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A series of stories about the pleasures of youth and the fun had during those glory years…

Story Eight — Three Guys, a Girl and a Porno Tape

“Check out that guy’s dick,” said Brett, with a hint of envy in his voice.

I tore my gaze away from the blonde girl on the screen, whose big tits were bouncing around, to focus on the large black prick that was thrusting in and out of her cunt further below. The way it disappeared inside her was a hypnotic sight to be sure.

But as porn went I’d seen better.

Of course we’ve all seen better at one point or another. But when the dick is in the pussy, who cares?

With a sense of desperate urgency that only a porn star could act out, the blonde girl switched from her position in the saddle and got down in front of the black stud to energetically masturbate his cock, and suck him off. It was definitely one of the better moments so far watching her try and get her juicy lips around his big mushroom tip to help him cum.

Beside me Toby laughed out loud.

“Take it baby,” he crooned suggestively to the screen, “Bring it home.”

Brett nodded and grinned taking another drag off his cigarette. His attention was no longer on the stud’s monstrous cock, but on those lovely big tits bouncing around as the woman pumped his piston in her hand.

“Yes, baby. That’s right,” said the stud in the film, his head rolling from side to side, “Stroke it baby, you got me real hot now baby. I’m gonna give you your reward.”

I laughed out loud, nearly spilling my beer.

Brett groaned and turned to us asking, “Who writes this fucking shit anyway?”

“Not like there’s a real script,” said Toby grinning, “Who needs one when she’s got tits like that?”

“Look at her go!” I said in awe.

Our three pairs of eyes focused on the screen as the luscious blonde parted her bright pink lips and slid that gigantic cock into her mouth.

“Damn, dude,” shouted Brett, “It must be her dinnertime!”

Two thirds of that big black cock had disappeared past those painted lips and down the porn star’s throat. His big balls hung below at the base of his shaft as her lips and cheeks worked enthusiastically, sucking on that ebony member with enthusiasm.

“Unfucking real,” moaned Brett, “She’s gonna suck his balls out through his cock if she’s not careful.”

Brett was now massaging his own cock through his jeans as he watched the screen. My own prick had gone firm sometime around when the stud had first started pounding her ass twenty minutes ago, but in the last few minutes I’d gotten even harder imagining what it would feel like to be sucked off by this woman.

No girl I’d fucked had ever paid that much attention to my cock before.

The blonde on the screen was now on her hands and knees as the camera panned back to show her ass in the air, her mouth still working further down the shaft. The black guy had both her ass cheeks in his hands and his large fingers were seeking her ass and her pussy, stretching her wide open for the benefit of the audience. We savored every second. Slowly, the camera angled around until her exposed slit lay squarely in the shot, then it zoomed in on her pussy just as his dark, fat finger found her entrance. Her pussy was so exotic, a rich dark pink, flushed and filling the screen. It was full with sweet juices and the questing black finger burrowed into it seeking her sustenance.

“Jesus mother fucking Christ!” groaned Brett, “What a sweet little pussy.”

His knees involuntarily clenched together at the thought. Glancing at him out of the corner of my eye, I saw him grab at his crotch through his jeans and give his junk a quick shake. Next to me Toby let out a noise between a groan and a wail at the spectacle on the screen, and I saw that his cock was pushed fully against the fabric of his shorts.

I was feeling pretty horny myself, and my mind drifted from the action on the screen to my memory of when I’d let Toby suck me off and when I’d sucked him off in return. I’d always thought of myself as the straight stud, but that had been my first experience with a man. While it’d taken me totally by surprise, I couldn’t say with all honesty in retrospect that I hadn’t enjoyed it.

I looked back up at the screen and licked my lips. I could’ve really used some pussy right there and then, and I wasn’t afraid to say so out loud.

“Oh, yeah, man,” I said, licking my lips, “I wish I had my cock in some of that.”

I sat forward on the couch to get a better, closer view of the pussy spread open on the screen.

“Mmmm, hmmm,” groaned Brett in agreement, “Oh hell, I could use a fuck right now.”

Brett was still massaging his dick as the black guy on the screen began to invade the blonde’s pussy again. Toby murmured agreement to the general consensus. We all noticeably shifted in our chairs. I even contemplated for a minute getting up to take a piss on the pretext of jacking off in the bathroom, but I knew that my buddies would rag on me for it. And, frankly, it would have required more effort silivri escort at that point to walk to the bathroom than I really wanted to expend.

