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Getting To Know My Family

I am Amit and this is my first write up expressing the reality of lust I have for my cousin. I am a single boy in my family and I live in a village. Likewise, I went to Bombay for my high school, where I stayed with my uncle, her wife and their two children… Pankaj, who is my age and would join high school with me (both 20) and their daughter Sandhya aged 27 having height of 5’4 feet, white complexion, nice tits, well-shaped bum, strong thighs, and trimmed vagina.

It was a 2bhk flat where uncle aunty used to sleep in one room and the other was occupied by my cousin brother and sister.

Since we were the same age, we gelled up quickly and would play and study together and sleep on the same bed, with me or my cousin rotating as the middle person. We boys used to wear just shorts, while Sandhya used to wear a top and bum fitting shirt which would expose her bum cheeks and make one drool over her ass. It was normal for us to feel each other’s bodies during sleep as there was less space on the bed and Sandhya always got to see our morning wood.

One day, Me and Pankaj watched porn on a laptop during daytime when Sandhya was at college and uncle aunty was busy with their office. One day we saw a porn where the guy fucked a girl who was sleeping, but before we could finish, Sandhya came home and we had to stop.

That night I saw my sister differently. It was lust, the desire to have her bum rub on my dick, just like the video. I made a plan and slept in the middle so I could get to feel her, as soon as we were in bed and I could feel both of them asleep, I turned towards sandhya and put an on hand on her waist, and it touched her naked waist directly as her top got up. I was exploring the naked, smooth skin slowly and moved my hand up towards the side of her boobs. Likewise, I moved my hand towards her belly button and fingered her and I saw her move a bit and I acted still.

She turned and was sleeping on her back. I tried my luck again and felt her naked belly. The t-shirt was pulled up. It was a green signal for me. I moved my hand up towards her boobs and could feel her breathing getting heavy, and also her nipples were erect. I rested my hand for some time on her boobs and then pressed them slowly, and then pulled her nipple with my fingers. She was panting, and I was getting hard.

The distance between her thigh and my dick was almost negligible. I could not resist more and pushed my body towards her. I was trying to put my hand under her t-shirt to feel the perky nipple, and I raised the t-shirt up, exposing her boobs. Likewise, I saw her boobs for the first time; they were moving up and down with her breathing, and her nipples and eyeholes turned hard. I gathered some courage and lifted my head and licked her nipple with my lounge. Before I could do more, my cousin turned, and I froze. He woke up to get some water, and the adventures ended as my cousin turned with her back facing me and the t-shirt rolled down.

Nothing happened that night, but my view of my cousin changed. I was looking at her more lustfully. My hormones were reigning, and I wanted to feel her.

At night while we were preparing to sleep I saw Sandhya differently, and she today wore above knees length tops only and her milky thighs gave me an instant hardness. I hid it under the blanket and acted sleepy, thanking myself for my luck.

After an hour I moved towards Sandhya and she was facing away from me so I adjusted myself so I was touching her body mariobet güvenilirmi from behind. My chest against her back, hands on her waist to belly area and my groin feeling her ass. I could feel myself growing in between her cheeks, and moved my hand down to lift her top. I started touching her thighs, and they were so smooth; I adjusted and tried lifting her top, but it was stuck from one side and to my amazement she moved a bit to let the top come up from the other side too.

That increased my confidence, as she was supportive. Her top was now above her boobs only and the rest of body exposed. I rested my hand on her belly and inserted a finger in her.

belly button and she twitched a bit and, and that resulted in her ass grinding on my hard-on.

I was feeling too good; I felt ill explode in my shorts only. I slipped my hand up and started exploring her underside boobs, feeling her soft skin and 34 size boobs, moving the hand over her nipples and pinching them lightly. Sandhya was awake but eyes closed and enjoying the touch. I worked on her boobs for a good 10-15 minutes first lightly but since she didn’t object to it I got hard on her and pressed them with my hand, feeling its complete size and grinding my dick on her panty and ass the whole time.

