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Big Dicks

Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


Please see the prior stories describing Gloria’s previous series of genetic transformations into an extremely voluptuous, totally uninhibited, and breathtakingly gorgeous blonde, who develops a hypersexuality condition encompassing a hyper sex drive and many perverse and very powerful sexual impulses, including size and black male fetishisms, exhibitionism, masochism, and submissiveness. Her body was changed dramatically: Her facial lips were enhanced. Her derriere was reshaped into a bubble butt, and her booty and tits expanded to huge, mindblowing proportions. Her shrunken waist gives her a stunning 81-21-71 figure. Her 36Z cup boobs sag only imperceptibly, yet are soft and resilient, and lactate two liters of milk an hour. Her central milk ducts were made very deep and highly expandable, and her nipples, very elastic.

Her white cream starts flowing at the slightest arousal and becomes voluminous during sex. New erogenous zones were created inside her mouth and throat, main milk ducts, her entire vulva and vagina, colon, and all the skin on her boobs, and the sensitivity of all her erogenous zones made acute. Her abdominal, stomach, and colon tissues were made weak and highly elastic, making possible huge expansions of her belly. She becomes the sex slave of sixteen brothers to try to satisfy her uncontrollable and overwhelming sexual desires.

Gloria Reluctantly Submits to More Changes

Gloria takes a call from her genetic scientist, physician, and ex-boyfriend. She knows why he is using Facetime, so she holds her cell phone’s camera so he can view her cleavage as they talk.

“Wow, Pussycat! You’re looking fantastic, as always! I’d like to use some of my most recent genetic research to make more changes to you that men will like. Let me explain what I can do, and you can decide how you want to proceed.”

“First your vagina. I can make the tissues of your vagina even softer and more elastic and pliable. And I want to shrink your vagina’s inside diameter from the normal, unstretched 2.6 cm to nothing. You will feel softer and fit all sizes of cocks like a glove. And I want to give you additional Bartholin’s glands to secrete cream inside your vagina along its entire length. I’ll make the cream production inside your vagina 2 liters an hour, when you are highly aroused. I’ll reduce the flow you have now outside your vaginal entrance, since you will no longer need as much there.”

“And I have this great idea to add a circular muscle around your introitus, your vaginal entrance, to make it tight enough to hold fluids, your cream and men’s semen. You will feel much tighter to men, but really thick cocks will cause you more pain and you will be sorer. So the marvelous part is that your cream will accumulate, making your vagina unbelievably creamy, and producing a bulge in your abdomen until you start losing cream through coitus. I think men will love your bulge and how extra creamy you will be.”

“Now your colon. A lot of the discomfort and pain from long anal insertions is due to curvatures of the sigmoid colon beginning less than five inches from the anus. I now know how to alter your lower colon to make it straight for 12 inches. That will make you much more accommodating for long cocks and feel much better to men. And anal sex will feel better for you too. You have had no problems since I reduced the inside diameter of your lower colon by half, so now I want to shrink its non-stretched inside diameter to zero, to make your colon feel even better. And I can make its tissue even more softer and elastic.”

“But more importantly, I want to make your descending colon secrete a lubricating cream just like your vagina. Upon arousal, your ass will produce a liter of cream an hour. This will make anal sex with you out-of-this-world pleasurable for men. Of course, the cream will be held inside you by your sphincter and will add to the bulge from your vaginal cream. The size of your bulge will depend on your level of arousal, how much cream you are losing due to sex, and how often your boyfriends allow you to expel it. So you will have a bulge that will show men how much cream you have inside you for them and how ready you are to be used. That will be so exciting to see! And when your belly is expanded by other means, your cream will make you continuously grow as long as you are aroused. Men will enjoy that too.”

“Oh, a few more things. It’s only a matter of time until your boyfriends start using your urethra, and I’m afraid their oversized penises will give you chronic incontinence. So I want to make your urethra, bladder, and the surrounding tissue stronger and highly elastic. And I want your labia minora and majora to expand greatly when you are aroused. Your labia majora will puff out at least 3 cm and completely fill the gap between your legs, making it impossible for you bring your legs close together when aroused. You’ll look like women escort ankara who vacuum pump their labia, only yours will be real. And your labia minora should extent out two cm past your majora. Your vulva is going to look fantastic when you are aroused! And one last thing – I want to make your body much more limber, so when you arch your back, you can really stick that great ass of yours far out. And men will be able to put you into very unusual sexual positions.”

