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I was sitting out at a park, taking in the fine greenery around me on my walk when a Particularly Attractive Woman strode by me, winking and smiling to me as she did. I watched her pass, my gaze obviously stuck to her as she hips swayed and her hair was swayed by a gentle breeze. She gives me one last glance back before disappearing around a corner. I smile and log it into my memory for later, then continue on my walk.

I only get a few paces before I start to feel something. Not sure what, but something feels off. I doesn’t feel like arousal itself, though I can feel that welling up from my loins as well. I glance around for a bench and don’t see any, so I quicken my step. That woman was really sticking in my mind and I was going to need to sit for a bit to calm back down, I could already feel my penis becoming erect in my shorts. At least I thought I did, I felt the familiar feeling of the fabric of my boxers against the head as it slowly slid down ward, and of the arousing swell of it increasing in girth as it grew. As I walked on, becoming more aware of my own size by the second, I realized I wasn’t erect, or getting erect.

I stopped and looked down to see a more prominent bulge in my shorts, but no sign at all of any hardness. I reach a hand down and touch it, then cup it. It’s me, and I could now feel it press against my hand as my dick continued to grow. I resumed walking and now could feel that my balls, too, were growing. I could feel them rub against my thighs and how my cock was now resting against them as it swung freely in my shorts. With every step I could feel my shorts becoming escort bursa tighter, my cockhead reaching lower, and my balls growing rounder. I felt anxiety well up alongside my increasing arousal. Where was I going? Could I get to my car? What then? My mind raced with thoughts of what to do as I became increasingly aware of how award it is to walk with such large, and still growing, genitals.

After a few more minutes of awkward walking, I finally decided that I would just wait until dark and return to my car then, which, hopefully I would be able to drive or at least fit inside my car at that point, given how quickly my junk was growing.

Then, I stopped. I felt something I didn’t know would feel so… good. The tip of my cock slowly inched out of the bottom of my shorts, rubbing my knee, as thick as a can of pringles, and still completely soft. I gasped lightly as I then felt it finally start to get hard. It pulsed, the entire length slowly lifting and pulling against the leg of my shorts. I hesitantly grabbed the cloth and pulled it up, the light touch of it making me moan as my dick slowly pulsed harder and harder, slowly pushing the head away as the shaft swelled.

I winced as my balls were constrained by my shorts and boxers, the thread and fabric strong enough to try and hold them in. Without thinking I stripped off my shorts and boxers, not caring now as there was no way to hide what I had anyway. I return my attention to my cock and see that I can’t even reach the tip as the shaft juts out proudly from me, still slowly growing bigger, longer, and girthier with every passing moment. görükle escort I widen my stance as my balls grow heavy and press against my legs and moan again, the feeling of being so large and having it out where the breeze can caress it enough to make me gush precum. It splatters onto the ground in front of me as I helplessly watch my body continue to change.

“Are you alright? I heard so noise coming from-” I hear a voice approach from behind me, I turn without thinking to face them, my cock swinging around in the air, lagging behind with it’s immense girth, and they stop when their eyes lock onto it. I feel ashamed, aroused, and lustful all at the same time. This curvy ginger now standing gawking at my growing dick and balls doesn’t seem to know what to think either. I can know she is also aroused, as her crotch quickly dampens and she steadies herself on a tree.

“Something’s happening to me, I don’t know why, but uh…” I awkwardly reply, not sure if I should approach her. She takes a step towards me, I smile excitedly and my dick surges in size, my legs starting to wobble from the new weight they’re having to support.

“You should sit down, uh, here! Sit on this!” she quickly pulls her shirt off, laying it on the ground and helping me sit down. She holds my cock to do this as if it would help, but I don’t complain. I can’t as her touch sets me on fire and all I can do is moan in response as precum runs down the shaft by the gallon. She licks it from her hands before taking from the source, my cock now huge enough to rival my torso in girth and her height bursa escort bayan in length. I can barely think as she makes out with my slit, her tongue having more than enough room to slide in and play around. I’m unable to say anything before I feel every muscle in my body tense all at once as my balls unleash their fullness upon her face, dosing her with rope after thick rope of my hot, sticky, gooey, potent, and according to her, delicious cum. She moans in her own pleasure after tasting it, striping off he clothes as she tries to hold me to her mouth, the head of my cock rivaling her own. I pry my eyes open to see her gulping it down, amid the buckets of the spunk cascading down her breasts and tummy onto the ground in bucket load. I also see what it’s doing to her, how she’s starting to fatten between swallows of it. Her breasts soon rival my balls in size as they leak milk, and her hips wide enough to surpass her shoulders as her belly pushes her boobs aside. I gasp as I want to drench every inch of her in my cum.

I cum for what feels like an hours, but may well have only been ten minutes. By the end, my balls cover my lap as giant orbs that would each fill a seat on their own, my shaft rivals the old trees around me and my tip is well above her, letting my cum shower down onto her as she is now probably three times the weight she was. Her tits hand down, round and full, to her hips, which are only somewhat wider than her boobs. Her belly is about the same size, a third dome on her front that rests in front of her thighs, the size of which are not easy to describe and get across just how much they’ve grown. She wobbles and waddles around to me, completely white, head to toe.

“That was fun! Should I get my friends for Round 2?” she asks, lust and excitement oozing off her words. All I can do in response is start cumming again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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