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Something must have woken me? Just for a minute I felt a little disorientated. I sat up in bed trying to recollect the events from last night and how I come to be lying here naked, sore and aching. My mind was reeling as I looked down, past my reddened breasts, to look at my swollen pussy and bruised thighs.

Oh yes! I remember. I’d gone to the hotel with Clare & Paul last night. In an act of bravado I’d challenged a complete stranger to join myself and Clare for some threesome fun. And I still can’t believe I went through with it. Had I really let a strange couple lick, suck and fuck me at the same time? Had I imagined Clare kissing my lips while her hands roamed all over me?

Well, it certainly turned out well – I think? I couldn’t remember the latter part of the night, although the first part exceeded all my expectations. I’d experienced a couple of ‘firsts’ last night.

I’d enjoyed my first ever sexual encounter with a woman (and certainly not to be the last, if I can help it). The thought of not only touching and tasting another soft pussy but putting my arms around someone – our breasts touching, nipple against nipple seemed to really turn me on. I remember the erotic thoughts that went though my head as I offered to strip Elaine…unclasping her bra and watching as her almost conical shaped breasts popped out. I somehow never really thought how one woman’s breast could differ so much to another. I remember feeling cheated later on…..thinking how society seemed to rule that a woman’s body should be only for men.

This was also the first time I’d ever had sex with more than one person at the same time and I’d loved every minute. At one stage, I lay there being filled in every place imaginable and wanting it to go on and on and on.

As I gingerly got up from the bed I noticed an envelope propped up on the dressing table with my name on it?

As I opened it I noticed there was a piece of paper wrapped around some photographs.

“Hi Anna” it said. “Hope you enjoyed yourself last night. You certainly seemed to do so. In fact I go as far as saying you wore us all out last night – You’re insatiable girl! Our next meeting should go really well.”

‘What’ I thought. ‘I don’t think so’. I had no intentions of ever meeting up with anyone from last night except Clare, my friend. ‘Oh God’ – I would be too embarrassed!

“You’re probably thinking of running now, aren’t you Anna? Perhaps the photographs may persuade you otherwise?? I think I’ve recorded the events pretty well, don’t you think so?

I looked down and picked up the first photo……..God, how can I not remember anyone taking photos? This one was of me stretched out on the bed. My wrists bound to the upper bed posts and my ankles stretched almost painfully wide to either side of the bed. Kneeling between them, a naked Elaine had worked her tongue inside my pussy lips. The camera had caught the lascivious look on her face whilst at the same time, panning out wide enough to see Russ with his long, hard, dripping cock ready to enter my eager mouth.

I quickly glanced through a few of the others but they were very much along the same lines. “Oh my God!” I thought. “What on earth have I done?”

I was just about to rip them all up when the letter caught my eye again.

“If you have any thoughts about destroying them Anna, then be my guest! You must realise that I’ve kept copies .I’m sure there will be a lot of interested people out there that would love to see what you get up to in your spare time?”

Perhaps I could pay a visit to Oakwood? I believe that’s where your parents live eh? You think that they might like to see a few pictures of their good little girl having a party? Or maybe, you could secure a little promotion at work – Ward Management canlı bahis isn’t it? – if I were to email a copy to the boss?”

So what I’d like you to do, Anna, is to just go home and await my instructions.

Love & Kisses (you know where!)

Paul x


It was about a week later when, late one Saturday afternoon, the doorbell rang. I wasn’t expecting anyone but didn’t think anything of it. There was certainly no reason to believe it was Paul. I’d blocked that night out of my head totally. I’d not heard from him and decided it was just someone playing a practical joke…probably Clare!

So when I opened the door and found Paul standing there smiling at me, I froze!!

“Not going to let me in Anna?” he said, pushing past me and walking though into the lounge.

I quickly regained my composure and hurried after him.

“Get out of here” I shouted.

“Oh, I don’t think so Anna. Do you? We have some unfinished business, don’t you agree?” replied Paul, reaching into his inside pocket and removing some photos and waving them at me.

“Please let me have them Paul” I whispered.

“Certainly Anna, all in good time. Firstly, we have a little trip to make” he sneered. “Get your coat and come with me.”

He could see me hesitate and look towards the door and before I could make a run for it he grabbed my arms and pulled me towards him.