So I fixated on the screen, where the girl had by now spread her legs apart until she was almost doing the splits, her legs forming a veritable T with her body. The black dude had managed somehow to turn her around and his face dropped towards her wide-open hole. A remarkably long, pink tongue snaked out from between his dark lips. It was a huge thing that twisted and stretched as it reached for her sweet nectar.

“Holy fucking shit,” Brett commented.

His eyes widened as that monstrous tongue disappeared into the girl’s pussy and thick, dark lips began munching away at her outer flesh. The black actor was drilling his finger into her ass as he munched and licked her pussy. The scene itself changed suddenly to show the girl, his black cock deep inside her throat, hand working furiously at the guy’s balls. The angle of the lens went down and her tits bobbed right in their faces before the scene again changed to the guy munching contentedly.

“Oh, fuck,” said Brett’s quavering voice.

His hands slipped inside his jeans, rummaged a second or two, and then freed his throbbing cock. Once free from the material and into the open air it quickly hardened to its full length.

“Brett, dude,” I said laughing, “Keep it together.”

He smiled back at us with his lopsided grin and began stroking himself slowly.

“Dude,” he said to me, “This is my apartment. I know you guys are sitting there with boners that could split wood. I’ll be god damned if I’m gonna get blue balls just because you assholes are here.”

Brett was right, this was his apartment. He was about four years older than Toby and I, and he would have finished college by now if he’d had the balls to stick with it. He was a loser, but he was a loser with connections and free access to all the porn a guy could want. It was always a safe bet he’d have some of it on too. But this was the first time the Toby had ever talked me into coming over here to actually watch any of it.

“Well, fuck,” said Toby, “If you’re gonna. I’ve been wishing I could jerk off since the movie started.”

Toby happily freed his prick from under the confines of his black shorts, and his dick began to bob in time to his hand stroking it. Brett had slipped his jeans and briefs down so that he could get at his balls too. Leaning back in his chair, he cheerfully set to work pulling on his cock.

“C’mon, Marc,” Brett coaxed, “Let your fucking hair down instead of sitting there watching us wanking. You know you wanna.”

I did indeed want to and my hand involuntarily slid over my still covered package.

This time the blonde girl now lay on her chest, her thick pink lips making a circle shape as her ass jutted up in the air supported by the big black man’s hands as he sank his hard shaft deeply into her cunt. It was all very overpowering and my cock had been screaming for release since I’d given up on the idea of taking a piss.

“Marc’s just shy is all,” said Toby to Brett.

“Like hell I am,” I retorted loudly.

“He just doesn’t want to put that black dude to shame,” laughed Toby.

“You know it,” I said, but I was crying out for release, and then finally with an air of resignation, “Oh, fuck it!”

I stood up and unbuckled my belt.

“I need to jerk off before I explode,” I said gruffly, “I could fuck the entire girl’s tennis team and still have some left over for the cheerleaders.”

As Toby and Brett laughed at me, I dropped trousers and pushed my boxers down so that I could free my cock. Brett gasped as he saw it jutting out from my pubes, my balls hanging low.

“Shit, dude,” he said to me, “You could be in porno yourself man. I ain’t never seen nothing like that in real life. Hell you’re bigger than that black dude in the movie.”

I grabbed my dick and balls to emphasize their size in front of Brett. My tip was wet with a drop of precum and he couldn’t take his eyes off of me.

“Fuck. I dunno about this…” Brett began, suddenly reserved.

I’m not sure what he meant by that, but he watched me as I gave my engorged cock a few experimental tugs. It felt so good, and I sighed deeply and fell back onto the couch so that I could slowly stroke myself in a slow even beat to the thrusts of the black guy on the screen.

“Don’t be a fucking pussy now man,” Toby said mockingly to Brett.

“Damn that mother fucker is big….” said Brett again, unable to get back into the movie.

“You gonna fucking join us,” I growled at him, “Or are you gonna look at my dick day long?”

“Well I…” Brett mumbled, his cock looking very hard in his hand.

I told myself that it was the sight of that milky pussy on the screen with that huge black cock drilling it, but I knew that there was something else going on here. I looked over at Toby, but he just had that stupid grin on his face. I was wondering whether or not he’d somehow bakırköy escort set up me up again.

“Suit yourself,” I said to Brett in a deep voice, and settled into a group wank with Toby as he sat next to me pulling on his own cock.

