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The raven haired beauty laid across his firm torso, flicking her fringe out of her eyes and sighing out loud. Breathing heavily, she thought back over the last hour, the most exciting hour of the day and the most powerful she had felt in a long while…

Entering the bedroom, she kicked the door shut while simultaneously pushing the younger male in front of her down onto the bed. Crawling on top of him, she kissed him soundly on the lips, lacing her fingers into his jaw length hair. She licked along his jawline, before nibbling his ear lobe, her finger snaking down his body to take hold of the hem of his black t-shirt. Tugging, she pulled it off over his head, before forcing him back flat onto the bed. Working her way down his body, she kissed his chest, torso and belly button, her fingers working the flies of his scruffy jeans undone. She took one hand and teased him softly through the soft fabric of his boxer shorts, hearing his breath catch in his throat and feeling his member harden rapidly under her gentle touch.

Moving off the bed, she stood before him, giving him a warning look that clearly told him to stay put. Slowly she took a hold of her own white t-shirt and pulled it slowly and sensuously over her head, her hair falling into her eyes, Flicking her fringe away and giving the male before her a smouldering look from her black Kohl lined eyes, she moved her hands down the sides of her body to the button of her own jeans, flipping it open and unzipping her denim confines. She bent forward as she worked her jeans down over her rounded bottom, pushing them down her generous thighs and off over her shapely calves giving her partner a good vision of her ample breasts, heaving in their satin cups.

Standing before him in just her red satin panties and bra, and crawled up his body, tugging off his already open jeans, giving his engorged member a little more space. She crawled up, level with his face, and kissed him, her tongue licking his lips as if asking permission to enter his mouth. Parting his lips for her, he moaned as the woman atop him slid her tongue into his mouth to gently stroke his own. The soft strokes sent shock waves through both their bodies.

She moved her face to one side of his and kissed down his jawline, licking his collarbone and nipping his shoulder as she eased herself teasing stonehouse izle down his body again. She flicked her tongue over one of his nipples, her hands stroking up and down his sides, firmly then softly, tickling with her fingertips. She kissed across his chest before flicking the other nipple with the hot muscle, then she started to descend. Dropping soft, licking kisses randomly down his torso, she kept her eyes locked with his, winking at him when she swirled her tongue around his belly button. When she came to the waistband of his boxers, she moved it down slightly before licking across his abdomen, millimetres from the top of his pubic hair.

Caressing his balls through the material of his boxer she heard him gasp, a sharp intake of breath that made her belly tingle. Knowing that she was getting him aroused not only physically, but mentally too. She knew that he was imagining what she would do next, knowing that it was sending his brain into a sexual meltdown.

Pulling his boxers down his legs and flinging them across the room, she marvelled at his member. Fully erect it was more than impressive, and even though she had seen it many times before, it still made her nervous and excited to see it again, knowing that when he penetrated her it would fill every inch of her aching pussy, giving her a pleasure she had never known from any other man she had been with.

Setting herself between his knees, she bent her head and gave one solitary lick over the head of his cock, tasting the pre cum and smelling his musty scent, not a bad scent, but one that lingered in her nostrils, reminding her of him several hours later. Bending her head a little further, pushing her bottom into the air, she wiggled her hips sensuously, giving him a taster of what was to come. Suddenly she licked, once, from the base to the tip of his cock, making him raise his hips towards her face, his breathing now becoming laboured. She took his head into the hot, wet cavern of her mouth and teased her tongue over it, circling it, one of her hands stroking up and down his shaft, the other massaging his balls. The three way assault was getting too much for him and he could feel himself getting closer to the edge. Sensing this also, she let him go with a final sweep of her tongue and sat upright.

Moving super junior the last man standing izle her hands up her body, stroking her soft skin, she reached behind herself and unclipped her bra, holding it to herself with one hand while she slid the straps over her shoulders. Taking hold of it firmly, she closed her eyes and released her breasts. Tossing the bra carelessly away, she brought both hands up and caressed her breasts, rubbing them firmly, occasionally tweaking her nipples. Licking her index finger, she circled one nipple with her saliva, the cold air evaporating it off her skin, bringing her nipple fully erect, standing out from her breast. She repeated the action, but on her other breast, moaning at her own touch, raising her hips and pushing them forward ever so slightly as she felt the heat start to pool in her lower belly, like hot lava waiting to bubble up and erupt from her.

Stroking her fingertips down her sides, she hooked her thumbs into her panties, pulling them down teasingly. Standing up, she pulled them down to her knees, keeping her legs as close together as she could. Flicking them off one foot into a dark corner of the room, she straddled his thighs on her knees. Licking her lips, she reached one hand down to softly touch herself, stroking her middle finger across her slit. Her slit that was glistening with her own juices. She knew that she was wet, very wet. It was one of the things she loved about herself when it came to sex, the fact that she could get wet enough to drip tantalising little drops of cum down her thighs.

Bringing the finger up to her clit, she circled it slowly, but firmly, her head rolling back on her shoulders as she felt bolts of electricity throughout her body, Her breasts were heaving as she pleasured herself in front of him. She could see that he wanted to touch her.

He licked his lips, wanting to taste her sweet cum. He wanted to reach out and insert he finger into her, but he knew if he did, she would stand, dress and leave. He loved these games of hers, where she was completely in control, it was his biggest turn on to be the submissive once in a while. Noting the lick of his lips, she dipped her finger inside herself, pumping her gleaming pussy, rocking super league the war for football izle her hips in time with each stroke of her finger, Pulling her finger from herself, she brought it to her lips and sucked it clean, hearing the groan of delight from below her. She moved herself up so that she was knelt over his face, her pussy only an inch from his mouth. He could smell her, see how so very wet she was and he wanted her.

Slowly lowering herself, she placed her pussy to his mouth and felt his tongue shoot out and lick her slit fully. She felt it flicking her clit, gasping every time it did so. His tongue delved past her pussy lips, into her hot centre, tasting her as much as he could. It was a taste like no other, a taste he loved, craved even. His arms pinned to his sides by her calves, he used his tongue to bring her closer and closer to the edge. Stopping him, she slid her finger back inside her self, coating it thoroughly, before bringing to his lips for him to suck clean.

She moved back to sit on his crotch, rubber her soaking pussy against his throbbing cock, feeling it pulse against her pussy lips. Using as much willpower as she could muster, she kept up the rocking of her hips for as long as she could, before lifting her hips to grasp his cock in her hand, using the other to steady herself on his chest. Holding his cock upright, she placed the head of it inside of herself, lowering herself onto him until she was fully impaled. Gasping out loud in unison with the man beneath her she began to roll her hips, moving them up and down as well as in a circular motion. She guided his hand to her clit, getting him to stimulate her while she rode him. She leant right back on her hands, giving him as much to play with as possible, letting him see her in all her glory, breasts heaving, hips bouncing up and down.

The room filled with smell of sex and the sound of her soft moans, mixed with his manly grunts. She knew she wouldn’t last much longer, leaning forward, bracing her hands on his chest, she picked up speed, hearing him curse and as she squeezed her pelvic muscles around his cock. She could feel him pulsing and throbbing inside her. Her eyes widened as she fell, moaning and gasping over the edge, struggling to breath, but loving the feeling as wave after wave crashed over her. The pulsing and convulsing of her walls took him with her, swearing and grunting as he shot deep inside of her. Falling forward, she tried to catch her breath, her knees weak and tingles running to every nerve ending in her body.

Is arms by his side he lifted his head ever so slightly to kiss the top of her head, then he collapsed back onto the bed, spent, but more satisfied than he had been in a very long time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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