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[Note to readers: People have been telling me that it’s getting to be time to wrap this thing up, and I guess they have a point. But I do want to finish the current storylines, which I am going to try to do by Chapter 100. Thanks to everyone who reads, and especially those who comment, even if they sometimes get a little nitpicky. (This stuff is free, after all, and I don’t make a dime from writing it.) I try not to waste your time, or my own for that matter.]

That evening in New Orleans, Angel wanted to go to a club that she knew in the French Quarter; a friend of hers was DJing. Monika opted out, saying that she needed a night off. After thinking for a moment, Miss White also demurred, sensing that Monika might like to have some company at home. But she encouraged Jodie to go, and so the three younger women dressed and took off in the mid-evening.

Monika opened one of the best bottles of wine from her cellar and she and Miss White sat down by the fireside in the living room to talk. Monika did most of the talking; it turned out she had some things she wanted to get off her chest. A lot of it had to do with Angel, who as Miss White suspected had been Monika’s maid before Annie. She’d been only 20 when Monika hired her.

At first Angel had been merely eye candy, but over time Monika had felt her feelings changing. They became lovers, then something more than that; as their relationship blossomed, Angel had done less and less work around the house until finally Monika was obliged to hire a new maid. For a while things had been very harmonious; Angel enjoyed having someone to boss around, and both of them enjoyed Annie’s Eastern European beauty and sweet, submissive nature.

But recently things had started to go downhill. Angel had become moody and contrary; at times she disappeared for a whole day, or even longer. Monika knew that she had other lovers; shaking her head and sipping her wine, she confessed to Miss White that Angel “still has a taste for dick sometimes.”

Miss White thought immediately of Joseph Charles, and as if reading her mind, Monika soon confirmed that he and Angel sometimes slept together. “Which is fine,” added Monika, “I like Joseph. He’s clean and he isn’t going to hurt her.” What bothered her was that Angel seemed chronically unhappy. She suspected it had something to do with Angel’s career, or lack thereof. Though beautiful, she was not much of an actress, and didn’t pursue it with much enthusiasm. She was bartın escort much more suited to music; but though she was still young enough to make the change, it would mean going against her father, who exerted a powerful influence on her.

The disappearances worried Monika too. She suspected that Angel might be doing hard drugs and hanging out with dangerous people. Cutting Angel’s allowance hadn’t helped; she always seemed to find a way to get money. All Monika’s attempts to curb her misbehavior had met with failure. Sighing, she said to Miss White, “I can punish her, but I can’t control her.”

Finally Monika seemed to tire of talking about her problems, and changed the subject by asking Miss White how she and Jodie had met. Miss White hesitated; it was a weird story, and she wasn’t sure what Monika might think. But finally she decided to go ahead, and as she began talking about Alpha Beta Delta, she felt a surprising twinge of homesickness.

* * *

The nightclub Jenny walked into felt more like somebody’s home than a place of business, though it did have a stage and a bar. There were only a few people there, and for a second Jenny thought she might be in the wrong place, but then she recognized Donna’s drums at the back of the stage.

Jenny bought a bottle of beer and sat down to watch the opening act, and earnest young folksinger with an out-of-tune guitar and a shaky sense of pitch. Gradually the club began to fill up, and by the time the singer finished his set — not a moment too soon, Jenny thought — there was hardly any room to move around. Jenny scanned the crowd, hoping to get a glimpse of Hana or her bandmates, but they were nowhere to be seen.

During the interval Jenny was chatted up by a good-looking, slightly butch woman in her late twenties or early thirties. She was nice enough but Jenny found herself unable to concentrate on the conversation; finally she excused herself to make her way closer to the stage.

A few minutes later Hana appeared onstage, looking both adorable and fierce in a torn t-shirt and plaid skirt. After strapping on her guitar she grinned and addressed the audience. “My band is a little late,” she explained. “I think they got lost. Anyway, here’s a new song I’ve been working on.”

It was a song about loneliness, appropriately enough, and clearly very heartfelt; Jenny found herself misting up by the time it was over. The crowd was still applauding bartın escort bayan when Haley and Donna walked in through the front door of the club, looking sheepish and maybe a little drunk. Hana’s expression was annoyed but tolerant as she said to the crowd, “Ladies and gentlemen, the band.”