“Maybe…” said Brett, getting up out of his chair and then down onto the floor, “It’s so big….”

I grunted a little as I stroked myself, watching Brett inch towards me on his hands and knees. What the fuck was going on here, I asked myself? What the fuck was going on? Brett was so straight laced. I couldn’t imagine him harboring some kind of gay impulse.

“For fuck’s sake Brett,” said Toby impatiently, “Go for it man.”

I looked back at the sight on the television, ignoring both Brett and Toby. The fucking there had reached a frenzy and the picture flicked quickly between several scenes. The girl’s ass filled up with that big cock thrust in to the hilt. Then to her mouth sucking feverishly on another cock. Some white dude had by this time arrived on the scene and neither Toby nor Brett seemed to have noticed. A long pink tongue licked her ass and cunt. Her tits jiggled. A big hard black cock shot round after round of white sticky cum, splashing it onto the blonde’s waiting ass and it trickled down onto her pussy. The white dude’s pink cock fired its sticky load all over her lips and eyes; all the while she licked at the flying drops. Somehow her hands were squeezing more cum out of that second cock and then there was a close-up of his cum oozing off her cheek and being licked away by her flicking pink tongue.

I began to turn my mind back to Toby and Brett. Not wanting to, I remembered how thick Toby’s own cock was. It occurred to me that I could take it in my mouth again right here and now and no one really would be any the wiser. He had shed his shorts at some point in the last few minutes and now sat there buck ass naked from the waist down. His legs were apart and he was flogging his own cock without any reserve. I knew that Toby was hung. So I turned my attention to Brett. His cock was pretty average as those things go, and it was as dwarfed by Toby’s as Toby’s was dwarfed by my own.

Whatever was happening was unlike anything that had ever happened when I’d watched porno before. I’d jerked off before other guys then, but they weren’t paying any attention to me at the time. Brett was watching me with rapture, but unable to come any closer. He was like any other guy to me, and I felt no particular attraction to him whatsoever, as I usually felt no attraction to Toby either. But suddenly Brett looked good to me right then. Or his mouth did anyway. Real good. His face was handsome, if scruffy, and I knew that I wanted him. I wanted to cum on him and in him.

“Come over here and suck my cock,” I said, motioning, to Brett’s sigh of satisfaction.

“Fucking hell, Marc,” said Toby laughing, “I thought you said you weren’t gay.”

I smiled back at him and said, “It’s just that I had a sudden urge.”

Brett was at my side in no time, and then he grabbed my cock in one hand and my balls in the other, fondling both as if feeling for quality in a fruit store. Toby watched him with rapt attention.

“I don’t fucking believe this,” I muttered.

“What don’t you believe?” groaned Brett as he milked my cock with his hands.

“That I am actually enjoying you fucking pulling on my dick,” I replied, reaching over to grab hold of Toby’s meat next to me.

“So what’s next?” asked Brett, grinning, “Are you gonna swear off chicks or what?”

“Don’t be fucking stupid,” I said with a groan, “A stud like me? I’m addicted to the P-U-S-S-Y dude.”

“Amen to that, brother,” said Brett as he gave my dick a quick series of tugs that came close to making me cum.

“Oh, shit,” I moaned, perspiration breaking out on my forehead, “I’m going straight to hell.”

“Fuck that,” said Brett with a chuckle, he was using his free hand to unbutton his shirt, then shrugged out of it hardly missing a stroke, “At least you won’t be lonely.”

The room was gloomy with only the flickering porno film supplying some light, as the curtains were drawn to keep out prying eyes in the middle of the afternoon. On the screen a different blonde bimbo had a huge white cock in one hand and a moderately sized black cock in the other and was alternately popping one or the other into her mouth. She was leaning back on her ass with her legs wide apart to give the camera a great view of her wide-open pussy.

My attention was drawn away from the screen by a slight moan and my eyes sought the source. Glancing up from the screen for a second, movement in the corner of the room caught my awareness.

That’s when I saw her face.

The glow from the screen showed across her features, but it did nothing to mar the beauty that was there. Her pouty lips were full, round and luscious, and her eyes were fixed onto mine. I absentmindedly rubbed my left hand against my chest as my right was still firmly fixed on jerking off Toby’s halkalı escort cock.

I smiled up at her with a big, handsome grin plastered across my face; along with a look of contentment I’m sure.

