to be sore the next day. And thank god it was going to be a weekend, even though I had to work the whole weekend but he did too!

He was fucking me so hard that we both heard the prep table hitting the wall. He felt so good in my pussy and when his balls were slapping my ass then I started wondering if he was also slapping the side of the table. If he was, then I hoped he wasn’t hurting himself. We were making so much noise that we were glad that we were the only 2 there. And was glad at the time, that they did not put cameras up, to keep an eye out for any incriminating evidence against employees.

We both screamed out when we both came together and while I lay there until I got my breathing back plus he laid on top of me to rest cause he did not have the strength to get off yet. After our breathing got back to normal, then he finished all the paperwork. As we were leaving the building he told me that he wanted to be with me again, but not here at work cause it would not be right,

We did see each other until we both got our degree in cosmetology. He quit his job afterwards and I have never seen him again. Oh, by the way, I did go to state board in Austin, TX in “89” and got my license. But did not really pursue it and eventually let my license expire.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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