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Joss and Sam must remake their cockrings. They learn humility in the process. They join in the ritual masturbation of the First and Second Anointings. Joss gets to take his first cock orally.


They could not bear to look down. The Green Man had smashed their cocks under his fist. The two of them had been showing off. The punishment had been swift for thinking too highly of their own work. To study a craft is to learn over and over the simple lessons. Consider Spring Training as an example.

Professional baseball players have thrown, batted, and run bases for many years, but they still need to go over the basics again and again. So, it is with master craftsmen who do not merely practice, but attempt to practice perfectly, over and over, never content in their own mastery. They even feel undeserving when they are granted the title of ‘master.’ A proper humility, knowing they can always do better, rather than a foolish arrogance.

In Green Man’s shop the message was very painfully learned. Indeed, Sam and Joss showed blood from the injury. For two days after, they were afraid to pee, having the feeling of passing glass. They never forgot the lesson. No pee, no sweet ejaculations and precious few erections; their penises hung uncomfortably swollen but by injury – or punishment rather – rather than sexual desire.

And for several days, they carved and turned a series of cock rings, experimenting with different kinds of woods, different configurations of grain alignment. In the process, their sharpening skills improved, so did their sense of design and proportion. Just a simple ring, but it held deep meaning and required such careful attention. They even tested one another’s rings with the fist slam, but only when they had already struck the ring with several trials with a hammer.

They reported to Fraxinus that they were ready to present themselves to Green a second time. He raised an eyebrow questioningly and received their nods in return.

As before, a hush fell over the shop and men gathered to watch the second testing. Sam and Joss were not afraid this time. They knew the quality of their work and, so importantly, the limitations, but were confident of passing the test. Green examined the rings in his hand, feeling the smoothness on his lips.

Green Man asked again, “Is this your best work?”

In their own words, they said essentially the same thing: It is the best we know how to do at present but are committed to learning more and doing better. They then described how they had improved already.

He passed them back and the men placed them on their cocks, pulling back their foreskins, pinching the tender skin of their crowns, and sliding the rings into position. They nestled in the valley between their purple, mushroomed crowns and their half-firm, coursing shafts. Getting the measurements right ensured the ring would neither slip off a flaccid penis nor impede the flow of urine or semen when erect. Nor did the rings come off as the men stroked themselves to a manful stand. They did not yet know, but the slight constriction below their flared coronas would force the cum farther, more forcefully, when they ejaculated.

Green had them stand at the bench again, thighs pressed firmly into the wood, buttocks squeezed tight in anticipation and, perhaps, fear. Though they were not afraid of failure, being more confident this time, they were nonetheless open to the possibility of failure. It might be painful, but neither harmful nor shameful. If they failed this time, it would be only another lesson and an opportunity to do better.

Up went Green’s fists and as swiftly came down. The rings held.

A roar filled the building as their fellow craftsmen celebrated the new men entering the fold. They had passed the test and were accepted as apprentices. Joss and Sam could – and must – wear their rings with pride. That night a celebration would confirm their entry. They would honor Yggdrasil, the Ash, the Tree-of-Life.

Hours later, but before evening, the men began to assemble in a knot of testosterone and strength. The manly energy was palpable. Unsure what to expect, Sam’s and Joss’ footsteps faltered as they trooped out of the shop into the forest with the others. They were moving deeper into the forest. It was cool and dark, almost magical.

Gone was any vestigial concern about freely erecting. Joss was indeed walking with a group of naked men, and whilst most had merely swinging, flaccid penises, it did not at all embarrass Joss to feel his penis grow and stand up in front of him. His male horn there for all to see like the antlers of a stag or, fancifully, the single horn of the fabled unicorn.

As they walked, they became more conscious of the trees around them and found their hands trailing across their trunks, touching them, following the crags and furrows of their bark with their fingers, exploring the sensuous nature of sylvan skin.

So many people cannot see the forest for the trees but it belugabahis giriş was quite the other way for Joss and Sam. They were within the forest but perhaps now seeing the trees clearly for the first time. It could be said they saw the trees for the forest!

At some remove, Joss noticed a particularly tall and straight ash tree. He was drawn to it. As he approached, he reached for it, opening his arms in an expectant embrace. His arms did not reach all the way round however much he stretched.