I moved my hand down, feeling her stomach and belly button and stopped at her panty belt and explored her waist along the length of the panty belt before moving down and feeling her inner thighs.

She moved and slept on her back and legs wide enough for me to feel her thighs on the mound. I started exploring the inner thigh area and felt a wet patch on her panty coz of all the excitement. I moved a bit more towards her and pressed my dick on the side of her thighs. I slid one finger from the side of panty and felt her wetness and lips and took my hand and tasted her juice. It was sweet and salty and made my dick twitch more.

I felt her hand on my thigh and knew she wanted something, so I slid my dick out in the open and guided my dick towards her hand and she held it lightly in her palm. I started moving a bit to get a hand job from her. I was feeling so good and her warm hand was like a boon to my dick. I kept stroking for some time and her grip got stronger and I could feel her fingers and thumb on my dick head. It was an immense pleasure for my virgin dick and my heart started pumping more blood into my dick and I felt the orgasm building and I shot 4 loads of semen on her hand and blanket and once I was done; she took back her hand and turned and slept. I was on cloud nine and smiling and slept like that.

Next morning before I woke up Sandhya went to her college, and I took a bath and went down for breakfast where I got to know that Uncle and Aunty are going out to meet a relative and would come after 2 days. So it was just me, Pankaj and Sandhya for a night. I was thanking God for the good time. In the evening Sandhya came home and I told her about uncle aunty and Pankaj was out to meet one of his friends and would return late. She said okay mischievously and said she would freshen up and come, and then we would order something to eat. She took a good amount of time taking a shower and came out wearing a crop top (without a bra as I could see her melon shape and booty shorts.)

I had seen her in this attire for the first time; she was looking so damn hot and I was getting hard just looking at her. We sat on the sofa with her legs towards me and she lay down a bit on the sofa giving mariobet yeni giriş me a glimpse under her crop top; it was a huge turnon for me seeing her melons from bottom. We started a movie, and she was just chit chatting with me. We talked about our schools and personal stuff and were watching a movie. After some time I felt her legs on my thighs and I looked at her but was asleep, or at least acting asleep. Her top was also pulled up a little, giving me a pleasant view of her boobs from bottom, waiting for me to grab and play with them.

The view gave me boner and I could feel her legs on my penis. I adjusted so I could reach towards her and place one hand on her legs and move it upward, feeling her soft skin and resting it on her thighs. My other hand was on her belly, just above her short waist band with a pinky finger trying to stimulate her belly button. After a few minutes of fingering her belly, I moved my hand up to feel her boobs, but had to stretch a lot. To my disbelief, she shifted down, touching her butt to my thigh, helping me ease on the stretch.

I found the green signal, and this time was less afraid and moved towards her boobs and felt the softness and pushed them up and aside a bit before grabbing them in my hands and feeling the warmth. I could feel her hard nipple on my palm and my dick was getting uncomfortable in my shorts. I moved back and undid my shorts and was naked waist down and got back to mission boobs.

I pinched her nipples, pulled them, pressed her boobs with both hands and in the process my dick got its place between her thighs and was getting stroked.

After, good 15 minutes of boob play I went down to her shorts and pulled them down as she was not wearing any panties. I could see her trimmed pubic hairs and then I saw her glorious pussy lips shining with her own juice, and I felt her pussy lips with my fingers. It was moist and slippery, and I slipped one finger inside her pussy and heard her moan slowly. I took out my finger and tasted the juice from the love hole and this is where I was lost in lust and I needed her.

I moved up to her and placed my lips on her lips and before I could kiss her; she opened her eyes and held me tight and started smooching. I was in shock and knew how to react. Post 2 min of her sucking my lips, she let go of me and looked in my eyes.

Sandhya “Amit, why are you so shocked, this is what you wanted, right.”

My mouth wide open, just looking.