“You are incredibly sexy now, but these latest changes will make you even more desirable. They will be the last wonders, together with your nymphomania, the fantastic size and shape of your breasts, nipples, and derrière, your enlarged and expandable milk ducts, your enlarged and more sensitive erogenous zones, your extreme submissiveness, and your voluminous vaginal secretions and milk, to make you a virtual sex goddess!”

“Wow, you’ve become so passionate! Hee Hee I think I’m a good influence on my cool scientist.”

“I’ve always been passionate about you. You know how much I still adore and admire you! So, Pussycat, what do you think?”

“Well, the huge enemas my bros give me make me so uncomfortable, and holding my cream will make it worse. And I really won’t like being bloated whenever I get aroused, which is a lot, and dealing with more cream. And men seeing me bloated without knowing the cause will think me fat. But I do love pleasing my masters, and I’m sure they will enjoy seeing my tummy bulging out with cream in my pussy and ass and feeling my swollen labia. And they will love the creamy analcourse, an even creamier pussy, and how much better I will feel to them. So I agree to it all. But let’s keep it a secret about the lessening of my anal pain, to keep my more sadistic masters happy.”

“You were right about me becoming more and more submissive. I have this constant, overwhelming desire to please my masters! There is not much I wouldn’t reluctantly do for them. My protesting is to show them I don’t want to do something, so they will appreciate me more. And I know they enjoy it more when they force me, and I give in. So tell me, could you make any other changes to me that my masters would enjoy? Perhaps something you didn’t mention because you thought I would hate it?”

“I can’t think of anything more at this time. But the augmentation I did to your facial lips could be progressed. If your lips are more luscious, think how much better your blowjobs and kissing and fucking your mouth would be!”

“That would detract from my beauty, but I’m sure it will please them, so go ahead. And there’s something I need to ask you to do that my bros are demanding. They want my nipples and areola to be like those of Dolly, a BalloonDoll animated model!”

She sighs and momentarily aims her cellphone so he can see her rolling eyes. “I’ll send you an image of Dolly’s boobs. My areola must be five inches across and bulge out an inch.” She lifts a tit out of her bra and puts a gap between her thumb and forefinger on her areola so they both can visualize what she is describing.

“And my nipples must be an inch and a half thick and an inch long. Most horridly, they want each nipple hole to have a very large, rounded entrance, with lots of folds, just like Dolly’s. So I’ll have to live with bulging areolas and even bigger nipples with huge fuck holes that will look awful! I wanted to say no, but just couldn’t, so can you help me give my perverts what they want?”

“Yes. And I’ll also make the tissues of your central milk ducts softer to make them feel better for men. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you can still squirt streams of milk. The unstretched milk ducts will be small leading into the entrance.”

“Okay, they will enjoy that, I’m sure! When do you want to begin your sessions with me to pay for all your work on your ex?”

“I’d like to wait until the treatments are completed, so I can check on and enjoy my work and patient. I’m dying to find out how you will feel when you are smaller and tighter and have so much cream in you. Sex will be different for you too. Being penetrated when full will push cream and semen further into your body, into your uterus and up your colon. You’ll feel and hear the fluid slushing back and forth inside you during intercourse. Oh, this treatment should be finished in just a few months. And don’t forget to drink even more fluids before, during, and after sex.”

“Okay, doc!”

Her bros of course love how much better she feels when they fuck her, and they are terribly aroused whenever they see a pooch growing into a bulge in her normally flat stomach, knowing both her pussies are ready for them (They start calling her ass her second pussy). They enjoy so much seeing how much cream she is holding that they forbid her to wear clothing that hides her bulge, so she starts wearing only a bra or a revealing bikini around the mansion. The competition is fierce to see who will be next inside her when she is bloated, esenyurt escort and Gloria relishes her increased desirability. They enjoy pushing on her pooch to make her squirt cream, and of course love how much creamier, softer, and tighter she feels when they are inside her.