Joss pressed his fingers into the bark seeking a handhold, trying to pull himself in. Touching the bark moved Joss sexually, like touching a woman’s delicate skin.

Sam, for his part, had been as conscious as Joss of the beauty and strength of the trees. He had touched the bark of the trees but it had not yet affected him sexually.

His penis swung manfully from side to side, his cock ring not yet exposed but visible as a ridge beneath his foreskin. As they had been walking together, Sam noticed Joss’s veering off and called to him to keep up with the group. Joss seemed not to heed the warning, so Sam turned and went back to investigate. He saw Joss’s embrace, was a trifle puzzled and rather amused. “A real tree-hugger,” he thought.

Yet, as he approached, Sam could not help but open his arms too, stretching them wide as Joss had done to embrace the tree from the other side. Nor too could Sam reach all the way round, the tree’s girth far too great, but he could touch Joss’s hands. They interlocked fingers, something they would never think of doing in public, or for that matter privately, and together their bodies encircled the soaring trunk of the Ash, their penises pressed hard against the bark.

Just under the bark, beneath the cambium layer, the tree’s sap coursed it way upwards. The tree pumped its life-giving fluid from deep in the earth all the way to the crown. A vital, living organism that soared high seeking light above the forest’s canopy.

The strange sensation of holding onto the enormous shaft of upright wood had an effect neither Sam nor Joss expected. Their penises had become modest – very modest – representations of the tree. Tree-huggers indeed.

Both had powerful feelings at that moment. Sam recognized the sensuality of holding the giant shaft, because he had much the same feelings during sex with another man. It was powerful in a different way from feeling a woman beneath him. Sam was stirred by a sensual feeling. The tree was throbbing with life as he pressed his cock against it. The deeply fissured bark spread at the right place allowing his cock a furrow to lie in. He could not stop himself; he began a rhythmic movement against the tree.

Joss responded the same way, to the same power of nature’s affirming sexual energy. He closed his eyes feeling the surge of emotion focused now in his cock and balls. The scraping of the rough bark did not injure either of them; it only accentuated their arousal.

That Saturday—how long ago now?—at the fair, when he held the cock-handled axe, Joss had felt much the same feeling and had erupted in a spontaneous flood of semen. This time he would not allow an uncontrolled ejaculation. He was more ready, able to just enjoy the sensation of tense arousal and appreciate how every nerve in his body was connected to his sexuality.

Held fast against the Ash tree by Sam gripping onto his two hands, he was unable to pull himself from the tree, unable to stop rubbing himself vigorously against the bark. He was caught in a sexual embrace with the Ash, feeling his naked and rampant cock sliding in the grooves in the tree bark. Joss understood for the first time that sex is not something he did; sex was who he was.

Sex is creative. The more Joss allowed himself to experience all the ways that sex is beautiful, the more creative he would become in other ways. As the thought distilled in his mind, he was amazed at the simplicity of it, the wisdom in it. Those times when he felt guilty for jerking-off in the basement while watching gay porn, the times he enjoyed the kink of golden showers, or the tension of BDSM, he had been yearning for something creative in his life. Could he, at last, connect the desire with the act in a way that seemed healthy, even glorious or, dare he even allow the thought: sex can be sacred?

The forest glade was silent and unmoving. Dark with sudden patches of sunlight. Warm and earthy. A delight to all who entered in. The sounds of the other men jostling along the path, dropped away. Sam and Joss were lost in the moment as they held onto the tree and thought their thoughts.

They were close, both of them, close to orgasm. It was lovely and Joss wanted to watch his penis sliding along the bark. How good it was to be naked, holding Sam by his hands – yes, both naked and rubbing themselves either side of the tree and against its bark until they came. Sexual release. The layers of shame giving way to desires that lay hidden beneath them.

Along the belugabahis güvenilirmi path, Fraxinus motioned for the others to stop and quietly assemble back where Joss and Sam had stopped. He knew that the two newcomers had found the place for the celebration. The Ash tree had selected them.