“Do you really want these pictures published Anna?” he hissed. “As we speak, I have a friend who is holding copies for me and has been told that if we do not arrive at our destination within the next half hour he will deliver them for me.”

“Please Paul, don’t so that. I’ll go with you – do what you want” I cried.

We hadn’t driven very far when Paul suddenly turned into an underground car park. This building seemed familiar somehow. Walking into the lift I suddenly realised where we were. It was the same hotel we have come to last week. I watched as the floor indicator rose to arrive at the Penthouse Suite.

Stepping out into a very plush reception area, we were met by a couple of young women and an older man.

“Hi Paul” they said in unison.

“Thanks for bringing her along” said Rachel, looking me up and down. “You were right, she is gorgeous and that beautiful auburn hair should really go down well. We’ll take over now. You just pop along and make sure that everything else is in place.”

At that, the girls moved towards me and reached out to unbutton my coat.

“What are you doing” I demanded, conscious of the big burly man standing behind us.

He stepped forward and said “Please don’t make a fuss Anna, I don’t want to have use this but I will if I have to” pointing a small sharp knife in front of my face.

I recoiled!! I had no option but to comply!

So as they continued removing my clothes, the smaller blond lady said “Hi, I’m Rachel and this is Gloria, pointing to her colleague. The gentleman so avidly pointing that blade is Graham and trust me Anna; he will have no hesitation in using it if you don’t do as we ask. But I can see this is turning you on Anna, so go with it babe. Let it go.”

I was having a little trouble comprehending her words as her hands were now undoing the buttons on my blouse, occasionally glancing across the flesh beneath. Gloria, in the meantime, was reaching under my skirt to release the clasp. Her soft hands flooding me with erotic sensations between my legs.

“Every month” she continued “we issue an invitation to someone to provide some ‘entertainment’ (she hesitated at that!) for our International Colleagues. You, my dear Anna, have been selected for tonight’s party”.

“But I can’t” I replied, feeling really nervous but excited all the same.

“Oh, but you are perfect” bahis siteleri added Gloria, moving around in front of me. “Look at her beautiful red hair Rachel. It will be amusing to see their reaction to her matching pussy eh?”

At that, I suddenly realised that they had removed all of my outer clothing and I was standing in the foyer with just my bra and panties on.

I now felt Rachel move behind me and jumped as she slid her hands along my naked shoulders and down to flick the clasp to open my Bra, and releasing my heavy breasts. I automatically moved my hands to cover myself as I noticed Graham’s hand move to touch his immediate erection.

However, Gloria had other plans as she slowly reached up to remove my hands continuing to cup both of my breasts. Her fingers trailed around my fullness……stroking the undersides but not once touching my aching nipples. I looked down to see little bumps appear on my aureoles, almost like miniature nipples. I so wanted her to touch me! But at that, Gloria stood back and smiled.

I watched as they moved together in front of me and very softly joined their lips. I shivered! This was really turning me on.

“Let me through girls” said Graham, proceeding to push his way in front of them. And, quick as a flash, he had hold of the sides of my panties and dragged them down to my knees. “Mmmmmmm, yesssssss. I can just see all that white creamy cum coating this red cunt” he drooled.

“Oh please Graham. Leave the girl alone. You were told not to touch her and that she must be relatively inexperienced” said Rachel.

Before anything was said the door suddenly opened.

“Is she ready, ladies?” Paul asked, as his eyes moved quickly over my naked body, taking in my flushed cheeks and damp thighs. “My friends are a little eager to see what we have for them tonight.”

“Oh yes” said Rachel. “Your timing is good Paul. We have made sure she is ready! Is it Azeem tonight?” she questioned.

“Yes Rachel” he replied, turning to me.

“Welcome, Anna” he said. “You will like Azeem. He is an excellent host and will make sure you understand what is expected of you.” He them led me by the hand into a large room.

I noticed, to my dismay that neither Rachel not Gloria followed. Actually, Graham also remained outside…something I wasn’t too unhappy about. The man gave me the creeps.

Perhaps it was because I had been brought to the brink earlier or maybe that I was now naked in a room full of around a dozen men and women I somehow didn’t feel scared. I felt excited, elated and so ready for some fun.

The stage was set. There was a huge bed in the middle of the floor.