Sandhya “don’t worry, I am not angry and I love what you were doing to me today and what you did at night.”

Me- now smiling a bit

Sandhya was looking at my dick and said “show it to me.”

I wasted no time and removed all my clothes and now we both were stark naked.

We moved close and started kissing, biting lips, and pushing our tongues inside each other’s mouths. We were exploring our body with our hands and feeling every inch with our hands. I turned her around and started kissing her neck, and she took hold of my penis and started stroking it slowly. I was fondling her boobs and pressing and pinching them and could hear her moan. She turned back and pushed me on the sofa and got down between my legs and looked at me and winked.

She started stroking my dick again and then lowered her mouth on it and licked the top; it was the best feeling, then she moved down and licked the shaft completely and then gulped my dick in her mouth. I could see my penis disappearing in her mouth and the warm, wet feeling was mariobet giriş amazing. I held her hairs in my hand like in those porn movies and helped her suck me deep.

She was pushing it all the way in her mouth simultaneously, tongue licking my dick. It forced her head down on my dick and fell back on her throat, but she gagged and I left. She saw me mischievously and held my balls and increased her speed of sucking. I could feel the load building and started fucking her mouth. She sensed my dick pulsating and increased the speed more, not letting me go away, and I dropped a load of sperms in her mouth. Once I was done pumping my sperm, she licked me clean.

Now it was my turn to make her organs, so I made her lie on the bed and kissed her lips and I felt the taste of my sperm mixed with her saliva. I moved down on her neck, kissing and licking till I reached her boobs and grabbed one in hand and another in my mouth, licking them like ice cream. She was moaning loudly, and I knew it was time. I moved one hand down and felt her pussy and started rubbing it, and could feel her wetness.

I crawled my finger inside her and it was easy, since she was all wet. I fingered her in a circular motion and then came down, licking her belly. Kissed her waist and buried my nose in her trimmed bush all the way, licking her, and then started licking her inner thighs before heading for the coziest spot. I took out my finger and looked at sandhya and licked them clean and then pushed my head in her pussy hole and started licking her with slurping sound. I licked along the entire length and in the process my tongue touched her asshole and she felt waves of excitement. I kept sucking her, pushing my tongue deep inside her pussy. She was nearing her orgasm and I could feel it; she was pushing her legs close and my face deep, and then she let go of it and I gotta drink my first ever female juice. She was exhausted but I could sense her lust and we moved to 69 position and gave each other another orgasm where I tried to push my finger in her ass hole but she twitched and orgasmed. It was the time for the finale now; she got on the sofa spreading her legs and asked me to put on a condom and bang her.

I slid on the condom and rubbed my penis on her opening before sliding it inside. The tightness was a great feeling for my virgin dick, and a great feeling. I crawled my dick all the way inside to feel her inner 6 inches and rested for a few seconds to feel the vagina wrapping around my dick. I started moving in and out and escalating the pace, and Sandhya also started moving her hips to take me deep in her. We fucked for a good 10 mins before changing the position to doggy style. I was always a fan of this position and after a few attempts to push dick inside, finally it went inside and I started humping her. I held her hair. And another hand on her love handle and pushed in her deep and fast.

She was moaning loud and asking for fast and deeper strokes. I felt her pussy grip tighten around my dick and I knew she was close and I leaned down on her and fucked her faster and rubbed her clitoris and she ejaculated a load on me and squirted a bit too. She was exhausted and taking deep breaths, but I started pushing again. I spit on her asshole and started pushing finger, but it was too tight. Still I tried, and it was just an inch inside her and she felt a wave of another orgasm inside her. I could feel the warm wet orgasm in my dick and it made me go even faster on her. She buried her face down on the sofa, giving me full access to her raised pussy, and I was ramming it hard.

Just then I realised someone was looking at us. I looked up and saw Pankaj standing there with his dick in his hand…..

Let me know how you liked the story.

open for suggestions.

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