Joss was startled from his meditation by movement to his right. He craned his neck to see, scraping his face against the tree bark. He saw the other men encircling the Ash tree, coming around Sam and Joss. Joss was not embarrassed to be caught frotting his naked cock against the tree. No, rather he was happy to be showing himself enjoying the moment of sexual exploration.

Sam saw them too. Here were their comrades, naked men of all descriptions: Some strong and burly, others slim and delicate, some with beards, some clean-shaven. They could have been men you would see at a ball game, or at work. Just regular men standing shoulder-to-shoulder around the Ash. These were the men of Green Man’s guild of apprentices and journeymen. Here were their fellows.

Something else he saw, indeed could not miss: They each sported erections. The penises, as Sam had seen already in the shop, were remarkably varied. Their cocks were lovely to behold. Some were vertical and lay up close to their rippling stomachs. Others were full and horizontal. A few of the older men had nice firm penises whose tips were pointed downward, the effects of gravity and weakened muscles. But all were standing proudly. Their ball sacs were, of course as varied, as one would expect. Some were tight to their bodies, others remarkably loose and dangling. Handsome manliness exquisitely displayed.

Fraxinus called to Joss and Sam. “Join us in the circle, will ye?”

The urge to conform is strong, and Joss and Sam did exactly what was expected of them. They pulled away from the tree’s embrace, turned and walked out to join the circle, their manly ‘horns’ proud and upright. In unison, each man reached with his right hand to cup the balls of the man to his right. Then, of one movement, they adjusted slightly to hold their neighbor’s stiffened cock. Sam thought of drill-and-ceremony from his Navy days when the instructor ordered, “Dress right. Dress!” They adjusted their stance and grip, pulling together until they formed a perfect circle surrounding the Ash.

Joss took, for the first time, a man’s cock in his hand. It was lovely to feel the weight of it, the girth, the pulse of life under the tender skin. The strength and the power, the wonderful maleness of it. His attention was divided by the delight of holding a man’s cock and feeling his own cock being held firmly in another’s hand. He felt his cock being deliberately stroked by the man to his left and so, began to stroke the man to his right whose cock he held. He had seen mutual masturbation videos of course, but now he was actually participating, not though with a single man, but with a whole group together. It was remarkably better in the flesh.

Sam was several spots away, but was enjoying the same feelings, albeit not so foreign to him as they were to Joss. Neither man was prepared for the up-close sight and feel of a circumcised penis. They had seen men whose foreskins had been removed, crossing their knees slightly at the first sight, in sympathetic protection of their own flesh. Both Sam and Joss were uncut, but the men whose cocks they handled were naked-crowned.

‘How does one masturbate a cock that is uncovered?’ Joss puzzled. With no foreskin to slide back and forth over the head, how does one not chafe every time he touches himself? Must he always use a lubricant? There was so much for him to learn in this apprenticeship.

Though the assembly was certainly nothing like they had expected from an internship, neither Sam nor Joss were in the least disappointed. They had agreed to follow Green’s direction absolutely, and so they had.

Green now appeared in front of them, within the ring, his back to the tree. Like the sound of rolling distant thunder or deep notes form a pipe organ, Green intoned, “We honor the tree of life by the offer of our own sap to nourish and water her forever.”

He turned and joined the circle of men facing the tree. His own treelike cock as wood-hard as the tree before him. No man fondled the Green Man, nor did he hold another’s equipment. Yet, the line was unbroken, simply because he was the link connecting them all.

Sam caught the words, most particularly Green calling the tree ‘her,’ and, despite his intoxicating sexual arousal, was able to reason it through. The Ash had selected Sam and Joss, not the other way round. She called to them and they responded to the silent, siren invitation.

The Ash is magical, mystical. Yggdrasil: the mythical tree of Norse mythology. The place of tribal gathering where differences were settled, debts were paid, judgments rendered, and community was forged. The Ash is the fullness of creation, both male and female. As to its maleness, the tree belugabahis yeni giriş is worshipped as a phallus, a lingam, a cock rising from the ground, its body pulsing with sap and strength, Yet the Ash is also female, an Asherah, a fertility pole, the worshipped spirit of the feminine.

