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TRIGGER WARNING – Each personalized story may contain certain kinks that not everyone will enjoy and while being conscientious of this, due-diligence has been performed during review and prior to submission. Please check the associated TAGS on each story, as these can include, but are not limited to: “Breeding” (Unprotected Cream-pie), CNC (Consensual Non-Consensual Touch/Penetration), Non-Con / Molestation / Groping (Non-Consensual Touch/Penetration), Cheating (Non-Partner Relations), Public Play, Forced Orgasm, Restraints/Bondage, Free-Use (Multi-partner CNC), “and then….”

Each of these stories represent a part of my past where I’ve entertained adventurous ladies by encapsulating their fantasies, therefore each episode has been customized to their particular kinks, carnal desires, and/or individual needs. Fair warning as my stories tend to be longer-format, as such, I recognize that I can be wordy and have been told as much – “Less Talk – More Cock.”

The purpose of my context and content is to be the stimulant of your sexual gratification – not premeditated [Lit®]erary aggravation!

Please “help an author out,” as direct and honest feedback is key to our mutually beneficial engagement.

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–Let The Games Begin–

Our first intimate encounter was when we were invited individually to a pool party that a mutual friend was having over the holiday weekend. We hadn’t talked that week because each of us was busy doing our own thing – just being people with hectic work demands and life in general. But I saw the look on your face when I arrived at the party “fashionably late” and walked through the door, which was already open and inviting. Immediately, your eyes flashed, your smile lit up the room, your blush engulfed your skin, and you had to look away demurely in order to save whatever was left of your appearance before it betrayed you.

After I said “Hello” to the host and put away the food and beverages that I had brought with me, I made my rounds to all the different people that were there that I haven’t seen in a while. Regardless of who I talk to, in whatever obscure corner of the room, I focus my gaze upon you, delighted to see you returning the same. The nimble way you navigated your conversations to always remain faced in my direction displayed the skills of a conversational ninja tracking their prey.

After so long knowing each other, and the short amount of time we’ve gotten to know each other, it still shocks me that we had yet to feel each other’s touch. I am going to break that cycle tonight. I could already feel myself growing hard with the anticipation of your touch. It was difficult but I managed to redirect my “growing concern” downwards without being noticed by anybody. It also didn’t hurt that there was a crowd.

I made my way over to you and your partner in conversation to say hello. When I was able to focus on you, I went in with a very friendly hug but managed to place myself in a position to pull you close to me. When I felt your body connect with mine, urfa escort I was sure that sparks of electricity would be seen flying from us – maybe that was just my imagination. I felt the firm softness of your pubis mons and could feel the heat already coming off from your excitement. I angled myself so that you could feel what effect you had on me caught solidly between us when I pulled you tight. Although I wanted to hug you, to feel you, to tease you for a much longer time, I knew that we only had a fleeting moment before it could become visible and potentially awkward to others.

After the food and drinks and merriment involving our host and his guests, hanging out playing together on the grass, trying to hear each other talking on the patio over the din of the boisterous conversations that surrounded us, or playing, lounging or splashing in the pool, I set my attention on you. As you had already been in the pool earlier, you were already dressed in your swimsuit, a nice one piece that really showed off your curves in grand fashion.

I had tried to join you in the pool (and possibly steal some touches during all the movement while hidden by the cool and refreshing water), but I had been diverted from my target by being loudly recruited into cooking for the party. Not bad of a trade-off, as it is another of my passions, but I don’t lust for it the same way I do you. After the grilling was done, there were a figurative ton of dishes that I was gathering up and bringing into the kitchen, which was designed for entertaining guests, as it overlooked the patio. You being you, immediately helped out by collecting whatever dishes that I wasn’t able to bring into the kitchen on the first run – I briefly considered that this was a ploy by you to spend time with me. There were only a couple people inside meandering about, walking and talking in smallish groups; by the time we got started with the task at hand in the kitchen, everyone else had moved outside again.

I started organizing the dishes and cleaning them off, putting the food away in the bags so that the host could save whatever was leftover for themselves. Naturally, as the host’s family doggo was intent on staying close by, not wishing to miss out on any potential table scraps, there were plenty of times where I had “accidentally” dropped some of the smaller bits into the resident floof’s awaiting maw ~”Dang’it, hate it when that happens…”~ 😲. You started on the sink work and began to wash the dishes. This way our generous host was not inconvenienced later tonight (or worse, tomorrow morning) by having to do the same themselves – while most likely nursing a majestic hangover by the sounds of his revelry tonight. As you are washing the dishes, I see that you kept glancing outside and would talk to people as they walked by randomly. What I also couldn’t help but to notice was that every time you scrubbed the dishes, your beautiful ass also shook enticingly, mirroring the movement of your northern “hottie-sphere.” Given that I couldn’t see anybody from my perspective (and assuming that they couldn’t see me from theirs), that’s when I made my extremely risky and bold move, seizing the opportunity presented – I shoplifted your body for my evil intent. I was able to drop down below the countertop level of cabinetry and sneakily made my way over to where you were preoccupied standing over the kitchen sink.

At first, you hadn’t realized what I had done until you felt my hand slowly but intently slide up your thighs. Because you are still wearing your swimsuit, I had the “goal in sight and eyes on the prize”, if you will. I wanted the first touch to be enticing – not like a high-school Freshman finally urfa escort bayan allowed to steal “second base from their Bible-Belt Babe.” Because of my careful placement, I was directly inline with the object of my lust. I was able to kiss gently, rub softly, and gently slide my hand over your legs unimpeded. While I always made it close-to, I never directly touched your ignited firepot. However, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to grab you by the butt cheeks and pull you towards me, as I nibbled on your mons through the fabric of your swimsuit.