And of course they are terribly excited by her new nipple holes. Her deep fuck nipple holes are so noticeable and irresistible. They love how much better the new, softer tissues of her milk ducts feel and seeing and feeling their cockheads spread apart the folds at the entrance of her nipple holes. Of course, they still enormously enjoy seeing the reactions of her gorgeous milk jugs as they fuck them, swelling and contracting as their cocks move in and out of them. They set a time limit inside her boobs before each man is forced to move on to another of her orifices and let the others enjoy her boobs.

A few sadistic bros delight in sinking their hands into the soft flesh on the back side of one of her tits and ramming hard into her. As they repeatedly squish her tit and it erotically expands back, much more than a normal nipple fuck, she squeals and groans and begs them to go easier on her. Because she is highly aroused, she has masochistic orgasms, but keeps them a secret to increase the sadists’ pleasure.

Their favorite position is for her to mount a man in reverse cowgirl while a pair of bros stand in front of her and fuck her nipples, as the others watch. Whenever the three men finish together, she gets up and parades around the men watching her. She wants to show everyone up close the gapes in her nipple holes and the long strings and globs of gooey semen mixed with milk oozing from them. She arches her back, cups her hands under her breasts, rotates her body and points them directly at the eyes of each man, relishing the wide-eyed looks of lust she gets as they peer deep into her drooling holes. She also enjoys teasing her bros verbally.

“Oh, wow, I’m so dizzy from all the orgasms; I can barely stand up! Who’s loving this more, you guys or me? Oooh, everyone, look at my right boob!” She puts her hands on both sides of her bulbous boob. “I can’t see it, but I can feel a huge, slimy blob coming out of it. Tyreek is the winner so far!”

She plays with the long strings of goo that dangle from each nipple and is able to catch many of the globs. She holds her hand above her head and lets the semen slowly ooze down onto her outstretched tongue. She closes her eyes and smiles with her hands on the undersides of her boobs as bro after bro insert fingers or a tongue into her gaping nipple holes before she is grabbed and pulled down to the mattress onto another cock. She leans back with her arms behind her to eagerly give her boobs to another team of nipple fuckers.

They love arousing her by having her suck on their cocks or just playing with her tits while allowing no one to penetrate her, to watch her bulge get bigger and bigger. She gets more and more desirous of being penetrated as she has orgasm after orgasm working on their cocks or feeling them fondle and suck on her enormous milk jugs. They make sure they can see and fondle her swollen belly as she slowly gets more bloated with time. Gloria doesn’t like being teased and made so horny, but it makes the sex more enjoyable when she finally gets it, for both her and them. When they finally can’t wait any longer, the explosions of cream when she is first penetrated is so much fun for all. Gloria was afraid the bloating from her cream would hide the bulges in her stomach produced by large cocks, that the men enjoy so much, but they do not. The cream displaced by their cocks makes her bulge grow noticeably bigger with each of their strokes, to everyone’s elation. She loves the new sensations of cream and semen sloshing around inside her as she is being fucked, so much so, that she prefers to be fucked when she is holding lots of cream.

The Transformation Party

Her masters want to share her latest body modifications with their friends, so they invite their closest homies to a party at the mansion. They are only allowed three friends each to fit the party into the available time. Their other friends will be invited to later parties.

Gloria does not greet the guests as they arrive, preferring to thrill them all at once with her spectacular body and beauty. They and her masters are all seated or standing around the indoor stage in the mansion as she mounts the stage. She wearing her black babydoll and nothing else and is her usual radiantly gorgeous self. Her breasts are constantly spraying tiny streams of milk, each engorged with 3 liters of milk, increasing her two cup sizes to make her ready for the party. She is aroused in anticipation of exhibiting herself before a crowd of men and dripping cream, but her stomach is flat to show her audience its normal state. Just before making her entrance, she dumped her colon and pussy cream in a toilet. She eskişehir escort uses two spread apart fingers and a hand on her stomach to drain her vagina and just bears down to dump her colon. One additional benefit of her latest transformation is that she is no longer inconvenienced with enemas to prepare for anal sex. When she is aroused, which she always is when she is anticipating sex or exhibition, her cream accumulates and serves well as an enema when she bears down to expels it.