Earlier, when frotting it, Sam felt the tree’s femininity, her cleft skin allowing his cock to slide within the folds. Had the tree opened to him, he would have fucked it and delivered his seed into her. The Ash’s upright strength, though, was all maleness. Strange responses indeed, yet perhaps the right kind of thoughts and desires in a sacred grove wherein the fullness of both the masculine and the feminine come together. The masculine in the spurting: the feminine in the receiving.

The Green Man’s limb-like penis stands prouder than all the others, larger, longer, more powerful. Surrounding his magnificent cock and balls grew a thicket of dense brush. The leaves and vines resembling a tangle of wild hair. He stood there motionless except for his pulsing cock, moving up and down with his heartbeat. Around the tree the moving hands stroking the neighbor’s penis stopped moving but still held on.

Neither Joss nor Sam could take their eyes off the magnificent cock as it alternately bowed and rose towards the sacred tree. The men stared long at the phallus, envious of Green’s endowment, yet proud and grateful to be so close to it. Given a chance, it is quite likely they would have gladly stroked, licked, and sucked on Green’s wondrous pole.

The earth-mistress moon cast her light down, all around the scene. Her milky presence a portent of the milky semen that was boiling in the assembled men. The forest was indeed a hallowed place with the queen of the night sky overseeing the worshipful men at the base of the sacred Ash.

Then it happened. Green’s breath got deeper, drawing the air inwards such that leaves rattled on their branches. His penis swelled and its head deepened in color. The bark-like foreskin, barely disguising the beauty of his crown, had pulled back completely, exposing the gold ring that circled the base of his glans. His penis began to pulse, his ball sac contracted, pushing his semen upward. The split at the end of his penis opened round and wide making way for the gush of energy coursing upward.

Green’s orgasm erupted. His face contorted, brows linked at the center of his forehead, his mouth forming an O. He groaned from the feeling somewhere deep in his loins and he thrust his hips forward. A great spurt of white shot out across the open and onto the bark of the tree and then another even stronger and even higher up the tree. It might have been Joss’ imagination, but he thought he saw Green’s scrotum descend and then kick upwards just at the moment another burst of semen flew out and up from his penis. Higher than Green’s head, the gouts of cum soared to spatter against the bark. Green’s fantastic offering to the Ash was an ejaculation the like of which Joss had never seen.

As Green finished his spend, there began again the movement of hands upon cocks. The fellow guildman’s hand around Joss’ penis excited him, and he felt his balls begin to climb upward. The man holding his cock was deftly bringing Joss to an orgasm. Joss paid attention to the way he was stroking the circumcised man next to him, not wanting too much friction to cause him pain. No matter, Joss felt the other man come hard as his cock swelled in Joss’ hand and semen started to flow through its length. Joss was happy to bring the man off. A first for him in so many ways.

The combination of being stroked by a stranger and having just made another stranger cum tipped Joss over the edge. His cock began to pump its seed outward toward the sacred tree. There was something absolutely wonderful about being brought off by the other man. He felt he had delightfully lost control of his penis, that it was the other man taking charge. He thrust his hips into the man’s hand, offering himself to his partner’s ministrations.

Sam, too, swooned at the sight of so many cocks and so much cum. All around him were streams of white, arcing upward and falling to the earth, soaking in as quickly as the streams landed. Were they nourishing the tree? It must be so. The earthy smell of it all filled his nostrils. Not like the alkaline smell of his own cum, but sweeter, perhaps. Yes, Sam had watched men ejaculate before. Sometimes with a great spurt of cum, other times with just a dribble but nothing like the dramatic flowage of so many penises together soaking into the soft leaf mould of the forest floor. The sight was as breathtaking as holiday fireworks that burst and soar, exploding brilliantly, then fading.

So, with men’s ejaculations: rising, dazzling, erupting, then fading. Even the most outrageous bukake could not compare to the amount of liquid manhood the group produced. And unlike bukake where a woman is discourteously smeared in the stuff, this was a holy offering. But only the Green Man’s had reached the tree.

Sam’s ejaculation was prolific, not like the usual conclusion to his own orgasms, where the last seeping of semen dribbled out and fell to a tissue or coated his fingers. Tonight he produced more cum than he could ever recall, no doubt from his intense arousal.

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