Having found ourselves in that position, myself on my knees, and yourself standing and trying to remain composed for the outside viewing public, it was such an exhilarating feeling. Each of us were compromised, yet in different ways – “caught with a hand in the ol’ cookie jar,” except, well ya… I can tell that you were apprehensive about people seeing the results of my efforts prominently displayed across your face; but knowing you now, that was the aspect that drove you wild. You could feel the heat from my body on your innocent kitteh, as your excitement continued to grow. You looked at me with a concerned look, partial excitement, partial apprehension, mixed with both torment and bewilderment when I took my time instead of going in for the kill. Seizing the moment to do the unexpected, I uttered in the sexiest of voices, ~”C’mere Pretty Kitty, I wanna pet you and make you purrrr!”~

I started to move my hands closer, using only light pressure – just grazing certain key areas to keep your excitement high and you on the edge. Because of my proximity, the smell of your arousal rode on top of the fragrances of the house. I touched and massaged all of the areas around your favorite spots with indirect movement and varying pressure, just to continue the tease. I used the fingers of one hand to slide the swimsuit fabric away from my long awaited destination; I was able to see for the very first time, and from an enviable perspective, what you’ve been keeping from me this entire time.

~”Magnificent”~ is all I could think of, aside from diving nose-first like a cokehead into a pile of pure Columbian pow-pow. You had shaved for the event and because you knew that the swimsuit could be more revealing, but I don’t think that you had anticipated our connection. With the absence of hair I had a clear view into what comprised your pleasure center. It was swollen to the maximum, flush with blood, engorged and eagerly anticipating the eventual penetration, slick with the means to easily accommodate anything trying to enter it. You are so excited, that your honey had already formed a droplet but had yet to drip. ~”I’ll be taking care of that soon.”~

Savoring the temporary difference between the present and the inevitable, I was able to retain a mental picture that would stay with me until this day. I love the fact that your expressions were emblazoned in my mind’s eye, that I was able to see how excited you were – these will be cherished memories that will stay with me until the end. By this time there are no words to describe how hard I was for you at that time. I could feel each heartbeat as my manhood throbbed, impatiently waiting and relegated to his cruel confinement. As I started to close in on your hood, I used my breath to announce my arrival. The hot breath out, in combination with the cool air surrounding, was enough for you to get goosebumps across the skin on your revealed body. I loved that these arrived all over your body with a tangible and palpable shiver.

The next thing to arrive was the tip of my tongue gently on the clitoral hood at the uppermost part. I consider myself a “connoisseur of cunninlingus,” escort urfa being “a lover of licking,” even contemplated as “a teacher of tonguing,” so I knew not just to do a splashdown like a noob, nor a “run-n-gun” but rather a “tongue-n-cum” because I’ve been dreaming about this since “Christ was a Corporal.” As I began to get my tongue acquainted with your womanhood, I used my fingers to gently tease, stroke, pet, pry, prod, and pry all the various parts of you that my tongue hasn’t lashed yet. Once I did break the folds with my tongue, I was immediately enamored by the flavor of your love. Difficult to describe, yet wildly erotic, my tongue danced around performing a routine of discovery: It went fast and then slow – it applied firm pressure, then delicate pressure – it went hard, then it went soft – it went long then it went short – it went vertical then it went horizontal then diagonal even went lateral. Through this discovery, I started to form a mental picture of what you consider as most pleasurable during that scenario, as I would find out in the future each experience is unique and requires me to use all of my skills to ensure you have proper lift-off.

By this time you were just a puddle of whimpers, shivers, groans, moans, gasps, “ooh’s” and “aah’s,” a bundle of pure ooey-gooey-goodness. I bet it would have been comical for any of the guests outside the window watching your facial expressions as you did your best to hide from the world that I was ravishing you at your center and trying to suck out your soul through your pretty little clitty. I still think about that and laugh today and wonder if anyone knew what we were doing because they caught on to your expressions.

Once I found a good rhythm for what I was doing and achieved the appropriate results, I did not waver from that tempo. You had my entire attention focused on delivering you an exquisite climax, which by the movement of your body was fast approaching. My hands never stopped wondering over your curves – from your smooth and freshly shaven legs, cupping your butt cheeks as they lay ready, grasping and teasing all the gaps and cracks that were within reach. I refused to neglect your breasts, to leave them out of the festivities, they played a pivotal role and I believe that once I started to play with your hardened nipples under the swimsuit, that action was the catalyst that triggered the flood of pleasure that suddenly washed over you immediately thereafter.

The combination of my delicately placed attention has driven you to the point where your muscles are vibrating. A finger carefully inserted just inside of your walls can feel the build-up for the impending explosion. I found your excitement to be insanely erotic, I lost any modicum of constraint, I now had a renewed effort validated by your arousal, and focused only on your pleasure. As the first wave started to hit you from the climax, I could feel your knees getting weak. Luckily, I was in a good place to catch, support, and to hold you up. Your face was frozen, your brain short-circuiting from the carnal pleasure and struggling against anything else different to retain your outward composure; meanwhile, your entire body was embracing what my tongue had encouraged you to complete, it felt to me (with my tongue still stuck in the light socket) that the inner core of YOU began melting down.

Outwardly, you were successful in covering and concealing your contortions, no one appears to have caught on to our shenanigans – at least no one has said anything about it to me to this day. Unfortunately, my appearance was not as elegant as you had displayed – I desperately needed an ax, or a saw, something somehow to get the tree that had grown in my pants to lay down. Not only was that tragically impossible, but I hadn’t realized how much making your orgasm the only priority had turned me on; I was left with a large stain of pre-cum surrounding my zipper. Had it been darker fabric, it wouldn’t have been such an issue – It wasn’t AND It was!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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