“Good evening, everyone! I am delighted to welcome the friends of my masters to my gangbang party! I hope you all are as excited as I am! So why do I want all of you to fuck me? Three reasons: 1, I’m a nymphomaniac, and I’m really hot for lots of fucking tonight and every night, 2, I am a sex slave, and my masters have ordered me to let all of you fuck me, and 3, I love brothers, and want all you handsome bros to have me without being told!” The response from her audience is deafening.

“I see some new faces in the crowd, so allow me to start by showing you my body.” She pulls her babydoll up to expose her midriff.

“My waist is only 21 inches and see, my stomach is flat.” She turns from side to side.

“Soon you will see a pooch in it that will grow bigger and bigger as the night progresses. So keep your eyes on my tummy. I’ll explain what is happening later.”

She drops her babydoll to the floor and puts her hands on the sides of her monstrous mammaries. The room fills with the men’s whistles and shouts, then goes quiet when she speaks. The men can now see each tit is producing a tiny stream of milk that squirts out a few inches.

“My funbags that you will be playing with tonight are 81 inches around and a 36Z cup when empty! But right now they are a couple of cup sizes bigger and engorged with milk I am carrying just for your entertainment tonight.” She squeezes her tits together and produces two impressive sprays of milk.

“And they are so sensitive! All over them, not just my nipples.” She rubs her hands around on her tits and moans. “You can give me orgasms by just touching and fondling my titties! I hope you will give them lots of tender loving care tonight! But please be gentle with them. They are so tender when they are full of milk.”

She cups her hands under the ends of her breasts and holds them. ” See how large and deep my nipples holes are? They were made that way for just one purpose – so you can fuck them!” She slowly pushes a finger deep into each of her large fuck holes, causing a flood of milk and her second climax. To show the men how soft her fuck holes are, she moves her fingers in a circle around the inside edge of each of her two holes. The folds in her holes easily yield to her fingers, then reappear behind her moving fingers. She enjoys the reaction of the men, noticing lots of erections in their pants, so she continues moving her fingers around in her holes while she moans and has climax after climax. When she pulls her fingers out, her holes gush milk.

“Oh wow, that felt awesome! I just gave myself six orgasms! I can’t wait to have your cocks deep inside my nipples!”

“And my pussy is ready for you too! I think you’ll enjoy how much cream it will have for you! Look how much cream it has right now and no one has even touched me yet!” She plunges her index finger inside her, making a little “oh” sound through puckered lips. When she brings it out and holds it up for the men, it is covered with white cream and dripping.

She turns slightly away from the men, leans forward, and arches her back, pushing her ass out. “I’m also proud of my bubble butt.” She slaps one of her cheeks and sends ripples through her soft but very shapely bun. “It measures 71 inches but you won’t really realize just how huge it is until you are holding it with both hands and fucking me doggy style.”

“So you must be wondering why I am getting bloated. It is due to a medical procedure that tightened my vaginal opening to retain my cream inside my pussy. And another treatment altered my colon so that it also secretes a cream. So right now my pussy and ass are filling with cream, getting ready for all of your cocks! Look at my stomach now.”

She turns toward her audience, leans back, and points to a small pooch in her stomach. “Showing my body to you guys has excited me, and now you can see that I am bloated with cream.”

She swats down facing the audience and spreads her legs wide apart. She uses her hands to spread her lips apart and a gob of her cream oozes onto the stage. She rotates around to give everyone a good view and gasps from a sudden quickening of her arousal by her exhibition of her most private parts to so many men, who are obviously excited by her. She shivers with an orgasm from just her exposure and struggles to regain her composure to speak. Globs of cream run down in a continuous, white filament from her vulva to the stage.

“And yet another treatment has increased the size of my labia whenever I am aroused. See how big my pussy lips are and how far out my inner lips extend? And they are going to get bigger and softer just for you!”

“My other lips have been augmented too for your pleasure!” She puckers her fat, luscious lips and kisses the air. “Wait until you feel my plump, soft lips on your cock!”

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