“Well this looks cute,” she said, finally finding words, “Can I play too?”

Brett’s reaction was almost comical. His hand jerked away from my rod, although mine never lost its grip on Toby’s. Brett’s eyes were as wide as dinner plates.

“Summer!” he said, his voice cracking between child and man on the second syllable which made him sound more like thirteen rather than twenty-two.

“Fuck me!” Toby said in surprise.

Well Toby had the right idea anyway, as Summer tried to get a look at his cock through the net of my fingers that shielded it from her sight. No doubt she’d already gotten a good look at my own and I made no effort to hide the display of the equipment of which I was so proud.

“Well, well, well,” Summer said seductively as she stepped more fully into the flickering light, “Aren’t you all a fucking sight?”

I noticed, if Brett hadn’t yet, that her hand was buried in the front of her jeans, rubbing her pink bits as she spoke.

“I thought you were at work babe?” asked Brett stupidly.

“I was,” she continued, “But I thought I’d come home and get a quick fuck at lunch. But I have never seen such a bunch of ready cocks as these.”

She winked at me, and then took in my massive cock more closely. Her lips parted slightly and some noise came out through her mouth. I wasn’t sure what it was, but I was used to that since I tend to have that effect on women.

I inclined my head and looked at Brett. He was still sort of stunned, kinda like when he’d gotten a look at me for the first time himself.

“So,” she said, “Let me ask you again. Can I fucking play too?”

Brett cleared his throat and swallowed hard, but finally grinned at her. His eyes took in those gorgeous tits. Her nipples were hard and by now her busy fingers were working underneath her pants faster.

I wanted to see better what was going on there. I wanted to get a look at the hidden bits she was intimately fingering.

“I can’t see why not,” I offered on Brett’s behalf.

Brett nodded his agreement, eyes still wide with the shock of his girlfriend catching him with both his hands full of a man’s cock and balls and none of it his own. Fuck, I thought, but she was gorgeous. Trashy, but gorgeous. She slipped her tight top off then and revealed luscious bare tits spilling out waiting for our attention.

Brett had recovered his composure; his hands went down to his own member whose head was proudly raised. Summer smiled as she saw it snake its way up towards his stomach.

“You gonna get undressed darlin?” I asked her.

I stood up and my pants fell down around my knees, and I took off my already unbuttoned shirt. My long, thick cock was pointed directly at her chest as I peeled off the cotton undershirt from my sticky body, displaying my chiseled chest and abdomen for her inspection. I was well over two hundred twenty pounds of raw, teenage muscle and, like an animal, I was using my dominance to lay claim to her. I stepped out of my pants so that I was naked as the day I was born, my cock swinging back and forth in front of me as I moved.

Summer stripped in no time, not having much left to take off other than her pants and panties. She made it quite sexy at the same though as she finally stood before us, her pussy covered in a fine bush of public hair.

She was a naked goddess.

My cock was taken in her hand as she walked up to me and she stood there looking up into my eyes as she masturbated me vigorously.

“You are not going to cum yet, are you?” she asked me seductively.

I shook my head no.

“Not even if I speed it up a little and play with your balls?” she asked.

I shook my head again with emphasis and smiled.

“I fucking bet you wouldn’t last long if I sucked that cock and worked it with my tongue?”

“We’ll just have to see,” I suggested to her, thinking how much fun this was, my cock iron hard and rigid in her warm palm.

Summer got on her knees and bent forward and sucked my shaft into her mouth, working her tongue along it and sucking at it in varying bursts of speed. I groaned as my eyes rolled up into my head. But I could hold my load even if this bitch thought she could take me all the way down her fucking throat. Which as it turned out she couldn’t. No woman alive could. Their mouths just aren’t built for a cock the size of mine. But I’ll give her credit; she gave it a good shot though.

It wasn’t easy, but I held on. With this goddess I would cum on my own terms.

Summer seemed to sense that finally and decided to back off resignedly. She got back up from the floor and stood slightly back from where the three of us were, her hands clasped behind her back. Her pussy stood out against the light of the television screen.

“Well, what are you all standing around for?” she asked us, “Aren’t I going to get any attention?”

Toby was the first to move.

He came over to her, fell onto his knees and buried his face between her legs. His tongue shot out, seeking her hot pussy and, finding it, sank into her wet and waiting tunnel. She arched her back, grabbed his hair and pulled his face hard into her crotch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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