Looking around, Jenny noticed for the first time that the audience was overwhelmingly female. She wondered idly how many of them were lesbians, and felt her nipples stiffen at the idea that possibly, just maybe, she might get laid that night. Then Donna was counting off a song and the band launched into a piledriver of a riff; from that point on Jenny’s attention was riveted on the stage for the next 90 minutes.

* * *

By the time the bottle of wine was empty Miss White was feeling a new intimacy with Monika, who seemed cheered by having had a chance to unburden herself. Miss White took the opportunity to ask about the vintage strap-on, which she had been curious about.

“It was my great-grandmother’s, if you can believe that,” Monika said. “I found it in a box of her things that I inherited. They don’t make ’em like that anymore.”

Miss White laughed but she was starting to feel itchy. After everything they had shared, she felt like she could come right out and say what she wanted. “Would you mind…”

* * *

Jenny thought that Hana and her band sounded even better this time; they had written some great new songs, and were extremely tight from having been on tour. The audience was loud and raucous, and the band obliged them with three encores. Jenny found herself dancing with abandon, sweaty and exhilarated.

When the crowd began to disperse, Jenny walked right to the front of the stage, where the band was packing up their gear. Catching Hana’s eye, Jenny waved and said hi. A puzzled look crept across Hana’s face; she cocked her head and said, “Do I know you?”

Jenny was mortified; she could feel herself blushing bright red. Then Hana flashed her a big smile and teased, “Gotcha.” Jenny was flooded with relief as Hana came to the front of the stage, towering over Jenny despite her small stature. “Hi Jenny,” she said, adding abruptly but not rudely, “What are you doing here?”

* * *

Monika was sitting on the sofa naked from the waist down except for her strap-on, looking very relaxed and quite sexy, Miss White thought. The head of the phallus seemed to wink at her, communicating escort bartın its desire to be inside her — and that was what she wanted too.

Miss White felt comfortable letting her guard down in this situation. She took of all her clothes and sat down next to Monika, then leaned down and ran her tongue along the length of the shaft. She wrapped her lips around the head, then began to work her way down. She wasn’t much of a deep-throater — it wasn’t a skill she had much use for — but she did a credible job, enjoying combination of the soft texture of the leather and the hardness of the dildo, which almost seemed to throb as if alive.

Out of nowhere an image popped into Miss White’s head of Angel screaming in ecstasy as Joseph Charles fucked her from behind. Miss White had never been with a man and had no interest in doing so, but once in a while she was idly curious what it was like.

Easing her mouth off the strap-on, Miss White shook her head to clear it. Focus on the here and now, she told herself. Moving to straddle Monika’s lap, Miss White took hold of the dildo and pressed the tip against her pussy lips. Gritting her teeth, Miss White gazed evenly into Monika’s eyes as she sank down onto the girthy shaft.

* * *

After helping the three girls load their gear into their van, Jenny joined them for a drink at a bar they knew down the street. After two rounds Haley and Donna said good night and took off; they were staying with friends in the Austin suburbs. This meant that Hana had the hotel room to herself, and after one more drink she asked Jenny back to it.

She didn’t have to ask twice. Jenny had been horny to begin with; the music and alcohol had gotten her more excited; and after an hour and a half sitting with Hana — drinking in her beautiful body, gazing into her big brown eyes, and remembering their previous time together — she was sopping wet and ready for action.

The hotel was close by and once they were there, Jenny surprised both Hana and herself with her aggressiveness. The door had barely closed behind them when she had Hana up against the wall, kissing her hard on the mouth, feeling the tops of Hana’s breasts pressing against the bottoms of her own. Soon Jenny was pulling off Hana’s t-shirt, then her bra, and eagerly sucking on those soft, delicious mounds of flesh.

Then Jenny was dropping to her knees, wiggling her head up underneath Hana’s skirt, and taking a deep breath of the heady combined scents of girl sweat and pussy juice. Hana leaned back against the wall and let her legs fall open as Jenny kissed her mons through her underpants. Suddenly Jenny couldn’t wait another fraction of a second, she had to taste Hana’s pussy now; she pulled the crotch of Hana’s panties aside and went to town.

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