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I had stopped over Ed’s about 7:00pm for some reason…always had a reason to stop over there…

Sue and Ed had just moved their bedroom down to the playroom for more privacy from the kids. Ed set up all his cam stuff and TV down there so we went down too check it out. We started to watch a tape they had made of Sue doing a solo, she was soo hot, first stripping naked for us on cam….then laying on the bed caressing herself…sliding her fingers up and down her pussy…making it wetter and wetter…I’d love it when she pinched her nipples hard and pouted her lips from the pleasure…she worked her fingers deep into her pussy, spreading it wide for us to see inside and wish we were in there. By now my cock was raging hard and I had to pull down my zipper to free it and slowly stroke it.

She was sitting between me and Ed on the couch and by now had her hand under her denim skirt(never wore panties when she knew I was coming over)and was rubbing her clit with her fingers. Ed was in the same situation I was and stroking himself watching the tape and Sue next to him. Sue on the tape reached over to the side of the bed and pulled out this large dildo. Had to be 12 ” long and Thick as her wrist. She brought it up to her face, resting it between her tits and started licking the head ..making it wet and slick…her eyes gazed at it..full of lust…breath coming quicker thinking of how this sweet toy would please her. Slowly she slid it down her trembling body till the head rested between her swollen lips….grabbing it firmly she began to rub it up and down her lips…teasing avrupa yakası escort her clit at times…finally when her hips were grinding hard against the slick head she pushed it in spreading her pussy wide open …gasping at the intrusion…taking only a moment to adjust Sue began rocking on the dildo…working inch after inch slowly into her hot moist hole, moaning every time she pressed it in deeper. By now I was ready to cum all over my hand but stopped jerking off so I could wait …as if by a signal we all stood up and stripped off our clothes to get more comfortable….I could see Sue’s clit, stiff and poking out as she moved to sit back down. It was all I could do to stop myself from kneeling between her legs and driving my tongue deep into her. I loved to go down on her every chance I could…But I had time and the tape was still running…

Turning my attention back to the tape Sue had about 10 inches of thick rubber cock sliding in and out of her smoothly. Both hands on the toy, flat on her back, hips raised off the bed. Ed had positioned himself with the camera at the foot of the bed and low to get a good shot of it parting her now glistening pussy at every stroke…It was fantastic!! Hearing her voice quivering as she told us how good it felt, how close she was to cumming again and again….We always lost count of how many times we could get her to cum for us. Ed panned the camera back to get a full body shot of Sue enjoying herself and I almost came just watching she was sooo into what she istanbul escort was doing…As he zoomed in close again it was then I noticed as she pressed the cock deep into her pussy her asshole opened as well…she was relaxed and enjoying it so much….This made my blood boil…My cock throbbed to fill that opening I was staring at. I reached over and replaced Sue’s hand with mine and slid my finger into her hot pussy…feeling the warmth surround my fingers. About that time Ed got up and pulled the covers off the bed. We needed no urging to jump in running our hands all over each other…Sue climbed on top of me at first and slid her hot hole down the length of my cock nearly making me cum at once…I could feel her juices flowing from her and soaking my balls she was so hot and ready…I lifted her nipple to my mouth and too it between my teeth , rolling it at first ,looking into her eyes I got the message and bit down till I saw her eyes close in ecstasy and felt her pussy twitching around my prick telling me she had cummm.

I wanted to hold off some as there was something I so much wanted…Her ass!!! I told Ed after Sue rolled off me that my cock was hard for Sue’s ass and he suggested a sandwich. He laid down and Sue got on top of him sliding down his cock so easily. She then began pumping up and down on Ed moaning for Ed to “fuck her” she was so horny by this time We knew she was ready. Ohhh fuck meeee… yesssss…fuck meeee.. she whimpered as she rode his hard cock. I slid between their legs which were spread wide open exposing Sue’s asshole mecidiyeköy escort clearly to my view and cock. I watched as her pussy slid on Ed and saw her asshole loosen a little each time. I couldn’t wait any more. Grabbing my hard cock I placed the head at to bottom of her hole and pushed easily…without a sound it slipped in and I proceeded to feel the length of my prick sink deep into her ass….my body shook as I pistoned in and out of her the first few times….kneading her asscheeks with my hands I watched her ass cling to my cock as I fucked her hard. I heard her moans get louder and was trying so hard not to cumm yet. What brought me over the edge along with her was when she raised up slightly between me and Ed and started a tempo of her own.

Her hips thrashed wildly between us impaling herself first on his cock deep in her pussy then on mine in her ass. Her shoulders began to tremble and that traveled down her sweaty body till her cries turned into a silent scream as she came and came again. My cock swelled in her ass and I grabbed her hip to bury myself deep into her as I shot wave and wave of my cum into her. My body shook with her as I held on tightly. Ed had been coming all along unknown to me as I was lost deep in his wife’s ass.

I rolled off Sue and she dropped between us exhausted….the remaining night was spent making Sue cummmm and cummm. My cock turned into a stiff phallus which I used to bring her orgasm after orgasm…When I tired ED used his long slow strokes to make her purr till she clung to his back in trembling in lust…she rewarded us in between by taking our cocks between her lips and sliding it down her throat till she swallowed us whole….she was orally talented to say the least…

I wondered as I left that night if Sue would consider a try at fisting some day and made a mental note to bring it up…when the time was right.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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