On initially seeing this I noticed that there were wooden posts on each corner. Actually I was wrong. Walking a little nearer I could see they were actually small pulleys with silk rope attached. My newfound bravery retreated a little. “What were they going to do with me” I thought.

Looking around at these people I was shocked to note they were all naked but wore hoods and had obviously been pre-warned of my arrival because without exception, they were all highly aroused. I knew I was breathing a little heavier and that my nipples were growing in anticipation. My eyes were drawn to the ladies present, both of which were Big Breasted. Surreptitiously I licked my lips.

I was then laid out on the bed – displayed for all to see. I couldn’t move! I didn’t want to move! It was giving me real pleasure to see all those eyes looking at my naked body.

As the men all moved to one side I then noticed a large Asian gentleman approach. ‘Azeem’ I thought.

“So, you are here for our pleasure tonight?” he said.

I opened my mouth to reply when immediately Paul lashed out and slapped my face. bahis şirketleri

“Do not speak slut – unless asked to do so” he shouted.

I looked over to Azeem, tears running down my face, and watched as he wound my lovely red hair around his hand.. His other hand roughly pulling at my now stiff elongated nipples.

I followed his eyes as they roved from my hair down my body towards my covered pussy. He could see the stray hairs that showed either side of my silken panties and licked his lips…his eyes lighting up.

Suddenly he let go and swiftly ripped the panties away from me. His eyes widened!

“Ah” he leered. “What do we have here then?” as he took in the thick red hair between my legs. I have never seen such a beautiful red hairy bush. I wonder if we can dampen these curls????”

Without warning, he pushed 2 of his fingers straight inside my now wet pussy. As he did so, I was so wet that I knew a lot of my curls would disappear inside me. Seeing my eyes light up he then inserted another and then a 4th ramming them in harder and harder until I felt I couldn’t take any more.

My body spasmed as I prepared to release my juice on his hand but, just as quickly he withdrew. His hands now moved to unzip himself, withdraw his massive cock and place it across my breasts. In his haste, his hardness moved across my tender nipples and this was the catalyst for my now unstoppable orgasm.

Thrashing about I could feel the liquid running from my legs and at the same time, I felt him cover my breasts with his thick creamy cum.

I couldn’t believe what I had just done. I wasn’t even tied up and could have moved if I wanted. I lay there, wet and happy!

As I watched Azeem put his now flaccid cock away I was unconscious of the fact that 4 men at each corner of the bed, were now restraining my wrists and ankles.

“Gentlemen – and ladies of course – please feel free to enjoy!” said Azeem. “I believe this titian haired beauty to be naturally fertile and therefore should be well able to accommodate you all. As part of your ‘fee’, please feel free to use her as you wish. You understand that this is to be recorded for your future viewing.”

“Yatin, my brother, would you like prepare her for the others?” he said, motioning an even larger Asian man over.

As this naked bear of a man climbed over me, knelt between my legs and placed his hands under my buttocks lifting me a little, I began to get a little worried. Looking down at his huge cock I knew that I wouldn’t be big enough for him. He must have been at least 12 inches in length and 3 inches wide.

However, when the same 4 men, again moved to the corners of the bed I seriously felt scared. They each grabbed hold of the pulley handles and began to turn.

“OH MY GOD!!!! My legs were being stretched wider than I thought possible. I could feel my lips open as I watched Yatin pushed forward, the tip of his cock touching my wet cunt. He hesitated for a minute covering the end of his cock in my juices then suddenly, rammed me hard!

I must have passed out because the next thing I knew I woke up huddled in a corner. As I lay there, I looked down and could see I was completed covered in cum. This was not just one man’s cum but more – much more. I must have been serviced time after time and not remembered.

I could feel my pussy throbbing as I began to get ‘flashback’s. I remembered holding on to 2 cocks either side of me, taking it in turns to suck them whilst a 3rd man was fucking my mouth and a 4th was splitting my cunt open with his rock hard cock.

This must be really turning me on again as I could feel sensations running over my pussy now. I looked down and saw a naked woman between my legs. She had huge, and I mean huge, breasts that hung down with their weight. She held her long brown nipple in between her finger and thumb and was forcing it inside my lips. Along with her middle finger, she was finger fucking me with so much confidence.

To be continued:

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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